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S.C.S Chapter 110: Origami

On Sabaody Archipelago, the most noteworthy is the bubble culture.

According to the characteristics of resin bubbles, people have developed many methods to use bubbles. They tie ropes on bubbles, which can be used to make bags for purchasing goods. The buoyancy of bubbles counteracts the weight of goods, which is easy and less tiring. Or they can add a special windmill to the bubbles with light pedals, which spin and provide motion to the vehicle, called “Bon Chari”. On the Sabaody Archipelago, such vehicles were much better than bicycles.

Everything on this island is bubble-based. What’s more, Bubbles can also be transformed into individualized hotel rooms at certain lodging areas on the island. It is also so far the only place shown other than Fish-Man Island where the coating can be done. The coating is a process in which a ship is coated with special resin from the Yarukiman Mangroves, enabling it to survive the crushing depths of the ocean, such as at the bottom of the Red Line.

The bubble hotels are built with countless bubbles hanging on the lines of cables. People brush the bottom of the bubble with alloy coating, which can not only increase the weight to maintain the balance of the bubble. At the same time, this layer of alloy coating also becomes the general foundation, which can be trampled on and hold things. Because the alloy coating was opaque, it covers people’s privacy, so this kind of bubble hotel can be said to be very popular on the island, and it was the place that many tourists wanted to experience and spending nights on it.

Ian came to the Grove 32 under the guidance of the Limp! The No.32 mangrove area had many hotels. Each hotel was built with rows of bubbles tied to two pillars. The bubbles and the pillars were multi-colored, which looked very magical.

“Is Lucius here?” Ian asked the Limp.

“Yes, he lives in that hotel!” The Limp pointed to a hotel on his right.

“How can I get him out?” Ian asked, “Is it ok if I go straight in?”

“Of course not! This is not a lawless area,” The Limp said. “If we make trouble here, the Marines will be summoned as soon as the fight starts. We must lead him to another place.”

Ian really didn’t understand these things, so he patted the Limp’s shoulder and said, “Okay, it’s up to you!”

The Limp nodded and gestured to a guy who looked like a beggar at the door of the hotel. Then he saw the beggar nodding slightly to show his understanding.

Ian was really surprised and said, “That’s our man?”

“Yes!” The Limp said, “He’s a member of our family. He’s in charge of surveillance!”

‘What the Heck, this is really impressive!’ to be honest, Ian didn’t expect that guy to be a gangster, but he really looked like a beggar. Ian had just seen someone throw coins into his bowl!

“Let’s go, Boss Ian. Let’s go to an empty place and wait.” The Limp said.

Ian followed him, left the spot, and went to the edge of the same mangrove area. In the process, Ian found that 6 more people were following them one after another, all of them were his subordinates. It’s estimated that the Limp informed them to come over by the Den Den Mushi.

Well, it was shameful to say, these men were nominally members of the Ian family, but Ian didn’t even know their names…

When they came to an empty place, the Limp blew a whistle, and everyone suddenly dispersed and found a place to hide.

“Boss Ian, are you going to hide?” The Limp asked.

“No, I’ll wait here!” Ian shook his head.

The Limp stopped talking, and limped away, looking for a place to hide. Ian saw that they all brought out their own firearms.

Ian sat on the ground with cross-legged, waiting for them, while the Devil’s Blade Yamato rested on his legs. It didn’t take long, about 20 minutes later, Ian saw that someone finally appeared.

In the beginning, it was the guy who pretended to be a beggar that Ian just saw. But behind him, a group of people was chasing him.

It’s needless to say that these people were Lucius’ men. Ian saw from a distance that Lucius was dressed as an aristocrat and followed them in a leisurely manner, while his men were chasing the beggar with rage while holding their weapons high in the air.

The guy who disguised as beggar ran breathlessly towards Ian’s spot. After seeing Ian, he stopped and said: “Boss Ian… I… I brought them!”

“How did you do it?” Ian asked him curiously, “Yeah! By the way, what’s your name?”

“Boss, my brothers call me Saru (monkey). When Lucius came out, I spit a mouth full of saliva on him! Then he and his men came after me!” Saru said proudly: “Lucius looks like a nobleman, and this kind of action is from the most intolerable thing to the nobles!”

Ian was convinced now. These guys under his command really have some means.

With the appearance of the Skinning Pirates, Ian’s people gradually came out of their hiding place. Lucius thought it was just a beggar who offended him, but now he found something wrong when he came here.

His men stopped cautiously, and Lucius stepped forward, squinting and looking at Ian, “It seems that I have being watched!”

“Are you Lucius? The guy nicknamed the Leech?” Ian asked with a smile.

“It’s me. What can I call you?” Lucius’s voice was so shrill.

“I’m Ian, a pirate hunter!” After standing up, Ian walked forward step by step, and said: “I’m not hiding anything from you, I came here for your bounty!”

Lucius narrowed his eyes again, he was a little surprised. Then he said: “You want to catch me? How brave!”

With that, Lucius said to his men, “Shoot him! Kill him!”

The Skinning Pirates immediately executed Lucius’s order and hurriedly fired their guns at Ian.

Ian jumped up in place, dodged all the bullets and rushed towards Lucius ahead. At the same time, the members of the Ian family in the rear also shot at the Skinning Pirates.

Lucius hasn’t brought many people with him, so Ian’s men had the courage to fight with these ordinary pirates. They also know that they could only help their boss Ian at this time with these pirates. But for Ian that was not necessary, he can deal with these pirates easily, and his men had only to hide behind without moving, and just keep watching from afar, because they may get injured or dies.

