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S.C.S Chapter 173: 2 VS 1

The Blackbeard, Marshall D. Teach, was also a pirate listed and well-known by the Marine headquarters.

However, he just has a registration number, but no bounty. So now, that they have really met him. Should they arrest him or what!?

They didn’t have any good reason to arrest him, and Teach was one of the Whitebeard Pirates! That was enough not to do such a thing.

With the advent of the Great Age of Pirates, the four emperors’ power was growing stronger and stronger, and the World Government and Marines were troubled by these Yonko, so the only thing that they wanted to do was suppressing the growth of their power.

However, thinking about it and doing it were two completely different things. If the Marines were really so powerful, they won’t recruit the seven Shichibukai to kept the world in balance.

Among the four emperors, the toughest one might be the Whitebeard.

Because the Whitebeard’s principle was not to give up any of his sons, when Momonga and Doberman were ordered to attack his territory, he will for sure be offended, but not as much as when they arrest one of his sons, “Teach”, at that point, the war will be inevitable…

And at that time, Teach was still a member of the Whitebeard Pirates. He was also regarded as one of his sons. Momonga and Doberman didn’t dare, or even have the authority to make such a decision…

They must consult the headquarters first!

Teach, who knew this very well, was now completely fearless, facing Momonga and Doberman, he laughed heartily: “My Vice-Admirals, what are you going to do now? Can you even arrest me? ”

Momonga and Doberman were gloomy, and they couldn’t say anything.

However, if they left like this without accomplishing anything, especially after making such a fuss, and only capturing an impostor, that will make them face a huge embarrassment after returning to the HQ, and they will be scolded by the fleet admiral, so they wanted to do something to make up for their sense of emptiness…

So they finally looked at each other then turned their eyes to Ian’s direction.

Huh! They weren’t able to arrest a member of the whitebeard Pirates, so they had to catch someone else? That’s perfect because these Dragon hunters were the group who just destroyed one of their warships. So they thought that they should arrest him instead… (What a joke!)

Ian wasn’t a fool. As soon as he saw their eyes, he immediately understood what they were going to do…

“Huh! Is this what we call Scapegoating?” Ian showed a faint smirk.

This was undoubtedly a mockery to make both Momonga and Doberman feel more embarrassed. Yeah, they didn’t dare to arrest a member of the Whitebeard Pirates, but they were willing to turn a blind eye on Teach and catch the first person their eyes laid on, even though he was willing to help them. Does this mean that the marines were just a bunch of bastards who fear the strong and persecute the “weak”? (xD)

Especially, Vice Admiral Doberman was also a man who believed in absolute justice. However, the current reality forced him to compromise with the whitebeard Pirates. At this time, he was flustered, and hearing Ian’s sarcasm made him burst out.

“Shut up!” Doberman yelled, his figure disappeared in place, and when he reappeared, he had already come behind Ian and slashed him with his sword.

Ian’s reaction was fast enough, and the Devil’s Blade Yamato instantly unsheathed, blocking Doberman’s chop.

A huge shock wave broke out, and Ian’s left knee could not help bending slightly. Doberman’s strength was great, and he attacked Ian from above, making it hard for Ian to bear the blow.

There were many Vice Admirals in the Marines department. Although they varied in terms of strength, no matter which one of them, they all had a magnificent combat power.

When Ian fought with Boa Hancock before, he didn’t dare to use his majestic sword to resist her attacks. However, he didn’t panic at all when Doberman attacked him. After stabilizing his body, he immediately wrapped the blade of his sword with Haki and started fighting back!

Ian also wanted to know how different it could be fighting a vice admiral.

Naturally, Doberman would also use all types of Haki he possesses. Needless to say, the two swords kept clashing continuously, and both of them used only swordsmanship to fight each other aggressively for many rounds.

Ian was just a kid compared with Doberman’s age. He was in his 40s. He has practiced Kendo for decades. So after fighting for a while, Ian found that he wasn’t an opponent of Doberman, and he won’t be able to defeat him using just swordsmanship. Ian was relying too much on his speed to keep up…

And by this time, Momonga also rushed up!

He stepped in the air, ascended to a high altitude using Geppo (Moonwalk), and then with a sudden bounce, he dived down at a very fast speed, holding his long sword in both hands and chopping toward Ian.

Ian turned around sharply and blocked Momonga’s attack, but Doberman seized the opportunity, and launched a Rankyaku (Tempest Kick) towards Ian. Ian got hit hard, he wasn’t able to react due to the other blow, which made the Rankyaku slash and cut his back.

When Ian was hit and flew out! Ugh! He couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

Just in a second, he failed to protect his body with Haki, so that he got injured.

“F***CK!!! Huh! What a shame, Two Vice Admirals teamed up against one person?” Ian gritted teeth and angrily stared at them.

Seeing the two rushing towards him again, from left and right, Ian swiped the devil’s blade Yamato to the side, striking a whirlwind at Doberman!

Perhaps Doberman has slightly underestimated Ian’s power, because his attack has worked on him. In the face of the whirlwind that Ian launched, he did not dodge it even though it was easy to escape, he just wanted to break the whirlwind with a swing of his sword.

However, the power of the whirlwind was stronger than he expected. When the whirlwind hit, Doberman was blown away!

