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S.C.S Chapter 170 Part 1: Complicated Situation

The news that the Marines surrounded the Mainspring Island was brought by a pirate who stumbled while entering the tavern.

Because this island is the territory of the Whitebeard, 80% of the people who come to and land on this island from overseas were all kinds of pirates, and there was a reason why the pirates are willing to come to this place. Although they have to abide by the rules set by the Whitebeard, they don’t have to worry about being hunted by the Marines. For the pirates, this was a temporary shelter.

But now, all of a sudden, after hearing that the Marines had surrounded it, all the pirates in the tavern were stunned.

“Run… Run!!”

They didn’t know who shouted so loudly all of a sudden, but all the pirates who had been arrogantly drinking in the tavern rushed towards the door.

In fact, most of the present people were only pirates wanted for tens of millions, but they were very convinced that the marines came to make a huge move, so they had to bolt out in such a panic.

But the problem was the aftermath of such an event!

Despite the fact that Mainspring Island was the Whitebeard’s territory, the Marines actually openly boarded the island, which was a challenge to Whitebeard’s authority! There were many smart people among these Pirates. It’s very possible that the Whitebeard pirates would roughly strike back and start a war with the Marines. So who would dare stay here in the middle of such chaos?

“This is a big mistake! Something terrible is about to happen!”

This was the first thought that came to the minds of all the pirates in the tavern. They just wanted to leave this place as soon as possible.

In just a blink of an eye, all the people in the tavern had run away, and the tavern owner stared at the empty pub, and then came back to his senses: F***!!! They didn’t pay me for their booze!

Ian and his group didn’t run. They just looked at the scene in dismay. The Blackbeard and the masked man didn’t run either. These two groups were the ones left in the tavern.

“Captain, what should we do?” A member of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group asked Ian: “Those marines may come looking for revenge!”

“That’s not necessarily…” Ian glanced at the Blackbeard.

He didn’t doubt that with the Marines’ intelligence abilities, they, for sure, discovered that the masked man had appeared on the Mainspring Island. Judging from the fact that they had to forcefully land on this island despite the fact that this means provoking the Whitebeard pirates, so they really came for this masked man.

‘Huh, I’ve already said that it’s not so easy to be an impostor!’

This guy was really a fool. He wanted to be famous within the hour, but he doesn’t even know the inside story of this wanted person, and yet, he dared to impersonate Ian.

‘Well now, let him deal with the Marines and help me by attracting their attention!’

“Let’s go!” Ian put down his glass, picked up his sword with his left hand, and said to the members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group.

With a fuss, everyone stood up and followed Ian, trying to leave the pub.

However, such a big movement attracted Blackbeard’s attention, so he looked over…

“Zihaha! I didn’t expect you to have a lot of people!” Noticing that Ian was the leader, Blackbeard immediately grinned at him and said, “Boy, since you are also pirates, do you want to join forces?”

Ian glanced at Teach and said, “Huh? Since when the Whitebeard Pirates were looking for someone to join forces with!?”

Blackbeard laughed loudly again and said, “What’s so strange about this? It’s impossible for Oyaji’s crew to be all stationed on this island, and there were two or three thousand marine soldiers. So now, they must have an advantage!”

“So you are alone here!? Then you are the one joining us!?” Ian looked at Teach thoughtfully.

“Hell No! I’m not alone!” Teach extended his thumb then pointed it to the masked man behind him, saying: “He’s with me! This guy is very ruthless. After burning Marijoa, he escaped from the hands of the Admiral Aokiji! You are pirates, so you should have a ship? Then just help both of us, take us to the sea, after that, I will personally recommend you to the Whitebeard Pirates!”

Doroni behind Ian started chuckling.

It wasn’t just him. A lot of members of the Dragon Hunter Pirates couldn’t help laughing after hearing Teach’s words.

They were the people who lived that event, they knew the real person who escaped with them from the hands of the Admiral Aokiji, it was their captain, Ian, not this skunk, who no one knows from where he came. How could he be called a tough or ruthless person?

“Hey, Big Bear, what’s so funny?” Teach was upset and stared at Doroni.

However, at this time, Ian opened his mouth and said, “I’m sorry, we don’t want to join the Whitebeard Pirates or join forces with anyone else! Since you and that masked man are so powerful, then you won’t need our help that much? “

With that, Ian ignored the Blackbeard and said with a wave of his hand, “Let’s go!”

Knowing that the marines may have come for this fake masked man, Ian won’t risk all his prior achievements for these two “Bastards”. The so-called “joining forces” was just a cheap bluffing, he was either thinking of turning them to the marines, or using them to run away by himself? Does this guy really think that Ian was a fool just because he looked young?

After throwing out a pile of money to the pub owner for the wine’s money, Ian and the rest pushed the door open and went out. When they were at the entrance, they called for Raideen.

It wasn’t until this time that the Blackbeard realized that the Giant at the gate was actually with these pirates. It seems that this was a strong pirate group.

After that, Teach’s eyes rolled sharply, he got an idea, so he called for the masked man, and the two followed Ian out of the tavern…

The masked man, at this time, has also guessed that the Marines were looking for him. He was already shaking like a sieve. It was just because he had a mask on his face, so no one saw his true expression. All his hopes now were on the Blackbeard, so when the Blackbeard told him to follow up, he had to hurry and keep up with him.

There were so many pirates on the island that the Marines can’t catch them all at once. After all, if they do that, they will bring unnecessary chaos. Ian guessed that they would ignore the ordinary pirates and concentrate on catching the masked man. So after they left the tavern, they wanted to escape before the arrival of the Marines.

As for the Blackbeard…Huh! Ian can’t wait for him to be caught by the Marines with the masked man!

However, to Ian’s surprise, he underestimated the shamelessness of the Blackbeard. Not long after they went out, Ian found that the Blackbeard and the other guy were chasing them.

‘Sh*t! This is bad!’ Ian’s face was cold, and he immediately drew out the Devil’s Blade Yamato.

He held the sword in his right hand and pointed it to the Blackbeard. Because of this movement, a clear sound of a bell came from his wrist.