But, these guys were so stubborn…

When Ian landed, he swung his sword twice, cut down two members of the Skinning pirates around Lucius. Then he made a stroke with his sword downwards to cut Lucius.

The cane in Lucius’ hand was pulled out abruptly. It turned out to be a thin sword. And with a “Ding” sound, he stopped Ian’s chopping. However, Lucius’ strength obviously couldn’t keep up with Ian’s strength, which made him slide backward.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Ian withdrew his hands and held his sword tightly with both hands and stabbed him. Lucius dodged sideway, and the blade passed over his chest.

Ian turned his blade and slashed it towards Lucius’ chest. Lucius held the handle of his cane sword with one hand, and pressed on the tip of the sword with the other hand. He used both hands hard to block Ian’s slash. The two blades clashed and made a “Ding” sound and sparks.

After a few attempts, Ian apparently felt that Lucius’ swordsmanship was not very powerful, so he became more relieved, so he repeatedly attacked and chopped at Lucius’ vital points.

In the beginning, Lucius tried to use swordsmanship to resist, but after several times, he could not keep up with the speed of Ian’s blade, and eventually, Ian stabbed him in the left rib.

However, after the blow, Ian didn’t feel any sense of cutting into the human body. He didn’t feel any resistance, it was just like his blade has cut a piece of paper.

With a close look, Ian found that Lucius’ chest had been torn open, but there was no blood flowing out.

“It’s useless, I’m a Devil Fruit User!” Lucius sneered at Ian: “Although your swordsmanship is better than mine, you can’t hurt me!”

With that, Lucius suddenly reached out and tore off a piece of paper from himself.

“Paper Blade!”

Just like throwing cards, Lucius turned a part of his body into a small sharp knife made of paper, held it with two fingers, and slammed it towards Ian.

Ian tilted his head slightly, and the sharp piece of paper wiped his face and flew over, cutting off several of his hair.

From the beginning of the battle, Ian opened the En field. Such a move would certainly not hurt him, but just when he wanted to fight back, he suddenly felt something flying behind him, so he quickly swung his sword to the back and blocked it.

The paper blade was thrown by Lucius just came back like a boomerang, landed on Lucius, and integrated with his body.

“Hum! You can escape one, but what about hundreds?” Lucius said with a cold smile, and suddenly his whole body turned into countless pieces of paper!

The pieces of paper whirled and flew towards Ian.

This was equivalent to hundreds of sharp paper knives rushing together and attacking Ian, and they instantly surrounded him from all directions!

Lucius, a Paramecia Devil Fruit user, is really powerful. It can be said that this Paper-Paper Fruit is like Buggy’s Chop-Chop Fruit. Not only he’s immune to slashes, but his fruit is much more aggressive than the Splitting Human fruit.

Looking at so many pieces of paper flying towards him, Ian’s men were all shocked. They felt that Ian couldn’t avoid such an attack.

However, Ian smiled slightly, because he was not willing to dodge.

Holding the Yamato with both hands, Ian suddenly raised it with a huge force and launched a whirlwind towards the front! (Lol! He used the GATHERING STORM without stacking the STEEL TEMPEST)

The flying pieces of paper were slammed by the whirlwind, and their trajectory was immediately distorted. They were carried away by the whirlwind, and they scraped away.

After the whirlwind dissipated, the pieces of paper reassembled into Lucius’s body in midair. His original smile disappeared, and his expression became hideous.

Lucius didn’t fall to the ground. His skin turned into papers. He became weightless, so he was able to float in the air by the wind. Suddenly a huge piece of white paper appeared in front of him. Then the white paper began to fold quickly.

Soon, as the huge paper changed, a paper cannon appeared in front of Ian!

“Origami Cannon! Fire!” (ori meaning “folding” and gami meaning “paper”)

With Lucius’s order, the paper cannon actually shot a paper shell and flew towards Ian.

Ian flashed away from the spot, and the paper shell hit the ground where he was. And it really exploded!

“Ah, that’s interesting!” As soon as he saw the explosion, Ian’s eyes lighted up, he didn’t expect that the paper-paper fruit had such a special ability.

This is the peculiarity of the Devil Fruit. Most abilities seem to be unscientific.

This guy, Lucius, was very powerful because he developed the abilities of his paper-paper fruit well. No wonder why he has a bounty of 86 million Berries.

The Origami cannon were continuously firing at Ian. The explosion sounds kept ongoing, and the scene looked very intense. However, in fact, Ian was running back and forth to avoid these slow paper shells, so they were simply not going to hurt him.

Lucius also discovered this problem. After all, his paper shells were not real cannonballs, and they did not have such a high speed, so he started quickly re-manipulating the paper cannon.

Only to see the paper cannon quickly unassembled, and then began to fold again, soon, an origami dinosaur appeared in front of Ian.

“Haha, it’s so funny!” Ian laughed and said: “Is this an origami show?”

“Hum! Is this a performance you asked! Ok, you’ll find out so soon!” Lucius snorted coldly, and with a wave of his hand, the origami dinosaur rushed towards Ian.

When the origami dinosaur rushed to Ian’s side, it violently opened its mouth and bit towards Ian. Ian saw that its jaw was very large, so he had to flash away. Then the dinosaur’s mouth bit the ground, and a huge part of the ground was dug out directly by its bit, leaving a huge hole in grave shape!

“Oh, is it really as powerful as dinosaurs!?” Ian was so surprised.

Meanwhile, Ian saw that Lucius’ origami ability seems to work only one at a time, just after the disassembly of the paper cannon, the dinosaur was folded.

In other words, if he destroys this origami dinosaur, would Lucius still be able to use such origami ability?