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S.C.S Chapter 166: confusing news

After landing on the island, Ian and a group of his crew walked all the way to the town.

At the entrance of the town, Ian saw the name of the island written on a wooden board bellow the Whitebeard’s Jolly Roger, hanging together on two pillars over the town entrance. “Welcome to Mainspring Island”!

This was indeed the territory of the Whitebeard Pirate Group.

However, after entering the town, Ian discovered that there were many ordinary residents.

The spacious streets, wide and dazzling shops, and various buildings with different styles give a bright atmosphere to the whole town.

While Ian was still enjoying and appreciating the appearance of the city, suddenly a loud voice came from behind. Ian thought that it was a dog barking, so he turned around and looked at it.

As he looked back, his eyes almost popped out!

It was indeed a dog that ran from behind, but Ian saw that there was a clockwork key on this dog. As the dog ran, the clockwork key was turning slowly.

A child laughed as the dog behind him, as if the dog was trying to catch him, and a gust of wind past by when they raced beside Ian.

“Am… Am I hallucinating?” Ian rubbed his eyes vigorously and said: “Why does the dog have a mainspring key on his back? Did the boy plug it in?”

The rest of the crew looked at each other for a while.

And as Ian and his crew went deeper into the town, they saw more and more such creatures.

No matter whatever it was the animal, dogs, cats, etc… All of them had an iron clockwork key on their back. In this town, Ian also saw livestock such as cattle and horses, all of which have the same keys.

A parrot flew over Ian’s head, and a clockwork key rotating in his bottom…

“Haha! Is this your first time on the Mainspring Island!?” An old man passing by, couldn’t help laughing when he saw Ian’s dumbfounded appearance.

“Old man! Are the clockwork keys on these animals real?” Ian asked stupidly, pointing to the parrot.

The old man smiled and said, “Yes, the creatures on this island are all very rare, they are named ‘Clockwork Creatures’! They are perfectly alive and absolutely real.”

This Mainspring Island, in fact, should be called the treasure beast island. The creatures on the island have a special “clockwork organs”. When these clockwork creatures are active during the daytime, the clockwork key on their bodies will turn accordingly. But when the night comes, these clockwork creatures will go to sleep, and the clockwork key will automatically start recharging, just like twisting the clockwork, and that is the source of power for their activities.

“This island has emerged from ancient times!” The old man, clutching his cane, informed Ian about the island: “These creatures were born at that time. For thousands of years, they have been living in peace on the island until someone boarded the island and discovered them. Some scholars, in order to study these rare creatures, settled down on this island and built a town. However, when the news started spreading around, tons of people began to think wickedly about these rare creatures. Many people hunted these animals wantonly and sold them. We civilians were often harassed by these hunters.”

The old man sighed and said, “At first, many people felt that they couldn’t live here any longer. So they wanted to leave the island. However, thirty years ago, The Whitebeard came to the island, and declared it as one of his territories, so he managed to protect everything.”

Ian listened to the old man then nodded. Indeed, those who had the idea of hunting and selling these rare creatures were probably pirates or bounty hunters. The Whitebeard claimed this island as one of his domains, so no one would dare to make trouble in his territory.

“Listen to me, young man!” The old man pointed to Ian and said, “You can stay on the island as long as you want, but don’t think of doing anything to these creatures, otherwise no one will be able to save you then!”

Ian just shrugged. He didn’t expect to be warned by the two people as soon as he got to the island.

He had never thought about doing a thing to these creatures, he had just discovered them, so naturally, he didn’t pay much attention to them.

The Mainspring Island was quite large, but the town on the island wasn’t that big. From a distance, there were dense forests and mountains behind the town. It was estimated that these clockwork creatures lived in these forests.

Ian and his team of more than sixty people were considered as a huge group of people. After entering the town, they first took the surplus materials of the marine warship and found a place to sell them.

