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S.C.S Chapter 121: Being Auctioned

Shortly after Rayleigh’s words fell, a group of people rushed towards them.

Ian felt that a man suddenly grabbed his right hand and picked him up from the ground. Then everything became dark, he was put inside a gunny sack. The same thing happened to Rayleigh.

These guys had no technical content at all!

Ian despised them very much, but he did not forget what Rayleigh had told him. He pretended to struggle a few times, and then he felt a heavy blow on his head.

This blow could be enough to faint an ordinary people, but it didn’t affect Ian that much, he just pretended to be stunned and let these people carry him on their shoulders without moving.

Ian could feel it. The gang carried him for a while, then put him and Rayleigh on some kind of transportation. After a long time, they seemed to reach their destination, so they threw them down.

Then, Ian felt he was carried into a certain place, where there were many faintly crying all around.

Soon, the man carrying him threw him on the ground. Ian’s back hit the ground hard, but he still remained his consciousness.

However, at this time, the sack covering him was removed. Ian closed his eyes and pretended to be in a coma, then he only heard two people talking.

“Mr. Disco, these are two humans!”

“Huh, really, your family, the Coro Family, can only get this kind of goods every time!”

“Ha-ha, isn’t this a good job?”

“Forget it, stay here. Two men, although one is a little old, the other looks young. They are tied together and sold as labor force, maybe I can sell them!”

“Hah, thank you very much!”

“Lucky for you, it’s not a big monthly auction. Otherwise, how could I accept this kind of junk?”

“Good then. Thank you, Mr. Disco!”

“Come and get the money after the auction!”

The conversation between the two voices ended there, and then Ian felt that his neck and hands were tightened, as if he had been shackled by something.

“Put them in the cage!” Said the voice previously called Mr. Disco.

Two hands reached over, holding Ian’s body, dragging him around for a while, then throwing him on the ground.

After hearing the sound of the iron cage closing, Ian slowly opened his eyes.

He was now left in the corner of a large prison, with Rayleigh next to him.

Raising his hand, Ian saw that his hands were chained, and the chain went all the way to his neck, which also had a pair of cold shackles.

Turning his head and looking around, Ian was leaning against the other side of the wall. There were several people locked like him. Most of them were young women. These girls were drooping their heads and sobbing in a low voice. The cries Ian heard before may be out of them.

There were also some men, but their number was small. However, these strong-looking men, just like those girls, were lowering their heads blankly and looking at the ground. Although they were not crying, they were shaking all the time.

“See? This is the human auction house!” Rayleigh also stood up and whispered to Ian.

“You knew we’ll be sent here?” Ian also lowered his voice and began to communicate with him.

“Mangrove No. 1 became the human auction house, is the largest human auction house on the whole Sabaody Archipelago!” Rayleigh explained: “Unlike other places, slave auctions are held every day here. It never stops…! Every month, there will be a large-scale auction to take out the best goods for auction. Every time the human traffickers on the island kidnap people, the first thing they think of is to bring them here. Only those who can’t be auctioned here will be sent to other auction houses…”

“Mr. Rayleigh, you seem to have come here many times?” Ian asked him: “Why don’t they recognize you?”

“Hahaha, every time I came here, I steal the money before the auction started. They will rarely remember what an old man slave looked like!” Rayleigh said: “But this time, we won’t do this. Now, after the auction has begun, you have to keep an eye on everything…”

Ian stopped talking, and Rayleigh sat quietly in the corner, waiting.

After a couple of minutes, Ian suddenly heard a burst of music, accompanied by cheers.

He noticed that when the music started, the girls tied to the wall, and the men were trembling all over…

“Ladies and gentlemen! You’ve been waiting for a long time! Welcome to the No. 1 auction house! Today’s auction will also begin as always! This time, it’s what I call “Walking Super Bazaar” Mr. Disco’s auction!”

With Disco’s voice, two men wearing pointy hats and big pants came over and opened the iron door of the cage. These people dressed as clowns came in and went straight to a woman with the number “1” mark and picked her up violently. The girl seemed to be very beautiful, so she was selected as the first auction.

“No! Let me go! Please, I beg you, let me go!” The girl’s horror had reached its apex, and she screamed loudly.

However, the two clown men did not move at all, raised their hands, and dragged her out.

The girl’s crying and shouting kept rising as she was dragged out.

On the other hand, the excited cheers coming from the front desk were even higher.

“What a beautiful slave!”

“That’s great. I didn’t expect to encounter such a wonderful product today!”

