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S.C.S Chapter 169: the Pirate Empress

On the way to Mainspring Island, Boa Hancock was also thinking about what she should do.

To help the man in black escape, it was, of course, necessary to obstruct the marines’ arrest. However, if it was too obvious, the Marines will be very suspicious.

As the emperor of Amazon Lily, Boa Hancock still needs the Shichibukai’s identity as a privilege. Although she was very proud, she was still very concerned about her own people. If her appearance obstructs the action of the Marines, and in case of her deeds was reported to the World Government and the Marines, they might get furious and strip her Shichibukai identity, which would be troublesome.

Although Amazon Lily was in the Calm Belt, and most people can’t get there, but in recent years, Marines’ scientific and technological forces have advanced by a lot, and made rapid progress, which gave them the ability to travel through the Calm Belt, so once she loses the shelter of Shichibukai, and return to being a normal Pirate group, Amazon Lily was likely to be attacked by Marines.

This peerless beauty, the Pirate Empress, frowned slightly, bit her fingernails gently, and thought about how to act.

Her appearance like that was also breathtaking, which made the Kuja female warriors around obsessed. If it wasn’t for fear of disturbing her thinking, they would have been shouting “Snake Princess-Sama!”, then fainted to the ground.

“By the way, didn’t the Marines mention a dragon hunter pirate group?” Boa Hancock suddenly thought back and said, “Perhaps, we can make a fuss about these pirates!?”

Soon, Boa Hancock came up with an idea, got out of her chair made of the snake named Salome, and said, “Pass my order. We have to land there and look for a pirate group called Dragon hunters. When we get on the island, we will catch this pirate group!”

“Yes, Snake Princess!” All the female warriors took orders.

Just as the Kuja pirate ship approached the island, Momonga and Doberman, two Vice Admirals, also led the Marine soldiers to attack the island!

After entering the port and docking, a large number of fully armed marine soldiers jumped off the ships. Under the command of officers at all ranks, they quickly blocked the entire port, and at the same time, a large number of people began to move towards the town.

“Damn it! It’s the Marines!” Ramos, a member of the second Division of the Whitebeard Pirates that Ian met in the port at the beginning, arrived at the port immediately after receiving the news. He jumped to scold the Marines: “Don’t you know this is the territory of the Whitebeard Pirates!? You brought so many soldiers to the island, what is your intention!?”

The Marine soldiers cautiously pointed their guns at him, while Momonga walked out of the crowd and said to Ramos, “We know that this is the site of Whitebeard pirates, but we also know that the mastermind of Marijoa’s arson, the masked man in black appeared on this island, which is an important criminal to the World Government, so even if we know that this is the territory of Whitebeard pirates, we have to do our jobs!”

“Do you want to cause a war?” Ramos was furious.

“We will send Specialized Staff to negotiate with the Whitebeard afterward!” Momonga said.

However, Ramos didn’t buy it at all. After what consultation? If the Marines really catch people from this island and take them away, then the Whitebeard pirates’ reputation would be in the ground, after that, What a Freaking negotiation is he talking about!

So Ramos decided to face them, picked up a huge iron bar, waved to the members of the Whitebeard Pirates behind him, and said: “Kill them! Get rid of these marines!”


The Second Division of the Whitebeard Pirate Group burst out with a roar, rushed into the Marines, and began to attack ruthlessly.

At this point, the battle finally broke out!

Although both Momonga and Doberman had expected this situation, at this time, after seeing the ignited war, they couldn’t help but have a strong headache.

Once this battle started, its result won’t be that heavy. In case they kill or injure many of these pirates, then the Whitebeard won’t be willing to forgive the marines, but if they were merciful, and didn’t act roughly, things might change….

The only thing that made both of them happy was that the leader position of the second division of Whitebeard Pirates, for some reason, has been vacant, that is, if only the Second Division was currently stationed on the island, so then there weren’t any members with the Commanders’ strength…

Momonga glanced at Doberman and said, “Let’s fight back, but just subdue them, No killing!”

Doberman nodded and pulled out a sword from his waist.

This was the only way. The marines were not afraid to fight with the four emperors, but they were just not ready for such a fight. Therefore, Momonga and Doberman can’t hurt Ramos. They can only disarm them and defeat them without causing heavy injuries. But they have to do it quickly, so they don’t lose many soldiers…

However, just as they wanted to do their plan, a Marine soldier suddenly ran to report: “Vice Admiral Momonga, Vice Admiral Doberman! A pirate ship appeared on the sea! Uhh… It’s a Shichibukai’s ship! “

“What!?” After hearing this, Momonga and Doberman were all startled. They seized the Marines soldier and said, “Which Shichibukai is coming?”

