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S.C.S Chapter 150: The Flying Bear

On the evening of the same day, a huge bonfire rose along the coast of the island, and the celebration banquet began.

The ship they grabbed was originally an armed merchant ship. There was a lot of food and drinks in its warehouse. In addition, in these few days they stayed here, some of the strong slaves went to the sea to hunt some sea animals for food. So even if there were many people now, the food was enough.

Around the campfire, people held the glasses in their hands high, and they cuddled together regardless of race or gender, and sang and danced while weeping bitter tears.

In fact, this banquet should have been held for a long time. It was only because Ian wasn’t awake and couldn’t be with them, so they delayed it until the moment. After three days of holding it, people’s emotions suddenly burst out. It could be imagined what kind of situation it was.

There were probably more than 500 slaves rescued from Marijoa at the beginning. However, some of them were caught by the Marines on the way to escape. Some of them were killed when the ship slid down the Red Line. Now there were only 420 people left here.

People cried bitterly because of the pain they suffered and laughed loudly because of their hard-won freedom.

Ian was carrying a large wooden cup filled with Sake, drinking it while looking at these jubilant people silently, even if he had not really been a slave, Ian could feel the joy of their freedom.

“Benefactor, we salute you!”

Another group of people gathered around to give Ian a toast. Among them, there was a little child!

Yeah! Among the slaves rescued by Ian, there were indeed several children. There was no child protection law in this world. These Celestial Dragons picked slaves without even considering their age. The child who wanted to give Ian a toast was only about 12 years old. However, Ian saw many crisscrossed scars from his exposed skin.

With a sigh, Ian didn’t say a thing about if the child should drink or not. He bumped his glass with the child’s and asked him, “Do you have any relatives?”

“They are gone…” The child closed his lips tightly, and tears flowed from his eyes, saying: “My mother was shot by a Celestial Dragon while she was trying to protect me…”

Ian felt flustered. He found that he had inadvertently stirred up the child’s tragic memories.

At this time, a big hand suddenly touched the child’s head. Ian looked at this scene and found that it was the hand of the guy sitting beside him. The tall giant warrior lowered his head and said to the child, “OK, don’t cry. Your mother protected you so that you can live a better life. In the future, you will become a strong warrior and revenge for your mother!”

“Hum!” The child bit his lip sharply and nodded.

Ian found that this worked for the child, so he raised his head, raised his glass toward the giant.

At the time when they wanted to go down the Red Line, thanks to this guy, the giant warrior from Elbaf, if he had not been strong enough to lead in dragging the ship, they would definitely be trapped in that place.

The giant laughed, picked up his larger wine glass … or barrel, and bumped Ian’s cup, and then looked up and drank it.

The people around, like the giant, raised their heads and drank their Sake, even the child, but it was probably the first time he had a drink, and then he started coughing, which made everyone laugh.

After a sip from his glass, the child was getting a little dizzy. He wiped away his tears and asked curiously, “Savior, can we know your name? And, why do you always keep covering your face?”

As soon as the words were asked, a mature man next to him quickly pulled the child and blamed him for asking such questions.

“Shush, you shouldn’t ask these questions!” The big man said, “There must be a reason for the benefactor to do so.”

Ian stretched his hand, stopped him, and said: “Actually, it’s okay to tell you. The reason why I kept covering my face was that I’ve killed a Celestial Dragon, or two? I’m not sure…”

As a result, his voice had not yet fallen, and the scene suddenly fell into a strange silence. Even those who were singing and dancing stopped and looked at Ian…

Everyone looked at Ian in shock, and gradually, many people’s bodies began to tremble.

Ian saw this scene and sighed in his heart. He knew that saying such a thing might cause the slaves to fear…

However, what Ian didn’t expect at all was that the next second, thunderous cheers came!!

Everyone raised their hands high and vented their emotions, even the giant roared up to the sky…

“YEEAAAH! Those damned Celestial Dragons, at least, some of them are finally dead!”


“Retribution! At last, they got what they deserved!”

“This news needs more celebration! Cheers!”


The people present excitedly held high the wine glass in their hands, raised their heads to the sky, and then drank another glass together.

Ian was somewhat stunned by this scene. He found that he was wrong. People in this world are afraid of the Celestial Dragons, but their hatred towards them was stronger than their fear. When hearing the news that Celestial Dragons were killed, their first reaction was not fear, but excitement.

