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S.C.S Chapter 177: Nonsense

Ian’s ship kept sailing on the sea, and the members who knew how to repair the ship started working quickly, repairing the holes in their ship.

At that time, the arrows that were shot from the Kuja pirates had various power levels. Therefore, these holes were large and small, so they were trivial and troublesome to repair.

All the people were busy repairing the ship, mending the sails, and Ian went to the people on the side who had suffered some injuries during the battle. These wounded people were gathered together and getting treated by Ranga, the only ship doctor on board… (TN: besides the beautiful girl with hairclips “Ian”!)

Ian saw these scenes and went to help Ranga. As most of the people were slightly injured, Ian only had to replace Yukina’s card to treat them.

Ranga breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Captain, your ability has helped a lot.”

“My ability can only heal wounds!” Ian said to him with a smile: “But if we get sick, I won’t be able to do anything about it, so we all rely on you, doc.”

“Don’t worry, Captain!” Ranga nodded: “I will take care of everyone’s health!”

In fact, when sailing on the sea, sometimes it is not the powerful enemies that destroy people, but all kinds of diseases that come silently. Although Ian has been in good health and has not been sick once, this does not mean that he will never be ill. Therefore, Ian valued him very much, as the boat doctor.

Ranga was previously a famous doctor in the South Blue. In his thirties, his wife died, leaving him a four-year-old son. He was very fond of his son. His son has once heard about the amusement park of Sabaody Archipelago from his friends, so he pestered him to come visit this place.

Ranga didn’t think too much at the time. He agreed to take his son to Sabaody Archipelago to fulfill his dream. However, the tragedy happened. His son was too young and very innocent. When he was on the island, he accidentally bumped into a Celestial Dragon.

If a four-year-old child ran into an ordinary adult, the latter would probably smile and pat his head, but that Celestial Dragon felt very annoyed to be touched by a filthy child, so he directly pulled a gun and shot the kid!

After witnessing the death of his son, Ranga rushed up to hold his son. But before he reached his son, he was struck down by the guards, and they took him as a prisoner who wanted to attack the Master. That’s how he became a slave…

Every time he thinks about the scene of his son’s death, Ranga would quietly find a corner on the ship and start crying, and everyone on the ship knew about his tragedy.

Speaking of hatred towards the Celestial Dragons, Ranga’s was no less than anyone on this ship, which was why he decided to follow Ian to the sea and became a pirate. His home was gone, his child was killed in front of his eyes… there was nothing left for him from his previous life… He found his new family on this boat…

Seeing Ranga do his best to bandage the injured people, Ian sighed slightly, patted his shoulder, and stood up.

At this moment, Ian suddenly heard the watchman at the top of the mast shouting: “Captain! The ship of the Kuja Pirates is chasing us!”

“Whaaat?” Hearing this shout, all the people on the ship gathered around, and even the injured people struggled to get up and looked towards the stern.

Behind Ian’s ship, a dark shadow was getting clearer as they approach quickly.

“What on earth does this woman want?” Ian had a headache.

He admitted that Boa Hancock was a pretty woman with big dark blue eyes and long black hair, which was very consistent with Ian’s aesthetic standards. She has this kind of classical beauty, but her clothes were very sexy and sultry. In addition, as the Pirate Empress, she gives vibes of majestic queen that other women don’t have, which is why she was known as the most beautiful woman in the world.

Ian was not a person with low EQ and only has a single brain cell like Luffy, who doesn’t even know the difference between men and women. In the face of such a beautiful woman, Ian can’t resist having some Ecchi thoughts…

This was the reason why he cooperated with Hancock on the Mainspring Island, which shows the privileges of being beautiful, men will usually do anything to attract her attention.

However, there were so many things that Ian was worried about this time. With so many people following him, he must find a way out for them. He was no longer a lone wolf, he should not only think of a way to get through the pursuit of the Marines, but also consider how to become stronger, by toughening his crew, and also how to make money.

He could probably have guessed that Hancock might have come to find answers about him, the man, who had liberated another group of slaves from Marijoa. Perhaps because Fisher Tiger had rescued her, she wanted to help the masked man out of gratitude…

But… Ian doesn’t need her help now. The card system gives Ian different abilities. He can completely confuse the Marines by changing cards and showing them different powers.

It may be hard to stay low for a long time, but at this stage, he doesn’t have to worry about what he will expose.

