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S.C.S Chapter 176: Drift Apart

“What the hell is this? Why are they fighting!?”

Ian was quite sure that Boa Hancock didn’t really come to the island for his pirate group, so what is happening with the Kuja pirates?

He wasn’t stupid, so in a flash, he understood that Hancock didn’t explain the situation to her soldiers.

This was obviously a misunderstanding!

The Kuja pirates were a tricky group and very difficult pirates to deal with, Ian knows very well that these Amazon Lily warriors were all able to use Haki. In the crew of Hancock, only the strongest fighters will be selected to join her Pirate Group.

So despite the fact that the Kuja pirates have only one ship, their combat power was quite significant.

Fearing that his own people would suffer a lot from this battle, Ian hastened his pace and rushed toward the port.

At this time, neither the Dragon hunter’s pirate ship nor the Kuja pirates’ boat set sail. The two ships were docked at the wharf and fought at a long distance.

The female warriors of Kuja pirates mostly use bows and arrows as their mean attack. Each soldier was carrying a snake as a pet and partner, and they were using it as a bow! As soon as they start fighting, the snakes would bend into a bow-shaped position, and the arrows fired by the snakes were imbued with Busoshoku Haki, increasing the force of impact.

As it is known that nearly all the members on board were the archers! Their archery skills were also quite impressive.

When Ian arrived at the port, what he saw was the dense rain of arrows coming from the Kuja ship!

These arrows were all wrapped with Busoshoku Haki. Once they hit Ian’s ship on the side, they will immediately blast. Although their power was not too great, it was only equivalent to an explosion of a large firecracker. But with this large amount of arrows, the ship won’t hold for too long!

“Motherf**kers! My ship!!!” Ian glanced at his ship, and felt that his head was about to burst…

At this time, the sails of his ship were already riddled by these arrows. On the side of the ship facing the Kuja pirates, there were holes with various sizes all over that part. From time to time, arrows flew over and exploded there, and then a burst of sawdust hovered around.

However, it seems that the Kuja pirates did not face an easy adversary.

The members of the Dragon Hunter pirates did not show weakness in the face of their attacks. All those who were able to fight came up to the deck and blocked the flying arrows.

Raideen held his huge shield up in the air and bashed it into the rain of arrows, covering the ship below…

Under his giant arms, four cannons were operated by eight members, bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! The sound of cannonballs came, one shell after another directly flew toward the Kuja Pirates’ ship…

Since the ships on both sides were stationary, the shells’ accuracy was quite high.

Seeing that the shells were about to hit their ship, but at this moment, two large female snakes waved their tails and smashed the shells.

These two snakes were naturally the two sisters of Hancock, one was Boa Sandersonia who ate the Snake-Snake Fruit: Anaconda Model, and the other was Boa Marigold who ate the Snake-Snake Fruit: King Cobra Model, both of them were Zoan Fruit Users, and their strength was remarkable, so these flying shells were not a problem at all.

However, these two easily took care of the shells that were about to hit the deck.

But sometimes, a shell slips and hit their ship, which made the whole deck tremble, and left behind a big hole.

Whether it was the Dragon Hunter Pirates or the Kuja Pirates, both sides were waiting for their leaders to return. So even if they knew that they would lose their ships, they were still grinding their teeth and kept fighting…

“No, why is this happening to me!! If they kept fighting like this, my ship won’t be able to sail again!”

Ian quickly equipped Yasuo’s card, flashed forwards, then jumped on his ship.

Seeing him appear, the members of the Dragon Hunter Pirates burst into joy and exclaimed excitedly, “Captain!!!”

Ian did not have time to answer them. He pulled out the Devil’s Blade Yamato, raised a huge wind wall on the side of the ship, and when the arrows shot from the opposite side approached, they suddenly fell into the sea powerless…

The Wind Wall, this move was perfect to deal with long-range projectiles. This wind wall directly blocked 90% of the arrows fired from the other side.

The members of the Dragon Hunter Pirates cried out with excitement. Their captain was indeed a great supporter, so as soon as he appeared, the battle was turned over directly.

The marksmen, who manipulated the cannons, were preparing the shells with great enthusiasm, they wanted to take the opportunity to bombard the other side.

But at this moment, Ian shouted, “Stop, don’t fight back!”

The members of the Dragon Hunter Pirates obeyed Ian’s words without hesitation, so they stopped immediately.

“There’s no need to fight them, just pull up the anchor, and sail immediately!” Ian said.

“Hai, Captain!” The members of the Dragon Hunter Pirates responded loudly and immediately went to navigate the ship.

At this time, another wave of arrows rained over Ian’s ship…

Ian can command the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group, but he can’t give orders to the other Group. He did his job to stop his side of the battle, but it won’t stop there.

However, in the face of these arrows, Ian was able to deal with them easily, even if these were wrapped Haki! The wind wall can block them with ease.

“Who is that man?” Marigold, a chubby cobra female, could not help asking after seeing this scene…

“I don’t know, but it should be the captain of this pirate group. He got some skills.” The skinny one, boa Sandersonia, answered.

Kuja pirates unwillingly fired another round of arrows toward Ian’s ship, but it didn’t work like the last. During this time, Ian’s crew had already prepared for sailing, and the ship began to move slowly.

Seeing that Ian and the others were about to leave, the Kuja pirates were not willing to chase them, not only because their ship was damaged by cannonballs, but…

“Go to the island and find our Snake Princess immediately!” Sandersonia said: “It’s strange, Anee-Sama isn’t here. Didn’t she go to the island to deal with these pirates? How come their captains have appeared, and our sister hasn’t come back yet? “

A Kuja warrior immediately jumped off the ship and went to look for Hancock.

At this time, Hancock has been stopped by a Lieutenant who came to seek her help, begging her to remove the petrification effect from the whole island.

Hancock started getting impatient by this man. As a result, the Kuja warrior came over and reported the fighting situation on both sides.

“What!? Our ship was damaged?” Boa Hancock was worried that she could not find an excuse to run from this man. So after hearing this, she said happily: “Set sail now and pursue the Dragon hunter pirates!”

As she said this, Hancock took her Warrior and rushed towards the port. The Marine Lieutenant wanted to catch up and stop her, but the Kuja warrior forced him to stop by aiming her bow at him, and he was only able to watch Hancock leave the scene…

As soon as Hancock got on board, the Kuja Pirates’ ship, which was pulled by two ferocious snakes, immediately set sail and left the harbor, following the ship of the dragon hunters.

By the time, Vice Admiral Momonga got to the harbor, the two ships have already escaped the island.

The Lieutenant reported to Momonga about the situation of these two pirate groups. After learning that the dragon hunter pirates and Kuja pirates had actually been engaging in a furious battle, Momonga had no doubts about Hancock’s intentions, but he did not know what to do with those petrified men.

In the end, he helplessly had to ask the rest of his soldiers to carry who had been petrified to the ship. After returning to the Marine headquarters, he has to ask his superiors to contact her, and make her remove the petrification effect.

As for Ramos and others of the Whitebeard Pirates, Momonga can only leave them on the island. When Whitebeard Pirates arrive, they can find a solution on their own…

Later, the Marine ships also left the Mainspring Island. No one knew what the Marine Headquarter would look like after they return with such a failure…


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