Especially those who used to be slaves hated Celestial Dragons more than anything in this world, so it was not difficult to understand why they cheered.

In fact, Ian didn’t even think about it himself. The impact he caused this time was too great. Even the World Government could only conceal the killing of a Celestial Dragons, because the world government itself knew that the Celestial Dragons’ Evil deeds have caused too much resentment in the world. People who hate them can be said to be all over the world. If the world was informed that even the marines cannot protect the Celestial Dragons who killed and enslave many of them, then the Celestial Dragons may face stormy and violent revenge…

The world government can’t let the Celestial Dragons die like this, so it can only take such measures to protect them. As for how to deal with the mastermind who killed a Celestial Dragon, it’s a private matter.

After the celebration, the expression of weeping was gone, and replaced with complete laughter.

They finally understood the reason why Ian had to wear a mask all the time. There was no doubt in their heart.

Ian can’t help it. A large part of the freed slaves needs to be sent away. They still have relatives and need to go back to reunite with their loved ones. Therefore, it was difficult to ensure that there will not be any information leaked by them when the Marines come looking for them. If they disclose his identity, who knows if it will bring troubles to master Koshiro?

So, at least until those who were to be sent away leave, Ian did not intend to take off the mask.

His intention was naturally realized by everyone, so they consciously avoided this topic and began to celebrate again.

“Benefactor!” the giant next to Ian asked, “What are you going to do next? A lot of us are homeless. We are all going to follow you, including me. Do you have the idea of

establishing a pirate group?”

Ian was also considering this issue. Now he has entered the New World, and the identity of a pirate hunter can’t be used anymore. Even if it can be used, it won’t be that good here. Facing the powerful Four Emperor Pirates (Yonko), pirate hunters are in a very dangerous place here. At the same time, Ian and his men will try to have to find ways to avoid the pursuit of the Marines.

The best way to hide in a world where pirates are rampant was to transform into a pirate and blend in.

Of course, Ian was also a member of the Revolutionary Army now, and he can also bring these people to join the army. He believed that those who have experienced slavery will not refuse.

Just as Ian was thinking about the pros and cons of the two choices, he suddenly heard a ringing sound “Purr purr”.

This was the sound of a Den Den Mushi, Ian looked around strangely, and saw Margaret running over with a small Den Den Mushi.

“We forgot to tell you!” The Giant said: “After listening to Margaret, she found this baby Den Den Mushi in your pocket when she was about to wash your clothes, but it hadn’t been moving, but since yesterday, the small Den Den Mushi has ring once, but since you haven’t woken up yet, and we didn’t dare to answer the phone rashly.”

Ian nodded, because of some disguise reasons, Uncle Kuma gave him this small Den Den Mushi, so Ian couldn’t carry his mature Den Den Mushi. And only the baby Den Den Mushi that can be put in his trouser pocket was still on him. Previously, he contacted Nana through the small one.

Now this child Den Den Mushi was given back because Margaret washed his clothes, and at this moment, someone was trying to contact Ian.

‘Who can that be?’ Ian took Den Den Mushi from Margaret, but didn’t connect the phone. He wondered who would be calling.

It’s said that Nana was the only one who knows the number of this Den Den Mushi. But aren’t they still lurking, waiting for the Levely?

And the communication range of the child Den Den Mushi was not that large. They can only make calls when they are in a nearby area. It is impossible for her to be near this place now.

After thinking about it for a while, Ian got up and went to an empty place. He got through the call, because he suddenly remembered that there was another person who might contact him.

“Hello? Ian?” As expected, a low voice rang as soon as the call was connected.

It was Kuma. Ian smiled and said, “Uncle Kuma, did you get this number from Nana?”

“Yes!” Kuma on the other end of the line replied, “I knew that you may not be far away, so I moved back and forth near the Red Line. Every time I reach a new location, I tried to dial this number and finally got in range and contacted you!”

“What can I do for you?” Ian asked him.

“Just leave the call connected. I have a Den Den Mushi that can track the radio waves. I can locate your approximate position!” “I’ll come to you soon,” Kuma said. “You have to go to an empty place and wait for me.”

“Okay, but how can you get here?” Ian asked with some curiosity.


Kuma answered with a very concise word

So Ian had to hold the microphone in place and wait for the arrival of Kuma…