Doberman was stopped for now, and the only one left was Momonga. Ian held his sword and crossed his strike, and with the power of this blow, he immediately retreated.

Just when Momonga wanted to pursue, he found that Ian suddenly put back the sword into its sheath and placed it back on his waist.

“Huh! So you are going to surrender after all!” Momonga sneered coldly.

However, at this time, Ian ignored him and stretched out his right hand.

Before confirming what he was willing to do, all the people watching the battle felt that the ground around them began to tremble slightly.

This kind of vibration was not an earthquake, but it seems like something under the ground was constantly breaking through…

One, two, countless pieces of black sand floated slowly from the ground, and then gathered around him as if it was summoned to form a black vortex, then twisted around Ian’s right hand!

These countless black granules of sand condensed into Ian’s right hand, then he shook his hand and a full-black iron sword took shape immediately!

“Iron Sand Sword!”

Among the three cards Ian currently equipped, Misaka Mikoto was one of them, he replaced Iori Yagami’s card with her card. The purple flame of Iori was too obvious, and Ian did not want to be recognized by Momonga or Doberman.

Although Ian can only use two Skills of Misaka’s card because of the requirements of other Skills were too high.

Iron Sand Sword, this trick makes him able to form a “whip sword” by gathering iron sand and manipulating it into one unique weapon, it was her ability to use electromagnetic force…

The scene that just happened now looked really magnificent. Iron sand gathered from all directions and finally formed a sword in Ian’s hands. Not only Momonga or Doberman who were surprised, but also Teach who was watching the battle from afar, and even Hancock was also a little surprised.

“Be careful, he is a devil fruit user!” Doberman warned his comrade.

However, Ian has already rushed over, and attacked Momonga with his newly formed sword! Holding the iron sand sword with both hands, Ian slammed his sword at Momonga, leaving a faint light of his trajectory behind…

Obviously, there was a long distance between the two, but the iron sand sword suddenly stretched at the moment of the swing!

The Iron Sand Sword was not a real sword. As long as the iron sand was controlled by his electromagnetic force, the iron sand granules can be gathered together and dispersed naturally. Momonga didn’t prevent this at all. So when he was thinking about blocking this strike, the iron sand whip sword stretched more and passed his defense, which startled him, and that slowed his dodge.

Swiiish! The iron sand sword pierced through his face, leaving a deep scar on his face.

“Damn it!” Momonga took a sharp step toward the left, bypassing the iron sand sword, then pounced on Ian.

However, Ian smirked coldly at him and waved the handle of his sword.

With his swing, the iron sand sword, like an iron whip, flew towards Momonga.

Momonga waved his sword to block the blow, but he was still whipped by the iron whip, because this blade was a mix between a whip and a sword. Although the iron sand was partly blocked by his sword, the rest of the iron sand whip wasn’t affected. There were gaps between the granules of the iron sand, and this sword wasn’t a casted sword, just because its fragments were dense, it looked like it was connected.

The place where Momonga was hit was filled with burning pain, but what made the most damage was the shame he felt after being attack in such a way…

When Doberman saw that Momonga had suffered a loss, he quickly rushed to Ian.

However, at this time, Ian suddenly retracted the Iron Sand Sword back, and the convergence speed was also quite fast. When Doberman just rushed in front of Ian, he had once again thrust the solid Iron Sand Sword towards him!

Seeing the shape of the sword, Doberman also used his sword to block it. However, what surprised him was that the tip of Ian’s iron sand sword was scattered again when it was about to clash with his sword!

This time, Ian’s sword tip directly split into several iron thorns, bypassing Doberman’s blade, and directly smashing his body.

Many holes were pierced on Doberman’s body. Although the sword of iron sand was manipulated into a kind of an ancient Club, it was still wrapped with Haki, and its toughness must not be underestimated…

Because it was easy to manipulate the form of the iron sand sword, Ian used that to his advantage, and Ian injured Doberman!

Seeing that Doberman fell to the ground with this blow, Momonga got so angry. Although he knew that such a wound was nothing to this burly guy, the two Vice Admirals besieged a single pirate, and they got hurt by the other party. This was a humiliation!

He violently rushed over and kicked out a huge Rankyaku towards Ian. This blue projectile flew over at a high speed.

Ian didn’t dare to neglect it, so he jumped up and dodged the projectile. The wind blade flew towards the rear, scaring many marine soldiers, focusing them to lie down quickly.

At the same time, Doberman also stood up again. And like Momonga, he kicked out a Rankyaku at Ian, but this blow was directed at the air.

This was cooperation between the two. Ian was already in mid-air, so he wasn’t able to dodge again, so he swung his iron sand sword and formed a shield to block the attack.

Although it was blocked, Ian also understood that Vice Admirals teamed up again to take him down. In fact, the skill of the iron sand sword consumed a lot of Nen, but Ian was still in a good shape and his Nen was recovering quickly, the consumption rate was still higher than his recovery speed, and it won’t last for a long time.

So Ian gritted his teeth and drew back the iron sand sword. This time, he did not keep the shape of the sword, but directly condensed some of the iron sand granules into a small ball.

Then when Ian was falling to the ground, both of them had already rushed up, intending to join forces and finish him at the moment of his landing…

However, just when they were about to make a move, they found that there was a circle of dazzling lightning flashing on his right arm…