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S.C.S Chapter 158: Dragon Hunters

About three hours later, a black Pirate flag rose at the mast of Ian’s ship.

The pattern on this flag was normally a cross skull pattern, but the difference was that this skull was a dragon’s skull, and a sword was inserted straight down from the top of the dragon’s skull.

This was the flag pattern of Ian and his Pirates. It was painted by Margaret.

Moreover, even the name of the Pirate group was also chosen by Margaret, she called it “the Dragon Hunter Pirates!”

At a loss about what to do, Ian felt that putting his name as the name of the group wasn’t a good choice, and the rest of the members didn’t have a good idea either. They only thought of some silly names such as Ian’s Pirates, the Masked Pirates, the 76 Pirates, the Bear Ear Cap Pirates, etc. While they were dying to find a suitable name, Margaret interjected and said her thoughts. After hearing her, everyone looked at each other in dismay and then agreed to use it.

Because everyone now knows that their captain, Ian, killed a Celestial Dragon, which was an unprecedented thing. Using this name not only shows Ian’s merits, but also their hatred against the Celestial Dragons.

Although their mark has been erased, no matter who it was, there was no way that they could forgive these Celestial Dragons.

Although using this name really pulls hatred, but for these people, it really doesn’t matter. Even without this name, the Celestial Dragons won’t let them go.

Margaret was a very talented painter. Their pirate flag turned to be a masterpiece. In Ian’s words, it’s a 1080p high-definition, which can be seen at a glance from afar. So when the pirate flag was raised, everyone on the deck can’t help cheering for such a moment.

“Haha, it’s established! Our Pirate Group is finally established!”

No one should underestimate the matter of the name and The Jolly Roger, this represents a sense of identity. At the moment the flag was raised, the people on the ship regarded themselves as members of this Pirate Group.

There were many people who, after going out to sea as pirates, tend to treat the Pirate Group as another home, while the other members of the Pirate Group, like family members, congregate under a pirate flag and join hands in adventuring with their Pirate Ship.

So no one should look only at the behavior of some pirate groups, doing all kinds of evil, but in this group and many other ones, they were extremely united, which was also a unique pirate culture.

Next, naturally, it was time for another banquet. Although Matthew spoke slowly, it meant his usual state. This guy wasn’t a royal chef for no reason, when he went in and starting cooking food and making dishes, he was like a different person. His fish eyes were gone, and they were replaced by a sharp look. With the two other helpers, he quickly made a feast for all the people on board.

Ian smelled the magnificent scent. When he ran to the kitchen, he saw this scene. At that time, he was very surprised. He felt that this guy has a dissociation of personality…

However, after eating what Matthew made, Ian found out that he really picked up a treasure. When he first woke up, he had eaten the breakfast made by Matthew. At that time, he didn’t feel much about it. Now when all kinds of meat dishes and seafood dishes were served, Ian couldn’t stop eating it.

This master, Matthew, was worthy of being a royal chef, his craft was a bomb. All the people in the boat were enjoying it.

A crew member was excited and patted Matthew’s hand. He just wanted to praise him, but in a second he fell asleep, making everyone around laugh.

However, Matthew had a lot of other problems besides this one. In the process of chatting with people, his slow voice was full of bitterness.

And since eating the Devil Fruit, he couldn’t sleep normally. To be exact, he has too little sleep time. He could only sleep for one hour every day!

This was the origin of the two big dark circles around his fish eyes.

Ian was amazed and asked why didn’t he just touch himself to fall asleep, but he was told that Matthew became now immune to his own Ability.

Doroni felt pity for him. He walked behind him, raised his paw, and knocked Matthew out.

“He can fall asleep now!” Doroni scratched his head and said: “And we don’t have to listen to him, talking slowly…”

Poof! Everyone laughed aloud directly. They didn’t expect the black bear Mink would turn out to be such a savage.

That night, the party was held until very late. After arranging some people to watch during the night, all the people fell asleep.

Early the next morning, Ian yawned. When he got on the deck, he found that the last shift was Doroni‘s duty.

Ian asked him a random question: “Hey Doroni, how much do you weigh?”

“I don’t know!” Doroni scratched his head and said, “It’s probably more than 600 kilograms!” (1322 pound)

Ian nodded and said, “That’s great! I need your help, sit on my back while I’m doing some push-ups!”

“Are you sure, Captain?” Doroni was a little embarrassed.

“Less talking, more work!” Ian said, “I want you to listen to me.”

He was interested in this guy’s weight. It’s rare to have such a guy. It saves Ian the trouble of finding exercise equipment.

Ian began to exercise. He was lying on the deck, with Doroni on his back. He began to do push-ups with standard movements.

