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S.C.S Chapter 183: King’s casino (1)


There were only about 30 people who wanted to go to the island with Ian.

On the way to the island, Ian saw from a distance that there was a magnificent building on the hillside of the island.

There was what Zick said, the casino, the only eye-catching building on the island.

Everyone followed Ian and headed towards the casino, but a very strange thing happened along the way.

As mentioned before, the residents of this island looked very poor!

Many houses on the island were not only small, but almost all of them were in dilapidated condition. During Ian’s careful observation, most of the houses on the island were inhabited by women and children, and only a few men were seen…

These women and children looked pale, and their clothes were ripped and patched with multiple layers. There were many farmlands on the island, and these women and children were working in the fields. They were sweating and waving their hoes under the scorching sun.

When Ian was in the Dojo of the Frost Moon Village, he used to work in the farmlands. So he squatted down, grabbed a handful of dirt, looked at it carefully, and then sniffed it.

‘The soil here is actually quite fertile’, Ian thought.

However, when he looked at the seedlings in the field, he found that all these crops were in a bad state, not growing that well. They were yellow and pale, and even large areas of land were in a state of waste.

“Zick, where did you get the water and food?” Ian asked in doubt, “These people here are so poor, how can there be extra supplies for sale?”

Zick pointed to the resplendent casino on the hillside and said: “Where else can we get it from!? Naturally, it’s from the casino. When we first went to the island, we didn’t see any shops after looking for a long time, we finally asked the villagers and learned that the only place selling goods was the casino, so we had to go there to buy them. This is how we got the information about the casino too.”

“Why are there only women and children in this village?” Ian asked again. “Even the plowmen are women and children. Where are the men of this island?”

Zick said while he was still pointing to the casino, “All of them are there!”

Now, not only Ian, but everyone was surprised: “Huh!? Really?”

“Are all the men in this village work in the casino?” Ian asked in surprise.

“No!” Zick shook his head and said, “They are all gamblers!”

“They spent all their time gambling, leaving their women and children to work in the field?” Ian found it too strange.

Zick shrugged, and said: “I think so, this Gramberg Island, I heard that it has another name, the island of gamblers!”

Ian wanted to ask something, but at this time, he suddenly heard a cry coming from the front. Looking up, he saw a woman who looked pale and thin, she was crying and fell on the ground. She was holding a package tightly in her hands, while a man with red eyes was pulling the other end of the package.

And a three-year-old child was crying near them.

“Let go! Do you hear me? Give it to me now!” The man with red eyes yelled and scolded at the woman.

“No, I will never let it go! It’s the only valuable thing left in the house. I can’t let you take it away!” the woman cried.

Ian thought that he was robbing them, and just wanted to let Zick and the others rush to stop him. However, the woman suddenly begged: “Darling, you can’t gamble anymore. There’s no food left in the house. I was hoping to exchange these items for food to keep the pot boiling. If you lose the money again in the casino, our whole family will starve to death!”

‘Darling!? The F**k, this man is her husband!?’

Ian was so shocked, he thought that these scenes only excited in Drama TV shows?

Sure enough, the woman’s cries failed to soften the man’s heart. Instead, he slapped her hard, knocked her to the ground, and ran away with the package.

As he ran, he shouted loudly, “I’m gonna be rich! I have money again! This time, I must win and come back with a profit! “

Needless to say, the direction he ran to was naturally the location of the casino.

The woman got up and, regardless of the red palm print on her face, she just hugged her crying child, and then both of them burst into tears.

Ian turned his head, and found that the other women in the village, watching this scene, were just silent, with numbness in their eyes, as if they had seen too much of this scene.

“What the hell is going on here?” Ian looked at the scene and couldn’t help asking aloud.

However, no one around him answered.

There were countless places in the world with casinos, but there was no place like this…

“Let’s go and see what the hell is going on with this casino!” Ian said with a cold face.

Everyone nodded and followed Ian.

It didn’t take long before they came to the gate of the casino. Compared with the village below the mountain, this place seemed like it was from another world. The casino building was so wide and tall. Outside was a huge neon sign with dazzling lights. Standing at the entrance of the casino, there were two rows of welcoming guests. On the left, there were beautiful young girls dressed in sexy clothes, while on the right, there were well-dressed handsome guys. When they see Ian and his crew coming, they all smiled and bowed down.

“Welcome to the king’s casino, please come inside!”

Ian looked at these welcoming guests, said nothing, and walked inside.

When they entered the casino, they found that it was very big. It was a very formal looking casino with luxurious decoration and golden lights everywhere. Girls wearing rabbit ears on their heads and exposed Bunny clothes, carrying drinks back and forth among the crowd. The security guards in black suits and sunglasses were scattered around the corners of the casino.

However, they were the guests who were not in harmony with the style of the gambling house. The hustle and bustle of the casino were very lively, but most of the people looked shabby. They gathered around the gambling tables, yelling loudly and staring at the dealer to open the last card to reveal the results. After a moment, someone would shout “I win”, then he rushes over and crazily hugs his chips, while the others, shows a frustrated expression, and then continues to bet with red eyes.

‘How should I put it, this scene in front of me is like a luxury Las Vegas casino opened in rural Africa…’

This was really weird!

The casino was divided into several areas, each with a different kind of a game. Ian thought about it, went to the reception, and exchanged more than 400,000 Berries to chips. Then he took the chips and gave them to the members of his pirate group. He said, “Let’s play, but remember to inquire about the situation here and see what is going on!”

“Hai, hai, captain! You are the best!” They nodded and said.

Ian himself took 20,000 Berries worth of chips and went around the casino. He was not familiar with casinos because he had never been to such places.

When he came to a Roulette Gambling Table, Ian leaned in, planning to watch the rounds.

The huge Roulette Table was spinning at this time, and a small ball was rolling in it, which seems to be about to stop. Therefore, the gamblers who have made their bets, when they saw that the ball was about to roll to their number, they desperately shout out for it to stop, while those who bet on another number kept swearing! It looked very lively.

Ian didn’t pay much attention to the movement of the ball. His attention was focused on the dealer, who was wearing a white shirt and black gloves. Although he was standing by the Roulette, his hands were on the table and looked motionless.

The ball stopped quickly on a random number. A gambler had won this turn, so he cheered excitedly, but the rest sighed angrily.

Ian looked suspiciously at the croupier and then at the little ball in the roulette…..



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