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S.C.S Chapter 171: Dancing with the Empress

The kick came from a very beautiful leg.

Her curves were perfect and slender, her white skin was shining with warm rays of light. She has a narrow waist and very large breasts. Just by looking at her, he could see how delicate and smooth her skin was just like silk. Such a long fine leg wearing high heels rose high from the slit of her unique Cheongsam (A blouse with a sarong!). Before it came down, Ian smelled a faint fragrance.

‘If we were in other circumstances, I can enjoy these legs for a whole year’ Ian thought after remembering the scenes were Shinji was touching Rin’s thigh “Fate/stay night“. (T/N: Ian has a foot-fetish xD)

However, when this breathtaking leg was descending towards him, Ian felt its great danger!

‘I can’t be touched by this kick!!!’

Although it was the first time for Ian to see the famous Pirate Emperor, he knew her love Fruit’s abilities. Hidden under her incomparable beauty, there was a quite deadly strength.

Just like the most beautiful roses often have strong thorns… Ian knew what will happen if he gets kicked by the Pirate Empress.

Where she would land that kicked, the place would petrify “Perfume Femur” (Aromatic Leg)!

Although he didn’t understand why Boa Hancock attacked him as soon as she came up, but the only thing he was sure of was that he must avoid this kick.

He quickly jumped back, and Boa Hancock’s long leg swept past Ian’s nose, leaving behind a faint fragrance that could charm and mesmerize everyone.

“Hey! Why are you attacking me!?” After retreating, Ian yelled at Boa Hancock: “I have no enmity with you!?”

This was not revenge. Ian swore that this was the first time he sees Boa Hancock, and he was sure that he had never met a member of her Kuja pirates.

So Ian’s first thought was that this woman was far beyond crazy!?

“Shut up!” Boa Hancock pointed at Ian and said, “You know well what you did, I won’t allow you to escape now!”

After saying that, she jumped again, kicking towards Ian.

As soon as Boa Hancock rushed up, she started fighting Ian. Such capricious behavior gave Momonga and Doberman a headache. Originally, seeing the captain of the Dragon Hunter group willing to help them catch the masked man, that gave them a little encouragement, as a result, Boa Hancock’s willful behavior has eliminated this assistance.

However, they were not annoyed for a long time, because Ian’s Pirate Group has sunk a marine warship, and Momonga wanted to catch them, so it’s a good thing that the Pirate Empress was willing to do their job.

They were focusing on arresting the masked man first, then they will turn and catch the captain of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group. They had to avenge the Rear Admiral Murney.

“Zihahaha! Is this the Pirate Empress? What a sexy lady!” The Blackbeard saw that Ian was forced to withdraw, so he immediately laughed happily.

However, at this time, a sword slashed at him: “You’d better worry about yourself!”

Momonga started the battle. He and the Vice-Admiral Doberman split the targets. He had to take care of Teach, and leave the man with the mask to his comrade.

Although Boa Hancock was fighting with Ian, actually her mind was not on Ian. When she saw that Doberman was rushing towards the wanted man, but the latter was motionless, she got anxious.

“Falling-Down Drunk Sweet Wind!”

All of a sudden, she formed a heart shape with her hands and fired a pink beam in Doberman’s direction.

Ian was standing between both of them, so he thought that this attack was aimed at him. He immediately panicked, and dashed to the side.

In fact, even if he didn’t move at all, the beam wasn’t going to hit him, because Boa Hancock missed her shout intentionally. After dodging, the heart-shaped beam immediately went straight to Doberman.

At the moment when the beam approached Doberman, he quickly avoided it using Soru. The light passed his location and hit the marine soldiers in the distance.

Although the soldiers didn’t take part in the battle, and they were just holding their places, most of their attention was on Boa Hancock. No one can blame them, it was the first time for most of them to see the Pirate Empress. The attractiveness and the charm of this sexy lady were definitely overwhelming.

And Boa Hancock’s Love Fruit derives its power from these emotions, as long as a person has a little affection on her, she can use the emotions of lust or perversion to transform her opponents into stone.

Not only the marine soldiers, but even Ian was also in a hostile state with her, so he could be petrified if he gets hit with this move.

In other words, as long as a person has thought of Boa Hancock in any way, that could be enough to form a petrochemical condition.

The Marines on that side were petrified, and the rest were startled. Doberman, after landing, shouted angrily to Boa Hancock, “What are you doing!? Boa Hancock! “

“Shut up!” Boa Hancock’s aura was terrifying. She was originally the drama Queen. When she heard Doberman’s accusation, she pointed at him with her face looking up towards the sky and said, “How I fight is my business. I don’t need your intervention!”

Ian heard this and immediately thought of something.

He looked at the position where he was standing, then at the petrified Marines, and he seemed to understand something.

