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S.C.S Chapter 164: A Yonko’s Territory

The first battle with the Marines ended with a great victory of the Dragon Hunters.

All the people on the ship were excited about it. As soon as they left the fighting area, they immediately shouted frantically and celebrated for a while.

Matthew and Margaret, who were not involved in the battle, brought food and wine for everyone with a smile and treat them, which led to the sound of smashing glasses of wine everywhere.

“Haha, those marine soldiers don’t really bring a true fight! As I told you, I have killed four people!”

“Haha! I’m better than you, I’ve killed five!”

“Huh, that’s nothing compared to Raideen, he did the most damage to their troops. He threw his shield and smashed dozens!”

“We’ve grabbed a lot of food, weapons, and cannons this time. It’s enough supplies that can last us for a while.”

“That’s it! The Marines are more cost-effective than robbing pirates!”

“Let me tell you that if it wasn’t for our captain, who not only managed to deal with their Rear Admiral, but also destroyed their ship with one blow, a Freaking Battleship of the Marine Headquarters!”

“Yeah, when I think of the expression of those Marine soldiers at that time, that alone always brings a wild smile to my face.”

“Haha, a toast to the captain!”


All the people on the ship raised their glasses together, and so did Ian, all of them were celebrating the victory together.

After a sip of Sake, everyone breathed a sigh of relief, then Ancestor, the leader of the long-legged tribe, asked Ian curiously, “Captain, why did you let the Marines go? Also, their warship seemed to be in great condition. It’s even stronger than our ship. Why didn’t we use it instead of destroying it? “

Everyone was looking at Ian, in fact, many people had the same question.

“I didn’t leave the warship because it was too conspicuous!” Ian then sat on the deck with a glass of wine and smiled, “And who knows if the marines have left behind anything on the warship? Such as trackers or a self-destruction device and so on, with their ship, we can’t sail as relieved we do with our own ship.”

When Ian said this, all the people immediately thought about it. Yes, as all the pirates know, the Marines’ ships were only very strong, but it was rare to see pirates snatching warships and using them. It’s not because they are incapable! Wrong, in the New World, most Pirates were extremely vicious. How could they not rob warships?

As Ian said, it’s true that they can only rest assured while using their own ship.

Putting down the glass of Sake, Ian continued: “As for the release of the marine soldiers, it was for other reasons. I am not that kind of merciless killer. So many soldiers were wounded, and by leaving them alive, we will give the Marines a fine headache. This is the case at sea, without ships, no matter how many people they have, all of them become useless! We just need to fight back and hurt them, but we don’t need to develop it to the point where we never let a soul alive.”

Ian took a sip and smiled, “To be honest, I don’t want an Admiral to hunt us down for the time being!”

They all burst into laughter. Indeed, on the ship these days, they heard Ian saying that he was not yet an opponent of an Admiral. He was only capable of restraining the battle against Aokiji.

If these soldiers were slaughtered, in that case, the marine headquarters would become so annoyed and angry, and then they would probably send another Admiral out, and that would be terrible.

Besides, the Admiral sailing out won’t necessarily be Aokiji, but it may turn to be Kizaru or Akainu. Ian really has no good way to deal with these two monsters…

‘Well, no, the Super Electromagnetic Cannon skill maybe a little useful against Kizaru!’ Ian thought about it this way.

Although the bullet ejected by the Railgun has a short attack distance, but its speed was as equivalent as three times the speed of sound. Such a speed, when the attack is launched at close range, has surpassed the speed of human reaction. The Glint-Glint Fruit of Kizaru, although it was known that it gives the abilities with the speed of light, but it is impossible for him to reach it, right?

Even when the so-called attack speed reaches the speed of light, Ian was very skeptical. If he can reach the speed of light, every time he attacks his opponent, the power of his abilities should be equal to a nuclear bomb. How can this be possible? Then from the moment, he ate the devil fruit, he would be able to just move his hand and launch an atomic bomb? That must be a BUG! How could such a person exist in this world?

That’s the power of God…

So Ian guessed that Kizaru’s speed was estimated to be far beyond the reaction speed of an ordinary person, and he must just have a lot of ultimate abilities… that’s it.

