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S.C.S Chapter 120: Rayleigh’s Idea!!!

In fact, Ian also knows that even without his warning, Ace was expected to refuse this invitation in the end. Being Shichibukai means to accept the control of the World Government and the Marines to a certain extent. How could Ace, who pursues freedom, take this restriction?

Now the reason why he would come to him was just that his crew, Jimmy and the others, caused him some trouble for this invitation.

It’s not that Jimmy encouraged them, but that since they got on Ace’s boat, they naturally wanted to follow Ace’s fame. What could get more powerful than being one of the Shichibukai?

Of course, the inside story of this invitation letter was only based on some speculation from Ian. Ian was not sure whether this is the case, but anyway, it’s better for him to be careful.

Ace stayed in Ian’s base for another two days. After the coating was completed, he and his Spade Pirate Group planned to keep going on their road. Ian went to see them off. Now their ship has been changed into a larger one, and there were many new members. It seems that in the past few months, in his way sailing to this Archipelago, many things have happened and a lot has changed.

“Goodbye, Ian, I’m going to explore the New World!” Before leaving, Ace stood at the bow of the ship holding his hat and grinned at Ian. “When you come to the New World, I will treat you with delicious food!”

Ian himself didn’t know how long he would stay in the Sabaody Archipelago. At least he wouldn’t leave this place until he finishes his training with Rayleigh. It’s only then can Ace’s hospitality comes true.

After seeing off Ace, Ian went back to his original lifestyle again. Every day, he goes to Rayleigh on time to train.

According to Rayleigh, his physical training will be done every soon. The rest was up to him to exercise on his own, after that, Rayleigh will officially teach him the Haki.


So, about a month later, on the mangrove No.34, Ian sat face to face with Rayleigh, listening to his explanation.

“The so-called Haki is an inherent power of human beings!” Rayleigh said: “However, most people don’t notice this kind of power, or they fail to awaken it for their entire lives. According to different purposes, Haki can be divided into three types: Busoshoku, Kenbunshoku, and Haoshoku. Except for the third Haoshoku, the first two can be enhanced through cultivation!”

Ian generally knew these contents, but he listened carefully.

“If you want to excite this potential power, you must first go through the Awakening part!” Rayleigh said: “The so-called Awakening is to find the sensation! Haki originates from an individual’s spirit and not their physical body, so it is a kind of energy, a breath, which circles the human body! Now calm down, carefully understand your body, and look for it!”

As Rayleigh said that, Ian closed his eyes and carefully focused on understanding the inside of his body.

However, regretfully the so-called sense of energy mentioned by Rayleigh was too general. He closed his eyes for a long time, and could not detect anything inside his body.

“It’s hard!” When he found that it was impossible, Ian opened his eyes and sighed.

Rayleigh laughed and said: “Of course, if it was too easy to be Awakened, wouldn’t that make all the places full with Haki users?”

“Don’t worry. Take your time!” Rayleigh continued: “it’s not a sensation that can be grasped at once.”

Ian was not impatient and began to try again.

After several failures, Ian felt that he could not go on like this. Now he mainly lacked the understanding of the concept “sense of energy”, so he thought about it and intended to find another way.

He has experienced the use of a similar mindpower (The Nen), so he was familiar with this kind of power. Since the essence of the Haki and the Nen was the same, then he just started researching in his body and see if there was anything that feels the same as the Nen.

It has to be said that Ian’s thought was right this time. When he closed his eyes again to research in his body, he finally noticed something in his body that seemed familiar.

Ian suddenly understood, this might be the sense of Haki!

With all his concentration, Ian put all his thoughts and spirit on this breath, and felt its flow.

According to Rayleigh, high-intensity physical training will strengthen the flow of Haki in his body, and Ian has been practicing physical training under Rayleigh’s guidance for the past three months, which was enough to make him perceive this energy. After feeling this aura, what is left was how to control it and let it burst out. This was the so-called Awakening.

After the first explosion of this aura, when he Awake the Haki, his body will remember this feeling, and then he can gradually use and exercise it at will. (T/N: I’m about to Awaken my own Haki while Translating this chapter @-@)

This is what Rayleigh was talking about, the whole process of cultivation the Haki.

Ian has found this sense of energy now, but he was stuck in how to make it explode. He has tried several times, but it was tough…

Looking at Ian opening his eyes, Rayleigh was a little surprised and said: “What, still can’t do it?”

“I was able to find the sense of the aura, but I couldn’t make it emerge!” Ian shook his head and asked, “Is it because my aura is not strong enough?”

