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S.C.S Chapter 167: the Blackbeard

Ian was in doubt after hearing a strange laughter coming from outside the pub.

“Zehahahaha!! Here it is. The cherry pie in this tavern is delicious… oh oh oh! How can there be a giant outside!?”

Ian heard the noises arriving from the front of the tavern’s door, and after a while, a group of people pushed open the door and entered.

Ian was so shocked when he saw the first man entering…

Is that really the Blackbeard!?

The man who came in was a big man with a burly and rugged appearance. His body hair was very thick. He wore an open buttoned white shirt with rolled-up sleeves, showing his hairy chest. He had two strings of jewels on his neck. He pushed open the door of the tavern with his hands, which were full of jewel rings. There were three medieval guns in his left waist, and a wine bottle on the right side of his belt. Just by his appearance, he showed a look of a tyrant…

This man was, for sure, Marshall D. Teach, known as the Blackbeard!

Ian was nervous when he saw him appearing in this place suddenly, and he felt terrified.

Why is he here!?

But then Ian immediately thought about it, and recalled. ‘Ah, yes, when I met Ramos, he said that he was a member of the second Division of the Whitebeard Pirates!’ That is to say, the Second Division was now stationed here, and the Blackbeard seems to be a member of this team too if he remembers correctly…

If Ian was surprised by the sudden appearance of the Blackbeard, then when he saw the man behind the Blackbeard, Ian got choked by his own drink!

Behind the Blackbeard was a man dressed all in black, with a black thief mask on his head, only showing his eyes…

And the most shocking thing was that this man even had a samurai sword on his waist…

This reminded Ian of the night clothes he wore when he was in Marijoa. In combination with the discussion of the pirates behind him, Ian instantly understood what was going on!

‘What the f**k!? Is this a joke, It’s obvious that he’s fake!?’

That’s why he was choked…

When the masked man walked into the tavern, his right hand was still on the hilt at his waist. He glanced at all the people in the tavern with alert eyes.

When the Blackbeard and this man appeared, the whole tavern went quiet, looking at the two with a stunned expression.

“Zihahaha!” The Blackbeard also saw the reaction of the crowd, and his laughter suddenly filled the whole place. He opened his hands and shouted to the people in the pub, “Are you surprised? I’d like to introduce you to Mr. Black Masked Man, the man who just burned the holy land of Marijoa! And now, he’s one of us, a member of the Whitebeard Pirates!”

Poof! Poof! Ian and all the members of the Dragon Hunter Pirates, after hearing this, all of them spouted out the wine in their mouths!

In the beginning, when they saw the masked man, they first thought that this was just his usual dress. But after hearing the Blackbeard’s words, they immediately reacted!

‘The F**k! How dare you pretending to be our captain!?’

At the moment, there were two big men next to Ian who couldn’t hold back. They slapped the table and stood up, they wanted to clear things up, but they were pulled by Ian.

However, they slapped the table a little loudly, which made the Blackbeard and the masked man look over, as did the others in the tavern.

“What, kid, is there a problem?” The Blackbeard opened his mouth wide, revealing his missing teeth, and sneered.

“It’s nothing!” Ian sat in his seat, smiled slightly, raised his glass and gestured to the Blackbeard, saying, “Don’t mind my partners, they drink too much!”

With Ian’s words, the Blackbeard didn’t investigate more. He took the masked man to the bar counter and sat down. He smiled at the owner and said: “Hey boss, bring us your delicious cherry pie! And a lot of wine!”

“Okay, Mr. Teach!” the pub owner said with a smile.

Then, the Blackbeard and the masked man sat in front of the bar, drinking, eating, and laughing.

“Captain, why did you stop us from speaking the truth?” The two big men, who were held by Ian, whispered to Ian with some grievances, “That guy is impersonating your character!”

“Let him do so!” Ian smiled and said, “We shouldn’t care much about such a thing. First, let’s see what they are going to do. This is the Whitebeard’s territory. That guy named Teach is one of the Whitebeard pirates!”

