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S.C.S Chapter 174: Fighting Back

In fact, in the beginning, the iron sand sword used by Ian was still an unfinished version.

The true iron sand sword skill, in addition to condensing fragments into a sword, can also generate high-frequency vibration through the manipulation of electromagnetic force to form a sharper edge like the effect of an electric chain saw, which can easily cut off many types of objects.

Ian didn’t use it, not because he was incapable of, but because it was unnecessary, this effect will lead to more and more Nen consumption.

Ian knew that he could enhance that ability with Haki, but Momonga and Doberman, who were at their peak, could naturally handle such an attack. Even with such high-frequency vibrating blade, Ian wasn’t sure about how much damage could this deal to them?

Therefore, he only used the transformation characteristics of the iron sand sword.

The special abilities that Ian can use now were all given to him by the system through his card skills. To be more precise, he was given the ability to manipulate these energies through his Nen!

Since these powers were controlled by his Nen, it means that he can use these card skills flexibly!

Ian has already noticed this since he released the purple flame skills of Iori Yagami using a blade. He doesn’t need to mimic the same way the original characters do to release the card skills.

Still, the key is imagination! Just as a devil fruit user develops his own abilities, there are only things he can’t think of, but nothing he can’t do…

For example, Ian has no coins or bullets on him right now, but he can use the iron sand sword skill to gather granules and form a small ball that can be used to release the super electromagnetic cannon!

Originally, the bullet was formed by aggregating fragments together, but as soon as the current on Ian’s arm appeared, the iron sand was instantly melted by the thermal effect of the current, and then bonded together to form a solid bullet.

This effect may be the same as Enel’s thunder metallurgy…

Compared with the small bullets used before, this one was slightly larger and streamlined, just like the bullet head used in a modern gun.

When Ian tested the Railgun on the ship, he discovered that the power of this skill was related to the quality of the shell used. The greater the mass of the shell, the higher the attack power at the same speed, and the further it will go…

Of course, the greater the mass of the projectile, the harder would it be to achieve the same speed of the original shout “three times the speed of sound”, so more Nen consumption…

The iron sand pellet was pinched by Ian at his fingertips. This time, he used his middle finger with the thumb, and directly aimed his shout at the nearest target, Doberman.

‘Uncle Doberman, nothing personal! But you attacked me first, slashing my back! So you are in a weaker state and I have to target you again!’

Human beings are intimidated by Flame and Lightning. This is the memory that has been engraved in human genetics since ancient times. So when the electric current on Ian’s arm just broke out, Momonga and Doberman suddenly felt nervous.

Especially Doberman, when he saw that Ian’s right hand was aimed at his direction, even if he didn’t know what Ian wanted to do, he still ran away subconsciously.

It was this subconscious movement that saved his life…

This time, Ian’s attack was extremely fast. It took only two seconds to condense the iron sand pellet and inject the required amount of Nen to launch it out. As soon as he aimed at Doberman, he fired…

Bang! At the moment when Ian ejected the bullet, a deafening noise came, and a violent wind pressure spread in all directions with his body as the center!

This sound was naturally a sonic boom! This time, the Railgun launched by Ian broke through the sound barrier at the moment of the shot, and then turned into a streaming light and flew straight forward.

The stream of the projectile disappeared only after a while, but when it flew forward, the vacuum brought by this shot formed a huge pressure, squeezing the ground soil and constantly crushing it! Then it flew away! It looked as if the Railgun has split a path directly on the ground.

This path was the ballistic mark of the super electromagnetic cannon!

The speed of the super electromagnetic cannon was extremely fast that people can’t react to it in time. If it wasn’t for seeing the unusual electric light emitted on Ian’s arm that made Doberman subconsciously jump away in advance, then this Railgun could have killed him directly.

However, even if this shot has missed his vital points, his right wrist holding the sword didn’t make it in time, so Ian’s attack stroke it hard!!!

With a loud bang, the stream of light went straight through Doberman’s wrist and blasted a big hole in his hand!

This big hole accounts for more than two-thirds of his wrist width, and there was only a little skin and flesh connected on his hand.


Doberman shouted an outrageous scream and fell to the ground. His hand had been blasted by Ian, but strangely, there was no blood flow from the wound.

Because at the moment when the Railgun punctured his hand, the high temperature attached to it had actually burned and closed all his wounds. However, the pain brought to Doberman was unavoidable and unbearable.

Ian kept the attacking posture, and looked coldly at Doberman. The bell was shaking gently at the wrist of his right hand.