It has to be said that weight-bearing exercises were the best to strengthen his body. Although Ian did only 300 push-ups while carrying Doroni, he was sweating a lot. At the same time, the proficiency of his physical practice skills was also soaring.

After finishing the push-ups, Ian jumped into the middle of the sea and swam around. He was trying his best to increase his physical strength.

When Ian swam 30 kilometers and chopped off a Sea King that wanted to eat him as breakfast, then Ian brought back his meat to make food. Then after a while, the people on the boat slowly woke up.

Margaret took a piece of cleaned clothing, gave it to Ian, and handed him a towel to dry his hair.

“Where shall we go next?” Ian asked Margaret.

She took out a Log Pose, which Jinbe gave it to them, a compass dedicated to the New World, it had three-pointers to the three different islands.

“The one on the left has the least vibration!” Margaret said: “The route to this island should be safer. We have to go to this island to replenish fresh water and food. By the way, captain, we don’t have much money.”

Ian nodded, and found a sailor who had been a pirate, and asked him: “How do pirates make money?”

“It’s mostly by robbery!” The sailor said: “But Captain Ian, we’d better not rob the common people now.”

“Huh?” Ian smiled and said, “Why?”

“I always feel sorry for them!” The sailor scratched his head and said, “When I thought of the companions who had escaped with us, there were many ordinary people like this, I felt that I can’t get my hands on such a thing…”

“Are you the only one who thinks like this, or do everyone think the same?” Ian asked him.

The sailor thought for a moment and said, “I guess we are all thinking the same way now!”

Ian patted him on the shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, we won’t rob any ordinary people. If we want to rob goods, we must steal from other pirates.”

The sailor grinned suddenly.

“Is there any other way besides robbing?” Ian asked.

“Of course!” The sailor nodded: “There are a lot of other things that could make us a good amount of money. Smuggling and selling weapons are all good businesses. As long as the goods can be escorted to the station smoothly and protected, we will make easy money.”

Ian nodded and his heart was filled with joy.

In fact, in this World, there were still many things that can make tons of money. Otherwise, because of the arrival of the Great Age of Pirates, many original business routes have become less secure. Merchant ships were often robbed by Pirates. But if this kind of thing were done by a Pirate Group itself, it will be much easier. All the pirates on a ship were guards and strong, so whoever dares to get close or think of robbing them will be destroyed.

It was just that most of the pirates were used to robbing. They weren’t used to do business such as trading. They were too lazy to do this kind of thing.

According to Ian’s estimation, there wasn’t a problem with running a Pirate Group.

But, however… They can’t go to the island that Margaret told him about.

Going there by the Log Pose, Ian and his group knew that the island was not very dangerous, but the Marines were currently hunting them, the mastermind and the escaped slave, so they may guess that Ian and rest will land there.

By that time, if the Marines set up an ambush there, they would find themselves walking right into a trap.

“Adjust the course, let’s go to this island!” Ian pointed to another island, which its needle was trembling slightly, and instructed Margaret.

This was the middle choice, not the safest, but not the most dangerous.

Margaret didn’t say much after that. She nodded and went to the steering wheel, instructing the sailor at the helm to turn.

On the deck, some people who were free have already moved out some chairs and started to bask, while others were playing cards. This was the way of sailing on the sea. Most of the time, it was boring with a lot of spare time.

Ian didn’t mix with them. He went to the bow and studied his skills silently.

Hiei’s card finally rose to five-star red card, which was the first red card that Ian owned. Its secret skill was the Dragon of the Darkness Flame, but Ian found that this black dragon wave can be domesticated in advance!

In other words, Ian can use the Nen during this period, and gradually generate the seal of summoning the Devil Black Dragon on his right hand.

Now, that was what he’s currently doing. He was slowly pouring his Nen into his right arm.

The injection speed of the Nen was controlled by Ian himself. So, while he injecting his Nen, he kept observing its recovery, trying to make the injection speed equal to the recovery.

However, when Ian started using this trick, his right sleeve turned to fly ash.

He looked at his sleeves speechlessly. This was the new clothes Margaret had just given him. It’s just gone. So in the future, he’s going to ruin every piece of clothing when he uses the black dragon wave?

After thinking about it, Ian ripped off the sleeve of his left arm, revealing his muscular arms.

He’ll just wear such sleeveless shirts in the future.

As the black dragon wave’s pattern gradually took shape, Ian found that his whole right arm began to emit astonishing heat.

He didn’t think much about Aokiji at the time. Now he feels how scorching the Black Dragon wave was. He just tried to stretch his hand to a chair, but before he touched it, the chair was on fire!

Everyone on the ship looked at Ian in surprise, but no one dared to come closer.

This made Ian very speechless. Can he touch anything with his hand after domesticating the black dragon on the arm in advance?

So, he has only one solution for this…