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S.C.S Chapter 175: More Battles

Looking at Ian leaving, Momonga’s face turned gloomy, he acquiesced by not taking an order to make the soldiers stop him.

He couldn’t help it either, but Doberman has suffered heavy damage on his hand and needed treatment urgently. He can’t leave him alone and catch Ian.

And, more importantly, the Marines shouldn’t stay on this island any longer, because, from the moment they landed on it, Momonga knew that the whitebeard pirates were coming soon!

If they were delayed for a long time, then their warships will definitely be overtaken by the whitebeard, and by that time, Momonga was sure that with the rage of the whitebeard pirates, they will, for sure, turn to fish food regardless of whether they were Vice Admirals or normal soldiers…

The Four Emperors, the Yonko, don’t play around especially in this part of the world, the New World.

When Momonga thought about this kind of situation, he felt anxious. Why did things develop to this point?!!

He called the medical team of Marines and asked them to take care of Doberman. After finishing the first aid treatment, they used a stretcher to escort Doberman back to Battleship.

And while he was still there, he came to Boa Hancock and asked her in a cold voice, “Who exactly is this Dragon Hunter Pirate Group?”

The problem was that not only him who didn’t know a thing about this team, but even Hancock wanted to ask the same question!!

However, Ian’s Dragon Hunter Pirate Group was just an excuse for Hancock to land on the island. She was not stupid, so she raised her chin arrogantly and said, “Are you questioning me? Even though I Am a Shichibukai, I’m still a pirate. It’s not my duty to cooperate with you, “the Marines”, all the time!”

“Damn it!” Momonga was angry and said: “Do you think I didn’t notice it? That kid with the bell didn’t go all-in against you, when you two were fighting! What the hell were you planning with him?”

“You dare talking to me that loud?” Hancock was angry, too. So she clasped her hands in front of her chest and sent out a heart-shaped beam towards Momonga!

How can a person like the Pirate Empress allow a man to lose his temper with her? Therefore, she started attacking him without a warning!

Momonga was shocked and hurriedly avoided the beam, but because the distance between them was too close, he could not completely escape it. As a result, he was half wiped by the Love-Love Beam.

Seeing that half of his body was about to be petrified, Momonga quickly drew out his sword in his waist and thrust it into his leg.

The pain distracted him and finally ended the Petrification effect…

“Damn it, this woman is really unreasonable!” Momonga murmured while sweating with pain.

“I can tell that you’re quite smart.” Hancock sneered, that was the kind of man she despised, noble and cold as ice…

Even if Momonga was a Marine Vice Admiral, Boa Hancock did think twice before petrifying him, because in her mind, she would be forgiven for whatever she did.

Whether they think about her, narcissistic, or confident, this was the unique personality of the Pirate Empress.

Ignoring Momonga, Hancock turned and walked away with elegant steps. Then without turn her head, she said, “You need to go back to the Marine headquarters and tell them that I’m the one who’s going to chase these pirates! I’ll bring them to you later!”

It’s kind of impossible to guess this woman’s thoughts. Momonga was stunned after hearing this. He wasn’t sure whether Hancock was really hostile to the Dragon hunter pirates…

Watching Hancock leave gracefully, the expression on Momonga’s face was very complicated.

He understood that these Shichibukai could not be trusted too much, but this woman was also very powerful. He wasn’t capable of taking her down…

“I hope she is really going after the Dragon Hunter Pirates… Huh!” Momonga could only comfort himself like this.

Just as he was thinking about it, there came the laughter of the Blackbeard: “Zihahahah!!”

“What are you laughing at?” Momonga looked at him coldly.

“This woman is very hot, isn’t it?” the Blackbeard laughed and said, “It would be great if I could take her by my side.”

“It would be great if you quit daydreaming like that!” Momonga sneered back.

Hancock’s current identity was a member of the Shichibukai, which was not something the Blackbeard can climb up to for the time being, so he didn’t mind Momonga’s ridicule, he just said: “Huuh!! Are you letting her leave like this?”

“What do you mean?” Momonga frowned.

“Zihahaha!” the Blackbeard laughed again, pointing to the Marines who had been “mistakenly attacked” by Hancock, and said, “Aren’t you going to do something for your petrified soldiers, are they going to stay like that for the rest of their lives?”

“oh, Sh*t… that’s Bad!” The Blackbeard reminded Momonga of this matter…

Not only the soldiers who have been petrified, but also the Whitebeard Pirates in the harbor, Ramos and the rest, if these people don’t return back, the whitebeard’s anger would rise even higher!

