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S.C.S Chapter 163: Surrender Now!!

Because the formation of the Musketeers was disturbed by Ian’s attack, when the members of the Dragon Hunter Pirates jumped onto the marine warship, they did not encounter a heavy response…

Occasionally, several marine soldiers attempted to shoot these pirates, but they were in such a mess, which made them unable to pose a great threat such as before.

On the contrary, the first one who jumped on the warship was a strong man with the most combat effectiveness.

As soon as they jumped onto the deck, a long-legged man swung his right leg and kicked a marine’s face in front of him.

Bang! The whole body of this soldier flew out while spinning in the air. This strong kick made the soldier fly seven or eight meters away, knocked down many people on his way, and finally smashed a big hole in the cabin behind.

Looking at the soldier’s legs hanging outside the hole, but he was motionless. The long-legged man could not help but wipe his nose gloomily and said: “Cut this Bullsh*t, really, there’s no need to fight us!”

The soldiers around him were not scared. They rushed towards him with their weapons while howling and, trying to take him down.

However, it’s a kind of a joke to use melee weapons against the long-legged tribe. Normal people’s legs are already longer than their arms, let alone these long-legged people!!?

Even if these soldiers used swords, their attack distance won’t be enough to attack them!

Side kick, Horizontal kick, Spinning kick, Low kick, Tomahawk chop, this man from the long-legged tribe used all these methods to launch air projectile, defeating all the marines in front of him. In just a few seconds, there was no one standing around him.

There were three other skilled people like him from the long-legged tribe, these four were solid members of the dragon hunter pirates!

Meanwhile, when they were using this type of martial art, the long-handed people were fighting with their boxing style.

A very strong marine soldier seemed to be one of the elites, but he was getting beaten by a long-handed man.

Yes, beating! Left punch, right uppercut… His ultrafast punching speed left a series of afterimages, severely damaging all parts of this elite soldier’s body.

“Jet-o Punch!” In the end, the long-handed warrior slammed a heavy blow in the abdomen of his opponent.

Boom! There was a strong force pushing through the marine’s body, a strong wind blew behind him. However, this powerful officer wasn’t able to resist this final blow, and with his rolled eyes, he slowly fell to the ground with blood flowing from his mouth…

“Huh! Done!” The long-handed man triumphantly snapped his fingers.

At this time, the marine warship suddenly shook slightly. The long-handed man looked back and found that it was Doroni who jumped onto the ship. The sway of the hull was brought by his huge weight.


Having the chance to take part in this battle, Doroni seemed very excited, and after jumping on the ship, he couldn’t help roaring as loud as he can while looking upwards.

“The… They have a bear!” The Marines nearby stared at him dumbfounded, then cried out in panic.

Doroni didn’t care so much. After roaring, he slammed his claws down, stepped forward, and ran into the crowd of the Marines.

Bang! After crashing into them, the soldiers gathered there started flying like bowling pins…

The soldiers, who were directly hit by Doroni, were scratched by his claws, with blood spreading everywhere, and then they were directly knocked out of the warship and fell into the sea. While the others around him blown away by his roar.

This huge guy, at this moment, has turned into a very brutal monster! He waved his huge bear paws and swept all the people around. The Marines near him had no chance to fight back.

“Fire! Shoot him! Take him down!” A lieutenant shouted in the crowd.

Many soldiers heard his shouting, hurriedly took out their muskets, and aimed at Doroni.

However, just at this time, a deafening roar came. When they looked around, they saw an enormous shield flying towards them, which scared the hell out of these poor soldiers who wanted to shoot the bear!

Needless to say, this shield was naturally thrown by Raideen. His shield rotating in the air, which can be called a weapon of mass destruction, swept the pile of the gathered soldiers, crashing everything in its way.

Finally, with a loud bang, the shield was directly inserted in the cabin of the warship, and it deeply embedded in it.

“Thanks, Raideen!” Doroni scratched his head and shouted towards him.

“You’re welcome!” Raideen responded to him from afar. It wasn’t easy for Raideen to join in this kind of side-to-side battle. After all, his body was too big. If he jumped in, he might overturn the whole warship, so he could only stay on their ship for long-distance support.

With such an amazing array of elites, with their amazing combat power, the battle against the marines felt almost like a group of ordinary pirates robbing a merchant ship.

When Ian was fighting Murney, many of these scenes were seen by him, they all passed at the corner of his eyes, and that made him feel so excited.

In fact, during the past few days, he had learned that Raideen and the others were not ordinary slaves of the Celestial Dragons.

After the Celestial Dragons bought them, they did not make them do those heavy physical labors, but used them in a gladiator arena where they fight to the death!

