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S.C.S Chapter 156: Setting up a Pirate Group (I)

When everyone’s marks were removed, Ian quickly unequipped Orihime’s card.

Because he always thought that if he equipped this card for a long time, that would leave a spot in his heart.

Among the cards in the System, there were a lot of female character cards, which not only did they have a beautiful style and a sexy look, but also some very powerful skills. If this was only a game, Ian might mainly collect these gorgeous ladies’ cards (T/N: As am I doing in our discord: collecting and claiming Waifus “Join us “). After all, everyone loves beautiful ladies.

But the problem was that the exclusive treasures of these cards were annoying, especially when they were displayed on him. Hairpins, a feminine accessory, really made Ian feel embarrassed.

From this, he also thought about what to do in case of drawing a card like “Mai Shiranui”, he doesn’t know what exclusive treasures she could have, whether it’s her fan or her sexy Kunoichi (female ninja) suit…

If it was her costume, then he won’t use this card even if it was a matter of life and death…

No one knows what Ian was doing exactly, but this does not prevent people from realizing that Ian has used magical means to erase their slave marks. When all the marks have been removed, all the rescued slaves were all excited and started cheering for him.

Their eyes are filled with tears. No one was willing to bear this stigma for the rest of his life. The disappearance of the mark means that the last shackles on them have been removed.

Since then, it is a new life!

Everyone invariably confronted Ian and bowed deeply.

Looking at this scene in silence, Jinbe seemed to recall the scene when the Sun Pirate Group was established…

The people who were leaving started boarding Jinbe’s ships. Although they were a little reluctant, they understood what the Savior was going to face next. If they stayed with him, they would turn into burdens.

When Ian saw that they were all on board, he said to Jinbe: “Please take good care of them, they are now your responsibility!”

Jinbe nodded, did not say anything, then jumped onto the bow and commanded the members of Fish-man Pirate Group to sail.

The people who remained on the shore watched Jinbe’s ships go away, and when they were no longer visible, they turned around and looked at Ian.

Ian was not hiding his face this time. He took off his mask and waved his hand, saying, “Let’s go, we have to start sailing too!”


The rest of the people raised their arms and cheered. They followed Ian and boarded the ship that Jinbe had left for them.

“Take off the cables!”

“Pull up the anchor! Set the sails!”

“Haii! Captain!”

With Ian’s order, the people on board began to work in an orderly manner. In fact, Ian didn’t understand these things at first when he went out to the sea, but it was good that he stayed on Ace’s ship for a while, and somehow learned some terms.

The ship started turning, and slowly began to leave the island. Ian stood at the bow of the ship, looking at the bright weather, the sea breeze blowing in his face. Finally, he was fired with boundless enthusiasm. (T/N: After 150 chapters, Ian finally has his own ship and his own crew, WOOHOO \o/)

Looking back, he looked at the busy sailors on HIS ship.

There were a total of 75 people who were willing to stay and go out to sea with him. They were already homeless, so they follow Ian without hesitation.

Of these 75 people, most of them were humans, but there were many members of other races. Apart from the Fish-men who were taken away by Jinbe, there was a giant on this ship, Named “Raideen”. He was too big. It seems that he can only sleep on the deck at night. Besides him, there was also a Mink, the black bear Mink, who doesn’t leave Ian with rubbing his face against Ian’s, while humming “Garchu!”, his name was Doroni, he was an honest and straightforward guy.

In addition, there were four people from the Longarm Tribe and two from the Longleg Tribe on board. Although they looked strange, to be honest, they were really strong.

Most of the remaining people were strong and powerful men. Some of them were originally pirates, some were just ordinary people, but when it comes to fighting, they can come in handy.

There were also several women on the ship. Margaret, whom Ian met, was also among them. These girls and ladies were homeless and destitute. Although they can’t fight, they can help with other jobs such as cleaning and cooking (-_-). Ian didn’t want to be smothered by a group of old men on his ship. So when Margaret and some other proposed to stay, he acquiesced.

Most importantly, Margaret knew a little about sailing and was competent in the job of a navigator. This was the most important point for him.

Among these people, there were all kinds of skills, some of whom were able to be sailors, some can operate artillery, and some have a sharp vision, so they can serve as watchmen, others were capable of repairing ships, and there was a great chef. (Ian is the doctor XD)

With such a group of people, Ian’s Pirate Group was naturally shaped, and these people were more loyal to him than the group of hunter he gathered at the Sabaody Archipelago.

Seeing them busy doing their own work, Ian couldn’t help but recall what happened during this time.