In order to verify his conjecture, Ian consciously leaned over and placed himself in a straight line with Doberman and the masked man.

Sure enough, when Ian’s position was in the right spot, Hancock immediately lifted her hand. She breathed in deeply, kissed her left hand gently, and then she pulled out a huge pink heart, which appeared above the palm of her hand.

“Slave Arrow!”

Hancock grabbed the middle of the heart, yanked back with her right hand like a bow and arrow, then released it!

A large number of pink arrows were immediately launched from the heart!

Ian had expected it, so he dodged ahead of time. Hancock didn’t aim at him. The arrows flew towards Doberman.

Although these pink arrows did not hit Doberman, they hit the soldiers, and every one of them turned into stone.

Not only their bodies, but also their weapons, and even some trees were petrified!

Her fruit’s ability can petrify anything, it was quite powerful, not only did it work on living creatures, but even inorganic substances can be petrified.

“You…!” Doberman tried to attack the masked man twice, but he was distracted by Hancock, and even the marine soldiers near him were paralyzed.

‘Huh, sure enough! As I expected!’

Ian was about to laugh out loud, but he just giggled. ‘This cunning woman, Hancock, did have a plan form the begging! She thought of using me as a cover to help the masked man. Huh!’

If Ian wasn’t a transmigrator, there was no way that he could understand Hancock’s intentions, but after that, he immediately understood that she might have regarded this masked man as the real mastermind of the Marijoa’s event.

Actually, she, the Pirate Empress, was also a poor slave of Celestial Dragons a long time ago, but she hid that fact very well. Not to mention the Marines and the world government, even her people in the Amazon Lily didn’t know about it. Moreover, she made up a lie of the “Gorgon curse”, saying that everyone who looks at Gorgon’s eyes on her back will turn to stone.

As a Shichibukai, she was able to find out the truth of the event, and that Ian had killed a Celestial Dragon in Marijoa and rescued a large group of slaves. Perhaps because of the desire to help the mastermind, she chased the marines to this island…

It’s just that she’s…….

‘Oh, dear! You are helping the wrong person! The guy you are trying to save is an impostor, and the real savior is actually being attacked by you!’

Faced with this situation, Ian didn’t know what to say or what to do…

The Blackbeard was fighting with Momonga. Doberman tried to attack the masked man twice, but he failed because of Hancock’s obstruction. Even though he was very angry, but he couldn’t say a thing, because he also saw that Hancock was actually attacking the captain of the Dragon hunters, but he was dodging her moves, so it affected him.

Now the only thing that was a little strange for them was why the masked man is standing in the middle of the field motionless, ‘is he brewing some big tricks?’

How could they know that the masked man was simply scared and dumbfounded? A Vice Admiral was personally engaging him. So why isn’t he doing a thing!? Run, fight back, do anything!!!

Aware of Hancock’s intention, Ian rolled his eyes and kept running away in the direction of Doberman.

Hancock’s eyes lit up and immediately followed by attacking in his direction…

Then when he gets in Doberman’s way, Ian pretended to be caught up by Hancock, and then the two start fighting there.

Most of the time, Ian was escaping, but he didn’t fight back… In other words, he was only dodging, and when Hancock uses her fruit abilities, if he doesn’t want to die, it’s better for him not to come across with her shoots!

Doberman also knew this as well. When Hancock kicked Ian with her leg, he didn’t dare to get close.

However, Ian went towards Doberman and tried to make one of her projectiles land on him, so because Ian wasn’t planning on fighting back or even be hurt by Hancock, he had to help her and went with her plan.

“Damn it! Boa Hancock! You are getting in my way!” Doberman couldn’t help shouting.

But Hancock didn’t pay attention to him at all. She just felt that the man wearing a bear ear cap and a bandage on his right hand seemed to know her plan and he was going along with her perfectly. With his help, she successfully isolated Doberman from the masked man.

In the begging, she hadn’t even looked at Ian seriously, but at this time, she couldn’t help observing him.

Noticing her gaze, Ian showed a smile on his face, and winked quietly at her, showing that her intentions were guessed by him, and he was really cooperating with her!

She didn’t know why, but seeing Ian’s actions, Hancock suddenly felt a strong heartbeat.

Since the other party is consciously cooperating with her, her movements slowed down involuntarily, so that Ian could dodge more easily.

The two were fighting in a fake way. Hancock kept kicking and launching projectiles, while Ian kept avoiding her. It seemed like they were dancing…

And the bell on Ian’s wrists also made a corresponding ring, as if it was playing music for them…

In a moment when Ian dodged a kick, Hancock suddenly smelled an unfamiliar scent coming from Ian’s body, then a new weird sensation swept all over her body… (T/N: You lucky SOAB!!)