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S.C.S Chapter 170 Part 2: Complicated Situation

Ian’s right arm was now wrapped with rounds of bandages. The bandages looked a little dirty, but by looking at it carefully, the people there could notice that there were some strange words written on them. These bandages wrapped Ian’s whole right arm, but at its end, on his wrist, there was a little bell hanging. That’s where the sound just came from.

“Oh! What are you trying to do? Bell Boy!” Teach looked at the blade on the tip of his nose and said with a strange smile.

“Do you think I don’t dare killing one of the Whitebeard Pirates?” Ian answered him in a cold voice, “Go away, leave us alone!”

“Zihahaha! The question is, can you kill me?” The Blackbeard showed his missing teeth, glaring at Ian and laughing.

Ian looked at the Blackbeard. To be honest, if he looked carefully into the eyes of Teach, there was a kind of crazy and ambitious combination buried deep in his eyes. His ugly face always made people feel uncomfortable.

And his question was really on point. Ian was not sure whether he can kill the Blackbeard.

Teach, the Blackbeard, was always in a state of concealment when he was one of the Whitebeard Pirates, but occasionally he showed ferocity. He was the one who left the scar on Shanks’ eyes, one of the Four Emperors!

In other words, this guy had been in a fight with Shanks and did hurt him. But that also resulted in getting knocked out by Shanks and losing several teeth. Ian didn’t know whether the Blackbeard used a surprise attack to do such a thing or they were in a face-to-face battle, but from this point of view, the Blackbeard was a real powerful guy.

And all of this has happened before even eating his Dark-Dark Fruit…

‘Should I untie the seal on my arm, punch this guy with a Black Dragon Wave from a close range, and kill him directly?’ Ian thought so.

The bandage with a bell hanging on his wrist was the exclusive treasure of Hiei’s card. (The bell was a gift from Hiei’s sister in the Manga!) Ian has gathered all its fragments and synthesized it. With this exclusive treasure, the black dragon wave heat on Ian’s arm will not spread and hurt the people around him.

In other words, Ian has a sealed black dragon on his arm…

Just as Ian’s eyes started gradually showing murderous intentions, the situation changed. Countless marine soldiers suddenly came out from all directions, surrounded Ian and his group. The sound of loading muskets came, and the soldiers had formed a form line and pointed their guns at them.

“Damn it!” Raideen also knew that the last chance to escape was wasted by that bastard Teach, so all the members of the Dragon Hunter pirate Group held their weapons and faced the marine soldiers. They were waiting for Ian’s orders.

Momonga and Doberman, the two Vice Admirals also appeared, but they just saw Ian holding his sword against the Blackbeard, and they couldn’t understand what was going on…

However, they just ignored it, because they saw the masked man behind the Blackbeard.

For a while, the eyes of Momonga and Doberman were widened. ‘It was him indeed! That’s the mastermind!’

They finally got him! Both Momonga and Doberman were a little nervous. They drew their swords from their waists and prepared for everything possible…

No wonder why they were so careful. The wanted man in black has escaped Marijoa after damaging the Admiral Aokiji! It true that they two were a bit restraint, but really, not everyone has the ability to hurt a Marine Admiral, so the world government and the marines have concluded that this is a very tricky and strong person, and must be taken seriously by Momonga and Doberman.

“Two Vice Admirals? This is a hassle!” the Blackbeard murmured.

However, Ian smiled and shouted to Momonga and Doberman, “Hey, lieutenants, if I help you take down this masked man, can you let us go?”

Because Ian drew his sword at the Blackbeard, Momonga and Doberman did not regard him as an ally of the Blackbeard, but the two didn’t know Ian’s identity at this time, so they asked in doubt: “Who exactly are you?”

“We are the Dragon Hunter Pirates!” Ian smiled slightly.

Because they don’t know that Ian, the mastermind, has assassinated a Celestial Dragon, then the name of the Dragon Hunter won’t arouse any association at all. Also, there were many pirate groups with big names these days.

When they heard the name of Ian’s group, Momonga immediately responded. In fact, they originally wanted to catch these pirates for their deeds, but the mastermind of the Marijoa incident was also here, therefore, the situation was totally different. The two Vice Admiral’s main task was to catch the masked man, so when they saw him in front of their eyes, their attention was concentrated only on him. There weren’t even paying attention to the Dragon Hunter Pirates.

The proposal Ian gave coincided with the intention of Momonga, so he immediately said: “Okay! I can promise you that!”

“In this way, in order to show sincerity, let my crew leave first?” Ian said with a smile.

Momonga and Doberman looked at each other, and then saw Raideen and the others behind Ian. A freaking giant was with this pirate group, which made them think that this was good for them, who knows, things may go wrong at any moment, so they simply agreed to this condition.

“Go back to the ship fast, and prepare everything!” Ian whispered to Doroni, “As soon as I come back, we sail immediately!”

Everyone understood and knew that this was their captain’s strategy, so he wasn’t planning on helping the marines catch these skunks. He was planning on leaving just when the fight begins, and he has to make sure that his crew must leave safely first! So there was no objection for their side at all, and Raideen immediately left with the rest, and the marine soldiers opened a path for them.

After watching his crew leave, the Blackbeard grinned at Ian strangely: “Bell boy, you did well, I will remember you!”

“Huh, I’m sure you will!” Ian smirked back, Teach wanted to pull him in front of the muzzle, but Ian used such a strategy against him.

The Blackbeard didn’t turn his head to look back to the man behind him, then said to the masked man: “Brother, get ready to fight, if you don’t want to be arrested, then kill your way out!”

Because he didn’t look back, the Blackbeard didn’t find out that the masked man was actually scared to death and had peed himself, and his crotch was wet…

Hearing this, Ian hesitated for a moment, he kept wondering if he really has to help the marines or let them grab the Blackbeard and the masked man alone and leave as soon as possible…

However, just at this time, a strong voice of a queen suddenly came…

“Are you one of Dragon hunter pirates?”

The crowd looked over, and it was Boa Hancock, the Pirate Empress, who appeared in front of Ian, walking with elegant steps.

To be honest, Boa Hancock was known as the most beautiful woman in the world, and she was really worthy of this title. The moment she appeared, even Ian couldn’t help being dazed by her charm…

“So F**King beautiful!!!” It has been a long time since he came to this world, and he has seen tons of gorgeous girls, but none of them really matched Hancock.

However, after being amazed and fascinated, Ian quickly recovered his senses. However, he was a little surprised, why the Pirate Empress mentioned the name of his pirate group as soon as she appeared…

So he replied doubtfully and suspiciously, “I’m the captain of the Dragon Hunter Pirates. What’s the problem? How can I help you!?”

However, at the next moment, Boa Hancock rushed towards him, and when she came to Ian’s side, she lifted her leg and kicked at him…

“It’s you who I’m looking for… Kneel down and apologize!”