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S.C.S Chapter 111: Let’s Keep Farming

With this in mind, Ian squatted slightly when he landed, and put his right hand on the hilt of the sword, which was placed on the left side of his waist.

When the origami dinosaur missed its attack, it turned its head and rushed towards Ian again, and at that moment, Ian finally made a move.

“Ittoryu iai · Blazing Flash!”

In an instant, the origami dinosaurs staggered, and Ian appeared behind it. And with a “Keng” sound, the Yamato was retracted into the sheath.

Behind him, the giant origami dinosaur was divided into two, and from both sides, it began burning swiftly.

When Lucius saw this, his eyes were red! He understood for the first time that he was a fool by underestimating this guy! The swordsman in front of him is not like other swordsmen he has dealt with before, this fellow can actually use Flaming sword skills!

Since embarking on the Grand Line, Lucius has killed many enemies by relying on the ability of his paper-paper fruit. Because he was not afraid of physical attacks, and cold weapons were ineffective on him. Even when he gets hit by a firearm, it will only pierce a hole in his mergeable paper body. This made the members of the Skinning Pirates think that their captain was invincible.

However, only Lucius himself knows that this invincibility was completely a lie. There are two things that he is most afraid of: one is the water, as soon as a basin of water was poured over him, he will lose his abilities, and the other is naturally the fire.

When it comes to water, he will get wet, and he won’t be able to use his paper abilities. When it comes to fire, papers are easily flammable. This is the characteristic of paper, which Lucius can’t get rid of it.

If he had known that the swordsman in front of him could use flaming sword techniques, Lucius would have escaped. How could he stay and fight Ian!?

The origami dinosaur was soon burned into a pile of ashes. Lucius could have reproduced another origami creature, but he didn’t intend to do so. He turned around in mid-air and thought about escaping.

After Ian cut off the origami dinosaur, he still expected Lucius to come up with some new attacks. He didn’t expect him to escape so decisively.

“Stop!” Ian ran after him immediately.

Lucius lowered his head and smirked at him, thinking, ‘even if you could cover your sword with fire! How will you take me down without reaching me?’

His body was turned into papers. Lucius could float in the air and escape through the flow of air. As long as Ian couldn’t fly, he couldn’t catch up with him.

Ian knew this too, so he swung his sword violently and shot a Blazing Flying Slash towards Lucius in the sky.

The flaming projectile flew up obliquely, chopping Lucius’s body in two. The incision parts began to burn just like the origami dinosaur.

However, Lucius took the initiative to separate the parts of his body that were on fire, and re-merged his body with new produced papers. He smiled at Ian below proudly: “Idiot! My body can recover even if only a small piece of paper was left! Your flames are useless! “

Ian felt a bit nonplused, but when he looked around for a second, a smile suddenly appeared on his face, looked up, and said to Lucius, “Really!?”

Lucius froze, wondering what Ian’s smile meant.

Just then, he saw Ian jump up.

“No! I’m sure that he can’t jump to my height!” Lucius was startled, but he comforted himself like this. Then he stopped looking at Ian, and tried to keep moving forward.

However, Ian quickly reached his height and stopped in front of Lucius, at that moment, Lucius’ eyes popped out.

In other places, Ian wouldn’t be able to reach Lucius’ height by just jumping up, but what Lucius forgot was that they were fighting on the Sabaody Archipelago!

The ground there was constantly producing bubbles. The strength and toughness of these resin bubbles were enough to support a person’s body weight. Ian just used these bubbles scattered in the air to jump continuously, then finally, he came to the same height as Lucius! (Surprise Madafaka)

‘Calm down!’ Lucius looked at Ian, who appeared in front of him and tried to keep calm. He stared at Ian tightly, intending to quickly turn his body into countless pieces of paper to dodge Ian’s flaming projectile.

Even if the other party could use fire abilities, as long as a piece of paper survives, he will be fine.

However, Ian seemed to have seen through Lucius’s intention for a long time. So what he threw out was not a Blazing Flying Slash, but a Flaming Whirlwind!

This Flaming Whirlwind was launched as a normal Gathering Storm, but the trick was that Ian ignited the Devil’s Blade Yamato with a huge amount of Hiei’s fire. So the wind was not visible, but it boosted the burning effect of the fire, so that the Flaming Whirlwind grew rapidly in the process of flying. When it came to Lucius, it has turned into a blazing tornado directly connected to the ground, which looked quite amazing!

Not to mention the shock of the Skinning Pirates and Ian’s men below, even Ian himself was surprised at the effect of this trick!

This blazing tornado was as high as a five or six floors building!

After reaching to the Advanced Level of the Nen skills, this was the first time that Ian tried to use Yasuo’s tornado and Hiei’s flame together. Unexpectedly, he created such a powerful move…

With this tornado’s coverage, it was more than enough to draw Lucius into it. Even though Lucius’ body was turned into countless pieces of paper, it was basically engulfed by Ian’s flaming tornado.

After Ian’s Nen was consumed, the flaming tornado slowly dispersed and disappeared in the air.