Rayleigh touched his beard and said, “No. The explosion of this energy can be done regardless of the size. Since you can’t make it emerge under normal conditions, let’s change the way!”

“What way?” Ian asked.

“Think of something that makes you angry!” Rayleigh said, “Excited emotions can help this power burst!”

Ian was a little confused then he settled down. ‘Things that make me angry!? Hum… It seems that so far, I haven’t encountered too many things that can really make me angry…’

Before going to the sea, he has always stayed in the Frost Moon village. How could there be anything worth his anger in that peaceful village?

Even when he was out of the sea, he ran into many pirates, but because Ian has a certain strength, he was able to handle these guys without difficulties, he has never been able to generate such anger.

It’s true that in recent times, the only thing that made him a little angry may be to see the scars on Lorraine and Elena. However, it was just a big fire inside, not an extreme rage.

Looking at Ian’s weird expression, Rayleigh was stunned, and said, “What? Can’t you think of something that makes you angry?”

Ian nodded with honesty.

Rayleigh’s eyes narrowed, this was expected. Anger is an emotion that can only be aroused by “Empathy”. It can’t be experienced without a real matter.

“Well, come with me!” Rayleigh stood up, called Ian to his tent, and asked him to take off his hat and scatter his hair. Finally, he found a garment that Raleigh hadn’t washed for a long time, and asked him to put them on.

In a blink of an eye, Ian changed from the original handsome young man into a slovenly fellow.

“Put your sword here! Don’t bring any money, and follow me!” Rayleigh said.

“Hum, Okay!” Ian nodded and put his sword in the tent. He, of course, knew that when the Devil’s Blade Yamato became too far away from him, it would disappear. So after turning around and leaving the tent, Ian simply canceled the equipment of the Devil’s Blade Yamato in the system interface.

After catching up with Rayleigh, Ian asked, “Where are you taking me?”

“Didn’t you just fail to become angry?” Rayleigh said to him with a smile: “Then I’ll show you the ultimate evil in this world!”

“What… What do you mean!?”

“I’ll take you to the Human Auctioning House!” Rayleigh said something that shocked Ian.

Going to the Human Auctioning House, Ian can understand, ‘but why… why dress up like this?’

Hearing Ian’s question, Rayleigh laughed and said, “What! Do you think I’m going to take you to the Human Auctioning House to show you other people? Wrong! I’m taking you there to auction ourselves!”

Ian opened his mouth in surprise and shouted, “As slaves!?”

“Of course!” Rayleigh nodded and said, “Otherwise, how can it be called empathy?”

Ian was convinced, but he didn’t expect Rayleigh to come up with such an idea.

‘Well, let’s go.’ Ian didn’t care. With Rayleigh’s strength, there was absolutely nothing that they can’t deal with.

“Remember, don’t do anything without my command!” Rayleigh said, “When things happen, don’t resist.”

Ian nodded, indicating that he had taken note.

Led by Rayleigh, Ian followed him to the playground area. Rayleigh looked around for a while, and then took Ian directly into an alley.

When they got there, Rayleigh said to Ian, “Okay, curl up on the ground, and look like you’re starving!”

“Does it work?” Ian asked as he lay down on the ground.

“Of course, don’t you know? On this Archipelago, many people become tramps every day because they have been robbed of all their money!” Rayleigh said: “These tramps are the favorite targets of human traffickers! Haha, when I run out of money, I sell myself. I often do this!”

Ian looked at Rayleigh with a stunned expression, no wonder why he thought that his business was very good…

“Remember, wait and pretend to fight back!” Rayleigh said this to Ian, then he put his hands behind his head and went to sleep.

Ian thought for a moment, then he acted along with it. He looked for mud around and rubbed some on his face, covering his face as much as possible. Then he curled up and looked powerless.

Time passed by slowly. They were just lying in the alley. Occasionally, some passers-by saw them and left in a hurry.

‘These people were so unsympathetic…’ Ian murmured to himself. Then he thought of something else, ‘Could it be that Rayleigh’s clothes smell really bad that everyone, who gets close, starts running away…?’

They didn’t know how long it took for them, two homeless men, to have finally caught the attention of some human traffickers/kidnappers. Some people started showing up at the other end of the alley.

“They are coming!” Rayleigh said suddenly, reminding him in a low voice.

Although his eyes were closed, Rayleigh’s Kenbunshoku Haki has always been perceiving the surrounding situation…