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S.C.S Chapter 179: Solve the misunderstanding

Ian struggled for less than two seconds, then there was no need to hesitate anymore.

Hancock reacted fast while he was astonished, she bent her knee slightly, and broke her leg free from Ian’s hands.”FFKKKKK!!!”

Because of the Three Sacred Links Shield in his palm, Ian could resist Hancock’s ability, but it also made him unable to hold her ankle tightly. Without skin contact, everything went in vain…

The petrifaction effect of her kick didn’t work, which surprised Hancock, but she didn’t think too much about it. After retracting her leg, she suddenly kicked up and attacked Ian’s chin.

Ian raised his head and quickly avoided it. Hancock took this opportunity and shot Ian with a Pistol Kiss.

At this time, Ian started using Kenbunshoku Haki. In his Nen Field “En”, Hancock’s every move was also in his perception. At the moment, he suddenly turned aside, and the Pistol Kiss suddenly flew past him.

As a result, behind Ian were the petrified members of dragon hunter pirates. After this Pistol Kiss went by, it hit the palm of Doroni’s hand raised high. In his petrified state, Ian saw a small hole pierced in Doroni’s hand, and cracks were spreading around it.

Oh, no! Ian was shocked. He knew that the damage caused in the petrified state would also appear after returning to his original state.

Turning her eyes, Hancock seemed to have noticed this too. She breathed in deeply, kissed out a huge heart, and suddenly pulled out the back of this heart with her hand, then aimed at Ian.

‘This is the Slave Arrow!’ As soon as Ian looked at her posture, he knew her next attack.

If he dodged immediately, these Slave Arrows won’t hit him, but the crowd behind him will suffer.

So Ian gritted his teeth, ignored the consumption of Nen, and suddenly expanded the area of the Three Sacred Links Shield, blocking the whole front of his side.

In the next second, the Slave Arrows flew out, but all of them were blocked by Ian’s shield.

It has to be said that this defense skill, “The Three Sacred Links Shield!”, was very useful. The powerful effect of its reflection can almost block all attacks, especially for the materialized energy such as the Slave Arrows. When Ian drew Orihime’s card, originally he thought he would use it only as a healing card. Unexpectedly, in the battle against Hancock, It was able to exert such a huge effect.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Successive bouncing sounds came. This time, Hancock finally saw the existence of the light film. She was surprised, and then she knew why her ability did not work on Ian.

When she was standing still, the light film suddenly disappeared. Ian suddenly retracted the large shield and placed it in front of his fist. His figure disappeared in an instant, and he arrived in front of her at an extremely fast speed, then he punched her hard in her belly…

He can’t let her continue fighting like this anymore, because things were going to get worse, and it would be troublesome if his petrified crew gets broken.

Although Ian was sure that by using the Twin Sacred Return Shield, he could rescue them, but that would consume a lot of Nen, right?

Ian’s punch came very suddenly, and Boa Hancock felt a sharp pain in her abdomen and almost fainted in place.

When was the last time since she has been attacked like this?

Because of her petrification ability, anyone who comes into contact with any part of her body will be petrified. Therefore, none of Hancock’s enemies, who she encountered over the last years, has dared to attack her directly with a “bare” fist.

But now, there’s a stranger called Ian, using a weird shield as a barrier to cover his fist, has punched Hancock hard in her belly.

Unable to react in time, Hancock suddenly collapsed on the ground and covered her abdomen. In fact, Ian’s strength was not that big of a deal, but Hancock was totally unprepared for this… She didn’t use her Haki in time. Without the protection of her Busoshoku Haki, the body of a fragile woman wouldn’t bear such an attack.

Because of the pain, Boa Hancock looked a little sweaty, Ian squatted in front of her and asked, “Are you still going to fight?”

“You…!” Boa Hancock gritted her teeth, leaned back on the deck, raised her leg, and kicked Ian again.

This kind of struggle-like resistance, of course, didn’t have much effect, so Ian grabbed and held her leg again.

“It smells so good!” Ian sniffed her leg vigorously, and said with a smile: “Such a beautiful leg would definitely look astonishing with all kinds of stockings, right?”

