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S.C.S Chapter 154: New 4-star cards

“Huh? What did you just say?” Ian was slightly shocked: “You want to take your compatriots away? You are talking about the fish-men I saved?”

Jinbe nodded and said: “Yes, although it is very impolite to exchange them in this regard, but I have to do it!”

“Why?” Ian said, “Even though they are your fellow citizens, but they shouldn’t be controlled by you!?”

“This is not the case!” Jinbe explained: “It can be seen that your Excellency…”

Before even finishing his words, Ian interrupted him: “I’m called Ian, always your Excellency, you have to stop this. It’s bothering me! You are obviously older than me, you don’t need to call me that.”

“Well, Ian!” Jinbe also said with ease: “Now you want to set up a pirate group, and fight against the pursuit of marine, right? Originally, you saved my people, and they are willing to follow you no matter what… I know I shouldn’t interfere. But nowadays, the Fish-men family is committed to easing conflicts with human beings. We have been working hard for several years for this. In such a sensitive period, the Fish-man family can no longer confront the marines and World Government, so…”

Switching with other people, they may not necessarily understand the meaning of Jinbe’s words, but Ian understood it.

Although it is now impossible to personally visit the Fish-man Island to witness the life of the Fish-men, Ian also knows that Queen Otohime, a key figure on Fish-man Island, has been trying to ease the hostility between the Fish-man and humans. She doesn’t want the future of Mermaid Island, the next generation, to live in the sea without sunshine forever, and wants to let human beings and Mermaid accept each other. Now, Queen Otohime has died, but her efforts are still affecting many people, and Jinbe was one of them.

In fact, the World Government also wants to ease the racial contradiction with the Fish-man family. Otherwise, they will not let Jinbe join the Shichibukai. This was the reason why they secretly released Arlong, who was captured by Ian.

But they were unable to completely stop the trafficking of the Fish-man family…

Whether it was, the World Government or Jinbe with Fish-man Island, now both sides have the will to ease conflicts and are working hard to make progress. Therefore, Jinbe’s request was naturally not difficult to understand. He wanted to take those compatriots of fish-men. Naturally, he doesn’t want to bring a negative impact at such a critical moment.

Don’t underestimate the emergence of these people. They were likely to make the efforts of Fishman Island fall short.

After understanding the meaning of Jinbe, Ian realized his difficulties. Although it was a pity to let these Fish-men leave, after all, these naval battle experts were a strong help, but Ian decided to accept Jinbe’s conditions.

If he didn’t accept this that would be bad, Jinbe’s prestige was very high among the Fish-man people. If Ian tried to keep the Fish-men from leaving, it would make things worse.

So he nodded, said: “Okay, you can take them with you!”

Jinbe didn’t expect Ian to be a thinker. After a sigh of relief, he bowed to Ian: “I’m so grateful! Thank you so much!”

“However, I have a condition!” Ian touched his chin and said: “Beside the ship, you have to do me a favor!”

“Name it!” Jinbe nodded.

“I believe you saw it when you landed…” Ian said: “Among the people I rescued, there are young children and a lot of women. My Pirate Group has just been established. Next, we are expecting to face a huge battle with the Marines. If it is up to me to send them away, it would be a very difficult thing to do. So I’m asking for your help to send them home!”

This was what Ian just thought of. It was really too difficult for him to take back these people from the north to the south. It happened that Jinbe was there, his identity as a Shichibukai can let the Fish-man pirate’s ships pass through unimpeded. So Ian asked for his help, which was the perfect solution for him.

“My honor doesn’t allow me to refuse such a request!” Jinbe responded.

After hearing Jinbe’s answer, Ian couldn’t help but sigh. Jinbe was really a person of manners and etiquette.

After the agreement was reached, the two returned to the coast together.

In the eyes of all the people, they announced their decision.

There were some regrets in the eyes of those fish-men who were going to set sail with Jinbe, but they don’t raise any objections. Those who are going to be sent home were relieved to hear that they were escorted by a Shichibukai.

Next, both sides were busy for a while. Jinbe commanded the members of the fish-man pirates to vacate a ship, and at the same time, he took a large amount of food and water, and they were ready to be handed over to Ian.

Ian was counting the number of people to be sent away, destinations and so on, then summing them up, when the time comes, he will hand them over to Jinbe.

