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S.C.S Chapter 149: Drifting Islands

Watching her running out, Ian smiled bitterly. ‘Why is this girl so impulsive?’

Supporting his body, Ian touched the mask on his face and found it was still there!

This means that even if he sank into the sea and fell into a coma, and then, after being rescued by the slaves, they did not take off his mask to see how he looked.

Maybe they don’t know his reason for wearing a face mask, but it doesn’t hinder their respect for him. It really shocked Ian a little bit, because he found that the slaves who he rescued were far more grateful to him beyond imagination.

It also proves the side of how miserable their life was when they were slaves…

Lifting the quilt and looking around, Ian found that his legs were covered with bandages, as was his left hand, and the clothes and trousers he wore were washed and neatly folded and placed on the cabinet beside his bed. It may have been that girl who was beside him who washed then. Not only that, but also the little treasure chest with Devil Fruit on it and the glass bubble stolen from the secret place.

Ian stretched out his hand, picked up the glass bubble, and looked carefully at the crystal chip soaked in it.

During his conversation with Aokiji, Ian also realized that the crystal chip in it was the identity chip of that Celestial Dragon, which seems to be extremely important to them.

Ian didn’t expect that his original intuition really came true. This was really a very important thing for them. If he didn’t take this identity chip into account, Aokiji might have fired all his powerful abilities and killed him!

It was actually a fluke to hurt Aokiji with the Black Dragon wave. This was mainly because the Black Dragon’s Hellfire caused the restraining effect on Aokiji. If it was not Aokiji, but Kizaru or Akainu, Ian may be dead now.

At the thought of this, Ian was afraid for a while.

Ian supported himself to get out of bed. He took his clothes and pants and put them on. Then he put the identity chip of the Celestial Dragon into his trouser pocket and carried it with him. As for the small box of the Devil Fruit, Ian felt uneasy.

It is true that the Devil Fruit has been obtained, but how to send it back to the East Blue was a problem.

‘Do I have to cross the Calm Belt and go back to my village?’ (T/N: Take Zoro with you this time, you Madafaka)

‘Forget it. I’ll think about it later. I’ve to go out now and have a look.’

Ian just opened the door, only to see the girl came in with a plate.

“Ah, why did you get up?” The girl said in surprise, “Go back and rest!”

“No, after sleeping for so many days, my bones are stiff!” Ian smiled and said to her, “Give me the food, and I’m too hungry!”

When Ian sat back on the bed, he found that the plate was full of liquid food.

He understood why, so he didn’t mind. After lifting his mask, he took the spoon and began to eat it. As a result, he found that the foods were very delicious.

“You cooked it!!?” Ian asked the girl with some surprise.

“No, it was Chef Matthew!” The girl said with a smile: “I heard that before he became a slave, he was a royal cook in the West Blue!”

“Royal chef!” Ian was a little surprised and said, “Such a man has turned into a slave?”

The girl said: “it’s not a surprising thing. You may not know that among us, there are even princesses from some small countries! They could become slaves!”

“Even the princess?” Ian was even more surprised. ‘The F**K, these Celestial Dragons are that powerful?’

: “Don’t say this, you must eat it quickly!”

The girl said with a smile: “We can talk more later, benefactor, please eat now quickly!”

Ian nodded and asked her: “Oh, by the way, what’s your name?”

“I’m Margaret!” The girl said.

“Nice knowing you, Margaret, you can call me Ian. Don’t call me benefactor in the future. I’m not used to it!” Ian said to her.

Margaret didn’t speak after that, she just smiled and watched Ian eat.

‘I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t eaten for three days, or because of the hard physical training and practice I have been doing, I always feel that I’m eating more and more nowadays, and only after eating five plates of food, I feel a little full.’

Margaret helped him by taking out the plate, and Ian put on his mask again, and walked out of the room, intending to go to the deck.

But unexpectedly, just after opening the cabin door, Ian heard a song outside.

“Yo-hohoho, Yo-hohoho…….. Binkusu no sake wo, todoke ni yuku yo! Umikaze kimakase namimakase!…” (Going to deliver Binks’ Sake! Following the sea breeze! Riding on the waves!…”)

Ian was stunned and looked closely, and found that the people on the deck, whether they were scrubbing the deck, repairing the ship’s side, or arranging the cables, were laughing and humming the song along with the tune.