These things were mainly swords and guns. At that time, all the marine soldiers on the whole ship were equipped with muskets and swords. As a result, they were all taken away after their surrender. There were about seven or eight hundred guns plus the exact amount of swords. However, there were only 75 members on Ian’s group, so after leaving a weapon for everyone, they had to sell the rest.

The weapons of the marines were naturally a good quality. They didn’t worry about selling them. They found a weapon shop and sold them directly to the owner.

This was the Whitebeard’s territory, so even if it can be seen that these items were the Marines’ stuff, the owner still accepted them, but the trade went with bluffing and swindling. Ian and his men were under pressure, and he lowered the price to the maximum. In the end, more than 500 guns and swords were sold for only 500,000 Berries.

Although it wasn’t that much, they needed this money, they accept it directly. Then with the suggestion of Doroni, they found a large pub and planned to go in for a drink and at the same time eat something.

After arriving at the tavern, Raideen was so sad because the door was too small, so he could not enter, so Ian had no choice but to find the tavern owner, and asked him to move out dozens of barrels and put them outside for Raideen to drink.

Ian and his crew were great customers, so the tavern owner cooperated and greeted them diligently, then took them to sit down.

All the people sat down at seven or eight tables, and a large amount of wine was served, as well as all kinds of delicious food, so that everyone began to enjoy their time.

Matthew, the chef, was curious about the unique flavor of the island’s food, so he went to the tavern owner and asked for advice. As a result, his slow tone made the tavern owner uncomfortable and ran away.

The rest of them talked about interesting things while drinking, and laughing from time to time. This was the typical lifestyle of the pirates.

Ian didn’t get much involved. He was listening to the other people in the pub.

It is said that the tavern was an important source of information, and that was true. In addition to Ian and his group, there were many other pirates in the tavern. When they chat out loud, they often talk about their stories and say everything they heard recently or any new rumors, which is inadvertently thing.

Silently drinking and listening, at this time, the conversation between the pirates in the rear attracted his attention.

“Hey, have you heard about the masked man!”

“The Masked Man? Who is that?”

“You are so stupid! He is the most famous person in this period?”

“Huuh!! You’re not talking about the guy who is wanted for 500 million Berries?”

“Yes, it’s him! The arsonist of Marijoa!”

Upon hearing this, Ian immediately knew what they were talking about, so he immediately raised his ears and listened.

“500 million Berries, damn it, that’s a lot, I don’t get it, why would the Marines give such a high bounty for this man!”

“Is it that hard for you to determine that? He must have burned the mansion of a Celestial Dragon, which made them very angry!”

“Right, why did you suddenly mention him?”

“Haha… I heard that this person has come to this island!”

Ian choked and almost spouted out a mouthful of wine. What did he just say!? How did this pirate know about his arrival?

How did he know about his whereabouts?

Just in doubt, Ian kept eavesdropping the pirates at the rear while they continued to talk: “What? That man really came to Mainspring Island?”

“Of course, this news is absolutely reliable!”

“Really! Then we have to move now!? As long as we can catch that guy, we can get 500 million Berries?”

“What are you talking about? You think it’s so easy to catch someone who has a 500 million bounty? And it is written on his wanted poster that he must be caught alive, so it’s even harder to do so!”

“That’s not a problem, as long as we can find him, then we can just strike him from the back and stun him?”

“Cut your bullsh*t, it’s really stupid to think or even say such a thing. This is the territory of the Whitebeard. Do you dare making trouble in this place?”

“Humm… then it’s not as easy as I expected, but we can still do it, as long as the members of Whitebeard Pirates can’t see us doing it?”

“F*ck off, and get out of my face, the masked man is a person who was valued by Whitebeard Pirates. I heard that as soon as he landed on the island, the Whitebeard Pirates recognized him and asked him to join them!”

“No way!! So now it’s impossible for us to catch that guy!?”

Ian was confused for a while. ‘What the hell is going on? When did the Whitebeard Pirate Group recognize me? When did I join them?’

He was very confused by this news…