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S.C.S Chapter 151: Active Team!!!

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Not long after, Ian suddenly felt that something seemed to be approaching in the sky, he looked up and was stunned.

Uncle Kuma actually flew down to him!

Just like the way he usually teleports, but it was slightly different, his hands were touching his legs at the moment, continually bouncing himself high in the air, so as to achieve the purpose of flying.

Such a flight looked a bit weird, because Kuma was not continuously flying in the sky, but moving a large distance after another, which looked like he was flashing in the air…

Ian was really impressed. He found that uncle Kuma was smart enough (big brain the author wrote xD) to develop his fruit ability like this.

In other words, it seems that he and Doflamingo were the only people in Shichibukai, that can fly with their devil fruit ability! It’s just that uncle Kuma was constantly bouncing in the air, while Doflamingo uses his strings to tie himself to the clouds. Compared with this, uncle Kuma’s flight seems more reliable. (T/N: I think Kuma kept bouncing in the air using his ability and didn’t launch himself like when he did it to Luffy and his crew because he didn’t know the exact location of Ian!!!)

In other words, uncle Kuma’s quote has always been to ask people, “If you were to go on a trip… where would you like to go?” With his ability, it made it so easy for him to travel to all the places in the world!!

‘Uncle Kuma, are you actually the Pirate King? The “freest” person on this planet…’

Ian really wanted to tell him this. He found that some of the Devil fruit abilities were too unscientific…

Just as he thought about it, there was a slight tremor on the ground. Kuma has landed next to him. His tall body stood in front of Ian and looked down at him.

Ian glanced his left wrist and found three Den Den Mushi there, tied to the wrist with a strap, one was a normal child Den Den Mushi, the second was a white Den Den Mushi, which prevents eavesdropping. It seems that Kuma has a high sense of confidentiality.

As for the last one, it was a pink Den Den Mushi, which seemed to be a very rare one. Maybe uncle Kuma used this Den Den Mushi to track his location.

“You’re too bold, Ian!” After staring at him for a while, Kuma finally opened his mouth and said, “I thought you were just going to steal the Devil Fruits, but I didn’t expect you to make a big mess of Marijoa.”

Ian smiled bitterly for a while: “That wasn’t my intention, I was discovered by a Celestial Dragon at that time, and when I thought about it, I found myself in so much trouble, I had simply to create chaos and make an opportunity to escape, and I can’t let those slaves die because of my actions…”

“So it’s true that you killed a Celestial Dragon? Then you took away their identity chip?” Kuma asked him.

“Yes, that’s right!” Ian took out the glass bubble from his trouser pocket and showed it to him.

Kuma took it, put it in front of his eyes, and carefully looked at the crystal chip inside. He said: “It’s written with ancient letters. Maybe it records something… Ian, can I borrow this identity chip for a while?”

“What are you going to do with it?” Ian asked.

“Dragon is very interested in this identity chip!” Kuma said: “I told him about your affairs. He appreciates you very much. We hope that we can use this chip to research it. It may be hidden some secrets about the Celestial Dragons.”

“And…” Kuma continued: “This identity chip is your amulet, but you’d better not take it with you. As long as the marines can’t find this chip, then your life won’t be in any harm.”

Ian nodded, this was indeed true.

“Now, what was the reaction of the Marines?” Ian asked.

“They offered a bounty of 500 million Berries, and they wanted to catch you alive to retrieve the chip!” Kuma said: “They don’t know your true identity yet, so the wanted poster was just a picture of you masked!”

Sure enough, it was exactly the same as what Aokiji said.

“In addition, they have concealed the truth of this incident and identified you as the arsonist of Marijoa!” Kuma put the glass bubble into his chest pocket and said, “They didn’t even mention the death of the Celestial Dragon.”

Ian laughed and said: “It seems that they are trying to make it worse. If I really fall into their hands, they will definitely make my life worse than death.”

“Indeed, the death of a Celestial Dragon is a big event. They can’t let you go so easily!” Kuma said: “But, things will not turn around!”

“What do you mean?” Ian froze for a moment.