After that, the silence swept the place! All the people who saw this scene were staring at Ian. The speed of the Railgun was so fast that many people didn’t even realize what happened.

The only sound left was the screams of Doberman and the ringing of the bell on Ian’s wrist!

The super electromagnetic cannon was very powerful, Ian had expected it, but he didn’t expect that he could burst a Vice Admiral’s wrist with a single blow.

However, he had no pity for Doberman. When Doberman attacked him before, he did not show any mercy at all. He kicked him with a Rankyaku making him spit out a mouthful of blood, so he didn’t need to be merciful with such a guy.

At this moment, both sides were true enemies, and showing mercy to the enemy means that Ian would suffer more… So, show them no mercy!!!!

Fortunately, after penetrating Doberman’s arm, the stream of the light also disappeared behind him, and did not affect the crowd in the rear. Otherwise, they wouldn’t know how many soldiers would be killed by Ian.

Although the speed of the Railgun has a muzzle velocity of 1030 m/s (2307.2 mph, three times the speed of sound), almost the same as that of some powerful sniper rifles (Barrett M82’s Muzzle velocity is 2,799 ft/s – 853 m/s), the difference was that the bullets of the sniper rifle are continuously decelerating after they are fired, so they can fly a long distance (1,969 yds or 1,800 m), but the bullets fired by the super electromagnetic cannon are always in the process of acceleration. The higher the initial speed is given, the more exaggerated the acceleration will be, and the stronger the friction with the air will be.

This was the reason why the attack distance of the Railgun is only tens of meters. If Ian increases the output of his Nen and gives the warhead an initial velocity of five or ten times the speed of sound, then the warhead may melt and disappear after flying a few meters. In fact, the initial speed of three times the sound speed was just a balance point. At this speed, the attack can achieve both power and distance.

Because of this, the attack power of the Railgun is incomparable to that of the sniper rifle. The bullets fired by a sniper rifle can’t dig a trench on the ground…

The power of this blow stunned everyone. After a long time, Teach was the first to come back to his senses.

“Zihahaha! I didn’t expect such a thing when I looked at your lightning!” the Blackbeard laughed and said: “It turns out that you are the ruthless person, bell boy!”

Awakened by his laughter, Vice Admiral Momonga rushed to the side of his comrade. He squatted down to help him and said, “Doberman!!? Are you alright!!?”

In fact, that was a stupid question. Everyone with just one glance can see that his right hand can’t be saved, and its muscles and bones were all blown away by Ian’s attack.

Unless Doberman was a Logia Fruit User, it won’t be possible to heal his wrist…

“You!!!” Momonga suddenly raised his head to look at Ian, grinding his teeth and growling, “I’ll kill you!”

Anyway, Doberman was his colleague in the Marines. Naturally, he wanted to avenge his friend. However, before he could even stand up and rush over, Ian’s right hand was stretched in his direction, repeating the last posture.

At the time, Ian still had full Stamina, and his Nen was in the process of a quick recovery. Just give him a few more minutes, and he will be able to launch out another Railgun. Moreover, if he was really in trouble, then he still has the black dragon wave as a backup… but he did want to use this technique, because after that he must kill every present person…

But Momonga stopped immediately after seeing his action…

Not sure of the outcomes! Momonga has seen the stream of light launched by Ian, The amazing attack speed made him think of the laser beam of the Admiral Kizaru, he felt that he might not be able to dodge such an attack.

Seeing Momonga stop moving, Ian sneered at him coldly: “You started attacking me first, and two F**king Vice Admirals hitting me at once. And you are saying that I’m not allowed to fight back!?”

The implication was that if they choose to be hostile, he obviously has to fight back with all his power. Naturally, Momonga understood Ian’s meaning, and only thought that it was a grievance! This time they came to carry on an arrest on the Mainspring Island, which not only provoked the Whitebeard, but also they did that for nothing, they only caught an impostor. When he turned around, he wanted to arrest the culprit who sank one of their warships. As a result, that caused a marine Vice Admiral to suffer heavy damage. How does this New World have so many powerful people? Is this really an unlucky duration for the Marines?

Seeing that Momonga didn’t intend to attack again, Ian put down his right hand and said, “Don’t mess with me again, otherwise, I won’t mind sinking all your warships!”

After he finished speaking, Ian rushed towards the port. The Marines surrounding the pirates in the outer circle felt like they had seen a ghost, when he rushed over, they wanted to raise their guns and shot Ian, but they didn’t have the courage.

“Get out of my way!” Ian went up to the Marines, glared, and growled at them.

The Marines shuddered in horror and quickly opened a path.

Then, Ian went out without looking back…………..