Hearing Ian’s words, everyone had no choice but to suppress this matter.

Turning his head, Ian continued to look at the Blackbeard, observing him secretly while he was drinking.

Don’t look at this guy’s upstart expression. He wears all kinds of jewelry on his body, but this was exactly the image of most pirates. It can be said that his appearance was a typical example.

In Ian’s observation, he found that the Blackbeard was very amiable, and even the tavern owner calls him Mr. Teach, which was not due to fear of the Whitebeard Pirates, because Ian saw that he was talking with the owner from time to time, and he often laughed with them, he had a very straightforward and approachable look.

“Huh! A couple of great actors…!” Ian sighed in his heart.

Only Ian knew that the Blackbeard was a very ambitious man. He has been thinking about staying in the Whitebeard pirate group, just using his name as a cover, playing the image of a good son. But in the future, when the opportunity to become the Commander of the second Division will be given to Ace, that will cause some jealousy.

However, when his target appeared, he immediately revealed his ferocious fangs.

In order to snatch the Dark-Dark Fruit, he killed the Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates 4th Division, took the fruit, and fled. Then during the Battle of Marineford, he appeared in the last second and used a special ability, probably from his Dark-Dark fruit, and took the Whitebeard’s power, his Tremor-Tremor fruit, thus successfully ascended the throne of the four emperors ( becoming one of the Yonko)…

All of this will happen two years later. Now, the image of the Blackbeard in front of the public was just a simple and bold pirate.

And the masked man sitting next to him, Ian didn’t have to think about him at all, he was another guy who wanted to capitalize on this event…

This was the perfect opportunity. When Ian was rioting in Marijoa, his dress was too easy to be imitated, and no one saw his real face at that time. So the wanted poster was just his masked appearance.

However, the Marines and the world government have offered such a high bounty for him, and he has to only be captured alive…

For those who wanted to become famous quickly, posing as Ian was really a great shortcut.

According to Ian’s conjecture, it’s not a bad thing that there were guys who pretend to be him all over the world. The only one who was smarter than others and will be recognized as the real one is the one who found the Whitebeard Pirate Group and planned to join them.

Once he joins the Whitebeard Pirates and gets sheltered by them, he will become the true arsonist.

As for the Blackbeard, he must have been sent by the Whitebeard Pirates to win over the masked man, and it seems that the two communicated quite smoothly, otherwise Teach would not invite the masked man to the pub for a drink.

Ian looked at this scene and suddenly felt a bit funny. It felt like watching two scheming bastards performing…

‘Impersonating me? What a joke?’

The masked man probably didn’t know the inside story, thinking that Ian has just ignited Marijoa. He might feel that it wasn’t a big deal. But when he joins the whitebeard Pirates, he thinks that he would be safe by doing this…

But he doesn’t know that Ian was wanted with such a high bounty because he took the identity chip of a Celestial Dragon.

As long as Celestial Dragons haven’t given up this matter, there will be a steady stream of marines hunting him down, even if he was with the Whitebeard Pirates, they won’t necessarily be able to protect him.

This made Ian wonder whether the Whitebeard Pirates would engage in a full-scale battle against the marines for this fake person? If so, will they…

Start the Battle of Marineford in advance!? Haha, that would be too funny…

This was the reason why Ian stopped everyone from debunking the masked man. This is something that can help him change the pot. This is a good thing for Ian!

Just as Ian was drinking Sake happily and looking at these two cunning people, three warships were also slowly approaching the sea outside the Mainspring Island…

Not only that, but there was also a strange big ship far behind these three warships.

This big ship was dragged by two huge and ferocious snakes, and a black pirate flag was fluttering above the ship’s mast.

Its Jolly Roger has a small skull with no jawbone, and no crossbones. Instead, it has nine snakes appearing from behind the skull, curving to the right…

The Kuja pirates!