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S.C.S Chapter 113: Raise Your Hand

Who said that was naturally Ian who has just returned.

When he came back, he was leading the way. Behind him were the Limp, Saru (the monkey), and the rest of the Ian family. They were all carrying the things from Lucius’ ship in big and small bags. At first, that group of people seemed to be in high spirits. However, when they came to their stronghold, they found something wrong.

Outside their base, there were many unknown people, holding weapons in their hands, and having a vicious expression. The Limp looked at them and found that some of them were familiar. So he came to Ian and whispered, “Boss, it seems that they are members of various nearby families. Be careful!”

Ian nodded and walked towards these people, but he didn’t expect that no one would come forward to stop them, they were just looking at Ian with a mocking face.

Ian went all the way to the gate, but just at this time, he heard Doge’s words.

Knowing that these people didn’t come here with good intentions, Ian naturally was not going to talk with them in a soft tone. At present, he opened the door and made a taunting remark.

In the living-room, Boulder and the others looked at the gate and saw Ian clearly.

To be honest, Ian doesn’t look like a boss at all. He doesn’t look fierce, doesn’t have scars on his face, not even a tattoo, wasn’t wearing a gold chain or carrying a cigar, which was quite different from their appearance.

At this time, he just wore a pair of leather boots, a fitted black trousers, a dark red windbreaker on his upper body, holding a katana inserted in its sheath in his left hand, a bear ear hat, and his long hair was tied into a ponytail hanging down from the back of his head, so not only he doesn’t give a fierce expression, but he had a kind of handsome temperament.

At the moment when they saw Ian, Boulder couldn’t believe that such a young man as Ian was the new boss of this family, so all four of them were shocked.

After returning to their senses, Doge remembered Ian’s words, so he slapped the table and stood up, pointing to Ian and saying, “Boy, do you dare to disrespect me!?”

Ian pretended to be stunned: “Oh, it was you who just spoke! If you didn’t stand up, I wouldn’t know which one of you was the idiot!”

“You…!” Doge was so furious that he reached out and wanted to draw his gun from his waist.

However, Boulder suddenly held him down, then smiled at Ian and said: “Are you the new leader of this family? We have been waiting for you for a long time! Now that you’re here, let’s talk about business first!”

Ian gave a hypocritical smile to Boulder, but he nodded his head and said, “OK, let’s get down to business. Everybody has come here for me, so what can I do for you?”

Doge was grumpy, so he took the initiative from Boulder and said, “You kid quietly killed Sicilian and took his position as a boss. That’s OK. But I’m asking you, why didn’t you come to see us!?”

Ian looked at Doge like an idiot and said, “Who are you exactly? And why the hell should I come to you!?”

Doge was angered by Ian’s words and was about to explode. He just wanted to say something, but he was held down by Boulder again. This time, Boulder even glared at him.

‘Damn it, Doge, you are such an idiot. Is it time to mess with each other? This is serious business.’

After holding down Doge, Boulder said with a smile: “It doesn’t matter if we don’t know each other. Now that we’re here, I’m Boulder. He’s Doge, and they are Bane and Baggins. When Sicilian was in charge, he was paying our four families safety tribute on a regular basis. So we’re here to discuss this matter with you, Boss Ian, what are you planning to do?”

After Boulder’s introduction, the Limp came behind Ian, stooped while lowering his head, and whispered to Ian: “Boss Ian, these four families are the biggest forces near our stronghold. Although they do everything, however, the main business of the Boulder family is to sell weapons. He is an arms dealer, while Doge is the largest human trafficker in the area, the Bane family are bounty hunters, specializing in buying hunters and mercenaries and doing other businesses. As for Baggins, I heard that he used to be a slightly famous pirate. Now his family business is mainly robbery.”

Since the Limp saw Ian’s strength, he is now hell-bent to Ian. In the face of these family leaders, he wasn’t worried about it at all, and with just a few words, he came through all the details of the other party to Ian.

After listening, Ian remained calm, but he was a little shocked. Well, the business of these four families can be said to occupy all the evil affairs!

Ian said to the Limp. “I see. You guys go on first, and put away the things we brought!”

The Limp saluted Ian and then retreated, as did the other members of the Ian family.

Seeing this scene, Boulder was slightly puzzled. He could see the respect of these people for Ian from the salute of the Limp, but didn’t this young boy just become their boss? How could it be possible to conquer the main cadres of Sicilian so quickly?

No, it’s impossible. If they were really conquered, then why would anyone escape?

Boulder dropped this thought from his mind, held the glass of Sake and took a sip, then asked Ian, “What now, Boss Ian? Have you thought about it? “

Ian did not rush to answer him, but moved a chair by himself and sat down in front of the four.

