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S.C.S Chapter 114: Baggins Begging

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Ian started, which means that the negotiation broke down.

In fact, Ian had never planned to talk or even work with these people. He knew that Boulder’s purpose was nothing more than an extortion of money from him.

They wanted to get money from Ian, what a joke? So when he came in, he never thought of negotiation.

“Shoot! Shoot him!” Boulder shouted in horror: “Kill him!”

They were frightened by Ian’s trick. How fast is this guy? Even after cutting Doge’s hand, they can’t even tell how he did it…

The four bosses brought in a lot of people with them. A total of 20 guns opened fire on Ian. However, Ian has opened the “En” field just after he made his move. These people were in the narrow range of the living room. If he uses a little more of his Nen, the “En” field can be expanded and the range of Ian’s perception would cover the entire house. So their every move was predicted by Ian.

Ian can accurately sense the action of raising their pistols, the orientation of their muzzle, and the moment when they pulled the trigger to release the bullets. In this case, Ian can easily avoid the densest direction of shots!

Ian moved and stepped towards the front left, with a sideway swing of his sword at the same time. He blocked a bullet with his blade and triggered his Chain Flash skill at the first gangster in front of him!

There was no need to use the Nen in this move. Ian’s figure shuttled among the group of gangsters at an extremely fast speed. When he approaches a person, he swings his sword, leaving the light of his blade behind, and then he jumps to the next, until all of these men fall down one after another with blood spouting out.

Although these gangsters tried to shoot him, Ian’s figure was really beyond their grasp. Even after he gets close to them, they failed to hit him, because they were already cut by his blade!

The continuous screams made the whole room feel like hell. When Ian stopped, none of the men brought by these bosses was standing. Ian stood in the middle of this massacre holding his sword, while there was no trace of blood on the Devil’s Blade Yamato!

It was too fast. In less than five seconds, more than twenty gunslingers had been slammed to the ground. Boulder’s face was exceedingly pale. Not only him, but even the other three bosses were extremely shocked. Bane even started sniveling. Three of the four were still standing. Only Doge was kneeling on the ground, covering his wrist and screaming.

Seeing Ian walking towards them step by step, Boulder panicked, pulled out his pistol, and fired at Ian, saying in horror. “Don’t … Don’t come over!”

Ian tilted his head slightly, avoiding Boulder’s bullets, but he kept walking towards them.

Bullets may be useful in dealing with the average people, but it’s just a child’s toy in the face of people at Ian’s level. Both Boulder and Bane shot one after another, but none of these shots under Ian’s “En” field was a successful hit.

“Click! Click!” There were no bullets left in their guns. When they heard the sound of the empty magazines, they finally collapsed and fell to the ground on their knees, begging Ian, “No… Please don’t kill us, we know that what we did is wrong, please!”

But it didn’t work. As Ian walked by, his sword flashed, and Boulder and Bane both fell to the ground.

When they were killed, Boulder and Bane had a look of disbelief in the eyes. They didn’t seem to have thought that things would develop like this. They originally thought that the strength of four combined families could force the Ian family to yield. However, in the end, things were different, and the stronghold of the Ian family directly became the last place they would visit.

Ian didn’t really want to be a killer, so he showed mercy to those clansmen, he only injured then to the point that they faint, so with treatments they would survive.

But for the four of bosses, Ian was not planning on letting them go. As the families’ leaders, these four were the first to do all these bad things, especially Doge. Human trafficking was Ian’s most abhorrent business, and he even dared to hurt his subordinates, all of this, made him decide that Doge must die.

And if he doesn’t kill them, that will not help his next plan. Just like Sicilian, only after their death, Ian could control their men.

Boulder and Bane, the two guys who dared to shoot, were killed first by Ian, then Doge kneeling on the ground, and Ian plunged his sword blankly into his head, making his miserable screams come to an abrupt end.

At the same time, there was also gunfire outside the house. It is estimated that after Ian started, the members of the Ian family led by the Limp retaliated against the gangsters outside.

It seems that they were determined to follow Ian now. Otherwise, if there were so many people on the other side, they would not dare to take the initiative of the shooting.

Ian was also worried that this fight would take too long, and the casualties of his men could turn to be too heavy. So he thought about solving the matter quickly and going out to help the Limp, so he turned his eyes sharply to the remaining Boss, Baggins.

However, at this time, Baggins suddenly fell to his knees and said to Ian, “Please don’t kill me, I’m willing to break my arm (T/N: When I searched for it I found that it meant “I’m willing to give up all my existing interests”, but…) and leave Sabaody Archipelago, and never come back!”

Hearing what he said, Ian stopped and thought about it.

Baggins said, gritting his teeth as he saw Ian thinking: “If one arm won’t be enough, what about adding an eye?” (See! WTF)

However, this sentence actually caused Ian to feel cold for a while. This Baggins was so tough on himself. Can he really let go of such a person?