“Go and chase Boa Hancock immediately!” Momonga immediately turned around and ordered, “Make her remove of the petrifaction effect of all these people!”

A commander of the marines has been ordered to go after Hancock.

“Take all the soldiers with you, and board the warships at the port immediately!” Momonga ordered again.

This place must be evacuated, and Momonga himself wasn’t sure, with Hancock’s tenacious nature, even if she was caught up with by a commander, will she remove the petrified effect for Whitebeard Pirates and Marines…?

Mainspring Island won’t be a safe place for a longer time. Momonga got a deep sense of how weak the Marines were in the New World. As a Marine Headquarter Vice Admiral, he has to withdraw because he was afraid of the Whitebeard Pirates.

In fact, it was not just Momonga, but many high-rank members in the Marine headquarters were also aware of this. Especially Sengoku, as the Fleet Admiral, he knows very well how influential the four emperors were in the new world. If the Marines wanted to get involved in the new world, there will be a war with these strong figures sooner or later.

At this point in time, the Marines have actually begun planning, the Whitebeard was the Marines’ chosen target for elimination. First, as a legendary pirate, known as “Strongest Man in the World”, Edward Newgate’s influence was strong enough throughout the whole world. Secondly, it was also because he was aging. Compared with the other three emperors, the chance to defeat him was greater. (STFU… that BS won’t happen again… not a spoiler, just the translator talking XD)

If they won, that would be a magnificent success for the Marines, they would open a path in the new world, but if they were defeated, the Marines will keep controlling only the first half of the Grand Line.

But to start a war, they need to be fully prepared, and also they need a good excuse to start such a war. At present, the Marines were still in the process of planning, so it was not a good time for this battle with the whitebeard pirates.

So for now, Momonga can only retreat. Even if they are unwilling to do so, the Marine headquarters will not allow them to act recklessly.

The Marines began to withdraw, and naturally, the Blackbeard didn’t have to run. When he watched the Marines leave, he opened his mouth and started laughing again.

“That bell boy, I don’t know what exactly his fruit ability was, but he looks very strong!” the Blackbeard scratched his chest, and whispered, “When I get the devil fruit of my dream, maybe I can take his ability?”

“Oh, no, no! No matter how I see it, the old man’s fruit, the Tremor-Tremor Fruit is stronger! This bell brat could still be useful as a companion. If he refuses, then I kill him!”

The Blackbeard was a person who strongly admires power. He was not grateful for his savior, “his Father” Edward Newgate, nor does he agree with most of his ideas. He stayed on the ship of the Whitebeard for decades, and the Whitebeard has taken care of him all this time, but his respect for the old man was only limited to his admirable Strength.

Previously, because of the battle between Ian and the two Vice Admirals, the Blackbeard has seen what Ian was capable of. So he now started thinking about Ian adding him to his future crew…


Ian was the first person to leave the scene, so he was also the first person to arrive at the port.

This time, Ian and his crew came to this Island just for supplies, but because of the fake masked man, there were a series of incidents, which ruined the replenishment plan of Ian.

The Marines, the Whitebeard Pirates, and the Shichibukai Hancock have all come together to this island. The island has now become a place filled with chaos. If he stays for too long, he won’t know what kind of other incidents he would encounter. So it was the right move to leave as soon as possible.

However, what Ian didn’t expect was that when he came to the port, he found that his crew was fighting with the Kuja pirates…!

Before Raideen and the rest were instructed by Ian to go back and get ready for departure. Originally they had been waiting for Ian to return, but what they did not expect was that the ship of the Kuja Pirates also docked on the same area. Seeing the flag of Ian’s crew and knowing the name of their pirate group, they immediately attacked Ian’s ship!

In fact, Hancock didn’t make it clear why she landed on the island and why she was tracking down the Dragon hunter pirates. She wanted to see if there was a chance to obstruct the Marines’ capture of the masked man. But of course, it was impossible to explain everything to her people, so that made Kuja female warriors think that the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group really did something bad to their Snake Princess.

In the same way, Ian’s crew also didn’t understand the relationship between the two. They just know that the Kuja pirates turned out to be a Shichibukai’s crew, and thought they were helping the marines!

So, the two sides started a fight like this… without any valid reason…

Ian could roughly guess the purpose of Boa Hancock, so his eyes almost popped out when he saw this scene…