This action made them look at each other and giggle, because the four of them were sitting on the sofa, facing Ian in a fanny way. The momentum of both sides immediately stood high, just like the feeling of four huge gray wolves facing a small rabbit. (He’s always using the sheep! So I wanted to change it this time xD)

They were used to being the bosses and always liked to play these little tricks, but they didn’t know that Ian wasn’t taking them seriously. In Ian’s observation, these four bosses were just ordinary people. They dared to be so arrogant without strength, so he didn’t know what they are thinking of their selves.

After sitting down, Ian was a little thirsty, so he made a snap.

After Ian came in, Lorraine and Elena got the news. Initially, they were worried and panicked, but now, they relieved a lot. Elena was looking after Hawking, who was injured. Lorraine left them and went to watch the scene in the living-room while hiding quietly. When she heard the snap, she immediately understood Ian’s meaning and brought him a glass of Sake.

“Here’s your drink Ian-Sama!” Lorraine put the Sake down and smiled sweetly at Ian.

Ian replied, “Thank you!” At the same time, he looked up and glanced at Lorraine.

However, when he saw the red slap mark on Lorraine’s face, which had not yet disappeared, his face suddenly became gloomy.

“Who slapped you on your face?” Ian asked coldly.

Although Lorraine wanted to answer him, she didn’t know if it would cause trouble to Ian, so she lowered her head and didn’t dare to speak.

On the other side, Doge admitted it shamelessly. He held a cigar in his mouth and said, “My apologies, Boss Ian, I’m sorry, your slave wasn’t well-trained, so I had to teach her a lesson! Oh, and your subordinate, Hawking! He’s really stupid. So I had to shot him twice in his legs. Please don’t mind me, Boss Ian!”

Although he apologized, Doge didn’t mean any of it. Even after speaking, he couldn’t help laughing. So did Bane. He laughed so loud with Doge. Although Boulder didn’t make a sound, he just smiled slightly and kept his eyes on Ian, as if he wanted to see how would he react.

Different from the other three, Baggins didn’t smile. Obviously, at that time, this guy also touched Elena with Doge, but his expression was a little cloudy and uncertain at the moment. He kept looking at Ian’s hat from time to time.

“Go back now!” Ian said to Lorraine, and then whispered to her: “Don’t come out!”

Lorraine immediately understood what Ian meant, and hurried back to the room.

When Lorraine left, Ian took a sip of his Sake and said lightly, “Haven’t you laughed enough? Idiot!”

The smile on Doge’s face suddenly disappeared. He didn’t expect that under such circumstances, Ian would dare to provoke him again. He could not help slapping the table and shouting: “Boy! Do you want to die!?”

Boulder finally spoke coldly and repeated what Doge said, “Young man, think carefully before doing anything. Do you want to start a war with our four families?”

However, Ian ignored him and stared at Doge. “Did you hit her with that hand? Do you dare reach out and show it to me? “

Ian’s eyes were red and very sharp from an extreme rage, while he was staring at Doge, and they also stimulated this grumpy guy. He raised his right hand and showed it to Ian, then slapped it on the table again, saying: “This is the hand! What! Do you want to come and get it?”

These words have not yet faded away, and the four bosses and their men seem to feel that something had immediately happened, they thought it was an illusion, when they took a closer look, they found that Ian’s right hand has been placed on the handle of his sword on the left side of his waist, by this time, the sword has been unsheathed a little bit.

With a lot of noises, all the men they brought with them pulled out their guns and all aimed at Ian. They all thought that Ian was about to attack Doge.

Boulder and the other bosses were also nervous, staring at Ian.

However, just under these eyes, Ian pressed his blade sharply back into its scabbard.

Doge breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that Ian was frightened by this massive amount of guns, so he didn’t dare to move. So he shouted, “What’s the matter, kid? Don’t you want my hand? Why didn’t you come and get it? “

Ian took another sip and said, “Huh, no need! I’ve already cut it!”

“Cut… Cut it?” Doge wondered, raising his right hand to look at it, but he found something wrong with it. Suddenly, his hand slid off his right arm!

It was cut off from the wrist! The chop was so smooth that it wasn’t until his hand fell off that Doge felt a sharp pain.

“Aahh!!! My hand!!!”

Doge screamed loudly, his chopped wrist splashed out so much blood, while Boulder and the others stood up from the sofa in fright, and subconsciously stayed away from Doge.

‘What the hell… what’s going on! I haven’t even seen him pulling out his sword!’

They were so terrified. When they looked at Ian’s location, they found that Ian seemed to exude an appalling momentum. Before, the four huge gray wolves felt that they were facing a small rabbit, but now, it seems like a furious lion was staring at four little hyenas…