After thinking about it for a while, Ian stopped. He guessed it was useless after this. He will only make sure of his guesses after fighting him.

So they continued to drink and celebrate, and drove toward their destination.


About two hours after the departure, the rescue ship of the headquarters finally arrived at the fighting area.

Ian left the Marine soldiers a Den Den Mushi to call for help…

At this time, it was Momonga, the Vice-Admiral of Marine Headquarter, who came to rescue them. Murney received his order to patrol the sea. So when Momonga received a call saying that the patrol ship had been completely destroyed, he was shocked.

Hearing that the ship sank, he thought that many soldiers were killed and a lot were injured badly.

As a result, he was relieved to see that most of the soldiers survived when he arrived in the area of the naval battle.

However, this was a huge blow to the Marines. Rear Admiral Murney was seriously injured and a battleship was wrecked.

The loss of a Marine Headquarter standard Battleship wasn’t something trivial! This time, the administrator of the Marines sent only four warships to search for the mastermind of Marijoa’s arson. Now unexpectedly, they lost one of them, which must be very sorrowful for Momonga.

Some people may think that it was just a warship.

In fact, it’s a mistake to think so. For example, the ultimate form of military attack used by the Marines (also known as The Buster Call) can easily erase an entire island from existence. However, even if it was such an extraordinary order of such destructive powers, only ten warships were needed to dispatch. That’s it.

This standard Battleship is a vessel that can accommodate 800 soldiers, and its natural volume is very large, and it’s not that easy to make even for the Marines.

“Who on Earth destroyed our ship?”

After taking the Marines on board, Momonga came to the witnesses for interrogation. Murney was still in a coma, so he could only find some soldiers for questioning…

“It’s a pirate group that we haven’t seen its flag before. It may be newly established!” some soldiers replied, “These pirates were very powerful. They rushed us under our Battleship’s artillery, and then a giant threw their captain over to disorganize our musketeer formation. Then the rest joined him in the battle. The Rear Admiral, Murney, was defeated by their captain.”

“A Giant!?” Momonga was very surprised: “How can a giant join such a group and they stay unknown?”

“Not only him, but there are also several long-legged and long-handed people in this Pirate Group, even a Mink!” A soldier replied.

Momonga heard the heart this and a sudden heartbeat struck him, there were so many members from different races on the same ship?

Is it possible that this pirate group was the escaped slaves they were looking for?

So he hurriedly asked, “When fighting with them, did you see any special marks on them, on their backs?”

Due to the concealment of the World Government, they only said that Ian has set fire to the Holy land, but they did not mention the escape of slaves. These soldiers were at Marine Headquarters in the Marineford at that time, so it may be a little unclear. Momonga could not tell these soldiers that they were after a group of slaves, so he could only ask ambiguously.

The Marines thought about it carefully, then shook their heads.

There was no way that they could see the mark, because Ian used the healing power of Orihime’s card to erase the slave marks on these people.

Momonga was still unwilling, and asked again: “Are there fish-men on the ship? Or, have you seen a masked person among them?”

It’s a coincidence that there were a giant and a mink between these pirates, but there were a lot of fish-men rescued from Marijoa at that time. So Momonga just wanted to confirm it.

However, unfortunately, he never imagined that Jinbe would appear and take away all the Fish-men on Ian’s ship…

Plus Ian didn’t wear a mask at this time. So the soldiers didn’t confirm his theory…

It was impossible to determine whether this group of pirates, the Dragon Hunters, was indeed the target they were looking for. However, Momonga still thinks that it was likely to be them.

Moreover, regardless of whether they were their objective or not, Momonga must hunt down this group of pirates because they sank a marine Battleship.

“In which direction did they leave?” Momonga asked.

The Marines pointed it out to the direction, then Momonga, judging the Log Pose and the map, quickly identified the island that these pirates might go to.

But after confirming it, Momonga screamed in surprise.

“Are they really going to Mainspring Island!? But isn’t it a territory marked by the Yonko, the Whitebeard…”

“It’s impossible. What’s the connection between these pirates and the Whitebeard?” Momonga thought about it. Soon, he gave an order: “Contact the Vice Admiral Doberman immediately and tell him to join us at Mainspring Island!”