Yes, Raideen and his tribe, who lived as gladiators, fought with others every day to please the Celestial Dragons when they were in Marijoa.

The fighting power of gladiators who can survive in this arena was something impressive. Even Ian underestimated this arena at that time. But he was shocked when he heard that they were fighting desperately with all their strength to stay alive, and some of them were even able to defeat devil fruit users.

In addition to these fighting races, the rest were sturdy men with large fighting experience. Before they became slaves, they were pirates. They were used to such a battle, not only did they participate in a clash between pirates, but also against the Marines. So even in the face of the elite soldiers of the Marine headquarters, they were all competent!

Ian saw the combat effectiveness of these people, and so Murney. As the marine soldiers were falling down, Murney slashed his sword at Ian fiercely and started screaming: “Who the hell are you!? How could such a fighting force be a newly established pirate Group?”

“Guess it yourself!” Ian smiled slightly.

“Damn it!” Murney scolded angrily, the sword in his hand suddenly retracted sharply, and then spurted towards Ian at a very fast speed.

“Sword Strike!”

As a Rear Admiral, Murney also had a hidden move. He used the tip of his to launch several projectiles towards Ian with extraordinary speed, this sword Strike was the combination of Shigan of the Six Powers (Rokushiki) and his own Sword Technique.

Ian reacted at the time, but he didn’t expect the speed of this move to be so fast. When he dodged sideways, a shot scratched his right rib, leaving a small scar.

As soon as Murney saw that his attack had worked, his confidence immediately increased, and he immediately continued to use this trick.

However, this time, Ian stopped toying around, and the Devil’s Blade Yamato in his hand turned black in an instant, facing the shots of Murney’s sword, Ian slashing across him!

Slaash! The two passed by.

Murney shivered softly and looked at the sword in his hand in disbelief.

His blade, unexpectedly, was chopped by Ian from the tip, all the way to its handle.

Then looking down at his chest, where there was a huge wound with blood flowing down none-stop.

“Sha… Shame!” Murney slowly fell to the ground and said this.

Other blades usually get broken from the middle into two pieces, but not like what happened to him, his weapon has turned into a prong, but it has not broken yet… At this moment, even his chest injury was not that important. He knew that he would become the marines’ laughing stock in the future.

Ian didn’t care about him. After slashing Murney, he put the Devil’s Blade Yamato in his sheath and shouted at the soldiers, “Your Commander has lost. Put down your weapons and surrender! Now!”

Upon hearing this shout, the marine soldiers turned their heads in disbelief and saw that Murney fell into a pool of blood.


“Rear Admiral Murney!?”

“Ah!! Avenge the Rear Admiral Murney!”

Some marine soldiers shouted and rushed to Ian like crazy, but Ian just kicked them down.

“Your Rear Admiral is not dead yet!” Ian yelled. “Surrender now, and I will allow you to heal him!”

As soon as this was said, the marine soldiers didn’t know what to do. Whether they should surrender to get the chance of rescuing the Rear Admiral Murney or continue fighting these pirates.

‘The marines surrender to the pirates. Such a thing was really unbelievable.’

“If you rush again, then don’t blame me for finishing him!” Ian stared coldly at the marine soldiers.

The marine soldiers went silent for a while, and finally, a clang came, a marine soldier dropped his weapon.

With this man’s lead, the rest followed him with ease. As soon as the chain effect comes out, they all dropped their weapons.

“Zick!” Ian shouted, “Tie them up, and the rest, move everything that can be taken or useful to our ship!”

“Hai, Captain!” Zick was the leader of the long-handed tribe. He nodded when he heard the words and immediately took action.

After forcing these Marines to surrender, Ian didn’t have a thing to do with this patrol ship anymore. He asked his people to tie up the remained soldiers, and then put down the small boats on this warship and fill them with all the marines. At the same time, he took others to search for all the useful things on the warship.

It took more than two hours to empty this patrol ship, then Ian and his men went back to their ship. After that, he asked for a bullet… again…

Electric currents flashed around on his arm. As soon as everyone saw Ian’s movements, they immediately understood what he was going to do, so everyone hurriedly hid far away.

Under the stunned eyes of the soldiers, Ian ejected a bullet against their warship with his new skill, Railgun!

Bang! The sturdy hull of the Battleship was hit by this bullet and a huge hole was smashed immediately, and then it went through from the other side.

Although the warship was very durable and did not disintegrate at that time, but a steady stream of water poured into the ship. Soon, the warship sank!

The remained soldiers, with the wounded and the unconscious rear admiral Murney, squeezed on top of more than a dozen boats, they were paddling away as they watched their warship sinking.

This was a huge blow to their confidence…

“Okay, let’s go!” Ian said after watching the warship disappear from the surface of the sea…