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S.C.S Chapter 165: Rules

“Captain, I can see the island!”

After another day of sailing, the watchman finally launched such a shout.

After hearing this cry, not only Ian, but all the people on the whole ship could not help cheering.

Calculating the time, they were drifting on the sea for almost a week. The long-term sea life is very boring. Looking at the endless sea every day made people have a lack of spirit.

But fortunately, Ian and his crew finally saw the island now.

Everyone happily came to the deck and looked with great interest at the island that appeared in the distance. Ian asked Margaret, “What’s the name of that island?”

However, Margaret shook her head and said, “I really don’t know.”

It was kinda impossible to know. Although Margaret knows a little about navigation and how to use the Log Pose in the new world, she was not a navigator after all. How can she know the names of all the islands?

Of course, this doesn’t matter that much, because they will know it after getting on land.

Their boat was sailing at full speed and moved all the way to the island, but as soon as they started approaching the island, Ian suddenly heard a groaning sound!

This was a ringing sound just like his little Den Den Mushi. Ian thought that someone was trying to contact him, but he took out his little Den Den Mushi and looked at it, but it wasn’t him!

Because it doesn’t sound like an incoming call, and even the Den Den Mushi’s eyes were closed.

Ian has used Den Den Mushi more often. Ian can tell that there was a small difference in detail. When there was a call, his Den Den Mushi will open his eyes, and its sound was “purr purr”, but this one had another current “ploo ploo”…

“What is this?” Ian scratched his head and said strangely.

At this moment, Zick, the long-handed leader, suddenly changed his expression and said, “Is it a Territorial Sea Slug?”

“What… What is that?” The crowd around did not know it.

“This is bad, Captain!” Zick looked tight, and said to Ian: “This Island might be a territory of one of the four emperors. I’ve heard before that there was a rare creature in the new world, called Territorial Sea Slugs. Creatures living on the ocean floor and emitting warning waves that can be picked up by any Den Den Mushi, which is only used by the Yonko pirates and they are found only near the islands within their sphere of influence and act as a territory sign!”

Ian suddenly understood and said, “You mean, this island may be one of the Yonko’s territories?”

Zick nodded: “Yes, and unlike the islands that usually protected by them and uses the flags of the four emperors, since it is called the sphere of influence, it means that there are members of the four emperors pirates stationed on this island!”

Ian touched his chin and said, “Even if this is the case, they can’t keep people from landing on the island, can they?”

“No! We are allowed to!” Zick said: “However, after getting to the island, we must abide by their rules, especially pirates like us, we will be monitored. Once we do something wrong on the island, that means we declared war against the Yonko protecting it.”

“Since we’re allowed to go to the island, it will be fine!” Ian said with a smile, “We will act according to their rules!”

Turning around, Ian looked at the island in front of him and whispered, “It’s just… huh, I don’t know which Yonko’s territory this island is… “

The Four Emperors (Yonko) was a general term for the four most powerful Pirates of the New World, anyone of them has the strength to shake the entire world. They all have a large number of mighty warriors and powerful forces by their side. The Shichibukai were like the emperors, most of them were stationed on the New World in the second half of the Grand Line.

If anyone wants to get along well in the new world, they can either join one of the Yonko, or obey them and abide by the rules set by them. Anyone who dares to disobey and start a war against them won’t have a good end.

For decades, many ambitious pirates have been trying to challenge the four emperors. However, after so many years, none of the original Yonko has lost a fight, but the ambitious people have already withered into ashes…

Although Ian didn’t know that the island in front of him was a station of a Yonko, Ian never wanted to provoke one of them, so he didn’t worry about it.

As their ship gradually entered the port, they saw the bustling people on the shore. The island looks very prosperous, which can be clearly seen from the number of ships in the port.

“Hey, the Pirates Ships dock there!”

Seeing Ian’s ship about to dock, an old man who was fishing on the port wharf yelled at them and showed them the way.

They didn’t say a thing to the old man, they turned a little bit and headed towards the right side of the port.

