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S.C.S Chapter 180: The Support of Another Shichibukai


Ian guessed that Hancock’s purpose would be to take him back with hem to Amazon Lily for refuge.

Amazon Lily is located in the Calm Belt. That area is the nest of large Sea Kings. Generally, only a few ships can get there. Even if the marines have made good progress in science and technology in recent years, but they can travel through the Calm Belt with the help of the Seastones. But remember, the Amazon Lily was an island inhabited only by women, and men were strictly prohibited from entering it. The Marines may not think that Amazon Lily, which has always rejected all men, would take the initiative to take Ian, the masked man, as a refugee.

This was a kind of a blind spot. From these two aspects, even Ian has to admit that if he didn’t take these slaves and made a pirate group, and he was left alone, Amazon Lily would be the most ideal place to lurk.

Sure enough, when Ian formally asked Hancock, she raised her head, looked at Ian, and said, “This Princess… I actually want you to come with me to the Amazon Lily.”

“To seek refuge?” Ian smiled slightly and said, “There’s no need for that now.”

Hancock got a little anxious, so she grabbed Ian’s hand and said, “Why did you say that it is unnecessary? Do you know how huge the crime you committed? You have killed a Celestial Dragon!!!”

She used to be a slave. Although she escaped later and became the queen of Kuja, her hatred for Celestial Dragons has never decreased. However, since becoming a Shichibukai, she got a good understanding of their true power. This was why Boa Hancock did not hesitate to go to New World, looking for him, and after knowing the whole story of the arsonist, she decided to help this person…

She knew very well that the Celestial Dragons control the World Government, and the world government commands the Marines. Ian could not compete with these two behemoths.

She eagerly grabbed Ian’s hand, but she didn’t activate her ability on him, so finally, Ian had his first skin contact with her.

It was soft, warm, and it also felt very silky, which made Ian lose his mind…

Forced to suppress his own imagination, Ian smiled and said to her: “It’s okay, I have other cards to play.”

Of course, Ian also knew that he could not fight against the World Government and Marines alone, even if he set up a pirate group, unless he could climb up to the height of the four emperors.

However, Ian also has his own plan now. The first card was the stolen identity chip of a Celestial Dragon. As long as this thing wasn’t found, the Celestial Dragons won’t let him die.

The second thing was the Revolutionary Army. Although Ian doesn’t know the true strength of the Army, it should be significant. Uncle Kuma became a Shichibukai and merged in the Marine Headquarters easily, and Nana was able to sneak into the World Council! This alone means that the strength that the revolutionary army has developed in secret can’t be underestimated, and Ian is now a member of the Revolutionary Army. So if necessary, he could naturally ask them for help…

Ian’s plan was very clear now, that is, to be a pirate for a period of time. Before his identity was revealed, he should improve his strength as much as possible. When the Marines find out his real identity, he has to smartly deal with them. He should not let the Marines surround him, and also he has to delay until the Celestial Dragons become too impatient. Finally, according to the plan arranged by Uncle Kuma, things will go smoothly and he will become the newest member of Shichibukai.

From the moment Ian went out to the sea, he knew that his interference might cause some deviation in the history and the story of the world… He has done many good and bad deeds, but things went back to normal, which shocked him…

But being a Shichibukai is a huge key point, and its impact is unparalleled…

Ian also wanted to see what kind of changes he would bring if he became Shichibukai. This goal was very interesting for him since he heard it from Uncle Kuma.

Thinking of this, Ian suddenly remembered something and asked Boa Hancock: “Right, what is the process of becoming a Shichibukai?”

“You…you want to be Shichibukai!?” Boa Hancock was a little surprised.

“Well, everything is possible, isn’t it?” Ian laughed.

Hancock frowned slightly and began to think about the possibility of Ian’s words, and said: “Generally speaking, there must be a vacancy in the Shichibukai’s position. After that, the Marines will initiate a proposal. As soon as the world government approved the proposal, the invitation can be issued. Sometimes, the Marines will symbolically ask us about our opinions. When they wanted to recruit Fire Fist Ace some time ago, things went just like this, but this Princess didn’t pay much attention at that time… “

“That’s good! Well, Hancock, if you really want to help me, then if the Marines ask you for your opinion about me, you have to agree!” Ian said: “Most likely not this period, after a while. It may be a few months later, or even a year later. You just have to remember it!”

