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S.C.S Chapter 159: Flying Dragon

“I still have to buy Hiei’s exclusive treasures! His special bandages!” Ian sighed and thought of it.

With the continuous injection of the Nen, the pattern of the Black Dragon wave soon formed on Ian’s right hand.

Like a black tattoo, the dragon body formed around Ian’s right arm by the flame meanders, which looked like it can be launched at any time.

The scorching flame spewed out, and its incredible temperature distorted the air around Ian’s arm.

“What… What is the captain doing?”

“It seems to be the same move he used against Aokiji!”

“Not good, let’s get farther away!”

Ian’s crew left the scene one after another, hiding away and watching him.

Generally speaking, in a pirate group, the captain is the most powerful member. Especially for pirates, the captain must be the strongest.

These crew members also know that their captain, Ian, was powerful enough to stand against a Marines’ Admiral. Although Ian looks young, no one would dare to challenge his authority. However, they were not clear about the extent of his strength. When Ian and Aokiji were fighting, they were a little far away, so they didn’t see everything clearly.

But when Ian was forming the pattern of the black dragon wave on their ship, they finally had an intuitive feeling.

Even if he was staying in the cabin, they would still feel the heat of Ian’s skill from afar!

This made everyone on board feel terrified…

At this time, Ian ignored the reaction of the crowd. His entire mind was concentrated on the Dragon of the Darkness Flame to understand this mystical skill.

The most important change in a card was its final upgrade, because most of these cards had an ultimate skill that could only be used when they reach five stars. However, this kind of arcane skill usually requires a lot of energy. So, to summon a fully developed Black Dragon Wave, Ian has injected 3000 Nen points!

This was achieved by regenerating energy while injecting the required Nen. The procedure took about 10 minutes.

For such a long time, it’s needless to say that it’s not feasible or efficient to summon the Black Dragon during a battle. Unless he was using the skill “Evil Eye Expert” and consuming a lot of Ice Tear Gems, just like the last time, but after launching such an ability, Ian would be drained of Nen…

The drawbacks were so obvious, which made Ian realize that all he has to do now was to upgrade his own level as soon as possible, equip more cards and improving them to increase his attributes, at the same time, he has to focus on his own Haki capabilities and physical practice. By then, he won’t have any major problems, and when the value of his Nen reaches more than 5,000 points, he will be able to fight for a long time.

Not to mention, when he achieves that level, he would be able to use the Black Dragon Wave twice.

With such an amazing ultimate, there is nothing (At this current stage) that can’t be solved by a black dragon wave. If there was one, then another blow will do the trick…

Ian gently waved his right arm, flickering the air by its high temperature. He asked the system about this matter, and indeed, the 3000 Nen points used to form the Black Dragon wave refers to the basis of summoning. In fact, he was informed that adding more Nen into it would increase its time, power, and flight distance. This ensures that the Black Dragon wave won’t just fly out for a while and then dissipate.

Of course, this kind of injection was also limited. Such a thing can’t be left without limitation.

According to the description of the black dragon wave’s mystical skill, Ian can improve his mental power (His Nen Value) by engulfing the black dragon wave. The increasing effect after consuming or absorbing its power was much better than using Evil Eye Expert actively, it was up to 300%!

However, Ian doesn’t dare to experiment with this effect at all. He was afraid that at his current physical conditions, he won’t support such a strong increase in Nen.

And now Ian’s Nen value was only a little more than 1000 points. So, spending 3000 Nen to triple his energy seems to be completely useless. It’s basically doing nothing for him…

This increase will only benefit Ian when his Nen value exceeds the 1000-point by a lot.

This time, the summoned Black Dragon wave was mainly intended to be tested and see if he can fly with its power.

If he remembers correctly, the black dragon wave can be turned into Flame Wings for the user to fly.

This feels a bit like the development of the devil fruit abilities. Ian tried to focus on the black dragon in his arm, concentrating on turning its flame into wings.

In the beginning, nothing was happening, but not long after, Ian suddenly found that the pattern of the black dragon on his arm moved!

