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S.C.S Chapter 157: Setting up a Pirate Group (II)

Hearing this, everyone on board laughed.

Ian did the same. Then he thought of X Drake, one of the supernovae, the “Worst Generation”, that will appear in the future. He used to be a rear admiral of the Marines. For some reason, he finally became a pirate. In comparison, the identity of a pirate hunter was nothing!

“Captain!” Doroni scratched his head, and handed over a wanted poster: “But, you are now a pirate!”

This poster was left by Jinbe, and not only did Ian see it, but the entire ship has seen it.

He didn’t know why, but when everyone saw his bounty, there was a sense of pride in their hearts.

‘The man in charge, our captain, was a pirate worth 500 million Berries!’

Now that they were members of his Pirate Group, the idea of comparing his reward amount among the pirates have also been planted in the hearts of everyone, even Ian himself. When he took this wanted poster, he couldn’t help thinking ‘this is my value!

Just like those big stars (The Worst Generation), Ian now has a price, and this feeling for him wasn’t that cool.

The reward amount represents the world government’s recognition of his importance and threat level. The most irritating thing was that Ian’s bounty wasn’t caused by evil deeds.

Sometimes Ian thinks that Celestial Dragons were not bad people after all… Not only did they receive tons of money and countless Devil Fruit for doing nothing, but also they were famous all over the world. Ian started thinking of a way to join them… (XD)

“Does anyone else have a bounty other than me?” Ian asked them.

A big man raised his hand and said, “Captain, I used to have a bounty of 14 million!”

“Me too, I have a reward of 11 million!” Another person raised his hand.

If he didn’t ask this time, he would be shocked in the future when he finds out. So apart from Ian, there were still many other bounties on this ship. Although their amount wasn’t high, the lowest one was only three million Berries, but with many people, the total was remarkable.

The highest one turned out to be Raideen’s! He has a 60 million bounty.

After he asked for details, Ian learned that the giant warriors like Raideen from Elbaf mostly live like pirates, and a small number of them will become mercenaries or join the Marines.

There were many giants in the Marines, and their ranks were generally very high. This was because giants are a natural warrior race. As soon as they grow up, they will have a strong combat power. The Marines attaches great importance to them. Those who can be drawn into the army were generally given higher ranks, and the same was true for the bounties of the Giant Race Pirates.

It’s ridiculous that a soldier like Raideen should be taken as a slave. But it was all because of a big barrel of Sake… In other words, all the giants were drunkards. When he first landed in Sabaody Archipelago, he got wasted by human traffickers, then he was tied up and sold.

In addition to their fighting talent, these people have a simple brain. Perhaps because of their powerful bodies, not many people can hurt them. So they have little precautions against others.

As soon as the statistics came out, Ian couldn’t help but be a bit stunned. The total reward of their Pirate Group was 670 million Berries!

“Does any of you is a Devil Fruit User?” Ian asked.

This question made people look at each other, left and right, but no one came forward.

This surprised Ian. ‘I originally thought that so many people with bounties should have some with Devil Fruit’s powers, right? How can I know that there is none?

It’s not surprising that Ian asked such a question. The devil fruit was basically a foundation and a plug-in existence in this world. Ordinary people or powerful people can still fight, but as long as they don’t know how to use Haki, then it would all be in vain. On the contrary, a devil fruit user, even if his body was soft and weak, can stand out at the moment when he was needed relying on his fruit abilities.

Ian asked if there was any devil fruit user, because he wanted to take the opportunity and build the cadre skeleton of the pirate group. No matter what, a pirate group always needs some elites as the main force to lead the battles.

It seems that a lot of things were beyond his expectation.

Although Raideen’s combat effectiveness was good and he could be regarded as a cadre, Ian feels a little unwilling.

“Wait a minute, I remember that there was a Devil fruit user among us!” A voice suddenly came from behind.

When they looked around, they found out that it was Margaret who shouted. She was so excited, “Yeah I’m sure, it’s Matthew, but… it seems that even Matthew himself does not understand his own ability!”

“Matthew? I think I’ve heard this name…” Ian pondered.

“Captain, have you forgotten?” Margaret glared: “It’s the chef who cooks for us!”

Ian was stunned, then he thought of it and said, “he’s a chef?”

“Yes!” Margaret said: “Would you like me to call him, and ask him yourself?”

Ian nodded quickly, and it didn’t take long for Margaret to bring the chef named Matthew.

From the moment he appeared, Ian stared at this guy, Matthew, and began analyzing him. He found that the man was very distinctive. He had a long blonde hair and a braid at the back of his head. The braid slanted to the side and hung over his shoulder, above his white Chef Jacket. He looked very handsome.

