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S.C.S Chapter 153: Jinbe

As he walked toward the coast, Ian thought about Jinbe’s possible intentions.

When Uncle Kuma came to visit, Ian didn’t find it strange. His relationship with Kuma started when they first met in the Isshin Dojo. However, the Shichibukai, Jinbe, Ian hasn’t met him yet. They had anything to do with each other, and they didn’t have any kind of relationship, so he felt that his appearance was very abrupt.

Although it was impossible to guess Jinbe’s intention, Ian also knew that it will not be a bad thing, at least. This Shichibukai was probably the most person who has a grudge towards the world government, so it’s improbable that he came here to help the world government by arresting Ian.

When Ian came to the coast, all the people with combat power gathered there with him. The black bear Mink first gave Ian a “Garchu!” Then he asked him, “Captain, is this Shichibukai, Jinbe, coming to catch us?”

As a result, Ian hadn’t even opened his mouth yet, and the fish-men nearby said angrily, “Don’t say it. The Knight Jinbe is not that kind of person!”

It can be seen that Jinbe, the current head of the Fish-man pirates, has high prestige in the Fish-man tribe.

The Fishman pirates don’t have just a ship, but three ships. As the ships approached, Ian not only did he see their Pirate flag, but also saw someone standing on the bow of the ship.

The Fish-man was Jinbe, his figure looked a bit large, wearing a yukata with black and white square-shaped patterns. On his chest, Ian saw a part of the Sun Pirates’ Jolly Roger.

Jinbe’s face was very distinctive, because he has two large exposed canines, his chin has a thick black beard, and there were three gills on each side of the neck.

When Ian was looking at him, Jinbe, on the boat, also kept staring at Ian, who was surrounded by everyone.

After three ships were docked, Jinbe got off his ship. He was not alone, but followed by many fish-men, Ian was able to recognize one of them, which was their ship doctor, Aladdin, the goatsbeard brotula merman with a trident holstered behind him.

Seeing many fish-men disembarking from the ship with weapons, Ian and his people unconsciously clenched the weapons in their hands.

These weapons were all seized from the Marines of Marijoa. However, when Jinbe saw this scene, he said, “We are not here to fight!”

Ian thought so, so he waved his hand and asked everyone to relax. “Boss Jinbe, let’s talk inside!”

The two went to the island, and the rest, whether they were freed slaves or the Fish-man pirate members brought by Jinbe, didn’t follow them.

Moving forward for a while, after coming to a place where no one else was there, each one of them found a stone and sat down.

“I’m curious, Boss Jinbe, how did you find us?” Ian asked first.

“Many of the fish-men know about this island!” Jinbe’s expression was very serious, then he said: “I also thought of this place after I failed to find you in the New World.”

Ian nodded with satisfaction after hearing him. When Jinbe appeared, Ian thought that the island was exposed.

At this time, Jinbe said: “Why don’t you show your true colors?” (Face)

The taste of Jinbe’s speech has always been revealing a kind of ancient style. Ian was not used to it, but after listening to his words, he smiled and pulled off the mask on his face.

Since talking with Uncle Kuma the day before yesterday, Ian also knew that his concerns had been resolved, so he didn’t mind showing his face to Jinbe. Because even if Jinbe discovers his true identity, he wouldn’t tell the World Government.

“Your Excellency is so young!” Jinbe seemed a little surprised, but then he asked Ian: “And as a human being, why did you rescue these slaves in Marijoa?”

Ian, on the other hand, said strangely, “Does it need a specific race to save people?”

After listening to this, Jinbe didn’t know how to answer him. However, he had mixed feelings. When he saw the news and the wanted poster, he couldn’t tell who Ian was. He thought that it was another hero from the Fish-man Tribe who repeated the story of his big brother Tiger.

However, when he saw Ian on the island, he discovered that the savior turned out to be a human being, which was a kind of inexplicable taste for him.

When Jinbe officially sailed with the Sun Pirates, in the early days, like Arlong, he often used to fight human beings with a vengeful attitude. However, after listening to Fisher Tiger’s speech about peace, he gradually began to change his style, and his hatred for human beings was reduced by a lot. However, since Fisher Tiger’s death, Arlong and his team have become more and more fierce and intensified.

The original Sun Pirates no longer exists. The original pirate members have also divided their ways because of different ideas. Arlong went to the East Blue and set up his pirate group, and there is also the Macro Pirates, This group also left Sun Pirates to continue their old business: human trafficking! Only Jinbe took over Tiger’s leadership position and continued to serve as the head of the Sun Pirates.

