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S.C.S Chapter 112: Bad Visitors

Ian didn’t have to bother looking for anything. Under the guidance of Saru, the member of the Ian family who pretended to be a beggar, the group headed toward the Marine Station of Sabaody Archipelago.

In this way, the marine soldiers had to divide into two parts and let them in after checking out their intentions. Meanwhile, the Limp called for backup and went to the Skinner Pirates’ ship to loot all their belonging.

If Ian was still alone, all these things would need him to run back and forth repeatedly to complete all these tasks. Now it’s different, there are people under his hands, which is really good!

However, the members of the Ian family, who were full of excitement, had forgotten one thing. They didn’t contact Hawking and the others who were still in the base, so they weren’t sure how the situation went at this time. They were still worried.

It was just when Ian and his group went to receive the bounty, Hawking, who stayed in the base, found that a large number of men riding horses were coming towards the stronghold.

All of a sudden, he became in a panic state, knowing that someone was asking for trouble. Now the stronghold was empty, and he could only hurry to pick up a weapon and prepared to fight.

However, when these people approached, Hawking saw clearly that they were the leaders of the various families in the neighborhood!

They were the Boss of the Boulder family, who stationed in the No. 14 mangrove area. He was joined by the Boss of the Doge family from the No. 11 mangrove area, the Boss of the Bane family from the No. 19 mangrove area, and the Boss of the Baggins family from the No. 21 mangrove area.

This group led by the four bosses of the most powerful families near mangrove No. 16 of the Ian family. When Sicilian was the leader of this area, he used to pay fees to these families.

So when Hawking saw that the four bosses appeared together, he was so scared that his gun fell to the ground.

The four bosses, who brought with them about two hundred men, came to the stronghold. Lorraine and Elena saw the huge army, so they ran back to the house to hide.

Only Hawking came forward with a smile and said: “Greetings Bosses, what brings you here?”

Doge, the leader of the Doge clan, was a very fat man. He squinted his eyes and looked at Hawking, “Hawking, you bastard, what were you thinking about? Seeing us coming, what do you want to do with that weapon?”

“Boss Doge, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Hawking quickly explained: “I didn’t see you clearly from…”

Before finishing his words, Doge suddenly took out his pistol, and with a loud “Bang”, he shot Hawking’s thigh.

Hawking screamed, covered his thigh, and fell to the ground. The blood flowed, and the ground turned red instantly.

The rest seemed to have anticipated this situation for a long time. They were not surprised at all. Instead, they laughed loudly. Doge got off his horse, stepped on Hawking’s head and sneered, “This is a lesson for you! I heard that the leader of the Sicilian family has changed, is it true?”

Hawking was sweating with pain, but he could only answer him: “Ye… Yes.”

As soon as he heard the question, he immediately understood that the aftermath of those members who had run away yesterday appeared.

The change of the name of the Sicilian family to Ian’s family was spread out by those who fled. Due to the fact that the former Boss Sicilian, had been paying safety fees to the surrounding forces, now Sicilian has died, so these families came to confirm the news.

He was sure that they didn’t come to avenge Sicilian, but it was intended to talk to the newly formed Ian family about their tribute!

Yes, there was no friendship between the bosses of these families and Sicilian at all. There were only interests. The Sicilian family was only a small force. Now Ian took over, then in the eyes of these bosses, he also needs to pay tribute.

After Hawking understood the intention of these bosses, he immediately became more worried about Ian. Since these leaders came here in person, they were probably trying to extort him for safety fees, and they were likely to increase the amount of tribute to the Ian family.

After confirming that the news of the Sicilian family boss’ substitution was true, Doge took off his foot and let go of Hawking’s head, and then sneered: “Since this is the case, call your leader out!”

Hawking hesitated and said: “Bo… Boss Doge, our new Boss, is… not here…”

“Hum, where did he go?” Boss Boulder asked with a large cigar in his mouth.

“He… our boss, Ian, took a group of our men and went to catch pirates…” Hawking could only reply honestly.

This immediately caused the four bosses to laugh together, and Boulder’s tears came out for laughing so hard, then he said to Doge, “It seems that the news is true. This new Boss, Ian, is really planning to concentrate only on the job of a pirate hunter!”

“That’s not bad!” Next to them, Bane was a guy with a sharp-mouthed and monkey cheeks. He stuck out his tongue, licking his lips. A greedy gaze appeared in his eyes, then he said: “Since he doesn’t plan to do other businesses, our four families will divide it up for him!”

“That makes sense!” The last Boss, Baggins, finally spoke, and said, “Well, since your boss is not here, then we will wait for him to come back!”

After saying that, these guys were not asking for Hawking’s consent, they raised their feet and went inside the stronghold of the Ian family. When they entered, they did not forget to mock them. “Your house is still as junk and shabby as it was!”

