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S.C.S Chapter 116: Dizziness

“One hundred thousand Berries!?” Ian glared at Shakky. “This is just an ordinary tea, right?”

“My shop, my rules, I set the price as much as I want!” Shakky looked at Ian with a smirk on her face and said, “Did you see the pirate who was thrown out the door? He did something worse than you. He ordered a coffee, which is worth three cups of tea!”

“What if I don’t pay?” Ian asked carefully.

Shakky, still smiling, said, “It’s best not to have this kind of thought. You may be very powerful, but you can’t beat me!”

‘Huh! The Heck, this treatment is completely different from Luffy!’ Ian was a little depressed, and felt too bad.

“Don’t worry, didn’t I just give you a chance to lower the price?” Shakky said, “Maybe your answer makes me feel generous. It’s possible to exempt you from the bill.”

When Ian heard this, he understood why she asked such a question. If he remembers correctly, Shakky was also a pirate, and his practice of catching pirates for their bounties may have a negative impact on her decision. The mangrove No.16 and No.13 were not far apart, and there may be opportunities to face each other in the future, so she wanted to confirm what kind of person he is.

‘Well, just answer it. It’s not a difficult question to answer anyway.’

However, Ian didn’t reply with the words she wants to hear because she once was a pirate. Instead, he directly said his true thoughts.

“I never thought that I was justice!” Ian said: “In my opinion, everyone should put aside their positions and then talk about justice. Otherwise, they are all rogues! I’m only catching pirates because I need money!”

Shakky giggled and said, “That’s interesting, and it really makes sense!”

After laughing for a while, she finally stopped and said with great interest, “OK, you’ve passed. You don’t have to pay for this cup of tea! But I still have another question, what do you think of the Marines?”

“Do I have to answer this, too?” Ian asked.

“You don’t have to!” Shakky shook her head and said, “It’s a common question. It’s up to you, whatever you want to answer it or not. But who opens a bar in such a lawless area only gets boring customers. They only talk about money and women. There’s nothing else. It’s rare to meet such an interesting young man like you. That’s why I want to talk more with you! “

Ian was helpless. Listening to her tone, would he still be unwilling to answer her after that?

But to be honest, Ian has been in this world for some years. He really has some opinions of his own about it. Since Shakky wanted to hear him out, then he has no problem expressing his thoughts.

He raised the teacup and took a sip. Ian tapped his finger on the table, pondered his words, and then said: “What do I think… In my opinion, the Marines are just a violent primary military organization of the world government. What they maintain is actually not justice, but the domination of the world government! Although they claim that they are the absolute justice, they are very far away from it!”

Shakky looked at Ian in amazement. She didn’t expect Ian to say such things.

She felt that Ian’s summary was very brilliant!

It’s hard to imagine this being what an 18-year-old boy would say.

“Houh, Ian-san, I’m really starting to like you a lot!” Shakky smiled again, stretched out her hand, and said to Ian, “I’m mainly engaged in intelligence business here. If you need anything anytime, you are very welcome to come and ask me!”

“Okay!” Ian reached out and shook her hand.

This was his first meeting with Shakky, but overall, his impression was quite good.

“Are you running this place alone?” Ian asked her tentatively.

“Oh, there is an Old Man who lives with me!” Shakky said, “But he is a coating mechanic!”

“What about him?” Ian asked.

He knew that Shakky was talking about Rayleigh. In fact, the reason why Ian came here and talked so much with Shakky was just to set out Rayleigh’s whereabouts.

Ian was very clear that his current strength is not high enough. Although the essence of his Nen abilities is the same as Haki, after all, this power is brought to him by the System. Maybe Ian can experience the use of Haki in advance through his Nen abilities, but if he does not awaken his own Haki, he will stay lacking a huge source of true power.

Just for now, Ian has no clue about how to awake or develop his own Haki. What he lacks most now is a good mentor.

And speaking of trainers, here is the best on Sabaody Archipelago, Silvers Rayleigh!

If he could get in touch with him, ask him to guide his Haki’s awaken, that would be magnificent.

From there, he could see the importance of friendship. Because what made it easy for Luffy to talk with Shakky, was his relationship with Hatchan. However, Ian could only test his luck a little by little, and then lead to Rayleigh’s topic.

Shakky didn’t think much about it, and said, “He… I haven’t seen him for a long time. It has been about half a year!”

After hearing that, Ian went to a dark silence! Yeah, he didn’t ask any other question!

