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S.C.S Chapter 124: VIP

In addition to the combination of the Haki and Nen, what surprised Ian the most was that the substantial effect of the Nen finally appeared!

He picked up the Devil’s Blade Yamato in his hand and tried to entangle the Nen around it. In the past, Ian had done this kind of winding, but at that time, the Nen was not solid enough to achieve substantiveness, and only limited reinforcement could be achieved. So in order to improve the Flying Slashes, Ian had to use the Sword of the Darkness Flame to launch it.

But now it was different. With the output of Ian’s Nen, his whole blade was covered with a black coating!

Ian’s was not wrong, the effect of Nen substantiation, and the hardening effect of Haoshoku Haki (Kōka), was the same!

Ian looked around and found a large iron plate, then he gently slammed it with his sword and cut the iron plate into two parts!

The hardened black layer not only improves the sharpness of the weapon, but also has a protective effect. The solid blade will not break even if it receives a very strong collision.

If Rayleigh could see this scene, he would be very surprised. He has never seen a man who just awakened his Haki and could use the Kōka (Hardening) comfortably.

But it was not the case. Ian experienced the use of Nen with the help of his Card System a long time ago. So far, after Awakening the Haki, Ian became very skilled in using it because it’s an energy of the same nature.

Others have to first awaken their Haki and then learn how to use it properly, but Ian had experienced the use of similar power, and then, he awakened his Haki. The order was reversed, but the result was the same.

By maintaining the Kōka (Hardening) effect on the blade, Ian was feeling the consumption of his Nen. He found that the current consumption of the Nen was slightly larger than it used to. However, because his Stamina was in good condition, the recovery of Nen was also very fast. In this way, the Kōka effect was maintained, and Ian could last for a long time.

Of course, when fighting someone, that might be different, because, at that time, Ian will not only need to consume more Nen, but also he will drain his Stamina. To maintain such a state, the time will be much shorter, which requires him to continue his physical cultivation, so as to obtain greater physical fitness.

When Ian was thinking of his newly enhanced strength with great interest, Hawking came back with a suitcase in his hands, which contained the saved money.

Ian took it and opened it. He found that it was full of cash, so he nodded with satisfaction.

When the Ian family was formed, in addition to trying to get more people to obtain information sources, its objective was also to keep a steady stream of money entering his pocket when he was busy. He really needs the money, but seriously, if in order to make money has been eliminated, it becomes a burden.

Closing the suitcase, Ian found Hawking having a hesitated expression, so he asked him, “Is there anything else you want to tell me?”

Hawking said: “Boss Ian, there’s something else, I think maybe I should tell you…”

“Then say it!” Ian said.

“Recently, not only are there more pirates on Sabaody Archipelago, but also more bounty hunters and Hitmen have been coming!” Hawking said: “But the strange thing was these people, although appearing on this island, they aren’t catching pirates!”

“Oh? What is the situation then?” Ian asked strangely.

Hawking shook his head and said, “I don’t know about this, but I heard that these people are from all over the world, many of them are famous Hitmen and bounty hunters, and many well-known pirates are mixed in them! It’s strange that these people have different identities, but there is no sign of conflict!”

“Sounds like they’re in a group or a gang…” Ian knocked thoughtfully on the table.

“Yes!” Hawking nodded: “I suspect that these people are here because of something, afraid that someone is organizing… maybe planning for something…”

“Don’t worry about this!” Ian said, “As long as these people don’t provoke us, don’t bother with them!”

Hawking nodded and said, “Understood!”

When he left, Ian carried the suitcase and went back to his room. Lorraine and Elena had been sent away, and the whereabouts of their families had been found. After seeing them off, Ian had no one to serve him, but he was not used to this kind of relaxation, so he didn’t feel anything. (Gonna miss you, Lorraine and Elena T-T)

When he combined his original money with the money in the suitcase, Ian thought for a while, then he left more than 20 million Berries, and recharged 100 million Berries in one go!

“You have recharged with 100 million Berries, which gives you 500,000 diamonds, and by adding an extra 10%, you’ve got a total of 550,000 diamonds!”

“Your recharge was up to 100 million Berries, which made you grow into a level 1 VIP: tier Silver! You can now get the Silver VIP privileges! “

With the completion of recharging, after the System’s prompt sound came, Ian was completely stunned. When he recharged before, he had never heard of the term VIP!