There were all kinds of ships parked there, from the smallest to extra large without exception, all with black pirate flags. Most of these pirates stared at Ian’s ship, but they didn’t recognize them… Well, that’s impossible. This was a newly formed group…

After the upcoming ship docked, a group of people yelled and jumped off the ship, stepping on the beach beside the port and leaping happily.

After staying on the boat for such a long time, it felt like they have been swinging around for a decade. Now finally, they were stepping on the ground, even Ian couldn’t help walking a bit.

After a couple of seconds, Ian felt much better.

After getting in a good mood, Ian couldn’t help announcing loudly, “Well guys, let’s stay on this island for three days!”

“Whoaa! Hail to the captain!” The crowd immediately shouted back.

Margaret didn’t seem to be interested in landing on this island, not only her, as were the few girls on the ship. When they heard that the island might be a territory of a Yonko, they got subconsciously afraid.

Ian couldn’t help it, but at least, there were always several members on board to guard, so he arranged a group of people to rotate and protect them.

Raideen, Doroni, and Matthew all followed Ian to the shore. Matthew still had the dead fisheyes, but the dark circles around disappeared a lot. Ian was afraid that his sleeping ability would cause trouble on the island, so he asked him to put on a pair of gloves.

In addition, Ian also asked many members to bring down and take some useless materials seized from the marine ships, intending to sell them on the island, and then he spent the money in buying some daily necessities, food, and water…

However, just as they were going to enter the island town, a voice suddenly came.

“Oh, oh! There is a giant with them. It seems like they are a good Pirate Group! “

Ian looked back at the direction of the voice, and found on the wharf a group of people was approaching them. It was a young man who said this sentence. He had a messy golden head and a lip ring on his mouth. He looked like a gangster.

And the dozen people who followed him were almost wearing the same clothes like his, with various tattoos and strange shapes.

“Who are you?” Ian started talking and asked him.

“Huh? You don’t know me?” The man with the lip ring froze for a moment, and then said, “So, is this the first time you come to this island?”

Ian didn’t speak, just nodded.

“Well, I see!” The man with the lip ring said: “Since it’s your first time to come here, then I need to explain the rules of this place for you!”

“I’m Ramos! A member of the second Division of the Whitebeard Pirates!” Ramos said: “You are a pirate, so you must obey our rules after getting here. This island is the sphere of influence of our father, the Whitebeard. If you dare to make trouble here, then don’t blame us for being cruel!”

“The Whitebeard!” Ian was stunned. He didn’t expect that it was the territory of the Whitebeard.

And… the second Division?

Hearing this number, Ian was shocked and asked: “Do you know Ace?”

But Ramos shook his head and said, “No, I don’t!”

Ian didn’t know that at this time, Ace had been taken away by the Whitebeard, and this happened just a short while ago. At this time, Ace was still trying to kill the Whitebeard. He hasn’t officially joined the Whitebeard Pirates. How could Ramos, who is stationed on this island, know about Ace?

Ian didn’t know much, so he thought that Ace hadn’t met the Whitebeard yet.

In this case, Ian didn’t ask any other questions and said, “Don’t worry, we won’t mess around!”

“That’s good!” Ramos said with a smile: “in addition, on this island, we don’t interfere in what you want to buy or sell, but you have to give 30% of the profits to us!”

“That’s too much!?” Ian couldn’t help saying.

“These are the rules, it’s specially set for you pirates!” Ramos shrugged: “Of course, you can choose not to pay!”

Ramos didn’t say what the consequences were, but Ian could naturally guess that, fortunately, they didn’t plan to do much business on the island. They just want to sell some spoils and they didn’t have much money, so he stopped talking about this matter.

“Since you have no objections, things are settled!” Ramos smiled smugly, as if he had already guessed Ian’s reaction. “By the way, what’s the name of your pirate crew?”

“Dragon Hunter Pirates!” Ian glanced at him lightly.

“Great name, then we will meet again when you are about to leave!” Ramos turned around and left with his men.