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S.C.S Chapter 148: Waking Up

The impact of a major event was not so easy to end.

The investigation of the world government will continue. At the same time, for the escaped slaves, they also dispatched two teams led by two Vice Admirals, planning to pursue and arrest them.

In such a busy time, the world Council still needs to be held as scheduled, and the kings and leaders of all countries, who have started to think about the affairs of Celestial Dragons, decided that they had to launch a new wave of wrangles at the World Council.

And with the news seagulls bringing what happened to Marijoa around the world, the impact was unparalleled.

For the ordinary people who don’t know about it, the Holy Land of Marijoa was the representative of the World Government’s majesty, but for the second time, such holy land has been burned, which made many people feel scared.

“Are the pirates getting more and more rampant now?” They thought like this: “Even the world government has been provoked! Can’t the Marines suppress these guys?”

But for those who know the inside story, their reaction was different…

Grand Line, Alabasta Kingdom, Rainbase “City of Dreams”, in the famous casino “Rain Dinners”! In the basement below this casino, a man biting, a cigar with his teeth, was staring at the newspaper in his hand. He wore a coat like an Italian mafia boss, and had a long stitched scar at the bridge of his nose! That man with such a face was naturally Crocodile, one of Shichibukai!

“Kuhahaha!!” After reading it, Crocodile suddenly burst out laughing.

“Boss, what’s so funny?”

A mature and sensual female voice sounded from behind him(<3), and at the same time, a beautiful woman with long black hair came in. She was wearing a women’s cowboy hat, dressed gorgeously and sexy, with a pair of beautiful black eyes, which seemed so profound.

With elegant steps, the woman walked to the chair next to Crocodile.

“Look at this! Nico Robin!” Crocodile pushed the newspaper in his hand, and then knocked on the section of the newspaper about Marijoa’s arson with the pirate hook in his left hand.

This dark-haired beauty wearing a cowboy hat was Robin. After receiving the newspaper, she looked at Crocodile strangely, and then focused her attention on the newspaper and began to read.

After a while, she put down the newspaper with some doubts and asked, “Boss, is there any inside story about this news?”

“Kuhahaha!” Crocodile laughed again and said, “The reports in the news are all superficial. In fact, this was basically a slave liberation movement!”

Robin was slightly surprised, unconsciously covered his lips and said, “You mean…”

“That’s right!” Crocodile said: “After eleven years, someone has done the same feat as Fisher Tiger, but this one was even more ruthless. It was said that a Celestial Dragon has died by his hands!”

As he said, Crocodile pointed to the bounty attached to the newspaper!

When Robin heard this, she stood up in shock.

“Relax, this man has escaped!” Crocodile squinted at Robin and sneered, “You must be very happy, Mr. man in black slapped the world government hard!”

Under his gaze, Robin quickly calmed down and said, “I am not happy, just shocked!”

“I don’t believe that. The world government is your enemy!” Crocodile smoked his cigar and said, “But don’t worry. Although I am Shichibukai, I don’t like the world government. My plan can’t be lost. I need your ability, which is why I sheltered you. Do you understand? Nico robin!”

“Yes, I understand boss!” Robin lowered her head slightly, and the brim of the cowboy hat covered her eyes, so that Crocodile could not see her eyes.

“You can take the newspaper!” Crocodile nodded.

Robin picked up the newspaper without saying a word and left the basement, but after she left, she kept staring at the wanted poster closely. Only Ian’s eyes were exposed, and looked carefully, as if she wanted to imprint them in her mind…


On an island in the Grand Line, in a secret research institution of the Marines, Bartholomew Kuma got up from a bed naked, and a researcher in a white coat said to him, “The internal injury of your body has been repaired.”

Kuma did not speak, but nodded slightly and put on his clothes. (T/N: if the author makes Kuma lose his memories and sacrifice himself to the world government like the original story I will lose my mind… such a waste)

After putting on his black gloves and picking up his book, Kuma was about to go out, but he found the newspaper left by the researcher on the chair, so he picked it up.

As the newspaper unfolded, Kuma saw the news and the wanted poster.

After a while, Kuma put the newspaper down, and them he was about to go out, the researcher asked him: “Are you going back to the Marine Headquarters?”

