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S.C.S Chapter 185: Lucky!


To be honest, Ian had never thought that he would meet uncle Fujitora here.

This uncle was famous for being addicted to gambling. He was obviously blind, but he likes to join in the fun of the gambling table. He often provokes some punks who want to steal his money.

Now that such a character has appeared. Ian gave up a little space to let Issho sit down beside him. Then he said to him, “Are you sure that you want to follow my bet? You know, I have been getting several pairs now!”

Some gamblers around also echoed: “That’s right! The chances are too low!”

“It’s funny that a blind man has the desire to gamble with him.”

The sarcastic sentences kept coming, but Fujitora didn’t speak, just laughed. Instead, Ian was a little angry, and slapped the table, then shouted: “Shut up!”

This slap was very hard, shaking of the whole table, and when Ian took off his hand, there was a deep slap mark on the spot.

Although Ian’s strength was not comparable to those legendary figures, it was still very noteworthy. Seeing him making such a fuss, the gamblers around him were scared and didn’t dare to speak anymore.

Without any more interruption from these people, Ian was able to continue talking with Fujitora. Although Ian had already explained it to him, Fujitora still insisted on placing the same bet as Ian. He took out some chips and put them on the gambling table and said, “Little brother, please help me making a bet on pair.”

“Okay! Don’t blame me if you lose!” Ian was also a little speechless, not knowing what were Fujitora’s means, so he had to help him bet on doubles.

Seeing that no one was betting anymore, the croupier said, “Closing the bets! Get ready!”

With his voice, the mood of the surrounding gamblers has aroused, so they shouted: “Pairs! Pairs!” ~~~~~~ “Odd! Odd!”

The croupier did not immediately open the dice cup, instead, let it uncovered deliberately slowly.

“One, four, three! It’s a double! “

With this shout, many gamblers at the table cheered excitedly and said, “It’s really a double! I won!”

Those who followed Ian’s bet, didn’t expect that this time they would actually get another even number. However, those who didn’t believe in him and bet on odd were depressed and annoyed at the moment.

Ian looked at the pile of chips pushed by the croupier. He was quite speechless. He thought that this time it should not be double again. It was also time for the casino to win back all the chips in his hand. What he didn’t expect was that he would win again?

“Here, uncle, these all yours!” Ian put the chips that Fujitora had won in his hands.

Fujitora looked very excited. Although he followed Ian’s bet and only won three thousand Berries this time, but he was very excited. He said, “Little brother, I was right to follow you.”

Looking at Fujitora like this, Ian felt that it was difficult to understand him. Is it worth being this happy for winning just this little amount of money?

He doesn’t gamble much, so he didn’t understand Fujitora’s feelings. What Fujitora cares about was not how much money he has won. He was actually enjoying the gambling process.

The croupier over there started to roll the dice in the cup again, and greeted the gamblers to place their bets, but this time the gamblers were not in a hurry, they were looking and waiting for Ian.

After opening so many doubles in a row, even the non-superstitious gamblers started to be suspicious at this time. Ian was really lucky, so there would be no problem betting with him.

At this time, Fujitora also said to Ian, “Brother, on what are you going to bet this time? I want to keep following your bets.”

Ian looked at the croupier, and then at the bargaining chips in front of him. ‘From 25,000 Berries to 200,000 Berries, what does this casino want to do? Using me as an example to stimulate these gamblers?’

If Ian was a real gambler, then that’s fine, but the problem was, he’s not. He just wants to make trouble in this casino, but if he keeps on winning that won’t be good… they have never seen a person who has gain a lot of money and makes trouble. No, it’s usually a person who loses all of his money! Plus, all the gambles here leaving without winning anything, so by showing them that someone could win, they would gain some hope…

This made Ian feel very speechless…

So this time, Ian got mad and simply betted on “a leopard”! (T/N: don’t ask me xD it’s a Chinese Craps and I don’t gamble that much XD!)

The so-called leopard, in this simple game of singles and doubles, refers to the situation that the dice have to be all red (Number 1 and 4 are the red ones!). In this case, regardless of whether the outcomes were singles or doubles, the gamblers win. But if someone bet on the leopard and wins, then the dealer will have to triple what he betted…

Although there were only three dice on this gaming table, the leopard’s odds were very small…

At least the odds were much smaller than the odds of betting on odd or even…

Ian doesn’t believe that this casino would let him win so consistently!

Not only did he bet on the leopard, but Ian continued his previous method and pushed all the chips out.

If he wins, he will get 600,000 Berries! When the gamblers around saw Ian’s bet, they couldn’t help gasping.

“This… This is crazy!!”

“Yeah, that’s right! The Leopard’s gains are high, but its probability is too small! “

Some people who originally wanted to stick with Ian’s bet now hesitated and no longer dared to follow him.

Of course, with the exception of Fujitora, he put the chips in his hand on the table and said to Ian: “little brother, I still want to follow yours!”

Ian turned his head and glanced at him, then smiled: “You really have faith in me!”

Fujitora also smiled, but didn’t say anything. Ian didn’t care about him that much this moment and placed Fujitora’s chips with his own.

The rest of the gamblers made either, singles, or doubles, they no longer dared to copy Ian’s…

What they didn’t know was that after they had finished their bets, the croupier quickly glanced at the chips on the table and immediately judged that this time the double bets were the least.

Originally, he was always letting Ian win, because the croupier wanted to let the gamblers around follow him, and then wipe out all the chips. Even if the gamblers lost, they would only think that Ian’s luck was gone and that what harmed them, and they would not think that this was the result of croupier’s operation.

However, even the croupier did not expect that Ian would not continue to bet on doubles again, but instead bet on Leopard. As a result, no one followed his bet and the bets were scattered.

However, in any case, if the croupier also decided to end up things in this way, then by getting a double again, he can almost wipe out all the chips on the table.

As for whether another pair of doubles will arouse people’s suspicion, the croupier was not worried at all, because it has been laid so many times in a row before, and another pair will only make people regretful for not choosing it one more time…

“Closing the betting!” With these words, the croupier slowly revealed the dice cup again.

However, after seeing the number inside the dice cup, the croupier’s face suddenly changed, and he was shocked!

1-4-1! Three red dices!? Leopard… a leopard!?

Not to mention the dealer, even the gamblers looked at the results of the unveiling with disbelief.

Ian naturally saw the result, and his heart suddenly jumped, then he whispered to Fujitora, “Uncle, is this a good thing what you just did?”

“Haha!” Fujitora laughed, did not refute, but said in a low voice: “Young man, you are not actually here to gamble, are you?”



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