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S.C.S Chapter 125: The Plan

This invitation came inexplicably, not even the one who invited him was known or what kind of Meeting it was.

So Ian’s first reaction was to ignore it.

But Hawking said to Ian at this time, “When the man left the invitation, he said: ‘he must come, it’s a big deal!’ “

“Oh? Is that so, he really said this!?” Ian was slightly interested.

“Yes Boss, so I thought about telling you immediately!” Hawking said: “Sometimes it’s like this in the lawless areas. Some people like to be mysterious sometimes. But when he said that there’s a big deal, maybe it’s true.”

“Will it be those bounty hunters and Hitmen who have recently come to the island?” Ian pondered: “Sending an invitation here means that they want the local forces of Sabaody Archipelago to join them?”

“Right, that can be true!” Hawking said suddenly.

“So, go and check, see if other families have received similar invitations!” Ian ordered.

Hawking went on while Ian sat down and began to figure it out.

Since Ian did not care about other families, he has not expanded much. However, Ian wiped out four other bosses in a day and gathered some of their men. Now in this lawless area, he was one of the strong forces, so it was not surprising that this invitation came to his hands.

What made Ian curious was the big deal the messenger told them about.

‘Could it be that someone wants to take advantage of this opportunity to rob the Celestial Dragons’ bank on the Sabaody Archipelago?’

‘How brave are they? Aren’t they afraid of facing an Admiral of the Marines?

Of course, this was only Ian’s guess. Maybe it’s not the case, so after thinking about it, Ian decided to go and check it out.

Besides, he should at least find out the purpose of these people, otherwise, when these people really do something big, it will be bad for him too.

However, he has to be prepared before he goes.

It didn’t take long for Hawking to come back. The news he brought back were indeed told to Ian. Almost all the underground organizations on the Sabaody Archipelago received such invitations.

However, it was strange that no one knows who sent these invitations.

The information was quite small, which made Ian frown. As a last resort, Ian got up and went out, he planned to find Shakky, the professional intelligence dealer.

When he came to her bar, he didn’t find any customer there as always, but this time Rayleigh was chatting with her, and they both laughed happily.

“Master Rayleigh!” Ian couldn’t help showing a sweet smile and saying hello.

“Oh, here you are!” Rayleigh also smiled, “We’re chatting about the fun Shakky had when she was a pirate!”

After sitting down, Shakky handed Ian a cup of tea. She knew that he liked to drink tea. After putting down the cup, she asked him, “What brought you here?”

“Alright!…” Ian told them the whole story and then asked her, “Shakky, do you have any information about this matter?”

“That was the case!” Shakky lit a cigarette and said, “Recently, many forces have come to me to inquire about this situation, but to be honest, I don’t know much about it. These people who came to Sabaody Archipelago this time… It is said that they have come here after receiving a recruitment message from the underground world, but, it seems that the person who released the recruitment news is not from the underground world!”

“Recruitment!?” Ian asked doubtfully, “What kind of recruitment?”

“To be exact, it’s a commission!” Shakky said: “Because there is no limit to the number of people, and the pay is very high, so it’s OK to see it as recruitment. A lot of people have come for it!”

“The pay is high? How much?” Ian asked with interest, and his eyes lit up.

“ONE Billion Berries!” Shakky said an astonishing number.

Ian froze when he heard the amount! Rayleigh laughed and said, “What an incredible number!”

“What kind of commission is it?” Ian asked in surprise, then continued, “To be willing to pay such a high reward for it?”

“The strange thing is here, the content of the commission is not released at all!” Shakky said: “That’s why I said I didn’t know much!”

Ian pondered, and Shakky looked at him and said, “Are you going to check it out?”

“Of course!” Ian said: “With such a large amount of money, everyone will be moved, right? As for whether to participate or not, it depends on the commission.”

“Be careful!” Rayleigh told him, “This may also be a Marine trap. The World Council is soon about to be held. If it is a trap they set for security, it will be troublesome!”

Ian nodded and said, “Yes, I know, I thought of that, if I notice anything wrong there, I’ll leave right away!”

After getting up and leaving the bar, Ian went back to his stronghold.

The time of the invitation was the night of the next day. In that night, a lot of strange people began to appear one after another on the island. They don’t seem to be good people. They scared all the residents of the island, making them hide inside their houses with closed doors.

These underground forces went to the amusement park area from all directions, because the place set in the invitation was in the mangrove No.39, which can be said to be the farthest place from the Marine Station of Sabaody Archipelago.

Ian also went out at this time. He didn’t take anyone with him, from the beginning, he intended to go alone.

This kind of gathering usually doesn’t last too long. After all, the Marines should not be unaware of such big movements on the island. However, the timing of this Meeting was really clever. It occurs to be when the Marines’ manpower was so low, so they don’t have to worry about being encircled and suppressed by them.