“I beg you, Boss Ian, although I don’t know what you have to do with the Shichibukai, Bartholomew Kuma, but I really don’t have many bad deeds like the others!” Baggins kowtowed on the ground: “From a long time ago, Bartholomew Kuma spared my life and didn’t kill me. Please do the same and forgive me this time!”

Ian was shocked. This Baggins has met uncle Kuma?

“How did that happen?” Ian asked quietly.

“Boss Ian, I used to be a pirate!” Baggins raised his head and explained to Ian, “But only because of my miserable life that I went out to the sea and joined some pirates. Once our Pirate Group met the Shichibukai, Kuma, he destroyed our ship and killed our captain, but he let us go. Your hat was familiar to me from the moment you came in, but please rest assured… I will never say anything about it if you let me go, from today on I will leave the Sabaody Archipelago and hide in the countryside and never come out again!”

Ian didn’t expect to hear about Kuma from Baggins. He sighed and said, “I can let you go, but I don’t need you to hide in the country. Your crimes won’t be judged by me. You have to turn yourself in, go to the Marines, and tell them about all your bad deeds in detail. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I do!” Baggins was so happy that he immediately nodded.

The bosses of these families who live in these lawless areas were not good people. Ian knows this well. He doesn’t know how many evils deeds Baggins has, but it’s estimated that one arm and one eye can be used to atone for his sins. So Ian thought, let him go to the prison to repent.

“Well, fulfill your promise!” Ian said.

Baggins took out a dagger and hesitated a little bit, then he gritted his teeth, and in the end, he did it…

Despite the pain and sweat, Baggins raised his head to Ian and said, “Boss Ian, I’m going to turn myself in now. Farewell!”

Ian nodded and said, “By the way, tell the people outside to stop the war! Otherwise, don’t blame me for doing it myself.”

“OK!” Baggins turned around and pushed open the door. After going out, he clutched his broken arm, and shouted loudly to the two warring parties outside, “Stop! Stop it!”

Ian’s move was well used. With the appearance of Baggins, members of various families outside knew the situation inside the house. When they learned that the other three leaders had been killed by Ian, they were overwhelmed by this news and could only stop fighting.

And Baggins’ own family was also ordered to be dissolved by him, because Baggins was about to turn himself in next, and he could no longer manage his own family.

The four families were quickly suppressed after the emergence of the Ian family. These lawless areas naturally had to be reorganized.

The members of the Ian family were so excited that they couldn’t control themselves. They were the four biggest forces in the neighborhood, and they were destroyed by the fantastic leader, Ian!

So they took advantage of this opportunity and tied the hands of the men brought by these four bosses. These people originally wanted to resist, but when anyone showed his desire to fight back, he was beaten to the ground by Ian.

With Ian in charge, these gangsters didn’t have a thing to do and could only be captured obediently.

Baggins was carried by two members of his family and left. He said he would turn himself in. Of course, he didn’t dare to lie to Ian, because this kind of thing can be inquired easily. He didn’t want to be hunted down by Ian.

When the enemies in the house were moved out, all the members of the four families were piled in an open space outside the base, waiting for Ian’s decision.

At this time, all the members of the Ian family came out with arrogance, holding guns, and surrounded the enemies outside, staring at these gunmen with a stern look, while enjoying the best moments of their lives. Everything has changed, and they were the members of the strongest force in the area now!

Lorraine and Elena also came out with Hawking. The two girls looked at Ian with admiration. When they heard that Doge was killed, they knew that Ian was avenging them. Obviously, the joy on their faces was glowing.

Hawking was in the same state. He was shot twice by Doge in his legs. Naturally, he has hatred against Doge, but he did not even think that Ian would directly overthrow the four families.

After coming out, he heard from the Limp the news that Ian had actually captured the pirate, Lucius, with the bounty of 86 million Berries, and he couldn’t help but stunned for a while.

The four bosses were really unlucky. If they come later, it’s estimated that this news has spread all over the lawless area. At that time, they will definitely gauge the strength of Ian, the new boss. Now, they had already rushed to his stronghold, but instead, they were defeated so severely.

At this moment, Hawking only felt that his whole body was relieved even through his pain, and the beats in his heart were finally soothing. He was helped to walk over to Ian. He willingly called Ian: “Boss!”

Ian also learned about what Hawking did from Lorraine. For him, Ian now feels that he’s trustworthy. Although this guy looks like a wily old man, he dared to stand up and protect Lorraine and Elena. This was worthy of appreciation.

So Ian nodded to him, and though he didn’t say anything, it still made Hawking feel excited.

Turning his head, Ian looked at the members of the four families who were bundled together, which gave him a headache…

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