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S.C.S Chapter 117: Sensei

“Oh, showing some strength!” Rayleigh burped, looked at Ian drunkenly, raised his sleeve to wipe the wine stains on his beard, and said, “You haven’t fallen yet …”

Ian was in a strong sense of dizziness at this time, and he couldn’t speak for a while, he could only stare at Rayleigh resentfully.

However, this look made Rayleigh misunderstood the situation even more. He came over, raised a leg, and kicked Ian in the face.

The kick was strong enough to make Ian only see darkness in front of him, and then he fainted directly after hitting a wall.

Rayleigh crouched down, picked up Ian’s Devil-Blade Yamato, pulled it out of its sheath, and looked at its glittering cold light, couldn’t help but smirk and said, “Great sword!”

Ian’s blade is different from the Ice Tear Gem. The Devil-Blade Yamato is an item that appears to everyone, so Rayleigh was able to hold it. However, if this sword gets too far away from Ian, it will automatically disappear and return to Ian’s inventory.

Rayleigh took Ian’s sword, waved it gently, and cut open the sacks on the ground. The mother and daughter were able to see the light again. The mother hugged her daughter in horror and looked at Rayleigh with a bewildered look.

“Go home!” Rayleigh said with a smile: “In the future, try not to go to a place with few people.”

Then the mother realized that she and her daughter had been rescued. She wept and thanked the old man. Then she took her daughter and left the alley.

At this time, Rayleigh squatted down and started searching the two big men. He took out two wallets, opened them, then he threw them aside with a look of shame. It turned out that they had no money.

Then he came over and groped on Ian.

With this touch, he immediately found Ian’s check, and after seeing the number on it, even Rayleigh was stunned.

“A lot of zeros!” Rayleigh took off his glasses, rubbed his eyes, and counted: “One, two, three, four, five… Oh, more than 80 million! How could this boy be so rich?”

Until this time, Rayleigh realized that he might have hit the wrong person! If a kidnapper has so much money, why would he still do such a thing?

So Rayleigh took Ian’s sword, bent down, picked up Ian, and left the scene…


When Ian woke up, he saw Rayleigh sitting by a campfire, drinking Sake, and grilling a huge fish.

‘It’s getting dark, did I faint for such a long time!?’

Seeing Ian sitting with her arms folded, Rayleigh smiled at him and said, “Huh! You finally woke up?”

As soon as Ian remembered what had happened, he opened his mouth and yelled at him: “Why did you attack me!? I’m not with those people!”

At this time, he didn’t care about anything, even if the person on the opposite side was a legendary character! Why on earth would he do this? Ian was stunned and dazed by the Haoshoku Haki, and then he got kicked in the face. His face was still numb at this time!

Rayleigh laughed and said, “I’m sorry! The old man was drunk before! Besides, aren’t you okay now? You are a young man, and you shouldn’t mind an old man like me!”

“You…!” Ian only felt a headache. In fact, he could only roar twice. In the face of Rayleigh, there was really nothing he could do. It was impossible to even think about fighting him!

‘Who am I even bothering!?’

Angrily, he went over, sat down beside Rayleigh, grabbed the grilled fish, and Ian ate it up, as if he wanted to vent his dissatisfaction in this way.

“Leave some for me!” Rayleigh said quickly: “It’s the old man’s supper, too!”

Rayleigh’s craftsmanship was not excellent either. After taking a few bites, Ian felt that he couldn’t eat anymore, so he handed it to Rayleigh.

He had thought that Rayleigh wouldn’t eat what he had bitten. Unexpectedly, Rayleigh didn’t mind at all. He took it and started eating it.

How to say that, combined with his shabby dress, Rayleigh, at this time, was really in a little decadent…

Ian didn’t know if this was the impact of Roger’s death, the pirate king, on him.

Ian just watched him silently while he finished eating the grilled fish. After he was done, Ian started talking, “You’ve kicked me in the face and knocked me out. Are you going to make up for me?”

Rayleigh spread his arms and said, “How do you want me to compensate you? I’m penniless!”

“You should be very strong!” Ian touched his chin and said, “How about you teach me how to use the Haki and help me strengthen my body?”

It was clear that the person in front of him is Rayleigh, but Ian can’t directly call out his name. Although Ian and Shakky mentioned him, she didn’t tell him the old man’s name. Fortunately, though he was kicked by Rayleigh, it was still an opportunity to ask him if he could be his mentor.

Rayleigh was a little surprised and said, “Do you know what the Haki is?”

“A little bit!” Ian nodded.

“You want me to be your Sensei?” Rayleigh laughed: “That’s not easy!”

“Then what can I do for you to accept my request?” Ian asked quickly. It would be very bad for him if he didn’t seize this opportunity.