This period was a good opportunity for Ian to concentrate on improving himself. His basic skills need a lot of training to improve, and involving too many things in his life was not good for him.

The appearance of Hancock gave Ian the feeling of being helpless. If she hadn’t appeared suddenly and started fighting him for no reason, he could have left when the Marines surrounded the Blackbeard and the impostor. Instead of getting a free pass, he had to fight with two vice admirals at the same time.

So later, he was eager to leave and to stay away from this woman.

But what he didn’t expect was that Hancock didn’t let him go and even went out after him!

For a while, Ian was a little confused. What is she willing to do? Could it be that they wanted revenge for the damage to their ship?

“Captain, what shall we do?” Zick scratched his head and asked Ian, “Does the Pirate Empress really want to catch us?”

Ian thought about it and didn’t answer him, instead, he asked Margaret, “Can we get rid of them?”

“It’s hard!” Margaret shook her head. “Now our sails have insufficient tension, and look at them… their boat doesn’t rely on sails, they are much faster!”

Indeed, the two huge snakes pulling the boat of the Kuja Pirates are just like engines, and their acceleration was higher than the downwind ships. In such a short time, the ship of Kuja Pirates got closer to Ian’s…

It was just a matter of time before they catch up with the dragon hunters.

Therefore, Ian made up his mind and told his crew: “Let’s play it defensively. If they dared to attack us, we need to strike back!”


The members of the Dragon Hunter Pirates screamed and took out their weapons one after another.

As time went by, the ship of Kuja pirates got very close, and Ian’s hand was placed on the handle of his sword. Once the opponent’s ship starts shooting arrows, he would immediately draw his blade.

However, things seemed to be a little different from what Ian thought. The ship of the Kuja pirates kept approaching, but they didn’t attack. Hancock was standing in the bow with her right hand at her waist, and the Kuja soldiers also stood behind her with crossed arms.

When both sides were able to see the faces of the people opposite, Hancock suddenly jumped on the head of one of the snakes pulling the ship!

Then the snake’s head bent down, and Hancock jumped straight into Ian’s ship.

“What a beautiful lady!”

“Is she the Pirate Empress?”

“This is my first time seeing such a good-looking woman!”

Not to mention the men on board, but even Margaret couldn’t help but be dazzled when she saw Hancock.

However, in the eyes of the Pirate Empress, Ian was the only important one. After she jumped on the ship, she kept staring at him.

“What the hell do you want?” Ian asked her: “If it’s just for the damage of your ship, then it is really unnecessary to do this! The ships on both sides were damaged!”

However, Hancock did not reply, and she started attacking directly…!

“Falling-Down Drunk Sweet Wind!” (Love-Love Beam!)

A pink shimmer emanated out of her clasped hands, and struck Ian.

Compared with the time when she was in Mainspring Island, the scope of her light circle this time was much larger. Ian was afraid that he couldn’t avoid it. So he bit his tongue directly and made use of the pain to eliminate the effect of her ability.

However, the members of the Dragon hunter pirates behind him were not that lucky. This was the first time that they saw the ability of the Pirate Empress. They didn’t even know how to react against such an attack, so they were immediately hit…

All the people standing behind Ian turned into stones! No one was spared.

Ian’s attention was diverted by the pain from his tongue. After finding out that his crew had all been turned into stones, he got very angry. He drew out the Devil’s Blade Yamato and rushed to Hancock!

However, to his surprise, Salome, the snake around Hancock’s waist, coiled in a circle at this time, with its tail on the ground and turning into a chair, allowing Hancock to lie down…

Ian’s blade was already over her snow-white neck, but Hancock didn’t show an aggressive expression.

This made Ian a little confused, “what is she doing!!??”

At this time, Hancock started to talk, said: “Relax, I’ll release them later, this Princess now has something to discuss with you, and it should not be heard by others.”

Ian looked up and found that even the Kuja Pirates’ ship was retreating at this time.

“What do you want to talk about?” Ian asked her, after putting away his sword.

“This Princess wants to inquire about someone!” Hancock, placing a hand on her cheek, leaned lazily against Salome, showed Ian the Snake Earrings on her earlobe, and continued, “My intuition tells me that you know something.”

“You’re looking for the mastermind of the Marijoa incident, aren’t you?” Now there was no one around, and Ian was too lazy to play games with her, so he directly said, “that person is me!”

However, to Ian’s surprise, Hancock suddenly became furious when she heard him.



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