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S.C.S Chapter 152: Another Shichibukai

After everything was explained, Kuma was about to leave.

He left his Den Den Mushi number to Ian, and told him to contact him when he found his next destination. He would send Nana and the others to meet Ian after finishing their task at the World Council.

This was a kind of help arranged by the Revolutionary Army for Ian.

Since he has to find a way to deal with the pursuit of the Marines, it was natural that the more assistance he had, the better. Of course, Ian will not refuse.

Kuma left quietly. Ian watched him leave and returned to the banquet.

However, Ian did not know that Kuma was not the only Shichibukai that he’s going to receive on this island…

The banquet lasted very late. After leaving some watchmen, everyone fell asleep.

After the dawn of the next day, the people on board began to get busy.

The ship has been docked on this island for several days, not only because Ian was in a coma at the time, but also because the repair of the ship was very slow.

They were stuck. It was mainly because they lacked a lot of materials. There were only some low shrubs and wild fruit trees on the desert island. This island has just been formed for less than ten years. The vegetation on it wasn’t enough to cover their needs. There wasn’t any good wood to repair the damage.

Among the slaves that Ian rescued, there were all kinds of people, and there were several who had worked as shipwrights. But no matter how clever they were, they couldn’t fix the ship without materials.

After learning about this situation, Ian was also a bit worried, the damage dealt to the ship’s hull wasn’t a big problem, but the most troublesome thing was the broken rudder, which made them helpless.

It’s impossible to leave the island if the ship’s rudder wasn’t fixed. In the conversation with Uncle Kuma yesterday, Ian discovered that two Vice Admirals were leading a corps to search for the slaves who escaped Marijoa. If they don’t succeed in their search forward in the new world, they may be suspicious to turn around for another search in the nearest areas.

“Where is the nearest island from here? An inhabited one!” Ian summoned all the people on board and asked them.

However, they looked at each other and did not know how to reply.

“What’s wrong?” Ian was a little surprised by their expressions.

“Captain, we can’t get there!” A boatman replied, “Our ship can’t sail. Even if our Fish-men brothers can reach the island and buy materials, how can they bring it back? And the most important problem is that we don’t have any money now! “

The title of captain was the name that Ian asked them to call him with from now on, instead of “Savior”. Otherwise, these people will keep calling him with that title, and he didn’t feel comfortable with it.

After hearing the words of the boatman, Ian felt a slight headache.

Yeah, even if they find an inhabited island, they were penniless. Of course, these freed slaves don’t have anything, and he can’t expect them to have money after escaping the Hell Marijoa? And Ian, too, got so much money in the treasure trove of the Celestial Dragons, but all of it was used to recharge diamonds. Now, he has a surplus of diamonds and not enough cash, but it’s impossible for the System to refund some diamonds and give him money for it, isn’t it!?

The rudder that needs to be replaced can’t be made by getting wood from simply cutting down a tree. It must be made of unadulterated dry wood, and it also needs painting and other processes. They need money to purchase such planks.

Thinking of this, Ian couldn’t help looking at the fish-men, wondering if they could drag their ship to an inhabited island?

He was sure that they will be exhausted even before reaching half the distance…

“It can’t be done. We can only pray for a boat to pass by, and then we rob it!” The Giant said.

Everyone nodded, thinking that it was the only solution.

“Well, then!” Ian was not a pedantic person, either. He said: “Our Fish-men brothers, you guys have the harder work. You’ve to patrol the area of the island. If you find a boat passing by, report it as soon as possible!”

“Hai, Captain!” The fish-men nodded in response.

Ian has decided to set up a pirate group. The fact that the Revolutionary Army does not interfere with his affairs means that he can do whatever he wants freely. Uncle Kuma’s proposal to make him join the Shichibukai was also a great idea. The prerequisite for becoming the Shichibukai was to have fame and strength. Then it was necessary to set up a pirate group to be able to get the title. (T/N: not really… what about Kuma and Dracule Mihawk…)

Ian also thinks that this matter really means something. He used to be a pirate hunter, and made a lot of money by catching pirates, but now he has changed and transformed into a pirate.

For Ian, whether a pirate or a pirate hunter was just a matter of identity. As long as he can earn money, he doesn’t care much. But he used to chase others, but now others are going to chase him, which made him feel a bit weird.

In fact, he also thought that this hunt was actually an opportunity. Although his battle with Aokiji ended up with wounding Aokiji, it also exposed many of his problems.