After drinking his tea, Ian got up and left. Shakky walked him to the door and watched him go. Then she smiled and said, “Interesting young man, Rayleigh may also like him…”

After leaving the mangrove No.13, Ian continued to move forward. He was going to the tourist area, in the mangrove area from 40 to 49, where there is the bank to withdraw his money. But to get there, Ian had to go through the mangrove area from 30 to 39, which is the famous amusement park, Sabaody Park.

From the first sight of this place, he found that this amusement park area was just like heaven on earth. It was full of laughter everywhere. Whoever the visitor, adults, or children, everyone can find their own joy here.

However, when he looked closely, there were some people at the corner of the street and their eyes were always piercing the pedestrians.

Ian knew that these people were either thieves or robbers, or even worse, human traffickers were looking for targets.

Their movements were very surreptitious. The people attracted by the bustling playground can’t see or won’t pay attention to these people at all. Only when someone finds himself alone, or loses a child or a partner, can he feel the dark side of this place.

Here, other races need to pay attention to their own safety, because for human traffickers, kidnapping other races can be exchanged for more money than human beings.

Ian didn’t want to entangle with these people, he just wanted to pass through the park, get to the tourist area, and obtain his money.

However, after walking for a while, Ian was on the street, where the population was a little sparser. Not far in front of him, there was a mother and her daughter. The mother was holding her child’s hand, while the little girl was happily eating cotton candy in her other hand.

The scene that looked very harmonious was completely destroyed when they pass by a small alley!

Two hands suddenly stretched out from the alley, one hand covered the mother’s mouth, the other hand covered the child’s. In a blink of an eye, a mother and daughter disappeared from the street.

If Ian hadn’t just seen this scene, no one would notice what happened.

This is the first time Ian seeing someone being kidnapped by these human traffickers. His heart burst into flames, and he immediately started running towards the alley.

When he came to the entrance of the alley, he looked to the front and found the kidnappers were running away. Two big men were carrying two gunny sacks on their shoulders. He could see that the two were struggling in the sacks.

There were many other people in this group. Seeing Ian chasing them, they quickly left some to deal with him.

However, Ian didn’t want to be stopped or even blocked by them at this time. When he passed by, he swiftly unsheathed his sword and directly chopped off the people who intended to block him from different places. Then without even looking at them, he continued his chasing.

Of course, these people can’t hold a candle to Ian. But, these kidnappers were very familiar with the terrain here. They weren’t moving in a straight line at all, leaving several of their men to stop Ian. The two big men carrying sacks were drifting left and right in the alleys, which almost made Ian lose them.

As a last resort, Ian opened his “En” field and expanded its range without caring about its consumption, so that he could catch up with them again.

Seeing that he was about to catch up with them, the two men suddenly made a sharp turn and passed through the right corner. Ian quickly stopped and followed the turn, but at this time, he heard two flops.

With a close look, Ian froze and saw the two big kidnappers slumped on the floor of the alley, and the sacks in their hands fell down, but in front of them stood an old man who looked drunk.

This old man has a white disheveled long hair, a pair of round glasses on his face, a long scar over his right eye, wearing a large silver hooded cloak, and sandals, drinking from a Sake bottle in his hand.

‘Isn’t this, Rayleigh?’

Ian was expecting to see Rayleigh in Shakky’s bar, but instead, he met him here because he was chasing a group of kidnappers! This encounter was really… really bizarre!

It seems that these two abductors were knocked down by Rayleigh.

Although Ian was sure that he could catch up with these two men, but since they were stopped by Rayleigh, that saved Ian from more troubles. He stepped forward to see if the mother and daughter were fine and help them get out from the sacks, but Rayleigh suddenly turned his eyes sharply, and then a massive shock wave struck Ian!

This kind of force has encountered Ian before. When he was with Ace, he experienced it once, knowing that this is Haoshoku Haki!

However, he wasn’t sure just how much stronger was Rayleigh’s Haoshoku compared to Ace’s. In the face of Ace’s Haoshoku Haki, Ian was able to resist that shock wave, but when it comes to Rayleigh’s, Ian felt a strong sense of vertigo!

Ian was swaying in the same place for a while, and he kept staggering to not fall down, but in the end, he couldn’t bear and kneeled on the ground!

Damn it, Rayleigh! Does he think that I’m one of these kidnappers? Oh, is it because I was chasing those two guys closely… (to be continued.) 3:]