“The Marines have sent troops to encircle and suppress you. At present, because the World Council needed their manpower, only two Vice Admirals and four Battleships have been dispatched!” Kuma explained: “As long as you survive the upcoming event, and make their encirclement and suppression return without success, then the next thing will be easier to handle! “

“If they didn’t find the identity chip, the Celestial Dragons will get worried!” Kuma said: “As time goes on, they may have to consider another way!”

“Another way?” Ian asked: “What else can they do?”

“Compromise!” Kuma sat cross-legged and faced Ian: “From the attitude of the Celestial Dragons, it can be seen that the chip is extremely important to them. If they can’t get it back by tough means, then they should consider other methods.”

“You mean, they might look for me privately and ask for my conditions to return the identity chip?” Ian understood and thought deeply.

“Yes, they may offer you a lot of money!” Kuma said: “Also, you may have forgotten that you ask them for the Shichibukai title!”

“Shichibukai!?” Ian opened his eyes widely and said, “Is this really possible?”

“Of course, it is possible!” Kuma nodded and said: “Becoming a Shichibukai will make them pardon your crimes in exchange with the return of the identity chip! Of course, that will only happen when you defeat the Marines who are pursuing you, and the bounty hunters who are flocking for you now, coveting your bounty…”

Ian was silent and thought about the possibilities carefully. However, the more he thought about it, he discovered that it seemed to be a very likely situation!

That’s totally right, yeah, how did Doflamingo become a Shichibukai? Didn’t he just threaten to plunder the tribute golden ships? From this point on, Celestial Dragons were actually just a group of soft and naive guys. Once they find that they can’t make people succumb by tough means, they will naturally think of compromise.


“But, isn’t there any vacancy in Shichibukai?” Ian frowned. “How can they declare me as a Shichibukai in such a situation?”

“No!” Kuma shook his head and said: “There is a vacancy!”

“What!!… Do you mean…” Ian was shocked for a moment, then pointed to Kuma in surprise and said: “Uncle Kuma, are you saying that this person is…”

Kuma nodded and said, “Yes, it’s me! In fact, since I joined the Marines’ Secret Cyborg program, the marines have been thinking about adding another Shichibukai to replace me, but before that, the person they wanted to sign was a pirate named Fire Fist Ace…”

“Ace!?” Ian stood up and said, “Ace, he received an invitation letter to become a Shichibukai, which was intended to replace you!”

“Huh? Do you know this person?” Kuma was also slightly stunned.

“Yes, I do!” Ian nodded his head and said, “And he’s a good friend of mine. When I was on the Sabaody Archipelago, he came to me and asked me about this matter. At that time, I thought it was a trap by the Marines. I thought they wanted to kill Ace by making him a threat to the other Shichibukai.”

“It’s not a trap! That invitation letter is real!” Kuma shook his head. “When my transformation is finished, and I become a complete human weapon, it means that I can be completely used by the Marines and the government. They wanted to add another Shichibukai with the same level of power, so they sent an invitation to Fire Fist Ace.”

Ian also understood it completely, and it seemed that he was thinking too much.

But there was no way that he would’ve known. He hadn’t met uncle Kuma at that time. He didn’t know the inside information by any means, so he couldn’t tell.

“So, if you can resist until the Celestial Dragons can’t hold on any longer and wanted to compromise, I will find an opportunity to withdraw from my rank!” Kuma pointed to his chest and said, “At that time, you will be able to replace me as the new Shichibukai, and your crimes will be forgiven.”

Ian scratched his scalp hard and hesitated, “But there is still a problem. Becoming a Shichibukai is going to obligate me to hand over the chip!”

“That’s why I asked you for the identity chip!” Kuma said: “We will try to see if we can make a replica and let you return it back!”

“Can it be done?” Ian asked in some doubt.

Kuma shook his head: “I don’t know. We can only try it first.”

“Even if it can be done, what about you, Uncle Kuma?” Ian frowned and asked, “Losing your Shichibukai rank, will it affect you?”

“No, don’t worry!” Kuma said: “My task was actually completed after I contacted Vegapunk.”