One of them was his level problem. The higher-level equipment (cards and weapons) means that they can bring him a higher attribute gain, as well as the opening of new card slots, which can be closely related to his own strength.

In the past, the problem of the pirate hunter’s identity was that he could only fight pirates, and then by defeating them, he could gain experience, so it was too slow to upgrade his LVL.

But now it’s different. The marines are hunting him, which means that he can fight high-ranked soldiers. At the same time, many bounty hunters who covet his 500 million bounty will come to his doors. Also, he could still fight other pirates at any time he wants. That is to say, now the number of his enemies has increased, and he could open his berserker mode and start acting recklessly.

The situation at each stage was different, so it’s natural to make corresponding adjustments. In the past, Ian used to be short on money and can’t draw cards, (T/N: And had to maintain a good relationship with the Marines), so the pirate hunter was the only good option. Now he needs to upgrade his level as soon as possible, and he has to find more enemies to do so. At this time, the identity of a pirate became the most suitable…

Ian had thought about these ideas for a long time. At that time, when he saved these slaves, he didn’t think about these things. But now, these rescued slaves, because they shared weal and woe with each other, they had a good emotional foundation with each other. In addition, some of them were strong warriors from the most powerful races, which was a good fit for the team base of the pirate group.

It can be said that the rudiments of a pirate group have already been formed. All that remains was just to think of a suitable name. But this one, Ian hasn’t figured out yet. (T/N: Give me some good names in the comments.)

After sending the fish-men brothers to patrol, Ian began to do other things.

Among the slaves rescued, there were many women and children, and it can be said that they account for most of them. Many of these people have relatives who are alive and have to reunite with them. This was a good deed, but if this good deed can’t be done, it may turn into a bad thing. These women and children were ordinary people. If they were left alone, they wouldn’t be able to go back on their own, and they may accidentally die on the way.

What Ian was doing right now, was registering the names and locations of those who need to be sent back.

However, Ian discovered that it was really difficult to register them all.

Although most of these people who needed to be sent back were in the area near the Sabaody Archipelago, there were also people from other places, such as the North Blue and the West Blue… If they were to be sent one by one, that would take Ian a lot of time.

Just when he felt a headache, Margaret brought him lunch, and found that he looked sad, and she could not help asking him.

Ian also knew that she was not omnipotent, but it was good to ask for others’ opinions, so he told her about the situation.

“You think too much, Captain!” Margaret shook her head and said, “The most important thing for us now is the identity. It’s hard to erase the seal of the Celestial Dragons. If people see it, it will be a problem. But if we can cover it, no one will know that we were slaves. At that time, as long as we have a little money in hand, we can actually travel like normal people, and it would be easy to find our way back.”

Ian thought about it and found that she was right. Although the Grand Line was a difficult place to navigate in, there were always caravans passing through. As long as their identity as slaves was not exposed, they can be regarded as ordinary people traveling freely.

‘So it’s just, how can this slave imprint be erased?’ Ian pondered: “We can cover it with another mark, such as the pattern of the Sun Pirates’ Jolly Roger?”

Before this, Ian was trying to heal his legs and wrists injuries with Yukina’s card ability. He also thought about using the healing ability of this card to remove the Hoof of the Soaring Dragon mark. However, after a little experiment, he found that it did not work. Many people’s marks were made a long time ago. They were old wounds, and his healing abilities can’t do much…

The method of branding and covering it with another pattern may be tolerable for men, but for these women and children, Ian does not have the heart to let them suffer such a thing again. (T/N: don’t burn them, just use Ink… XD)

While Ian was thinking about the Sun Pirates, unexpectedly, at noon the next day, the Fish-men brothers went out to patrol the area and came back quickly to report…

At last, they found a shadow of a ship on the sea, but the fish-man who came back to report was full of excitement and surprise. He said to Ian, “Captain, I saw the flag of the ship, it seems… it seems to be the Fish-Man Pirates! It is… It’s the captain Jinbe, the leader of the Fish-Man Pirates!”

“Jinbe!?” Ian got up in surprise and asked, “Are they coming towards this island?”

“HMM.” The fish-man nodded vigorously and said, “He’s coming this way! But without your permission, I haven’t rushed to contact them. After all… After all, he is now a Shichibukai…”

“Well! Good job!” Ian praised him approvingly, saying: “Go and talk to them, since they are coming in our way, go and see what their intention is!”