Rayleigh scratched his head awkwardly and said, “This… I like to gamble a lot, but I’ve lost all my money recently…”

Ian suddenly remembered something and reached into his pockets, but the check was missing.

“Do you have it?” Ian said: “Even if you want me to pay tuition fee, you can’t take all my money!”

Rayleigh reached for Ian’s check, handed it to him, and said with a smile, “Don’t worry, I just kept it for you, that’s all!”

Ian took the check, looked at it, but he didn’t put it back in his pocket. Instead, he held it in his hand and handed it directly to Rayleigh. Then he bowed down and said, “I sincerely want to learn from you. Please accept me as your trainee! If tuition is needed, I will give you whatever amount you want!”

If all of his money is gone, he can still earn money again, but this opportunity may only come once, and he really can’t let it go.

“…” Rayleigh didn’t pick up the check, but instead, he fixedly looked at Ian.

After a long time, Rayleigh said with a little interest. “Forget it, put it away!”

“You … you don’t want to take me!?” Ian was surprised.

“I’m old, and I’m in seclusion now, and I don’t want to be your teacher anymore!” Rayleigh lifted the bottle and took a sip.

The reason why he told Ian before that he lost all of his money was that he wanted to get some from Ian and spend it. However, Ian’s kneeling and his tone just now all showed that Ian really wanted to worship him as a teacher. In this case, Rayleigh could not bear to lie to him.

When Ian heard this, he was stunned. This result was entirely unexpected for him.

‘The Heck, How can this person be treating people differently!? Even when Luffy didn’t have the idea of getting

a teacher, this old man swam across the Calm Belt to reach Amazon Lily to mentor Luffy. So why when I wanted you to be my mentor so sincerely, you did not accept it?’

Of course, even though he was thinking like this, Ian was still bowing and respectfully said, “Please, I beg you!”

It’s not that Ian was servile, but that he understood that having a good mentor is definitely the greatest wealth in life. He could only achieve limited accomplishments by himself, even with his card system.

Rayleigh didn’t speak, and Ian stayed in the same position for a long time. Finally, Rayleigh said, “Do you really want to learn from me?”

“Yes!” Ian said.

“Well then, I can try teaching you for a while!” Rayleigh said: “But whether you can learn it depends on your ability to comprehend. If you are too stupid, don’t blame me!”

‘Accepted by Rayleigh! Did he really agree!?’

Ian held back the joy in his heart, raised his head, and said, “Please rest assured, I will work hard!”

Indeed, the word “Effort” means nothing to Ian. In fact, when he was practicing swordsmanship in Frost Moon village, Ian worked very hard. He knew that he had ordinary physical qualifications. If he didn’t work hard, he wouldn’t make any progress in his life.

“Don’t call me Sensei, call me Rayleigh!” He said, “We’re in Mangrove N.34 right now. You will meet me here tomorrow morning.”

“Okay! I will come on time!” Ian said.

Seeing Rayleigh waving his hand and laying down, Ian knew that he wanted to rest, so he left.

It’s getting dark, so he can’t take his money from the bank, Ian can only go back, and along the way, he was thinking about what Rayleigh said.

He could tell that Rayleigh doesn’t want to accept a real disciple. He may have just accepted Ian’s sincerity and intended to give him a hand, and later on, he may also like him and change his mind. In that case, he may also apologize for kicking him due to misunderstandings. But anyway, Ian got his chance.

Rayleigh was the First Mate of the legendary Roger Pirates. There are not many people of his Level, only Zephyr, Sengoku and Garp could be compared with him. It’s a blessing for Ian to get such a character as his mentor!

And Rayleigh is an expert in swordsmanship, martial art, and Haki. It can be said that those three fits well with Ian.

After returning to the stronghold on the mangrove No.16, there was nothing exciting waiting for him, so Ian just talked to Hawking, and everyone went to bed early.

Early the next morning, around five o’clock, Ian got up, went straight to the mangrove No.34, and bought breakfast on his way.

When he came to the place, Rayleigh was still sleeping, he looked like a tramp. Rayleigh had set up a tent there, and Ian didn’t dare to disturb him. He sat on the ground, waiting for him to wake up.

Ian kept sitting for two or three hours. Rayleigh slept for a long time, but when he got up, he was not surprised to see Ian. Such a person, despite sleeping, was actually paying attention to everything around him.

Seeing that Ian didn’t have any impatient expression on his face, Rayleigh didn’t say anything, but he was quite satisfied, then he said, “Here you are!”

Ian handed him the breakfast respectfully, and Rayleigh took it and found that it was still hot. This was because Ian kept breakfast in his arms.

“You’re kind!” Rayleigh nodded at him. After finishing his breakfast in a few mouthfuls, he said to Ian, “Let’s start. Let’s have a spar first. I want to know how strong you are!”