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S.C.S Chapter 115: Rip-Off

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According to Ian’s original plan, he intended to combine the four families into one family.

But now it seems that there are too many…

The four bosses didn’t bring all their men with them, there were only about two hundred outside the base, and the number of those left behind in their stronghold was unknown.

If all these people became under the name of the Ian family, then according to Ian’s philosophy, things like human trafficking will definitely be banned and forbidden.

So then, the problem arises, is it possible to gather a huge amount of money and search some of it with so many people just by catching pirates and getting their bounties?

These people were not that strong. It’s impossible to expect them to catch high bounty pirates. It’s still up to Ian to do it himself. But their number was too large, which means that Ian has to split out more money, and that would defeat his purpose of making a fortune.

It seems that the only way to solve this problem was to reduce the number of these people. Ian touched his chin and thought about it. He found that the only solution was to keep the strongest members of the four families and dismiss the others.

‘As long as he has a slight strength, he can be accepted. At that time, I can rely on these people to catch those small pirates with a bounty of 10 or 20 million. No matter how they do it, even if they depend on their huge number, I believe they should be able to it?’

At that time, Ian wouldn’t need to take care of these little pirates by himself. When they get the bounty, Ian can take his part of it and give them the rest.

In this way, the Ian family can be transformed into an orthodox family of bounty hunters.

And those who were dismissed, Ian did not intend to pay too much attention to them, they may re-establish a new family or escape the Archipelago, Ian really doesn’t care.

As long as the power of the Ian family grows, other forces in these areas can be remotely controlled. At that time, he can also adopt a style of protection fees, allowing these forces to pay tribute to the Ian family.

When it comes to weapons selling, robbing, stealing, and other businesses involved in these forces, Ian actually knows that he can’t stop them. Human nature is like this, and he could do nothing about it. As long as there were wars and battles, there will be a need for weapons, and there will be casualties. Such a big force as the Marines can’t prevent the proliferation of these things. Ian doesn’t think that he can reverse this phenomenon with his own strength.

When he won’t do such businesses, someone else will for sure! Not to mention that Ian’s men themselves also need guns and swords, right? How would they fight against these pirates?

So in Ian’s view, the most he can do is to control these things and not let them go too far.

However, this business of human trafficking was absolutely prohibited by Ian!

On the Sabaody Archipelago, due to the existence of the Celestial Dragons, these kinds of things were rampant more than any other place. In Ian’s view, this slavery is a complete violation of human dignity. He can’t help it elsewhere, but at least in his own territory, such things must be stopped.

After thinking about it clearly, Ian began organizing these people. He picked out some people who looked strong and asked them if they would like to join the Ian family.

Without exception, all the selected people have agreed.

After some integration, the members of the Ian family have now expanded to more than a hundred people, while the rest of them were released by Ian, and he even allowed them to re-establish new families, but at that time, these families must follow the lead of the Ian family.

Next, the matter came to an end. Those who got injured have been treated, and Ian kept wondering what he should do.

Until this time, Hawking was a little anxious, so he went to find Ian, and then he whispered to him: “Boss Ian, by doing this, aren’t you going to anger some people?”

“What do you mean?” Ian asked him.

“It’s about the boss Doge, it is said that he has been in contact with the Human Auctioning House in the Grove N.1!” Hawking explained, “Now that he is dead, Boss Ian, you prohibited the business of human trafficking, which means that the Human Auctioning House has lost a good supplier…”

Of course, Ian knew the Human Auctioning House in the Grove N.1 very well, but he shook his head and said: “Don’t worry, the Sabaody Archipelago is so big, and losing a supplier doesn’t mean that the Human Auctioning House won’t be able to operate. Unless one day, our family controls the entire Sabaody Archipelago, they will be out of business! Now, they won’t notice us!”

Hawking thought about it for a while, and found that it was indeed the case. If the Ian family didn’t involve in the business of human trafficking, it would make other family forces cover their part of this business, because there was one less competitor.

“Hawking!” Ian called for him, and then said: “Now the family has expanded. You and the Limp are responsible for bringing these people together and making them behave. Our main business is bounty hunters, and don’t forget to teach them how things work here, your main job is gathering information… One more thing, you have to find a way to get the movements of all the families around our site. If they acted out of bounds, you have to inform me immediately!”

“Boss Ian, rest assured!” Hawking nodded.

In the next two days, Ian has been dealing with family affairs. After the expansion of the staff, the original base seems to be useless because it was too small. Ian simply ordered Hawking, and many others tear it down and rebuild a new bigger stronghold. Contradictions between the original members of the Ian family and the newly joined members also required mediation. In addition, the situation of Lorraine and Elena’s family, Ian also sent some men to inquire about it. In another word, there were quite a lot of things to do.

After almost sorting it out, Ian thought about going to get his money.