In fact, the whole thing was about to be doomed after hearing the news of the devil fruits and sneaking into Marijoa, then causing such a riot.

Some people may say that Ian could have escaped quietly by himself, and there was no need to make such a big move and flee the slaves, but to be honest, he was just considering the present and not considering the future. Ian killed a Celestial Dragon out of righteous indignation at that time. No matter what, the Celestial Dragons and the World Government will never let go of him. They will definitely investigate everyone and everything.

Even though Ian didn’t reveal his face at the time, but if he thought that he could rely on this alone, that would be his biggest mistake… So even if he hides from them in Skypiea and think that he was safe and the World Government would not be able to track him down… That won’t work either!

The most readily available example was in front of his eyes, Ace!

In order to avoid the investigation of the World Government, his mother, Rouge, gave birth to Ace after 20 months of pregnancy, and he was handed over to Garp for adoption. So even with the help of a legendry Marine, a Vice Admiral, was it enough?

However, in the end, Ace was traced, and his true identity was revealed!

After all, the World Government has controlled the world for so many years, and its intelligence agencies must be all-pervasive. Ian may be able to escape for a while, but as long as the Celestial Dragons doesn’t give up tracking him, he will be exposed one day.

If he was hiding alone, then by the time he will be discovered, Ian can’t run away alone. Facing a large number of marine pursuits, he is likely to be trapped on an island and finally be caught.

He can’t escape alone! Because the most critical point was that one person can’t drive a ship!

Unless he can fly, and for a long distance, otherwise, he will never be able to run. Even the possibility of mixing with a merchant ship won’t work, because once the marines have information about him, they will check it severely.

So Ian can’t fly, can’t drive a boat by himself, but he can find a group of people to help him with this!

This was another reason that made him decide to save these slaves, not only helping them, but also helping himself.

So, in fact, although these people have been calling him a benefactor and a savior, Ian never really regarded himself as their benefactor. He knew very well that they both were tied to a rope.

They wanted to escape from Marijoa, but they also had to flee from the pursuit of the Marines. The two sides have the same purpose, so they have to work together to achieve their goal.

It’s impossible for Ian to come up with a solution until the moment. From the beginning, he didn’t mean to look down on the intelligence ability of the World Government. So the establishment of a pirate group to fight against their pursuit was the only way left for him.

His original plan was to go back to the East Blue before the World Government found out his true identity. First, he would give the devil fruit he had stolen to master Koshiro, and the other thing was to prepare them for any consequences. In case the Celestial Dragons had to shamelessly engage his family, then master Koshiro has to avoid them.

However, his plan didn’t need to be implemented after he met uncle Kuma by mistake and joining the Revolutionary Army. Uncle Kuma sent the devil fruit to the East Blue with his strange ability. At the same time, he promised that the Revolutionary Army would protect his family and his master, which made Ian completely relieved from his worries.

All things, in fact, were linked up together one by one. There is always the law of cause and consequence. If Ian didn’t kill the Celestial Dragon’s son that night, he would not get the amulet, the Celestial Dragon’s identity chip. If it wasn’t for this talisman, Ian would definitely be wanted by the Marines for life. But now it was different, if Ian defeats the pursuit of Marines, then after a long time, according to Uncle Kuma’s plan, as long as Celestial Dragons want to get their identity chips back, they have no other choice but to accept Ian’s terms!

Of course, Ian would like to have the opportunity to become a Shichibukai, and he can’t wait to see the day come, when their enemy was sitting clearly in front of them, and they, the Celestial Dragons, have to give up their need for revenge and take down the bounty and the charge then receiving their chip. What an interesting picture!

Just as Ian thought about these things, he saw the people on the ship coming towards him. At this time, the ship had run smoothly, and their work had been finished.

“What’s wrong?” Ian asked them.

“Captain, we don’t know your name yet!” The black bear Mink, Doroni, scratched his head, and asked honestly. (FFS xD I totally forget about that… what a long chapter T-T)

Ian smiled slightly, but didn’t feel surprised. After sending away the others, he doesn’t need to hide any longer, especially from the members of his own Pirate Crew. That’s why he pulled off his mask before.

“My name is Ian! I used to be a pirate hunter!” Ian smiled and said to them, “But now, I have become a pirate!”

“Captain Ian, you don’t need to worry or be ashamed!” A sailor laughed and said, “In fact, many pirates in this world were forced to take this path. Even if you were originally a pirate hunter, that’s totally normal, there were even many people who were Marines, and then they eventually became pirates!”