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S.C.S Chapter 122: Get Away

Rayleigh was standing at a very close distance behind Ian at the moment. He could naturally detect Ian’s strange difference.

He whispered to Ian: “Look at these people. They are just some guys who worship and imitate the Celestial Dragon. The real Celestial Dragon hasn’t appeared here today… Don’t think about resistance. Imagine that you are just an ordinary person now. Feel the despair, Feel the helplessness.”

Rayleigh’s words, like the sound of hypnosis, echoed in Ian’s ear, constantly stimulating the anger in Ian’s chest.

Ian’s emotions were naturally reflected in his eyes. A man dressed as an aristocrat under the stage did not participate in the auction. After seeing Ian’s red eyes, the aristocrat’s eyes suddenly brightened, and suddenly shouted: “Two million Berries!”

The price, which overwhelmed the other bidders, made the entire house quiet.

A noble lady sitting next to him covered her mouth with a hand fan and asked in confusion: “My dear, isn’t it worth so much for such a slave, a bustard boy?”

The nobleman said excitedly, “You don’t understand. Look into his eyes carefully. What a wonderful pair! I’ll dig out his eyes and keep them as collectibles!”

After listening to his words, the rich people who participated in the auction around immediately laughed and said: “What a nobleman, your taste is really unique!”

“Haha, I think so too! I can’t wait any longer!” The nobleman rubbed his hands.

In a timely manner, Disco, the auctioneer, knocked down with the auction hammer in his hand and confirmed the deal.

“Hurry up! Bring him here!” The aristocratic man eagerly shouted: “It would be a pity it these eyes disappear!”

As for the buyer’s requirements, the auction house generally won’t violate them. Immediately, two clowns came up, took Ian by the arm, and brought him to the nobleman.

The nobleman took out a gorgeously decorated dagger from his pocket, but he was shorter than Ian, it was a little difficult for him to do what he desired, so he told the two clowns: “Hold him down!”

The clowns hurriedly pressed down Ian’s body. The nobleman grabbed Ian’s chin, raised his head, put the dagger in front of his eyes, and sighed: “It’s so wonderful. The other slaves only had fear and numbness in their eyes. It’s the first time that I saw such an angry pair!”

Everyone knows what’s going to happen next. However, among those who participate in the auction, the men were eagerly waiting for a good show. Even the ladies, who pretended to be afraid by covering their faces, were actually looking at this scene quietly through their fingers. When he looked carefully, he saw the excitement in their eyes.

‘These people, what are they looking forward to?’

Ian had always been eager for Rayleigh’s words. He tried to feel all of this as an ordinary person. His anger had already been saved, and it was so close to bursting.

When the blade of the dagger came to his eyes, and when the lingering light from the corner of his eyes saw all the ugliness of these people, Ian couldn’t hold it any longer!

What a demonic hobby! What a distortion of humanity! Everything here makes me sick!


With a sudden effort of his arms, Ian broke free from the two clowns who were pressing him and stood up again. At the same time, with this roar, a massive shock wave burst out of his body!

Sweep the whole audience!

Everyone in the entire auction venue, including Disco and his men, suddenly fell to the ground with their eyes turned white and their mouths frothing.

“Hahaha!” Rayleigh, who was still standing on the stage (of course), suddenly burst into laughter: “I didn’t expect to be the only person standing!”

Rayleigh’s method worked, and Ian’s Haki finally Awakened with his anger, and even Ian didn’t expect that he was capable of having or using the Haoshoku Haki!

When Ian returned to his senses, he looked at the absolute silent place, and looked at his fists in disbelief. Of course, he knows what had happened just now. At this moment, he can feel that his body was filled with a kind of power that was extremely similar to his Nen. This is naturally the real Haki.

‘Strange, this body, my own body, I thought that it didn’t have good capabilities? How come Awakening the Haoshoku Haki?’

Before Ian could figure it out, a sudden sound came from the system in his head, saying: “It has been detected that the host itself has stimulated a homologous power, and is in the process of merging with the Nen of the system…”

“Wait!” Ian was in a hurry, if he didn’t say a word, the system would begin the merge. ‘What’s the matter with this fusion? Whether it’s good or bad, what the heck, starting the fusion without asking for my permission!?’

However, this time, the system did not respond to his call, and the system interface was temporarily blocked, leaving only a progress bar, which was slowly increasing in the form of a percentage.

