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S.C.S Chapter 160: Railgun

After sitting quietly on the ship for a while, waiting for his Nen to refill, Ian stood up again and came to the bow.

“Captain, you’re not going to exercise again, are you?” Seeing his movements, a big man was a little frightened.

“No, it’s okay now!” Ian smiled and comforted him, then said: “This time, it shouldn’t be a big move. By the way, can you hand me some bullets!”

The big man took a sigh of relief when he heard these words. He went to his fellow gunners and asked for the bullets. Then he handed them to Ian.

There were about ten bullets that he found. Ian picked up a bullet and looked at it carefully.

In fact, the firearms in this world were strange from ancient times. They looked like antique firearms in the Middle Ages. However, they can be still fired continuously. There were even some powerful guns. However, most of the bullets used were round bullets.

There was no streamline warhead shape, so in Ian’s thought, such a bullet wasn’t destined to go too far.

However, the bullet was still a solid cartridge wrapped in a lead alloy. After hitting the human body, it will cause a lot of damage, and for ordinary people, it was a strong threat.

Ian has already replaced one of his cards with Misaka Mikoto’s card at this time.

[Misaka Mikoto]

Level: 1

Title: Railgun, Strongest Electromaster

Strength: 40

Speed: 50

Vitality: 110

Nen: 200


Railgun: Super Electromagnetic Cannon: Using electromagnetic induction to shoot out conductive metal objects, causing huge damage to the target. (Require: Advanced-Level Nen skill to be activated)

Iron Sand Sword: Collect iron sand from the surrounding soil and use magnetic force to manipulate it into a sword/etc. (Require: Expert level Nen skill to be activated)

Lightning Strike: A lightning gun formed by using a strong current to attack targets within range. (Require: Master-level Nen skill to be activated)

Ultimate Skills:

God of Thunder: Gathering Thunderclouds, generating lightning to attack large-scale targets. (Require: Master-level Nen skill to be activated)


Obtain Kamijou Touma: Gain +34% Nen

Obtain Kuroko Shirai: Gain +25% Strength

Obtain Kazari Uiharu: Gain +29% Vitality

Obtain Ruiko Saten: Gain +32% Speed

This card has only two skills that can be used for the moment. For the Iron Sand Sword, it’s impossible to test at the sea, so Ian can only try the Super Electromagnetic Cannon.

That’s why he wanted some bullets. He could have used Berries’ coins, but Ian felt that it was better to use the round bullets.

“Stay away!” Ian said to the big man.

After watching him retreat a bit, Ian grabbed a bullet, clasped it in his fist, and pressed it with his thumb.

The next moment, Ian’s right hand suddenly burst out a circle of silvery lightning!

The sound of the electric current made the big man startled, and he quickly retreated more. Fortunately, he found that the lightning on Ian’s hand at this time was not as intense as the black flames. After backing away, he felt quite safe.

“Is this the power of the exchange fruit? Can he redeem different abilities?”

The lightning that shined on Ian attracted the attention of the people on the ship. It used to be flame, but now he was producing lightning. If it was any other Devil fruit user, they may have been confused, but because Ian has convinced them that he has a unique devil fruit that makes him able to exchange abilities, everyone was not surprised, they just kept looking intently at Ian.

The electric current that circled around Ian’s arm was shining continuously, and Ian’s Nen started to drain rapidly, all of which were used to support the driving current.

Ian found that this Super Electromagnetic Cannon consumed more Nen than he thought!

When Ian felt that it was almost ready to fire, he finally ejected the bullet in his hand!

The next second, an orange laser beam appeared on the bow of the ship and flew forward, which was the afterimage left in the air by the terrifying speed of the Railgun. At the same time, a huge storm broke out in an instant!

The bullet that Ian ejected was shot straight ahead. In the path it passed, the strong wind pressure directly split the sea water, leaving a straight path ahead, and in this path, it also triggered a fountain-like wave! The wave rushed high into the sky, and then slowly fell back like the rain, after reaching a very high place.

The whole ship has also stopped by the erupting wind pressure. It wasn’t just this, but the sudden shock wave made all the people on the ship stand unsteady and fell to the ground.

The big man behind Ian also fell on the deck, and when he saw the waves breaking out of the sea, his eyes almost popped out!

At this time, he regretted trusting Ian, and felt that he shouldn’t believe his captain’s words anymore. ‘Didn’t he just say that this is a small move? BUT, this ability is bigger and more terrifying than the previous one… T-T’

‘Captain, I didn’t expect you to be such a liar… I know I was hiding behind you, but still…’

Ian was also stunned by the projectile he just launched. He didn’t expect the Railgun to have such gigantic power. Although the bullet disappeared because of the rapid friction with the air, and the attack distance was very short, about only 50 meters, but its tremendous power was almost catching up with some card’s ultimate skills!?