When they got into the house, these gangsters were not polite at all. They sat on the sofa belonging to Ian in the middle of the house and shouted, “What about hospitality!? Bring us all the things you got!”

In the end, Hawking had to drag his injured leg to find Lorraine and Elena, and asked them to bring food and drink and serve these family leaders.

Although Lorraine and Elena were extremely reluctant, they could only find a way to deal with this group of people. However, when they were carrying things up, Doge and Baggins stretched one hand, then slapped and squeezed their buttocks severely.

It was so strong that Lorraine and Elena could not help crying out in pain, and their tears started dripping.

However, they were not able to hold on, which led to Doge standing up and slapping Lorraine to the ground!

Doge scolded: “I just squeezed you once to have an opinion about your capabilities, and you dare to shout!?”

Hawking saw this scene. Although he was so angry, he didn’t dare to say anything. He had to wave and call for Lorraine and Elena to go back.

As a family boss, why would he care about maids that much? Doge was so arrogant, so Hawking had to stand up for them.

Lorraine and Elena understood what Hawking meant, so Lorraine got up and wanted to leave, regardless of her pain.

However, Doge did not intend to let them go so easily, and said gloomily, “What, your guests are here, and not even a woman stays to entertain them?”

His implication was that he wanted Lorraine and Elena to accompany him.

Now, even Hawking doesn’t know how to deal with this. Logically speaking, Lorraine and Elena were considered to be women of the new Boss, Ian. How can a woman who has her own Boss accompany guests?

Hawking felt that his head was full of problems and it was about to explode, so he bravely limped forward and said: “Boss Doge, please forgive me… But, they… They are not maids… “

“Not maids, so can’t they be with us?” Baggins also sneered.

As he said this, standing behind the sofa, their men immediately pulled out their guns and pointed them to Lorraine and Elena, while Boulder and Bane were watching without saying a word.

This was the first time that these two girls have seen many guns pointed at them, so they started shivering with fear.

Hawking gritted his teeth and said to Doge and Baggins: “My two bosses, they really can’t accompany…”

Among the members of the Ian family, Hawking knew Ian’s strength and capabilities, not to say that he was loyal to Ian, but he was sure that if Lorraine and Elena were really hurt, Ian would never forgive him when he returns! Because yesterday, when he came out with the safe, he saw Ian healing Lorraine and Elena. At that time, although he stopped and didn’t dare to bother them, he also understood that Ian was compassionate to these two poor girls.

So, in this case, Hawking has to fight for them.

What surprised him, however, was that just after he had finished speaking, Doge shot him on his other leg again.

Now Hawking couldn’t even stand on one leg and immediately fell on the floor.

Hawking felt that he was really unlucky these two days (Ian’s jinx is contagious). Yesterday, Ian slashed his wrist. Today, his legs were pierced by bullets. Now, he has only one hand left that he can move…

“Let it go at that, Doge!” Boulder finally opened his mouth and spoke. Looking at the scene, he felt bored and said, “Don’t forget what we came for! Let’s talk about our business!”

Although Doge was a little reluctant, but when Boulder spoke, he needed to give him respect, so he sat down bitterly.

Lorraine and Elena resisted their fears, ran over, and helped Hawking to sit down and started bandaging him. They had to help him because Hawking got injured while protecting them.

Inside the house, only Boulder and his partners were left. The rest of the Ian family didn’t dare to stay in after seeing Hawking’s experience? Seeing no one else, Boulder and the other bosses chatted freely.

“Doge, how much are you planning on asking him to pay this time?” Baggins asked.

“In the past, when Sicilian was the boss, 1.5 million Berries were sent to me every month!” Doge drank Sake and said: “This time, I’ll change it up to this stupid brat who doesn’t know how things work around here. He didn’t even come to see me, so I decided to triple his amount directly! He has to pay me at least 4.5 million Berries every month! “

“Oh? So let’s unify the price!” Bane said.

“Four bosses, that adds up to 18 million Berries. Can that kid handle this amount?” Boulder frowned.

“Don’t worry about him! That’s his business!” Baggins sneered: “I don’t know where the kid came from. Does he think that he can claim a lawless area freely? He really thought that by killing a useless boss, he would be the new Boss, and that’s it!?”

“Yeah, let’s take this opportunity to teach him a good lesson!” Doge nodded in agreement.

That small group of people chatted with laughter like this, imagining how to blackmail this new boss, but did not expect that after waiting for more than an hour, they never saw Ian return.

“It’s only a matter of catching a few million pirates. How can it take so long?” Boulder said disdainfully: “What on earth is this new boss Ian doing!”

Doge’s temper was grumpy, and he said, “Damn it, if he doesn’t come back, I will demolish his shabby house!”

Just as his voice was falling, another suddenly came from the door.

“Which idiot is talking about demolishing my house!?”