Just as if the pattern became alive, the black dragon twisted his body a few times and then disappeared from his arm.

At the same time, behind Ian’s shoulders, suddenly two huge wings of black flame formed! (T/N: Ow FK… that’s OP)

The surging heat, along with the opening of the wings, swept the entire ship, and the crew hiding in the cabin was stunned by the gust of wind that was raised by the sudden heatwave.

And some thin flammable items on the ship were also ignited!

“Quickly! Put out the fire!”

The crew came out and shouted.

They wanted to tell Ian to stop, but when they looked up, they were all frightened.

Because Ian was launched up to the air directly!

The blazing black wings didn’t flap, but Ian’s body had floated in the air and hovered over the ship.

As he flew up, the things on the ship were no longer ignited because of the severe reduction in the temperature, and the breaking fire was avoided.

At this time, Ian was very excited. He didn’t expect to use the black dragon wave skill to fly. It wasn’t that difficult. Under the excitement, Ian flew out of the boat and began to circle on the sea.

In fact, human beings have always been looking forward to the moment when they could discover the sky by themselves. Since ancient times, people have been dreaming of the moment when they can fly. Ian in his previous life has been on a plane, but flying by plane and flying by himself were basically two different experiences. (T/N: A random fact: Abbas ibn Firnas was the first man who tried to fly, he built the first human-carrying glider and is reputed to have strived two successful flights).

Ian was flying above the sea, feeling the oncoming sea breeze on his face, he was so excited that he just wanted to shout out loud.

However, in a short time, the tragedy appeared. The blazing wings on Ian’s back suddenly disappeared. After consuming all his Nen, Ian fell into the sea with a snap!

Even if this Ultimate skill turned into wings, these three thousand points of Nen can’t support Ian’s flight for long. Counting it, Ian has only been flying in the air for ten seconds… (T/N: Forget that I said, “it’s OP”…)

“Crap, the captain has fallen into the water!”

Ian’s crew shouted in panic, and even someone had jumped into the water to save him.

But at this time, Ian floated up at the surface of the water by himself. He was not far from the ship when he fell into the water. After a short swim, he reached the side of the ship and got on board.

“What the heck, I didn’t expect it to support me for just a few seconds!” After getting on the ship, Ian said dishearteningly.

The crew on board stared at Ian with astonishment, then asked him strangely: “Captain, you… Aren’t you a Devil Fruit User? How can you swim?”

“Ah! Yes, I am, but my fruit ability is to exchange skills!” Ian had thought of this answer for a long time and said, “So I can also exchange swimming ability!”

In fact, it was difficult to explain the ability of some Devil Fruits. There weren’t any geniuses like Vegapunk on Ian’s ship, so they believed him immediately.

On the contrary, they were envious of Ian. They know for a fact that all the Devil Fruit users aren’t capable of swimming, but they didn’t expect that their captain would be an exception. It’s so good that they don’t have to worry about their captain drowning into the seawater in the future.

Experimenting with a black dragon wave, Ian didn’t dare to use it this time, because besides, the flame temperature of the black dragon wave was extremely high, so Ian didn’t want to burn his ship. He had to wait until he buys the exclusive treasure of Hiei, and then carry out the experiments.

However, on such a boring voyage, Ian had nothing to do. The Black Dragon wave couldn’t be tested, so he has to try something else.

Of the four four-star cards drawn by ten consecutive draws, in addition to Ishida Uryū and Inoue Orihime’s two cards from the Shinigami word, the other two cards Ian got have not been tested yet.

But of the two remaining cards, one of them was Shingo Yabuki from the King of Fighters!

This was a card with pure physical skills, which was attributed to four stars. Maybe this was because he was played more often. After all, in the game, he belonged to the category of small bosses and hidden characters.

Ian wasn’t very interested in this card. In normal combat, he was still used to fighting with his own sword.

However, for the last remaining four-star card, Ian must experience it.

Because this card was nothing else than a character that Ian had already drawn many pieces of it.

Railgun! Mikoto Misaka!