At that time, he felt very strange. This Card System was originally evolved from a Copycat Mobile Game. Basically, the VIP system is a necessity for this kind of mobile game. But he had never heard of VIP before when he recharged, so he thought the System didn’t have this feature.

He didn’t expect that it would be necessary to recharge such a huge amount at one time to unlock this feature. This System was still as terrible as ever…

“What are the privileges of the Silver VIP?” Ian couldn’t help asking.

“You can open the high-level card store. In this store, you can purchase/refresh the high-level card fragments and the high-level exclusive treasure pieces!”

Ian quickly looked for the location of the high-level card store and found it in the system interface, it was next to the original fragment store. The original fragment store was opened free of charge, so all the refreshed card pieces in it were one-star and two-stars, which could be purchased with the redeemed souls. However, in this high-end card store, the only fragments there were from the three-star cards, and the purchase requirements have also been improved. Most of them require diamonds to purchase, and occasionally, they will brush out fragments that need the redeemed souls.

“Is the Silver VIP can only get three-star cards in this store?” Ian asked.

“Yes, and the Gold VIP can obtain four-star cards, and the Platinum VIP can obtain five-star cards!” The System replied.

Ian was speechless, thinking that his System would never change, always being the Bottomless-pit of money, but this Platinum VIP should be the only source of five-stars cards that Ian knows about at this time.

He didn’t know how much money this Platinum VIP needs to be opened…

Not only that, in this high-level card store, the amount of diamonds needed to refresh the fragments was also skyrocketing. The free shard shop required 20 diamonds to swipe once, but this store needs 200 diamonds each time, which has increased by 10.

However, Ian found a benefit, that is, the opening of this store can reduce for him the number of ten consecutive draws.

It’s known that not every card he draws is suitable for him. For example, Hiei’s card was very suitable for Ian because of its high movement speed. So naturally, he should try to gather more of this card through ten consecutive draws to enhance it and make it a five-star card, but the difficulty was incredible.

It’s different when having a shop that can directly buy him the pieces of high star card. Ian can spend a lot of diamonds and keep refreshing. As long as he brushes out Hiei’s pieces, he can buy them, which is more cost-effective than drawing them by luck!

Originally, Ian wanted to see if he could draw another four-star card to replace the Samanosuke Akechi’s card, but he inadvertently opened the VIP privilege and brought this high-level card store out. Then, Ian had a new idea.

This time, he must find a way to draw a four-star card. However, once we draw it, the remaining diamonds will be saved, and the money he will earn later has to also be saved as much as possible. At that time, he will recharge a huge amount and try to get a higher VIP level. In this way, four-star card fragments can be refreshed in the premium card store. After the new card slot of level 20 is unlocked, he will be continuously refreshing until a specific four-star card that’s suitable for him appears.

In this way, Ian can build his own deck, based on only four-star cards with whatever attributes and skills he wants.

Of course, even now, Ian can actually look around in this store, buy Samanosuke Akechi’s card fragments, and try to upgrade him to four-star, but that seems to cost too much, and after this card is upgraded to four-star, it may not be as good as an original four-star card.

So Ian decided to keep drawing ten consecutive cards.

So, he rested in his room, and started another ten consecutive draws trip.

However, he didn’t know if his luck was better today. After only 12 tries of ten consecutive draws, Ian pulled out two complete cards!

The first draw was a card from Street Fighter, Blanka! He’s the Amazon Jungle Orc with the green-skin!

When Ian drew this card, he looked at it emotionlessly. It’s just a three-star card.

After throwing it aside, Ian went on to see the other one, and this time he pulled out an unexpected card!

Four-star Iori Yagami!

Ian has drawn so many times these ten consecutive draws, and found this problem. It seems that characters from the King of Fighters series were more likely to appear on the System’s cards, perhaps because this franchise had a huge number of characters.

Iori was a character that Ian has always liked, so Ian stopped drawing cards after getting this card.

This four-star card can already be used to replace Samanosuke Akechi’s card.

Just when Ian wanted to check Iori’s card attributes, he suddenly heard a knock on the door. Ian stood up and opened the door.

Opening the door, he found Hawking standing outside with an invitation in his hand and said to Ian, “Boss, someone just brought us this just now!”

Ian took it in disbelief, opened it, and found that it was an invitation to a Meeting for him.

However, what kind of Meeting, it does not say at all, there was only the location…

“Who gave it to you?” Ian asked in confusion.

“I don’t know. The man was wearing a coat, and his face was covered. I couldn’t see him clearly!” Hawking said, “He dropped the invitation and left!!”