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S.C.S Chapter 155: Intoxicating Exclusive Treasure

Ian can almost guess the cards that require Archery Skills, which were Ishida Uryū or Dark Ranger, etc. But whoever the character was, he would need this skill.

But Ian wasn’t ready to use this card. He doesn’t have the time and energy to practice another basic skill. The existing basic skills were enough for him to work on. He was still in the Intermediate-Level Physical Skill.

In the fight with Aokiji, Ian saw his lack of physical strength and Stamina. For those Devil Fruit Users with great physical power, they could use their fruit abilities without limitation. Ian was basically the same, the higher his stamina the more Nen recovery…

Aokiji was much older than Ian, which means that his physical strength would last longer than Ian. After decades of practice, it was not comparable to Ian’s several months of training. This was also the reason why Ian quickly ran away after using the Black Dragon Wave. He couldn’t fight Aokiji for a long time. He only had the energy to launch a tremendous projectile and then escaped.

Throwing Ishida Uryū’s card aside, Ian looked at another four-star card from Bleach, the World of Shinigami.

This card suddenly brought some surprises to Ian.

[Orihime Inoue]

Card rank: Four stars

Level: 1

Strength: 20

Speed: 30

Vitality: 80

Nen: 320

Skills: Shun Shun Rikka “Six Princess Shielding Flowers”: summon six fairies harbored in the pair of six-petal flower-shaped hairpins as soldiers to attack with the host (Requires: Advanced Nen skills, needs to be equipped with exclusive treasure “Shun Shun Rikka”)

Sōten Kisshun “Twin Sacred Return Shield”: Summon two fairies (Ayame and Shun’ō) from the Shun Shun Rikka to heal and regrow missing part of the target (Requires: Advanced Nen skills, needs to be equipped with exclusive treasure “Shun Shun Rikka”)

Santen Kesshun “Three Sacred Links Shield”: Summon three fairies (Hinagiku, Lily, and Baigon) forming a triangle, creating the foundation of a shield (Requires: Expert-level Nen skills, needs to be equipped with exclusive treasure “Shun Shun Rikka”)

Shiten Kōshun “Shield of Four Heavens’ Resistance”: (It combines Shun Shun Rikka’s offensive and defensive properties) Summon four fairies (Hinagiku, Lily, Baigon, and Tsubaki) creating a triangular shield which defends and reflect attacks (Requires: Expert-level Nen skills, needs to be equipped with exclusive treasure “Shun Shun Rikka”)

Secret Abilities: the rejection of all things: Passive Ability, enhance all skill effects 100% (Requires: Grandmaster Nen skills, cannot be activated only the card becomes a five-star red card.)

Bonds: Get Kurosaki Ichigo: Gain +40% Vitality

Get Tatsuki Arisawa: Gain +32% Strength

Get Chizuru Honshō: Gain +24% speed

Get Kuchiki Rukia: Gain +34% Nen

The reason for Ian’s pleasant surprise was that this is a card with all-round auxiliary effects, attack, defense, and heal… And it was also a four-star card, which was more valuable than the Yukina’s card.

However, Ian doesn’t know if Orihime’s card ability can remove the mark of the Celestial Dragon.

Judging from the various skill requirements of the card, this was surely a card that only runs with Nen. The Strength and Speed Attribute were quite low, but its initial Nen value was far higher than that of other cards. Moreover, this card seems to require the exclusive treasure “Six Princess Shielding Flowers” before it can be used.

‘Six Princess Shielding Flowers…’ Ian had a headache thinking about it. ‘Do I have to refresh the VIP store and gather all its pieces first?’

‘Needless to say, this Six Princess Shielding Flowers is definitely a four-star exclusive treasure like a Zanpakuto, and I don’t know if I have gathered any fragments of this exclusive treasure during the previous ten consecutive draws.’

Ian asked the system about this matter, only to find out that some pieces were indeed extracted. However, the number added up to only 42 fragments, and to synthesize a four-star exclusive treasure, he needed 100 fragments.

‘I need fifty-eight more pieces?’ Ian thought about it for a while and found that it wasn’t too much, so he just started refreshing the store and looking for the exclusive treasure “Six Princess Shielding Flowers” to buy.

Ian was a Gold VIP. The high-level card store can give him Three-star and four-star card fragments, as well as the exclusive treasure fragments of Three-star and four-star. Generally, the number of fragments was 2-3 when they appear.

In addition, the materials used for treasure reinforcement were occasionally brushed out, so Ian kept buying them.

The manual refresh was different from the automatic refresh of the system. When Ian sees a card’s fragments that he likes or can use, he buys them, making full use of each refreshing effect. After all, refreshing once with 2000 diamonds is equivalent to 40,000 Berries.

The only problem was its speed, the refresh was quite slow. Fortunately, they will leave the next day, so Ian still has a whole night to complete this task.

In that case, he refreshed until it was 3:00 AM, and finally assembled all the pieces needed for the Six Princess Shielding Flowers.

