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S.C.S Chapter 184: King’s casino (2)


In the game, players may choose to place bets on either a single number, various groupings of numbers, the colors red or black, whether the number is odd or even, or if the numbers are high (19–36) or low (1–18)… there was a gambler who made a black 7 bet. If he won, he would gain a huge sum of money, however, when the small ball was about to stop on this number, it stopped next to his number, a total miss…

Ordinary people may not be able to predict the trajectory of the ball, but Ian has opened his En! He always felt that the ball seems to be a little abnormal, and when it was about to stop, it seemed to be pushed by a small subtle force.

Even if there was no evidence, Ian knew that this was an action done by the F**king Dealer…

After watching a lot of rolls, Ian realized that although there was nothing wrong most of the time, once there was a high multiple bet, the trajectory of the ball will be abnormal.

It seems that from ten bets, nine of them were swindles. Ian also knows that casinos generally have their own means. This was not surprising, but Ian felt that most of the gamblers here were betting a small amount of Berries, even such a small number, the casino won’t allow them to have it!

After watching for a while, Ian lost interest and began to wander around, staying at all tables for a while, trying to listen to the conversations of the gamblers.

He found that most of the gamblers who appeared here looked rather shabby, but likewise, there were also a small number of pirate-like guys.

It didn’t take long for Zick and the others to come back, bringing back some news they could inquire.

Before that, Ian felt a little strange. How such a luxurious casino could get built here, but there were no well-known tyrants behind it. After collecting some news, Ian suddenly understood the reason…

Because most of the gamblers here were men from the village!

As mentioned earlier, this island has no magnetic field. Navigators on the sea cannot get to this island by the Log Pose. Only those who have a chart or know the location of the island can come here.

As a result, the number of customers for the casino was quite small.

However, when the casino was opened, they made it impossible to lose their money and go bankrupt, so the casino set their targets on the villages on the island, attracting the men from the villages to gamble here.

Zick pointed to a decadent-looking uncle sitting in front of a gambling table, and said, “That man is from the village. I bought him a drink and talked with him for a while. He told me everything… This island was originally a very peaceful village. In the early years, it could be said that they lived and worked in peace and contentment. However, since the opening of the gambling house four years ago, everything has changed… The casino attracted all the men and made them stop working… no more farming! When they started losing their money, they began selling their belongings to the casino, or borrow money to continue gambling. Not long after, the village started dying…”

Hearing this, Ian remembered the scenes he saw in the village. He couldn’t help shaking his head and saying, “Rabbits don’t eat grass beside their nests. This casino really ignores everything around him in order to make money.”

“Who is the boss behind this casino, have you inquired about it?” Ian asked.

“No! I didn’t!” Zick shook his head.

“Try to find out.” Ian said.

Zick nodded and left. Ian thought about it for a while, and then he found a dice table “Craps” and sat down.

Other gambling games were too complicated for Ian to understand. The Craps was the easiest, however, the reason why Ian sat down was not to gamble, but to make trouble.

He wanted to try and see if he could bring out the backstage boss of this casino.

On the edge of this table, there were a lot of people sitting there. The croupier played the dice, and the gamblers announced their bets.

The way to play was to make wagers on the outcome of the roll, odds, or even. Ian didn’t think too much about it. He lost 5000 Berries’ worth of chips on the first roll, and then he kept staring at the dealer. His Nen field was opened and he felt the dice in his hand.

Ian has already thought about it. If he loses this time, he will immediately slap the table and say that they were cheating!

However, what he didn’t think of was that after the second roll was played, the three dice turned out to be 4, 3, 1, which happened to be Even!

‘I Won?’

Ian was frustrated, the croupier pushed the chips to his way. Such a bet was 1 to 1. In other words, he just won five thousand Berries.

If he keeps winning, it won’t be easy to go with his plan. So Ian simply pushed 25,000 Berries to the pair side and said, “All in!”

This move attracted the attention of the people at the gambling table, because people here makes only a very few thousands of bets.

“Go ahead, hurry up!” Ian glanced at the dealer.

As a result, it turned out to be double again! The gamblers around suddenly exclaimed in surprise and envied Ian’s good luck.

Seeing that the chips in his hand suddenly became fifty thousand, Ian was speechless for a while, and then pushed all the chips to the top of the pair side!

This time, there were a few gamblers who followed Ian’s bet.

Once again, 2-4-4, still double! The chips in Ian’s hand suddenly became worth 100,000 Berries!

All gamblers around him, looking at a pile of chips in front of him, their eyes turned red with envy.

Only when Ian scratched his head, he suddenly understood what’s going on. This croupier probably saw that he was a stranger, and it was probably his first time here, so he was trying to whet his appetite.

This was a commonly used method in some casinos…

Sure enough, the croupier smiled and said to Ian: “This guest is really lucky. Do you want to continue to bet?”

“Of course!” Ian nodded, he had come with the intention of making trouble. How could he give up halfway? (T/N: Noo!! What would happen if he decided to stop… uuughh è-é)

Although Ian now doesn’t need much money to recharge diamonds, he still has to spend money on their daily expenses and supplies. The number of his crew was not that large, but the expenses were quite large. The two guys with a big stomach, Raideen, and Doroni, won’t get feed for a long time with supplies worth hundreds of thousands, so they needed to get more money.

They were Pirates now, so how do Pirates make money? It is nothing more than robbery. With Ian’s personality, it is impossible to steal from ordinary civilians, so in addition to robbing other pirates, he intended to hack into this casino.

Especially, after learning about the bad behavior of this place, Ian was reckless.

As for whether the backstage owner of this casino was a powerful person, Ian didn’t think too much about it. In his opinion, the owner of this place has fallen to the point where he started attacking the surrounding villages. The boss of this gambling house won’t get any mercy!!

So, Ian once again went all-in, and then looked at the croupier with a smirk to see what he would do.

Would he keep raising his appetite, and let him continue to win, or make him leave empty-handed?

In the casinos, it is often said that when a person was in good luck, other gamblers will follow him. After Ian has made another bet in double, many people followed him.

However, there were also many people thinking that it seems unlikely to get four pairs in a row, it seems that the probability was too small, so they went to bet on the opposite side instead.

Seeing that everyone at the table almost placed a bet, Ian was about to let the croupier start shaking. However, at this moment, a somewhat excited voice sounded behind Ian.

“Little brother, can you help me by holding a pair for me? Your luck seems to be amazing, and I want you to bet for me!”

Ian thought it was a gambler who wanted to follow the wind, so he didn’t look back, and said angrily: “Why don’t you bet on your own?”

“I can’t see the table, I don’t know where the pair is!” The voice said.

Hearing this, Ian looked back suspiciously.

Then, he got shocked immediately!

The man standing behind him was a middle-aged uncle. He has short hair and a normal beard on his chin, but his eyes are closed tightly. There was an X-shaped scar centered on the left side of his forehead that stretches over both eyes.

He was wearing a light-purple yukata held up with a dark purple belt. He had a pair of geta sandals on his feet and a Shimizu (a Japanese swordstick) in his hand as a walking stick.

This figure, in the impression of Ian, could only be one person!

Issho, Fujitora!

This was why Ian felt frightened. He never thought that the uncle who would be recruited by the Marines to become an Admiral in the future was also in this casino!

And the most outrageous thing was that he even wanted to follow Ian’s bet!?



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