In fact, Ian’s identity was a pirate hunter, so he should not be mixed with these people. But since the Ian family was stationed in the lawless area, he has to go this time to find out what these people are planning, so that he could respond accordingly.

Soon, Ian arrived at the meeting place on the invitation. It was actually a wasteland without any buildings. There was just a bonfire in the middle of open space. Beside the campfire, there was a small box.

This bonfire was naturally a signal, so when Ian arrived there, there were many people around the campfire. These people were waiting, either standing or sitting, but no one spoke or opened the small box to check.

Ian quietly merged into this group of people, lowering his hat and didn’t say a word.

In succession, there were still people coming, but no matter who they were, everyone else just glanced at them. Even if they meet someone they know, they just nod their heads without even saying a word. (T/N: The fck is going on :o)

It can be seen that all the people who came to this Meeting were cautious.

Ian was carefully looking at the people in the crowd to see if the organizer would be mixed in the crowd. However, after a long time, he didn’t find anyone that attracted his intention. All the people gathered there were vicious and fierce, having many tattoos, many scars, carrying all kinds of weapons.

These people were either bounty hunters, Hitmen, or criminals who were all looking for money. It is said that they were all ruthless people from all over the world. In addition to the local underground forces of Sabaody Archipelago, there were hundreds of people present. It’s not easy to figure out the objective of gathering this huge number of vicious people?

The time passed little by little. When the Meeting time arrived, everyone in this quiet scene suddenly heard “Purupuru! Purupuru!”.

The small box beside the campfire suddenly popped open, revealing what was in it.

There were two Den Den Mushi inside. One was a normal adult Den Den Mushi, and there was a sound amplifying device on this Den Den Mushi. The other was a slightly smaller one.

“Hello everyone, you guys can call me Mr. Justice!” A seemingly disguised voice spoke through the amplifying device.

This kind of speech through the Den Den Mushi was used a lot by people who don’t go to the scene and expose their identity, many people in the underground world have been used to it, but Ian felt a little strange.

Everyone was listening quietly, no one spoke, they all knew that Mr. Justice was just a pseudonym.

“I summoned you all here for a deal that only comes once on your entire lives, we all need to cooperate with each other!” The voice said again: “Of course, you are not forced to participate. Those who are willing to participate will stay here. And those who are not willing to participate should leave now!”

Still, no one spoke. After waiting a while, the voice continued: “The World Council is about to be held. Everyone may know this by now. What I want to say has something to do with it, because this time, not only the Kings and Leaders of all countries are coming, but also the tribute gold they are going to offer to the Celestial Dragon this year, is coming with the Marines escort ship! “

After listening to these words, the original quiet scene suddenly became uproar!

“Sorry, we’re leaving!” A family boss who seemed to be from the Sabaody Archipelago immediately stood up and said, “We will completely ignore hearing this thing!”

After that, he took his few subordinates and left without looking back.

“We will not participate!”

“We’re sorry, too!”

One after another left the place, many bosses took their men and went back to their houses. After hearing that, combined with the mysterious name of the organizer, almost everyone understood what his plan was with this tribute gold!

The local forces of Sabaody Archipelago were the most aware of the Celestial Dragons’ power. So when they heard that this event involves the gold offered to the Celestial Dragon by various countries, they immediately understand how big this matter was.

In order not to get involved, they wisely chose to leave quickly, and didn’t even want to hear the rest of the plan.

Including Ian, he wanted to get up and leave!

‘The F*ck! I originally thought that these people were just trying to rob the local bank at most, but I didn’t expect them to be this brave!’

After going through a disgusting life of slavery in the auction house, his hatred toward the Celestial Dragon soared, but that doesn’t mean he will provoke them now.

Although he wanted to leave, when Ian saw that most of the people were still sitting, he temporarily held back and wanted to continue listening to Mr. Justice.


After a long silence, the voice continued to say: “I don’t know how many people are left, but I guess there are still some, right? Then I continue, as you all know, the amount of the tribute gold offered to Celestial Dragons by various countries is different, but the lowest one is 2 billion. The more the tribute, the stronger the escort forces. I have the information here. It’s a fleet with only the lowest tribute. If everyone is willing to do it, then I’ll provide it to you. When it’s done, I don’t want the gold, and the promised 1 billion Berries reward will be given to everyone.”

Three billion Berries in total! The people who stayed were immediately moved. However, out of caution, someone went over and picked up the microphone and asked loudly, “Since you don’t want the gold, what do you want?”

“I want a Devil Fruit on that ship!” Mr. Justice said: “The target is a ship coming from the South Blue, from the country Pear Blossoms. In addition to the tribute gold, there are two Devil Fruits that they collected to give to the Celestial Dragons. One of them is a Devil Fruit that has never appeared in The Devil Fruit Encyclopedia. What I want is this one!”