However, Hancock was slightly stunned and said, “You…what did you call me just now?”

“Hancock!?” Ian said strangely, “I can call you “your highness”, if you want!”

“Huh, that’s ok… but what do I call you?” Hancock asked! That’s right, she didn’t know Ian’s name…

“I’m Ian!”

“Ian? Ian!” Hancock repeated his name twice in a low voice, then nodded her head and said, “This Princess will remember it. When the Marines ask for my opinion, I will support you, but…”

However, Hancock did not know why Ian was so confident that he would be nominated by the Marines to become a Shichibukai. She did not know that Ian had taken away the identity chip of a Celestial Dragon.

Ian did not notice her hesitation at the end of her speech. At this time, he was calculating that he could obtain the support of several Shichibukai.

Of course, Uncle Kuma was one. Ian didn’t need to say it. At present, Hancock joined him too. In addition, he has met Jinbe, and both sides were quite friendly. Maybe Jinbe will support him. (T/N: you punched him in the face, bruh…)

In this way, Ian has been able to get support from three Shichibukai members.

Although the position of the Shichibukai was basically decided by the Marines, the support of the three Shichibukai should make them pay more attention to this matter? This was already half of the Shichibukai members.

Thinking of this, Ian couldn’t help laughing happily, and said to Hancock, “Well, all the things were set now! Please now help my crew and remove the petrification effect!”

As soon as this was mentioned, Hancock suddenly thought of something and asked Ian: “Your crew, could it be that they were the slaves you rescued from Marijoa!?”

“Of course!” Ian nodded and said, “After sending away a lot of them, the rest decided to follow me.”

Hearing that these crew members were the slaves rescued from Marijoa, Hancock nodded, as did Fisher Tiger at the time. After freeing the slaves, he set up a pirate group and went out to sea, so Ian’s behavior was natural and understandable.

“Mezameyo!” (Awaken)

She stretched out her right hand and gently breathed at the petrified statues, and then he saw small hearts Beam spread out, reaching his crew.

Then Ian’s crew returned to their normal states immediately.

Only their memory still lingered on the moment when Hancock just jumped into their ship, so they all stood by to watch the Pirate Empress one by one. They had no idea what had happened during the period when they were petrified.

“This is for you!” Boa Hancock took out a small piece of paper and said to Ian: “This is my Vivre Card “paper of life”. If you need it, you can follow it and come to Amazon Lily at any time you want!”

“Oh!” Ian picked it up, looked at it, and put it carefully in his pocket.

Hancock beckoned to the Kuja pirate ship in the distance, and then saw the ship moving towards her way…

“This…this princess is leaving!” Boa Hancock turned back and said to Ian.

“Huh… okay!” Ian was stunned for a moment and responded.

He just felt that from the moment she discovered his true identity, Hancock’s behaviors had changed a bit. Her superior temper disappeared and her attitude towards him was much softer. She seemed to have a contrasting feeling.

In fact, he really wanted to say something, and keep talking with her, but thinking about it carefully, it seemed that there was no other topic to discuss. Since he did not intend to go with her to the Amazon Lily, Hancock’s mission was done here.

It’s not just him, but even Hancock, she wanted to say something, but she didn’t know what to say…

Finally, when the Kuja Pirate’s ship came over, Hancock had to leave.

Ian watched Hancock boarded her ship, then he turned back to his cabin, and the people on his ship looked at each other, they did not know what happened, why did the captain Ian and the Snake Princess had such an expression on their faces…

On the Kuja Pirate’s ship, Hancock walked towards the cabin and said, “No one disturbs me. I want to take a rest.”

A Kuja female warrior asked: “Snake Princess Sama, should we let these pirates go?”

“Yeah!” Hancock nodded and said nothing more, and walked into her room, and lay down on the curled-up Salome, just like a chair, looking at the ceiling quietly, not knowing what had happened there and what to think now…

After a long time, she lifted her right foot and gently moved her ankle.

It was the place where she was held twice by Ian’s hand.

From the first time she saw Ian on the Mainspring Island, her intuition told her that this man seemed different, but she didn’t even think that Ian was the real arsonist she was looking for.

Moreover, what surprised her most was that Ian was so young…

“His name is Ian?” Hancock kept rotating her ankle and muttered to herself, “Does silk stockings really look good on me…” (ofc xD)


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