Although the Shichibukai were nominally obeying the World Government and the Marines, everyone knows that Shichibukai were wicked, very uncooperative, and they have reservations about the trust of the World Government and the Marines. Similarly, the World Government and the Marines also cannot fully trust them.

At this time of war, a Shichibukai suddenly appeared, and he didn’t even inform the Marines!?

The reason why they were inquiring about his identity was that they were worried that he would turn to be Jinbe, Both the world government and the Marines knew about the relationship between Jinbe and the Whitebeard. So if he came here to stop the arrest of the Marines, then things would be terrible.

“The one coming… are Kuja pirates, the Pirate Empress!”

Fortunately, the marine soldier’s subsequent report made the two relieved a little.

However, they were still puzzled and asked, “That woman… what is she doing here!?”

In front of Ramos, they fought with the marine soldiers, but the Momonga and Doberman stopped and turned back, looking in the direction of the port.

“Who would be so insolent… putting a little dog and a cat… blocking my path!?”

Along with this arrogant voice, accompanied by the screams of little animals, a puppy and a kitten with clockwork keys on their back were kicked away by Boa Hancock, and then they angrily shouted at her.

A beautiful lady with long black hair, dark blue eyes, a very tall and slender body, white skin, and sexy clothes, blooming her amazing mature charm, she was the legendary beauty, the Pirate Empress, the Snake Princess, Boa Hancock!!! Just as she appeared in front of the public, she walked all the way, the crowd unconsciously moved away from her path, all the marine soldiers, at the moment of seeing her, immediately fell into a state of mesmerization.

“How… Beautiful!”

“My God, is she the Pirate Empress?”

“The world’s most beautiful woman, indeed, she is worthy of this title!”

“Ah! I want to be trampled by her high heels… “

Momonga and Doberman came to her in a haze and asked her: “Pirate Empress, Boa Hancock, why are you here?”

“Do I need your permission to come here!?” Boa Hancock showed her arrogance in front of people by raising her head and talking…

At this time, the marine soldiers, who were fighting with Ramos and the Whitebeard pirates, were also attracted by the appearance of the Pirate Empress. Ramos and the rest of the pirates were also staring at her. They all looked in the direction of Boa Hancock.

“She is so gorgeous…”

Her appearance was like a huge ray of light, instantly attracted everyone’s attention. Now all the men present were staring at her.

However, at this time, Boa Hancock suddenly looked shy, putting her hand on her cheek, then said, “Don’t look at me like this… You are scaring me…”

As soon as this coquettish look appeared, it was even more amazing. All the men around felt that their hearts were about to break out of their chests.

“That’s not GOOD!” Only Momonga and Doberman knew what was going to happen, and they screamed.

Sure enough, the next second Hancock placed her hands in front of her chest, forming a heart shape, and aimed at the crowd ahead.

“Falling-Down Drunk Sweet Wind!” (Love-Love Beam!)

Then, she fired a heart-shaped beam from her hands, and swept the crowd in front of her in an instant.

After that, Ramos and the members of the whitebeard Pirates suddenly turned into stone statues!

Even after they turned into statues, their faces still kept the lust expression…

Not only the whitebeard Pirates, but also a lot of marine soldiers were affected and turned into stone statues.

“You… What are you doing?” Momonga said to Boa Hancock furiously.

“Helping you arrest these people!” Boa Hancock said to him with a sneer.

“Then why did my soldiers become statues!” Momonga shouted.

“It doesn’t matter…” The snake, known as Salome, circled, and Boa Hancock sat on it, lifting her black hair and saying: “Because I’ll be forgiven for whatever I do, won’t I?”

“You…!!” Momonga’s face was gloomy, but he didn’t know what to say. The Pirate Empress’s quotes were heard many times by them, then he finally said: “I warn you if you dare to obstruct our mission. I will definitely report it to the headquarters, then don’t blame us for canceling your Shichibukai identity.”

“Relax, I like to keep my Shichibukai identity!” Boa Hancock said: “I don’t want it to be taken back by you… I’m here to find the Dragon Hunter Pirates!”

“Huh?” Momonga was stunned.

“Don’t forget that you can’t offend the Shichibukai’s majesty, and you shouldn’t interfere with my deeds!” Boa Hancock said this equivocally, and then she said to Momonga, “You catch your man, I catch the people I’m looking for, do you agree?”

For her proposal, Momonga and Doberman looked at each other and thought for a while.

Anyway, Boa Hancock helped them to subdue Ramos and his people. So, Momonga couldn’t say anything about this. As for the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group, after all, they destroyed a marine warship. Since the Pirate Empress has some trouble with them, then this could be considered a good thing for the Marines, saving their time and effort.

So in the end, both Momonga and Doberman nodded their heads, and agreed to her offer…

All of this happened without Ian knowing about it. He didn’t even imagine that he would be inexplicably troubled by the Pirate Empress…