Bink’s Wines, of course, is a song that Ian knows very well. This was the favorite song for sailors traveling on the sea. It can be said that it has been circulating for many years, but it has been prosperous for a long time. When Ian was on Ace’s ship, Ian heard Jimmy singing it more than once.

At this time, the weather, the blue sky, the sun shining on the faces of these freed slaves, they sang this song cheerfully, even Ian, who was musically blind, can hear their happy mood from the song.

The appearance of Ian startled the people on the deck. They recognized Ian at a glance and immediately said, “Savior, why did you come out?”

Margaret had informed them of his awakening, but they didn’t rush to the cabin to see Ian for fear of disturbing his rest, but they didn’t expect Ian to come out by himself.

With the cry of surprise, a large figure came running on the deck.


It turned out to be the black bear from the Mink Tribe. As soon as he rushed up, he stuck his big face on Ian’s face, and started cuddling.

This was a way for the Mink Tribe to say hello or expressing gratitude to their favorite people, and in this way, the big black bear mink was not satisfied, but also vigorously rubbed on Ian’s face.

Although Ian knew this, it was really his first time accepting this kind of etiquette. It was a bit uncomfortable for a while, but he knew that the black bear mink was being kind, so he could only accept it with some laughter.

The people on the deck seemed to notice Ian’s embarrassment, and they couldn’t help laughing.

“Where are we now?” Finally, he pacified the black bear mink, went to the side of the ship and looked at it. He found that now the ship was leaning against a coast and looked at it. There was land ahead, so he asked the people on the deck.

“Benefactor!” A big man with a tattoo on his face replied, “We are on a desert island. our brothers of the Fish-men tribe brought us here!”

With his narration, Ian knew that after he rushed down the Red Line and reaching the estuary, many people fell into the water, so those who were okay at that time all jumped into the sea to save others. But after the rescue, they found that the rudder had been broken, and the ship could not be controlled at all.

Worried about the pursuit by the Marines, the fish-men slaves consulted and jumped into the water again, pushing the ship forward from behind.

Although they have great strength and the sea was also their home court, but after all, the process of pushing the ship by manpower cannot last for too long, that is to say, they can’t escape too far.

But fortunately, these fish-men know that this desert island was very close to the Red Line. Their hometown, the Fish-man Island, was just below the Red Line. It can be said that they are very familiar with the sea area nearby, so they brought the ship here to be able to repair the damage.

Although it was very close to the Red Line, the fish-men were not worried about being found by the Marines at all. In their opinion, this desert island was actually an island that has just emerged.

New World has a lot of seabed volcanoes. These seabed volcanoes often form new islands. The island they stayed in was formed in this way. It originated from a volcanic spray more than a decade ago, and such newly formed islands were often islands without any magnetic force.

In other words, this place can’t be found through the Log Pose!

There were many similar situations in the New World. The newly formed islands were one kind of islands, and some are islands without magnetic force, or erratic, moving islands, etc., if they wanted to reach these islands, they either have to know the general orientation and coordinates, or they could find them through the Vivre Card “paper of life”, of course, provided that there was a companion holding the paper of life on this island.

In the New World, it’s very difficult for the marines to catch a pirate. The Log Pose used here has become three needles Log Pose, and each needle represents a different island. In the pursuit, the marines have no idea which island the pirate will go to. They could only pursue them by sending a large number of patrol ships to find a trail.

This was one of the reasons why the power of the marines has been greatly weakened in the new world. When facing the pursuit of the Marines, many pirates will flee to such an island. Only the indigenous people would know where they are, but the marines would be lost.

This was the case with the island where Ian’s ship docked. It’s very close across the Red Line, but they weren’t worried about being found by the Marines. The land base of the sea hasn’t been stable for a long time since the island was formed, so it’s also an island that will drift. The maps of the marines can’t record their specific location. Only the fish-men who often travel in these sea areas would know how to find these islands.

Listening to their explanation, Ian was relieved. No wonder why he doesn’t see a trace of the Marines after waking up from a three days coma.

“Our savior has woken up, let’s have a banquet!” A slave who was estimated to be a former pirate, he suggested.

As a result, his proposal immediately won everyone’s approval…