‘Mikoto’s card, it should be a five-star card, right!?’

Ian stared blankly at his hand, and he couldn’t believe that this amazing blow was made by him.

This reminded Ian of Kizaru’s laser, as well as Uncle Kuma. He can also emit a laser beam with the power of his Devil Fruit. ‘I wonder if the Railgun is almost as powerful as Kizaru’s laser?’

‘It’s just…’ Ian looked at his drained Nen tank. He found that since he recently got some powerful card skills, his Nen value was getting more and more worthless and useless.

The high-power skills must be accompanied by greater consumption. This Ian can figure it out, but the problem still goes back to the origin point. All in all, it is related to his own exercise.

He has to improve his level as soon as possible, and after unlocking a new card slot, this card, Misaka Mikoto’s card, must be equipped with the others.

However, Ian suddenly thought of a problem: What the heck, Mikoto’s card is a female card character, so her exclusive treasure…

‘F***, It can’t be her safety panties, right!?’

At the thought of that picture, Ian was about to vomit. Is it possible that after equipping this card with its treasures, one more skill will appear due to her panties!? (T/N: Pls stop it… xD don’t give the System such an idea!!!)

“If this is the case, even if the exclusive treasure can improve the card attributes and gave it another overpower skill, I won’t equip it even if I am about to die!” Ian thought madly.

Fortunately, Mikoto’s skills don’t need exclusive treasures to be activatable like Orihime. Otherwise, Ian would cry himself to sleep.

Ian stood there gnashing his teeth, but did not know that behind him, the entire crew of his ship was hiding in their shells.

“Have you seen it?”

“I saw it! In the future, when the captain starts fighting, we have to stay away from him, as much as possible!”

“The captain’s abilities are terrifying!”

“Yeah, we have to avoid being near him in battle!”

“But all jokes aside, he is very powerful!”

“Yeah, I know that, otherwise how could it be possible to save us from Marijoa!”

The crew talked about him all the time, but they had unlimited confidence in Ian. Although Ian tested the skills of his cards, which made everyone in the ship feel unsafe and uncomfortable, but he also planted an invincible image in the hearts of all the people, which made the whole ship’s impression on him rise from initial gratitude to worship!

In a pirate group, the captain aims for the absolute authority, and Ian inadvertently achieved this goal smoothly.

When Ian turned around, the big man greeted him cautiously, holding another bullet and said to him, “Captain, do you want to try again?”

“No! There’s no need!” Ian shook his head and said, “There isn’t much ammunition. Let’s save the rest of these bullets!”

When the crew heard this, they were all relieved.


The ship was sailing for a long time, and it was still so boring. Ian was not able to sleep anywhere like Zoro, so whenever he has time, he went to the deck and focused on improving his physical strength.

This also left a new impression on all the people around him that “The captain is a cultivation madman!”…

However, during the voyage of Ian’s ship, things were going as usual in the East Blue.

In the Dojo of Frost Moon Village, it was night time, Zoro was still practicing and improving his swordsmanship. He was raising his sword again and again, and sweating like a waterfall.


As he concentrated on wielding his sword, he suddenly felt something flying in the sky, coming his way, so he froze and looked up.

As he raised his head in confusion, he lost his chance to dodge.

An object with a huge air pressure dropped from the sky, directly slammed his face to the ground!

With a loud bang, a paw-like mark was stamped on the ground, a large circle plus four small ones were made by this thing, but in the middle, in the large circle, a fool with green algae head was slammed there.

With a click, the box fell off, then Zoro sat up, rubbing his head.

“Wh … what the hell!?”

Zoro looked at the pits around him, and saw the small box that fell on the ground. So he went on and picked it up, then he opened it with anger.

Inside the box, there was a strange fruit lying. Zoro didn’t recognize it. He tilted his head and held it in his hand. He looked at the sky then at the box with a question mark popping from his head. He couldn’t figure out how this box would suddenly fall from the sky and make such a mark appear on the ground.

But because the thing in the box looked like fruit, he wanted to take a bite and taste it.

However, just when he was about to munch half of it, he noticed a note fluttering down.

Curiously, he put down the fruit first, and read the note by the moonlight. (T/N: F*kkk!!!! I wanted him to eat the devil fruit… T-T …that would be interesting to see Zoro turns into a legendary creature!)

It said: “Master Koshiro, this Devil Fruit is my gift for Kuina when she wakes up. Plus, Zoro, if you dare to steal it or eat it accidentally like the fool you are, I will make sure to find you in the future and beat the crap out of you!”