Looking at the percentage, Ian knew that it could not be completed in a short time…

When he was a little upset, Rayleigh came to Ian. He grabbed the shackles off Ian’s neck with high speed and immediately threw it to the air.

In fact, there were explosives in these shackles. Once the slave wants to escape, the shackles will explode on the slave’s neck. When Rayleigh removed these shackles in this way, it will explode when it was thrown away.

Ian looked at the scene with a gloomy face, he can’t imagine what it would be like if this collar was exploded around his neck.

“Come on, let’s get out of here!” Rayleigh smiled at Ian.

When they came to the backstage, Rayleigh saw the slaves who had been sold before. They were supposed to be given to their buyers after the auction. But at this time, they fainted because of Ian’s Haoshoku Haki. Rayleigh patted them and woke them up, then took off the shackles on their necks one by one, and said to them: “Run away!”

These women and men who were sold thought that their lives were over, but they were saved again. So they all cried and knelt down to Rayleigh and said, “Arigato, we will never forget what you did for us!”

“Haha, don’t thank me!” Rayleigh pointed to Ian and said, “If you want to thank someone, you should thank him. He saved your lives!”

So these people thanked Ian a thousand times. Ian looked at their joyful expression as if they were reborn after a disaster, and his heart was overwhelmed with happiness.

With these rescued slaves, they left the auction house from the back door. However, they went out, even the guards outside the auction house were fainted, which surprised Rayleigh!!

It’s not surprising that the Haoshoku Haki can stun all those people in the venue, but Ian’s Haki has actually passed through the wall and even shocked the guards outside. ‘Isn’t this kind of Haki really amazing?’

At the first Awakening, he could achieve this level, Rayleigh said that he has never seen it!

Only Ian understood what’s going on. When he just awakened his Haki, the shock wave of that burst was mixed with a huge amount of his Nen. According to the system, the Nen originally had the same essence of power as the Haki, which naturally led to the enhanced shock wave.

Now the system is merging the two powers. Ian himself doesn’t know what will happen after the integration, he has to wait first.

Because there was no guard outside, after leaving from the back door, Rayleigh told those people to run away quickly. The two believed that they would not be careless again after going through such an experience.

Rayleigh and Ian found their own way and left. When they were about to see the auction house, Ian looked back at the place and said to Rayleigh: “One day, I must ruin this place!” (WHY THE HELL DIDN’T THEY STEALING ALL THE MONEY AND GOODS IN THE AUCTION HOUSE)

Rayleigh patted him on the shoulder, didn’t speak, and took him all the way back to Mangrove Area No.34.

Arriving at the tent, Ian changed his clothes and re-equipped his Devil’s Blade Yamato. He held it in his hand and walked out, finding Rayleigh drinking again.

Going and sitting next to him, Ian wondered, “Mr. Rayleigh, how come my Awakening is the Haoshoku Haki? My qualifications should reasonably be very poor!”

“Don’t get it wrong!” Rayleigh smiled at him and said: “Physical qualifications do not represent Haki qualifications. Although Haoshoku Haki is very rare, it does not mean that there aren’t many users of this power. In the New World, many powerful people have it! So you don’t need to be surprised. What you have to figure out now is which type of Haki you are good at!”

“Can you please explain more?” Ian asked in confusion.

“Haki is a strong kind of Power!” Rayleigh explained: “It’s classified according to different ways of use. After Awakening the Haki, through continuous cultivation, can make the user produce the Busoshoku Haki: Kōka (Armament-type: Hardening), Forming a layer of invisible hard armor, and improve defense and attack power. Also, there is another type used to sense the intention of someone, allowing the user to predict the actions of others, which is the Kenbunshoku Haki. And there is the use of Haoshoku Haki, what you just did. Most people can only use the first two methods because not everyone has the qualities needed to use the Haoshoku Haki.”

“In the same way, although your Haki quality is high enough and belongs to the peak level, it will still focus on one aspect of the application!” Rayleigh said: “It’s called being skilled on something specific!”

When Ian heard this, he immediately understood that he would be better at the use of Busoshoku Haki!

Because Nen and Haki belong to the same source of power. When he first discovered the Nen, he attached it and wrapped around his old sword to strengthen its blade, which is almost the same as the Busoshoku Haki!