The Skinning pirate crew below had lost their will for fighting since their captain, Lucius, wanted to escape. After watching the raged flaming tornado, they fell on their knees and smelled the burning papers in the air. They thought that their captain was more ferocious.

But the Ian family, led by the Limp, shouted and cheered!

Before they were worried about whether their new boss could beat Lucius, the Leech, who has a bounty of 86 million Berries, then when this amazing fire tornado occupied their vision, these concerns disappeared!

They finally realized that their new boss was simply a monster!

Everyone was shocked by the flaming tornado. At this moment, these pirates who didn’t run away from the Ian family were confident that this is their end…

In the middle of the air, Ian stepped on a bubble and gasped slightly. He just consumed a huge amount of Nen. But, he was a little worried that Lucius would not be completely burned by the flaming tornado!?

Even if that was the case, it would be too bad. If he’s burned to ashes, Ian won’t get his bounty…

When Ian was concerned about that, he suddenly saw a piece of paper falling from the air. The small paper seemed like a fish that escaped the net. It continued to grow in the process of falling, and finally became Lucius’ body.

‘What the Heck, that can’t be real!? Why is the paper fruit so buggy?’

When Ian put his hand on the hilt to prepare for another flaming tornado, he saw Lucius falling from the air straight to the ground…

Bang! Lucius smashed a hole in the soft ground, and lay there motionlessly…

Ian kept thinking about the bodies of the Devil Fruit users, and then he understood it depends on the situation. When a Devil Fruit user uses his power, he will consume his own physical strength (Just like when Luffy used the Third Gear for the first time). Just now, Ian’s fire tornado has almost burned out all the papers Lucius’ body changed to. In this case, if he wants to turn back to his human shape, he must consume a lot of his physical strength sharply. Although his life would be saved, he’ll lose his consciousness and may enter a coma because of this harsh fall and his extreme exhaustion…

After jumping back to the ground, Ian came to Lucius, watching his eyes turn white, and he could not help but breathe a sigh of relief. Fortunately, this guy was not burned to ashes, and his bounty can still be obtained.

When Ian checked on Lucius, the Limp went in with the rest of the Ian family and surrounded the Skinning Pirates. They pointed at their guns at them, and the members of the Skinning pirate group could only raise their hands and surrender obediently.

What else could they do if they don’t surrender? Their captain has fallen!

“Some of you! Come, follow me and let’s take them to the marines and collect the bounty!” Ian instructed: “The rest, ask and find their pirate ship, then go and loot all their belongings!”

“Aye! Boss Ian!” The Limp and the rest immediately raised their arms and cheered. When they answered, their tone was full of respect and happiness.

After witnessing the true power of Ian, these subordinates finally treated Ian as a real boss.

Since Lucius was a Devil Fruit User, the original Kairoseki handcuffs were confiscated by Hina and could not be returned, Ian had to take these pirates to the marine station by himself. By asking the members of the Skinning Pirates who surrendered, Ian learned that there were still some other members left on their ship waiting for the coating to be completed. However, the number of people left behind was not that large, only a dozen people. So the Limp led the team to their stronghold, took more than 20 members of the Ian family to find the Skinning pirates’ boat, leaving only two or three people to escort the prisoners with Ian.

In this way, the pirates didn’t dare to resist. With Ian there, no one dared to even think about a way out. They could only walk forward despondency while been tied up with ropes.

Although he didn’t start from the bottom and then kept increasing the bounty amount of the wanted pirates, he jumped directly to catch a pirate with a high bounty such as Lucius, but Ian’s attempt was successful.

Every Devil Fruit has its own strengths and weakness. As long as the information was in place, he can easily win fights by grasping these points.

He was very sure that, in the Sabaody Archipelago, there were a lot of pirates with bounties under the 100 million Berries. Lucius, with 86 million Berries bounty, Ian thought that he doesn’t deserve that amount, he was more like a pirate with 50 million bounties. It was obvious that he has done so many wicked things, which made the marines raise his bounty.

Lucius’s current bounty was higher than Crocodile’s, the Shichibukai, the Desert King, but can they say that Lucius can reach Shichibukai’s power level?

That’s why Ian aimed at high-profile criminals. Whatever he can or can’t defeat them, he has to fight them to confirm that, right?

Of course, according to Ian’s estimation, the bounty of 100 million level has to be a watershed, and the marines rarely offer such a bounty on a low-profile pirate. But once it appears, it means that the strength of such a criminal has been valued by the Marines, and these wanted pirates were worthy of being chased by high-ranked officers.

Ian doesn’t know if he can catch a hundred million level pirate now, but he still wants to challenge himself and try it.

At present, there were no pirates with bounty more than 100 million on the Sabaody Archipelago, but Ian was not in a hurry. It won’t hurt, if he keeps improving his strength and accumulating wealth by catching pirates with lower bounties.

In gaming terms, it’s called grinding and farming, and then with full of legendary items, he’ll carry all the fights! (The author talked about MOBA and MMORPG games in the same time xD)