But he has a pair of fish eyes!

This guy’s eyes were a little dull, as if he was in lack of energy, and he has two big black circles around his eyes. It’s like a long-term lack of sleep. When he was brought up, he used a kind of slow-talking method: “Captain… are… you… looking… for… me?”

Not only Ian, but even the others listening to the tone of this guy’s voice, they couldn’t help but feeling strange Goosebumps. That slow-talking made people want to drag him over and beat him up until he quickly finished his sentences.

Ian asked him, “Are you a Devil Fruit User?”

“I… am… but… I… don’t… know… how… to… use… it…” Matthew spoke in the same way again.

When Ian listened to his words, he only felt his teeth were about to burst from the anger he was holding. Such a tone of voice was torturing him.

He had to ask Margaret, “Are you sure that he’s a Devil Fruit user?”

Margaret said: “I can’t be wrong, because when I was around him, I found that anyone who touched him would fall asleep for no reason!”

“Oh!?” When he settled down, he came to his senses and said, “Matthew, you can touch someone and let me see!”

“Okay… Captain!” Matthew didn’t object, he slowly reached out and touched a big man beside him.

Ian clearly saw that after being touched by Matthew, the big man’s eyelids suddenly began to sag down, and then he could not bear it any longer. He fell down, and with a bang, he slammed his head on the deck, and then slumbered…

He slept within a second!!?

The people on ship suddenly felt horrified and quickly moved away from Matthew, for fear of being accidentally touched by him. (T/N: WTF, this is your Cook..?)

“How… did… he… fall… asleep?” Matthew with his fish eyes asked curiously.

“Don’t you realize it yourself?” Ian asked him strangely, such ability was definitely the power of his devil fruit!

It’s maybe a Paramecia devil fruit, like for example hypnotic fruit!

Only in the face of Ian’s inquiry, the tone of Matthew’s reply was really anxious. Ian forced to endure the feeling of wanting to swear out load and beat him up, so he finally sighed heavily and asked him for his story.

What Ian did not expect was that Matthew turned out to be a royal chef from the West Blue, and he was very famous. He was originally a chef for the royal family of his country. But two years ago, his king got a devil fruit by chance. So he wanted to eat it to get its ability, but his spoiled king heard that the devil fruit tastes like feces, so he hesitated.

In the end, this King summoned Matthew and told him to find a way to cook this Devil Fruit and make it taste good.

Matthew did so. He peeled off the devil fruit, marinated it with cream and honey, and made it into a fruit pudding then sent it to his king.

The taste did change, but the strange thing was that after the king ate it, he didn’t get the Devil Fruit’s ability.

The king immediately became furious, thinking that Matthew had deceived him and replaced the fruit with a fake one, so he was directly sent to jail, and then because of his famous cooking skills, the officer of the prison sold him to the slave traders. The trafficker finally handed him over to the Celestial Dragons.

Matthew said in a slow tone and wiped his tears. He was aggrieved because he did not take the devil fruit or replace it.

Ian looked at him silently, and finally said, “You must have tasted the finished product first before handing it to the king, haven’t you?”

Matthew raised his head, and his fish eyes did not change, but he said in a somewhat surprised tone, “Captain… how… did… you… know… that… I… tasted… it?”

“Stop!!!” Ian couldn’t bear it anymore, and quickly stopped his inquiry, but he was able to understand the origin of Matthew’s devil fruit ability.

When the chefs taste the dishes they have made, this is fine, but… if the cooking object is devil fruit, things were for sure different…

In this way, his King wasn’t really wrong for blaming him…

After taking Matthew and studying his devil fruit abilities, Ian understood something about it.

This fruit can be called the sleeping fruit, drowsy fruit, or hypnotic fruit. Matthew’s ability was to force the living creatures that his hands touch into sleep for ten minutes!

This ability can be very weak, because it must be Matthew’s hands that touch the person, and Matthew himself was just a cook, and he doesn’t have much fighting power…

Moreover, this kind of forced sleep can be driven away by the pain. For example, after Matthew touches someone making him fall asleep, and then the victim receives a punch or gets stabbed, that would relieve his sleepiness.

However, it is possible to make such ability very strong and useful.

Ian guessed that if Matthew would use Haki to touch a Logia user and make him fall asleep, even if it was Aokiji, Kizaru or Akainu, the three Admirals, Matthew could make them fall asleep instantly!

Anyway, with Matthew’s Ability, at least one devil fruit user, Ian’s mood was much better.

After learning about the members of his group, the remaining question was to decide the name and flag of these pirates.