Fishnet Stockings!? White or Black silk!? Striped Stockings!? Lace Stockings!? Thigh-Highs Stockings!?

Ian couldn’t help thinking so much about such a matter, so he didn’t see the shameful blusher on Hancock’s face.

“Let go of me!” Hancock had forgotten even her superior temper, and shouted at Ian.

Ian smiled slightly, did not answer her, Instead, he opened his right hand, and burst out a purple flame in front of Hancock.

Seeing Hancock’s expression changed from shame and anger to surprise, Ian only thought that this expression was really wonderful, and couldn’t help showing a wicked smile: “Let’s just say, if I burn all your clothes, would you be able to get back to your ship?”

What the heck! This is an amazing idea!

Naturally, Ian’s Black belly temper began to occur again. However, Hancock didn’t seem to hear what he said. Instead, she yelled, “You…! Purple flame! You, are you really the arsonist?”

“Oh, it seems that the information you inquired was very detailed.” Ian let go of her leg and shrugged, “I told you before. But you didn’t believe me.”

“But… But!” Hancock’s expression was priceless, but she still couldn’t help but ask: “But I heard that the black-clothed man can also use black dragon-shaped Flames!”

“The Black Dragon Wave!?” Ian smiled, then used his left hand to untie the special bandage on his right hand.

In fact, the reason why he had a showdown with Hancock was that Ian also knew that she had no grudge towards him.

And she started fighting with him just because she failed to acknowledge Ian’s real identity.

By seeing things from another angle, everyone could see her passion for the masked man. Her intentions were pure, and all of this happened just because of a misunderstanding, which was solved at this moment…

After all, Hancock was a Shichibukai, and Ian didn’t want her to get involved with this… If the Kuja pirates keep persistently chasing then, that would be very troublesome.

What Ian has to do now was to solve the misunderstanding. After that, what she wants to do could be discussed while sitting down and talk patiently about it.

The sound of the bell rang out repeatedly. As the bandage was unwrapping, the enormous heat began to spread around. The black flames appeared on Ian’s wrist and showed the hideous head of the black dragon.

After the bandage was completely unlocked, Ian’s right wrist sent out a raging flame. He gently waved his arm, causing the surrounding air to twist, showing Hancock its extraordinary flame.

“Have you seen it now? Just relying on it, I managed to damage and escape from Aokiji!” Ian smiled.

Hancock stared at Ian blankly. The Black dragon wave was wrapped around Ian’s whole arm. With the surging heat, Ian’s hand seemed like it was being covered with Busoshoku Haki.

Her heart suddenly started beating chaotically, and she became a little confused. She did not know how to face Ian. She had believed that Ian was just a liar, but now, these flames that suddenly appeared in Ian’s hand shattered the whole image…

It turns out he is the real arsonist! I… did I actually attack the person I was looking for!?

Seeing Hancock’s disordered expression, Ian silently re-wrapped the bandage, blocking the scattered heat. This Black Dragon wave was more powerful than the last one, he injected 5,000 Nen points to establish this seal. If it was not to prove his true identity to Boa Hancock, Ian will not risk showing it like this…

Crouching down again, Ian said to Hancock: “Well, now that you’ve found the person you were looking for, what can he do for you?”

Ian knew very well that even if he killed Celestial Dragon and provoked the World Government and marines. But again, he has also won the hearts of many people. Jinbe was one of them, if it wasn’t for his help, Ian would never get a chance of obtaining a free ship and an easy opportunity to send the other slaves away.

Similarly, Hancock came here for the same reason. As a transmigrator, Ian was aware of Hancock’s past and can easily know why she was looking for him.

However, he was also a little confused, not knowing what Hancock would say.

‘Devote her life to him!? Stop fooling yourself, Ian!’ He never thought that Boa Hancock would directly throw herself in the arsonist’s arms. Maybe in the mind of Boa Hancock, that guy had to be a Fish-man like Fisher Tiger, or a legendary figure like Rayleigh… so how can such a person like Boa Hancock, fall in love with the arsonist before even meeting him!!?


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