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S.C.S Chapter 181: Revenge of the Whitebeard Pirates


After the Kuja Pirates’ ship left, Ian and the rest set sail again.

Due to the sudden landing of the Marines on Mainspring Island at the time, the supply plan of the Dragon hunter pirates was not implemented. Now there was not much water and food on board. Ian must find another place to get supplies.

Now, they must go to the nearest island.

Fortunately, Margaret was a competent navigator. When Ian and the others went to the town of Mainspring Island, she was not idle. When she stayed at the harbor, she went and talked with an old fisherman on Mainspring Island, unexpectedly, Margaret bought a map of the area near the Island.

To the southeast of Mainspring Island, there was an inconspicuous small island, about three days away. This small island can’t be accessed through the Log Pose. It was one of the islands without a magnetic force, but it can be reached with the help of the chart.

So Ian’s ship was now heading towards this island.

During the voyage, Ian has been paying attention to the news of Mainspring Island.

He knew that the whitebeard pirates would definitely make a move after knowing that the Marines forcibly broke into one of his territories to arrest some people, they must act roughly to make things clear with the Marines…

However, what Ian didn’t expect was that the Revenge of the whitebeard pirates would come so quickly.

On the morning of the third day after leaving Mainspring Island, Ian bought a newspaper from a News Coo with the headline “The Whitebeard Pirates had attacked a Marine stronghold under construction.”

The news said was that this has happened yesterday, that is to say, it only took the Whitebeard Pirates a day to strike back after the incident of Mainspring Island.

The fifth and eighth Divisions of the Whitebeard Pirates were sent out. The Commanders were the leaders of the two Divisions, the Flower Swordsman, Vista, and the fish-man Namur. The number of pirates dispatched was about three thousand. They destroyed a base that the Marines were building in the New World. After killing the soldiers stationed there, they used heavy artillery and razed the island where the base was located to the ground!

At that time, there were a lot of other pirate groups on the Mainspring Island. After the island was invaded by the Marines, these escaped pirates spread the news everywhere, which made some people who hated the Whitebeard Pirates laugh and enjoy such news.

However, the Whitebeard Pirates then carried out a fierce retaliation, which frightened these people. Those who were laughing about this matter immediately shut their mouths.

Everyone knows that in recent years, the Marines have always wanted to enter the New World and bring that part of the world under control. However, due to the lack of strength, their progress has been slow. Therefore, the Marines have adopted another method, which was to gradually build as much as possible bases on some suitable islands in the New World!

This was clearly the idea of gradual encroachment. With the help of a huge amount of bases, the Marines could connect these areas step by step and starts taking control of the New World.

Anyone with a discerning eye can see this, but after all, these bases were actually fortresses with strong defenses and significant firepower. It is said that a fortress can be equipped with thousands of cannons, which make a powerful Pirate Group think twice could before even consider moving against these fortresses.

There were many conflicts between the Yonko and the Marines, so it is impossible to let the Marines develop like this. However, because the Yonko were not united, they were also on guard against each other. By attacking a fortress, they caused heavy losses to the Marines without moving a huge army.

Of course, the fortresses built by Marines carefully avoided the site of Four Emperors. Both sides have a very subtle bottom line, and no one dared to cross it, until this time…

However, what happened on Mainspring Island angered the Whitebeard pirates, so they took quick and strong action.

The destruction of this fortress under construction completely overwhelmed the Marines. This was not only a kind of revenge, but also a kind of warning.

The Marines were hit hard this time. Although the fortress had not been activated during the preparations, the fortress was guarded by five Battleships plus more than 4,000 marine soldiers were inside. As a result, all five warships were destroyed easily by the Whitebeard Pirate Group, with more than 4000 soldiers suffered heavy casualties, almost the entire army was wiped out.

Although the Whitebeard Pirates suffered considerable casualties in the battle, they won the battle. After demolishing the whole island with artilleries, the Marines could no longer build a fortress on that island.

This time, the Whitebeard Pirates brought the largest casualties in the Marines in recent years. This did not only hurt the Marines, but also deterred many pirates.

Such fierce and quick retaliation made some ambitious guys realize that the Whitebeard was still the same, he is the monster known as “the strongest man in the world”. Although he is getting old, his claws and teeth were still so sharp…

On this day, as the News Coo carried this story around the world, the entire World was shaking for the raging Whitebeard.

There’s nothing the Marines can do, they know that the Whitebeard was very strict.

Compared with the whole group of Whitebeard pirates who came to the Marine headquarters for Ace, what they moved this time was only to destroy a single fortress. Such retaliation was already considered light.

Marine Headquarters, Marineford, Sengoku, sitting in his office and looking at the report in his hand, started to have a strong headache again.

Recently, Sengoku’s headache didn’t stop during this whole period. First, the fire that broke out in Marijoa, the black-clothed man who killed a Celestial Dragon, and then wounded Aokiji to escape.

Aokiji’s injury was estimated to last for a few months. During this period, Marines were basically unable to use an Admiral’s combat power. The Celestial Dragons did not appreciate it, so they annoyed the World Government and put a lot of pressure on them to arrest the murderer as soon as possible.

Then, during the World Council, the motion to remove tribute was raised again, leading to disputes between several participating countries and the world government.

That proposal was finally forced down by the World Government. This made the gap between many countries and the World Government getting bigger and bigger. After the end of the World Council, these Kings and leaders were very irritated, although they did not threaten to withdraw from the alliance, once they returned to their own country, they immediately expelled the marines stationed in their country!

So the Marines lay down their guns again.

This is not over yet. Originally, after receiving reports from Momonga and Doberman, the Marines gritted their teeth and approved their demand to invade the Mainspring Island. They had hoped that they could catch the mastermind of the Marijoa incident, but in the end, they found that the man in black on the island was just an impostor.

In order to catch an impostor, they angered the whitebeard, which led to the destruction of a marine fortress, its manpower and material resources invested in it were squandered.

That’s fine. But on the contrary, a pirate group named “dragon hunters” appeared on the Mainspring island. Their captain was a very powerful guy. He even took down one of the two vice admiral, Doberman!

This endless stream of incidents was the source of Sengoku’s headache, which gave him the feeling that the Marines suddenly had more opponents overnight…

“What’s the origin of this Dragon Hunter Pirate Group?” Sengoku frowned and asked Momonga that came back to report.

“I don’t know!” Momonga shook his head, and said. “Now, the Marines know nothing about them, we only know that their captain is a Devil Fruit User, a kind of a Lightning Fruit, but it is not Logia, it’s Paramecia, I think…”

“Is there any picture of him?” Sengoku asked.

“Here it is!” Momonga took out a picture and handed it over.

When Sengoku saw the photo, he was suddenly stunned. He felt that the person on the photo was so familiar.

Momonga had never seen Ian before, so he couldn’t recognize him. However, Sengoku had seen him. When a group of people from Sabaody Archipelago gathered together to steal the tribute of the Celestial Dragons, he removed Ian from the list.

“What going on with this person again!?” Sengoku looked at Ian and his bear-ear hat on the photo, remembering the scene when Bartholomew Kuma came back.

‘If I remember correctly, Kuma came back injured from his fighting with this man!’

According to Kuma at that time, this man was also injured. Now he suddenly appeared in the New World and he has established a pirate group?

After recognizing Ian, Sengoku was not surprised that Doberman was injured by him. Although the strength of the vice admirals can’t be generalized, their power level varies. Since this man could injure the Shichibukai, Bartholomew Kuma, it was not surprising that he could hurt Doberman.

What he was thinking about right now was whether he should make this person wanted or not…


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