“No!” Kuma replied in a low voice, “I have something else to do…”

In this way, Kuma left the Institute with heavy steps, and then disappeared…

Somewhere else in the New World, the battle between Fire Fist Ace and Jinbe has just ended, and when Jinbe recovered his strength, he was about to return to the Fish-Man Island. At this time, he also got a new newspaper from the news seagulls.

“Huh, what’s going on?” Jinbe looked at the contents of the newspaper with a surprise: “When I was fighting with Ace, what happened to Marijoa?”

He carefully browsed the lines, one by one, sentence by sentence, and while reading it, he looked at the newly released bounty.

“500 million Berries?” Jinbe said with some doubts “It’s not quite right. If it’s just arson, how can there be such a high bounty? At that time, big brother Tiger was wanted with less than 200 million Berries.”

“No, I have to find out what’s going on…” Jinbe put down the newspaper and dived into the water. As he swam, he thought, “King Neptune also attended the Levely this time. I wonder if he has any other hidden facts…”


The Calm Belt, which has always been a nest of large Sea Kings, has some inhabited islands.

The Island of Women, Amazon Lily is one of them.

At this time, a large ship pulled by two ferocious sea snakes was slowly approaching to the Calm Belt. This was the pirate ship of Boa Hancock, the Pirate Empress. At this time, she returned from the expedition and was about to return to the Island of Women.

However, a news newspaper that she just received disrupted her plan.

In the cabin, a snake hovered like a throne, supporting a peerless beautiful woman who was half-naked. This beauty has long black hair, delicate white skin, exquisite features, and dark blue eyes like limpid autumn water. However, this magnificent beauty who could charm all beings was holding a newspaper in her hands at the moment, looking at the content above, her body started shaking. (T/N: ohhh… Ian now has a good chance of winning her heart <3)

“It’s on fire… Is Marijoa on fire again?” Boa Hancock muttered to herself in a low voice, unable to express her excitement: “Is… would this be a coincidence??”

“No! I don’t believe it!” Hancock stood up abruptly and shouted, “Get in now!”

After hearing the shout, two female soldier snakes immediately entered the cabin and said, “Snake Princess, what can we do for you?”

“Turn the ship right away!” Hancock said: “We are not going to Amazon Lily anymore and rush to Marineford, and at the same time send some people to investigate this, I want to know the truth about the Marijoa’s arson!

“But …” The two female soldiers hesitated and said, “but Snake Princess, we’ve spread the news that we’re going back to Amazon Lily, and now when we suddenly decide not to return. Would this be good? The citizens are looking forward to your return!”

“It’s okay, no matter what I do, I will be forgiven!” Hancock’s eyes were blurred, her thin fingers like white jades gently crossed his red lips and said: “That’s right, it is because I am… Beautiful!!!”


“Snake Princess!!”

The two snake female soldiers were fascinated by Hancock’s gesture, and immediately cried out crazily and excitedly…


In the East Blue, Frost Moon Village, Isshin Dojo, Koshiro was squinting and touching his chin, staring carefully at the photo on the wanted poster.

“They are so familiar!” Koshiro thought: “Although I can’t see it clearly, these eyes are really familiar, is this Ian?”

Koshiro turned his head to look at the sky outside and thought to himself, “If Zoro is here, maybe he can make a judgment. His instincts have always been accurate, but… I’m afraid that he’s lost again, isn’t he? It seems that it’s going to be dark before he gets back…”

‘Forget it, let me go to see Kuina first…’ Koshiro thought so, got up and left with a newspaper.

At the same time, a guy with green algae head was wandering around in the mountain forest behind the frost moon village, but he didn’t know how to get back for a long time.

“Where is the way down the mountain?!” A directional fool couldn’t help it anymore, he covered his head with both hands, squinted and shouted …

Around the news and the wanted poster, countless people have reacted in different ways, while Ian, as the center of the event, woke up slowly on a desert island in the new world.

When he woke up, Ian felt that his whole body was hurting, so he couldn’t help making a groan.

This groan awakened a beautiful girl who was staying in his room. She raised her head in surprise. When she saw Ian standing up straight, she couldn’t help cheering.

“Savior! You finally woke up!” She rushed to Ian’s bed and said.

“Where am I?” Ian asked curiously, “How long have I been in a coma?”

“We are in the cabin!” The girl replied, “You have been in a coma for three days. Everyone is worried about you! By the way, I’ll quickly tell you the news and bring you something to eat! You must be starving, aren’t you? “

The girl said a lot of things, and before Ian could react, she ran out…