However, for such a long time, Ian has refreshed more than 800 times, which was more efficient than the automatic system refresh. However, in addition, he also bought a lot of pieces of Hiei’s exclusive treasures. The fragments of Hiei’s treasures were nothing else but a sealing bandage.

The Dragon of the Darkness Flame generates scorching flames when it was domesticated and summoned. Ian burned all his sleeves at the time, so he thought it might be useful.

Since the Six Princess Shielding Flowers have been synthesized, Ian will certainly try it, but during the experiment, something happened that made him speechless.

Originally Ian thought that to use Orihime’s Skills, he only needs to place her card in the card slot and equip the exclusive treasure, and that won’t bring any impact. As a result, Ian’s thoughts were wrong.

When applying the healing skill of “Twin Sacred Return Shield” on his legs, “the Six Princess Shielding Flowers” appeared on his hair!

So when he noticed this, Ian kept repeating: “I have flower-shaped hairpins in my hair… I have flower-shaped hairpins in my hair… I have flower-shaped hairpins in my hair…!!!!”

When he touched the flower-shaped hairpins that appeared on his head, Ian suddenly felt like he turned into a little girl!

“Is this because the so-called exclusive treasure “the Six Princess Shielding Flowers” was a girl’s hairpin, right!?”

He is a grown man, A GROWN MAN. When he uses this card’s skills, a pair of hairpin appears on his head!? Is there anything more intoxicating than this?

Ian can also equip the exclusive treasure of this card. At that time, when the system told him that only one kind of exclusive treasures can be equipped at a time, but this reflects on him. If the card is also equipped with exclusive treasures, then when using skills, it will also be manifested!

That is to say, if he obtained the exclusive treasure of Iori Yagami, the Yasakani Jewel, when he uses the skill of Iori Yagami, the Magatama necklace will appear on his neck.

After confirming this with System, Ian didn’t know what to say. If tomorrow, when he goes out to remove the Celestial Dragon mark from the person leaving, then in front of so many people, a beautiful flower-shaped hairpin would appear on his head. Wouldn’t they think that something weird is going on?

Ian didn’t know whether to cry or laugh to imagine this scene, then he silently took his own bear ear cap!

Sure enough, only the hat could turn into an artifact. As long as he wears it tomorrow, he may be able to hide it from being seen, right?

After experimenting with the effect of the “Twin Sacred Return Shield”, Ian found that the healing ability of Orihime was indeed higher and greater than that of Yukina’s card. If they have to be described with words, then Yukina’s ability may just be called “Cure”, while the one of Orihime was “Recover”!

The two are totally different. Recovery refers not only to treat injuries, but also to the full recovery of the body to its previous intact state.

In fact, Ian himself did not know the specific difference between the two, nor did he understand how the system sets these abilities. He just knows that the skill of this card can achieve his purpose, which was enough.

From this, Ian started thinking: “I don’t know the full potential of the Twin Sacred Return Shield. Can it help with Kuina’s coma? Logically speaking, Kuina did damage her brain and consciousness, but her body was intact, and the general therapeutic effect does not work, but the outcome of the Twin Sacred Return Shield may be useful??”

Ian can’t determine for the time being. He can only put it down first and wait for a chance later.

In the early morning of the next day, all the people gathered on the coast. Not only Jinbe’s Fish-man pirates had to sail with those who were going home, but also Ian and his group, who got a new ship, were also ready to sail.

At that time, the young boy who toasted to Ian was also to be sent back. Although he had no family, a gentle-looking woman in the slaves was willing to adopt him, so even if the boy wanted to go to the sea with Ian as a pirate, Ian still didn’t agree and included him on the list to be sent back.

“Why don’t you let me go with you?” The kid was crying in front of Ian.

“You are too young!” Ian patted his shoulder and said: “We can’t take care of you, kid, we will wait until you grow up, and then you can join us!”

These words were just to fool him, and when he finally persuaded the boy to stop crying, Ian asked him to take off his shirt and turn around.

On the back of the kid, a black mark was engraved there. The skin injured by the mark was completely dead, that’s why it turned black. Ian shook his head and silently took out his hat and then put it back on. After that, he launched the Twin Sacred Return Shield towards his back.

The two petals from the hairpins fell and turned into two little elves, pulling out a long and narrow yellow space to cover the back of the kid, and then the black mark disappeared slowly!

Jinbe and the rest weren’t able to see these two little elves, because these two elves were actually formed by the Nen, unlike the exclusive treasures (the hairpins) that were presented by the System, but they can see the child’s mark disappear. Jinbe was a little surprised: “You turned out to be a great healer?”

“Not really!” Ian did not know how to answer him, but vaguely said, “It’s just an application of ability.”

When he saw that Ian was unwilling to answer him properly, he did not ask more.

The disappearance of the Celestial Dragons’ mark made the boy ecstatic. Although he was still young, he didn’t want to bear the mark of shame all his life.

Next, Ian did the same for everyone.


This kind of healing Skill was actually quite exhausting. Ian stopped after a while and took a rest. Until toss to noon, everyone was treated.