“What’s that, Uncle Kuma…” Ian hesitated: “Actually, I always wanted to ask you something, why do you want to participate in this human weapon transformation plan? Once the transformation is completed, and if you lose your humanity, isn’t that equal to death?”

After a while of silence, Kuma said, “Don’t ask more about this. If you have a chance in the future, you can ask Dragon personally, my leader, the leader of the revolutionary army. Maybe you can get the answers from him.”

Ian sighed, and he could hear in his voice that uncle Kuma was completely voluntary, as if he was determined to cooperate with the experiment.

After thinking for a while, he could only change the topic and ask: “Uncle Kuma, even if I become Shichibukai, is it possible that the Celestial Dragons would settle accounts after I give up the chip?”

Kuma replied: “You can rest assured that if you are really announced as a Shichibukai, even if the Celestial Dragons hated you and wanted revenge, they can’t pursue it. They must take into account the situation of the other Shichibukai. If they did such a thing, several other Shichibukai would distrust the marines and the world government… The Shichibukai are an important force for the marines to fight against the four emperors. They can’t break their hands…”

Ian nodded, said: “Ok then…”

Seeing Ian accepting his advice/suggestion, Kuma was very happy, but he has always been expressionless, so Ian could not see it.

“Your identity has not been revealed yet, which is a good thing!” Kuma said to him again: “first, you have to keep it this way for a while. We will contact our fellow revolutionaries in the East Blue, and tell them to protect the Isshin Dojo!! If necessary, we can arrange a transformation for your sensei, Mr. Koshiro!”

“Really!? Thank you so much, uncle Kuma!” When Ian heard this, he was overjoyed and couldn’t help hugging him. Unexpectedly, Uncle Kuma even considered such a matter for him. If there was protection from the Revolutionary Army, then all his worries will be relieved. Even if the Marines found out his identity, he doesn’t have to worry about his family.

Sure enough, it was good to take off this burden from his back…

“You don’t have to think too much! Mr. Koshiro had a lot of connections with the Revolutionary Army. We will naturally make arrangements!” Kuma said: “In addition, you may need the support of the Revolutionary Army, after a while, Nana and her team will come to join you!”

“Well, that would be great!” Ian was happier after hearing this. Nana has a good impression of Ian. Moreover, Walnut is a Devil Fruit User, which helped him a lot.

“So, I have become a cadre of the Revolutionary Army?” Ian laughed and said to Kuma.

“Almost, you can consider yourself as an Active Team!” Kuma said: “Usually, the Revolutionary Army doesn’t interfere with your actions, but they will contact you when necessary!”

“No problem!” Ian nodded, then snapped his fingers and said, “Yeah, uncle Kuma, while you are here, can you do me a favor?!”

After saying that, Ian didn’t wait for Kuma’s answer, he just got up, ran back to the ship on the island shore, and carefully took out the box containing the Devil Fruit, then found a pen and paper, and wrote some words. After that, he put his note the box, closed it, and ran back to the desert island with the box.

The slaves felt a bit strange. They didn’t know what Ian was doing. They didn’t know that at this time, a Shichibukai had suddenly appeared on the island.

If they knew it, they would be shocked.

Ian ran back to the place where Kuma was, and asked him, “Uncle Kuma, can you use your ability and send this box to the Isshin Dojo in the East Blue?”

“Is this the Devil Fruit you got?” Kuma asked.

“Yes!” Ian nodded and said, “I was thinking about going back to the East Blue, but it’s too troublesome. Since I rarely encounter you, please help me with this.”

Kuma didn’t say anything after that, he saw Ian holding the box, so he stood up, his right arm splayed open, and then he waved it violently towards the box on Ian’s hand!

Ian just felt a gust of wind blowing, and the box in his hand was gone.

“Jes…!” Ian couldn’t help but clench a fist with both hands and be shocked!

“Well, the box has been sent to the coordinates of Isshin Dojo!” Kuma said: “From this place to East Blue, it may take three days, and then they will receive it!”

‘Three days? Wow, uncle Kuma, you are not only the Pirate King in my eyes, but also the CEO of FedEx!’

Ian couldn’t help but silently praise Uncle Kuma…