They were busy from noon till night, and that was all the statistics.

There were more than 300 people to be sent away, which was a huge number. Even Jinbe sees it a bit stunned.

However, since he promised, Jinbe took over the list without complaining.

The only thing left was how to remove the slave imprint from these people.

This was something that must be paid attention to. These people were all rescued from the Celestial Dragons. All of them were branded with the Hoof of the Flying Dragon. With this mark, it means that these people belong to the private belongings of the Celestial Dragons, and this was the mark of the inferior people.

If they don’t remove this mark, the slaves will remember their tragic experiences every time they see it, and people may inform the Marines about them. There were many people who hated the Celestial Dragons in this world. Similarly, there were many people who are afraid of them. If their marks were accidentally seen by others, it’s hard to guarantee that no one will report them for fear of getting into trouble and let them be caught again.

So while eating dinner, Ian kept thinking about this matter.

At first, he thought, if it’s really impossible to remove them, it’s better to ask the original sun Pirate Group to give them their pattern and cover the Hoof. Even if these people will suffer for it, but it would better then letting them get caught again.

However, when eating, Ian suddenly slapped his forehead and thought of a thing.

In order to upgrade Hiei’s card, didn’t he let the System automatically gather advanced stones from buying a lot of ten consecutive draws?

After gathering the amount needed of the advanced stones, Ian didn’t ask about how many times the System has drawn ten consecutive draws. Maybe he has drawn a lot of complete cards. Why didn’t he check it out and see if there were stronger treatment-assisted cards?

The healing ability of Yukina’s two-star card has been mastered by him. It’s just a simple wound healing ability that can’t achieve other effects, such as regeneration. Why can’t it work for old wounds? That’s because the old wounds were actually healed, so her healing effect won’t do anything.

In the system interface, Ian opened the inventory interface. He wanted to check his cards, and at the same time, asked the System: “How many packs did the previous operation bought?”

“A total of 127 [ten consecutive draws]!” The System replied: “A total of 635000 diamonds were consumed, 46 complete two-star cards, 19 complete three-star cards, and 5 complete four-star cards were obtained!” (T/N: wow that’s a lot :o)

Ian was overjoyed when he heard this. As expected, he was still rich. Although he spent half of the five billion Berries he got from the Celestial Dragons’ treasure trove, the remaining diamonds could still support him for a long time.

So, in fact, Ian wasn’t too short of money now. What he needs now was to improve his own level and foundation skills.

The three-star cards were not that useful for him now, and not needed to be upgraded, because after he tried to upgrade Hiei’s card to its max state, he found that the resources consumed by this operation were too large, unless they had some significant skills, then he would think about it.

So he directly looked at the newly acquired five “four-star” cards.

To be precise, it should be four “four-star” cards, because one of these cards was actually a card that he owned, he got another Yasuo’s card!

This Yasuo card was automatically converted into 80 fragments of Yasuo’s card. Ian could use it if he wanted to upgrade it to five-star.

Among the four new cards, there were two cards from the Shinigami world.

Since he has drawn exclusive treasure pieces of a Zanpakuto, it was no surprise that there were some cards from Bleach.

Among these two cards, one was The Quincy Ishida Uryū. As he was a major character, he was defined as a four-star card by the System. Ian used to like this man with glasses when he read Manga. However, after seeing his skills, Ian was a bit dumbfounded.

Because the skills of Ishida Uryū’s card doesn’t only require a higher level of Nen Skills, but they also require a high level of Archery Skills!!

After unlocking the swordsmanship skills, Nen skills, and Physical skills, Ian finally saw a new basic skill!

In fact, a lot of Anime and Game characters do use bows and arrows as weapons, so on second thought, Ian was relieved that the System classified the Archery skills as a basic skill.

However, what made Ian extremely mad and wanted to make a lot of complaints was that Ishida has a passive skill called [Max level of Tailing Skill]…

The effect of this passive skill was that he could repair all ripped clothes, and add lace edge and extinct master cross marks…

As soon as he saw the description of this skill, Ian spat out his guts, because he suddenly thought of the scene where Ishida mended the exposed cotton for the rag doll…

‘What the f**k System, why are you like this, not useful at all!’

Ian couldn’t help but think of what would happen if the passive effect of Ishida’s card was combined with Leo’s abilities from the Stitch-Stitch Fruit?