However, all this was changed after Jinbe accepted the invitation of the World Government and joined the Shichibukai. The title of the Sun Pirates was abandoned and replaced by the Fish-man Pirates.

Jinbe was willing to join Shichibukai at the beginning. His purpose was naturally to ease the racial contradiction between Fish-men and human beings. However, things were not as he thought. The position of a Shichibukai was not enough to change this. Human discrimination against Fishman still exists, and the hostility of the fish-men to human beings has not been alleviated.

After the Great Age of Pirates came, many of his compatriots on the fish-man island, in his hometown, were abducted and sold by the swarming human pirates. The world government couldn’t do anything about it at all. In the end, it was the words of the Yonko Whitebeard that stopped this trend…

Now, Ian has appeared, repeating what Fisher Tiger did before, but he is still a human!

Therefore, Jinbe’s mood has always been very contradictory. It is human beings who have abducted and sold his Fish-man compatriots, while he has been protecting his fellows. And now, a human has saved some of his people. So Jinbe did not know whether he can truly trust human beings…

He kept staring at Ian’s eyes and wanted to see if he was lying, but Ian didn’t know about Jinbe’s feelings and emotions at all, so he only felt that he has been looked at for a while inexplicably…

Finally, Jinbe finally started to talk again: “Can I know your name?”

“Call me, Ian!” Ian didn’t hide his true identity and said directly.

But what he didn’t expect was that Jinbe gave a slight glimpse and said: “Ian? This name, I think I’ve heard the name before… Are you from the East Blue?”

“How did you know?” Ian was a bit strange, even though he was a very famous Pirate hunter in the East Blue, but his reputation wouldn’t spread at this point and reach the New World, right!?

Jinbe suddenly stood up and bowed at Ian: “If you are the Pirate hunter Ian from the East Blue, then the Old Man here needs to apologize to you!”

“Huh! What do you mean?” Ian felt confused. It was hard to communicate with the Boss Jinbe.

“The Old Man apologizes, not for anything else, but for Arlong!” Jinbe said: “Arlong is originally one of my people and a former member of the Sun Pirates. Your Excellency caught him, but at that time, the World Government and Marines looked at him as a fellow of mine, so they let him go quietly. I didn’t know about it only afterward…”

“Huuuh…!” When Ian heard this, he got a little angry, and then stood up suddenly.

Arlong, they let go of that guy!? How did this happen!?

In the beginning, Ian went to catch Arlong, although it was for his bounty, but he also did it to relieve Nami’s suffering. Even if he did get along with Nami and wasn’t able to turn her, the talented navigator, onto his side, Ian regarded it as a good thing to accumulate virtue…

‘Now you tell me that the Government and the Marines let him go quietly!? And that’s just for your sake?’

‘What does this mean? This means that Arlong is likely going to return to Cocoyasi Village again, and then Nami and her village will be hurt again!’

‘NO F**K, my Master!!!’

This made Ian think about Kuina. Whenever he wanted to make a change, the historical inertia of this f**king world would emerge quietly, which would make his expected results deviate.

The more Ian thinks about it, the more furious he gets. He lost his mind and didn’t care if the person in front of him was one of the Shichibukai. He couldn’t help punching Jinbe on his face. (O.o)

He was very strong now, Jinbe was punched to the ground by his fist, and after slamming him, Ian reacted suddenly and immediately set off his posture to defend against Jinbe’s counterattack.

However, he didn’t expect that Jinbe had no idea of

counterattacking. He wiped the corner of his mouth and sat on the ground. He bowed his head to Ian. “Arlong is one of my compatriots, you arrested him, I had a hatred for you, but now, you have saved a lot of my people from Marijoa. This kind of kindness makes the Old Man very grateful. This was why I apologize to your Excellency. It’s against chivalry if I don’t accept this fist!”

As soon as the words were said, Ian was out of his way. After sighing hardly and sitting down, Ian said, “I’m not the person you need to apologize to…”

‘If Nami still follows Luffy to the sea in the future, then you can apologize to her again…’ That’s what Ian thought.

“Huh… Well, Boss Jinbe, do you have anything else to do here?” Ian said in a discouraged tone: “Hurry up and say it.”

Jinbe raised his head and said to Ian: “It can be seen that your ship is broken. The old man can leave you a ship with the corresponding water and food, but in exchange, please let me take away my Compatriots!”