After Lucius, the Leech, was caught, Ian brought him to the marine base, but they didn’t give him the money directly. Instead, he got a check. There was a bank on the Sabaody Archipelago. This island is so close to the Marine Headquarters. The opening of a bank was so bold, and they were not afraid of Pirates or a robbery, because it is said that the people behind opening this bank were Celestial Dragons, which deterred many people.

If anyone dares to even think about robbing this bank, he may find an Admiral of the Marine Headquarters waiting for him outside the bank… (T/N: if Ian goes and robs this bank, he can find a huge amount of money, stacks on stacks of cash, and then he can use this money to become OP, and defeated any Admiral! But, I’m sure even if he spends billions in his freaking System, he would only get 2-star cards and useless weapons…)

So on the Sabaody Archipelago, the checks were still very reputable.

In addition to the bounty, the Limp also raided the ship of the skinning Pirate Group and found many valuable things, which may be worth two million Berries, mainly some food and jewelry. Ian intended to reward his men with these goods.

After telling them and making sure that everything was going according to his plan, Ian left the stronghold.

It’s been several days since he came to the Sabaody Archipelago. He really didn’t explore much of the island. So he took advantage of the opportunity to get his money and walk around to relax.

As he walked, a small cottage appeared gradually in front of him. Ian didn’t care about it, but just as he was about to walk by the small cottage, he suddenly heard a bang. The wooden door of the house broke, and a figure flew out of the house.

Ian looked at the man who flew out, and found that he seemed to be a pirate. He had a blue nose and a swollen face, and by the time Ian got near him, he found him in an unconscious state.

Looking up, Ian saw a wooden signboard on the roof of the cottage: Shakky’s Rip-off Bar!

This made Ian stunned for a while, then he kept turning his head, looking around, until he confirmed that he has really walked to the Grove N.13.

After thinking about it, Ian walked towards the bar!


When Ian walked in, it might be the sound of his footsteps. A woman who was not facing the door, greeted him without looking back, and then asked, “What do you want?”

“Can I have a cup of tea!? Please!” Ian hasn’t drunk tea for a long time, since he left Frost Moon Village.

The woman, without looking to the customer, bent down and operated for a while, then turned around and handed him a cup of tea.

‘Sure enough, she’s Shakuyaku (Shakky)!’ Ian thought after seeing her face.

This woman has short, neat black hair, with two tufts pointing upwards. She held a cigarette in her mouth, put down the teacup, and unexpectedly said, “Oh, isn’t this Ian-san?”

Ian was really surprised and asked, “Do you know me?”

“Of course, I’m an information trader. You’re very popular in this area recently!” Shakky held her right elbow with her left hand, grabbed the cigarette with two fingers, puffed out a smoke ring, and said with a smile, “I heard that you have established a new family, but your only business is catching pirates, and you are not allowed to engage in the human trafficking business. In this short period of time, this information has spread all over the lawless areas!”

Only then did Ian realize that his movements in the previous few days were indeed big.

So he replied a little nervously: “I see, ha-ha!”

With that said, Ian glanced around the store and found that he was the only one there, the “Dark King”, Silvers Rayleigh was not in the bar.

The legendary Rayleigh remained undercover in the Sabaody Archipelago. Since Ian has arrived at the mangrove No. 13, he thought that he would meet him here.

However, it seemed that the situation was unsatisfactory. Rayleigh was not there, and Ian doesn’t know if he would come here again or not.

Ian looked at the store, while Shakky kept looking at him, but did not say anything, just leaning on the bar. When Ian turned around, she asked: “Ian-san, I’m curious. You are so young, and you did come here and conquered such a lawless area, becoming the boss there, and then set up such strange rules… Do you know that your practice is considered exotic in the lawless zone! “

“Exotic? Why?” Ian asked.

“Haha!” Shakky smoked her cigarette and said, “The history of human traffickers on this island has lasted for a long time. Here, human trafficking is basically an industry. People have been used to it for a long time. Since you set foot in the lawless area and become one of the bosses, you are not willing to get involved in this business. What’s the difference?”

“That’s a different kind of business!” Ian shook his head and said, “I only do things that satisfy my desire!”

“Well, a good answer!” Shakky laughed, suddenly turned the subject, and asked Ian, “But why do you specialize in catching pirates? Do you hate pirates? Or do you feel that you are justice, and Pirates are evil?”

Ian just wanted to open his mouth and speak, but Shakky raised her hand and said, “This question, you have to think about it before answering!”

“Why?” Ian asked in surprise.

“Because the price of the cup of tea in your hand is 100,000 Berries!” Shakky laughed, “And based on your answer, I will decide whether you pay more or less!”

“Puff!” Ian spat out most of the tea in his mouth!

He finally understood what the signboard of this small shop meant… (Rip-Off)