It was men’s voices who shouted these words aloud, and Disco began to introduce this beautiful slave girl in time.

It’s just the beginning of the prelude. Soon after the beautiful girl was sold for 4.3 million Berries, the two clowns appeared at the gate of the cage again.

The number 2 was one of the strong men. When he saw the clown men moving towards him, he suddenly stood up in horror and shouted: “No! I don’t want to be sold! Noo!”

He tried to resist. However, one of the clowns took out a whip, and hit him violently, leaving a wound on his face.

The number 2 man couldn’t help screaming and kneeling on the ground with his face covered.

But the clown still didn’t intend to let him go. He whipped him again and again, beating him to the ground.

Later, the clowns dragged him out of the cage, but the number 2 man did not give up. When he reached the cage, he reached out and held the iron cage firmly.

“I don’t want to be sold, absolutely not!” He yelled desperately, and at the same time, he said while looking in the direction where Ian was: “Help me, please, save me! I don’t want to be a slave!”

However, the voice was still in decline, and a dagger was suddenly inserted in his palm, which immediately made a blood fountain emerging in his hand. After he was sore and let go, the clowns dragged him away from the cage.

“Just bandage him up and send him on the stage!” A clown said.

The number 2 man still did not avoid the fate of being sent to the auction…

Ian watched him being dragged away, only to find something inside him wanted to burst, but it was blocked. When the man asked for help in his direction, he clearly saw the despair and terror in his eyes.

That look really stung his nerves…

Ian always thought that human trafficking was pure evil, but to be honest, he didn’t really witness the situation of these slaves being trafficked.

Now, Rayleigh showed him the reality…

“Do you know that being auctioned is not the most tragic moment, the most horrible thing is that they are going to live as slaves for the rest of their lives!” Rayleigh whispered next to Ian: “They will be raised and live a life worse than homeless dogs. Their owners can beat and sold them at will and cut off any part of their body, just to see their expressions when they scream, they will become more and more withered and lose their lives in this continuous torture, and their owners will finally throw their bodies to feed their pets like a heap of garbage… “

Ian was shaking all over. He said hoarsely, “Can’t all this be seen by the Marines and the World Government?”

“Huh, Marines?” Rayleigh laughed and said, “Do you know what they call this place? Public Employment Security Office!”

“…” Although Ian’s current expression can’t be seen, it must be very gloomy…

As the auction goes on, the people in front were pulled out one by one, and everyone’s performance was different. Some people were unwilling to give up their lives, so they fight desperately, but the result was in vain. They will soon be suppressed, and like animals, they will be dragged to the auction ground, while others were already desperate, leaving the clowns takes them away like zombies…

At this time, it was finally Ian and Rayleigh’s turn to come on the stage. Neither of them resisted. They walked quietly and went to the middle of the auction stage.

“The next two slaves will be bundled for auction!”

The voice of the auctioneer, Disco, was spread through the loudspeaker in the entire venue, and he said with a cadence: “The main object of the auction is this young man! As long as you buy him, the old man behind will be offered as a gift!”

The Dignified “Mei-Ō”/Dark King, Silvers Rayleigh, known as the “Right Hand of the Pirate King”, the first mate of the legendary Roger Pirates, will be sold for free as a bonus. Ian wanted to laugh so hard, but he held himself…

“Look!” Disco cried loudly, and at the same time, reached out his hand and pinched it on Ian’s chest, saying: “Such a young man has an extraordinary strong body. Such a high-quality slave can be used for a long time, and it’s absolutely cost-effective to buy it! You can use him as a sandbag, as a means of transportation. And interested ladies, you can also let him use his tongue to lick all your toes!”

With the introduction of Disco, the audience was finally interested in Ian’s offer, buy one get one free.

“I’ll give 550,000 Berries!”

“600.000 Berries!”

The bidders started sparsely calling up the prices.

Ian stood on the stage and looked at the people in this auction venue. Although it was not full, there were many people. This was just a daily routine auction. It can be seen how popular the auction house was.

All of these bidders were people in classy clothes. Judging from their clothes, these people were nobles and wealthy people from various countries.

Ian stood on this platform and was treated as cargo. He was surrounded and evaluated by these ruthless people, only feeling an unprecedented sense of shame. He felt that he was not a human being, they treated him as a tool or an object, which was really humiliating!

How hideous they could be to trample on human dignity like this?

Ian’s whole body was shaking. At this moment, he finally realized what pure RAGE was. There was an extreme Fury in his heart, and he felt that he could not bear it anymore…