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S.C.S Chapter 186: Join hands


“Why do you say that?” Ian was somewhat confused.

Fujitora touched his chest with his finger and said: “Heartbeat! Your heartbeats were unique in this casino, they are different!”

Ian looked at the other gamblers and immediately understood what Fujitora meant.

To be able to get promoted by the Marines in the future (He was conscripted through a World Military Draft), and to jump directly from a civilian to one of the admirals was something unusual, plus Fujitora’s personality and strength were very unique.

In addition to being the person who possesses the power of gravity fruit, he was also extremely skilled at using Kenbunshoku Haki (Observation Haki).

His Kenbunshoku Haki has reached an astonishing point that shocked Ian. He has a wide range of perceptions and can even accurately grasp the location of the meteorites floating in space. Then he can combine his own fruit ability, shoot gravity waves into the sky, directly pulling down meteorites in space, as his own means of attack!

Even a small meteorite, when it comes down from the sky, can cause devastating destruction on the opposite side. If Fujitora was willing, he could also pull down a larger meteorite, which has the power to easily destroy a whole country…

This is why he was later called a monster.

With such a formidable Haki, even if both of his eyes were blinded, Fujitora’s actions weren’t affected at all. Although he can’t see people’s faces clearly, everyone’s every move can be reflected in his perception.

Moreover, his Observation Haki was originally a kind of Strength similar to “listening”, and Fujitora can naturally “hear” to Ian’s heartbeat sound.

Among the numerous gamblers in this casino, whether they lose money or win, they will be in a state of excitement. Under such circumstances, as long as they are real gamblers, their heartbeats will speed up eventually, especially at the moment when the results were about to be revealed.

However, Ian was an exception. He didn’t put his mind on gambling at all. Although he won a few times in a row and his gains have increased by a lot, but for Ian, who had seen billions of Berries piled together in the Celestial Dragon treasure room, this little amount of money was to too small to make him excited…

Especially, for someone like Ian who gambles with all his chips made people feel like he was deliberately trying to lose his money.

This was probably why Fujitora noticed that he was different from others.

After understanding this, Ian chuckled. It seemed that it was not entirely accidental or coincidence that he met Fujitora here.

At this time, the chips won by Ian have been pushed by the croupier. Plus his original chips, he already has gain chips worth 800,000 Berries. However, Ian didn’t even think about it twice, and he directly put all the chips… all pushed onto the Leopard!

The croupier in charge of this gambling table had some cold sweats at his forehead after seeing this scene, unexpectedly he bet the Leopard again!?

Chips worth 800,000 Berries, if it’s another Leopard, the casino would lose 2.4 million at once!

The dealer had already made his move, but he didn’t even know what was going on. The previous result was quite different from what he expected.

What should I do now? In case this person wins again, the boss will kill me!

When he thought of this, he hesitated and stopped shaking the dice cup again.

“Uncle, do you still want to follow me?” Ian ignored the croupier’s expression, and whispered to Fujitora.

“Of course, I’m going to follow you!” Fujitora also whispered: “I became poor recently. So it would be good to win some money and be able to continue traveling.”

“Don’t you enjoy the fun of gambling?” Ian asked.

“This here is not gambling at all. What fun are you talking about?” Fujitora said: “The real gambling is the outcome of God’s will, not people!”

After hearing this, Ian suddenly smiled, it seemed that the casino’s means were simply revealed by Fujitora, too. Also, with his formable Kenbunshoku Haki, every move made by the dealer was under his perception, any special means can be “Seen” by Fujitora.

Fujitora was indeed a true gambler, but in this casino, they were not really gambling. It is simply that the casino was stealing all the money. Fujitora is not a pedantic person. How could he know that it is a trap and give up his money to this gambling house?

Ian was sure that the dice in the cup just now must have been manipulated by him, because he also noticed the croupier’s surprised expression. It can be imagined that what he intended to roll out was definitely not a Leopard, but any other possibility. However, his means were not as good as Fujitora’s. The ability of his gravity fruit was applied to those dices, as long as the six’ side was getting pulled down that would ensure that the red dot will always face upward…

That’s how he helped Ian winning the last round. (lol)

This was the first time Ian has discovered that this gravity fruit can also be used to cheat in such games!

However, Ian was a little uncertain about why Fujitora was willing to help him win. Is it really just taking advantage of Ian’s early luck and use such a thing as a shield to win some money?

That’s can’t be true. Ian knows that with Fujitora’s strength, it’s very easy for him to make money. There’s no need to do such things.

Ian wasn’t able to figure out Fujitora’s real intentions, so he decided to cooperate with him and see what he wants to do.

Moreover, although the current situation was somewhat different from what he expected, Ian has not been able to lose money and he didn’t get the chance to start the fuss he planned to make, but the direction of the matter has not changed much…

With Fujitora’s powers working as a cheating device, Ian will never lose a round, and when the casino can’t stand it anymore, Ian’s goal can also be achieved, just with a different method!…

Thinking of this, Ian suddenly came up with a simple thought: Maybe Fujitora’s intention was the same as his own…

Ian didn’t believe that Fujitora doesn’t know the situation on this island. It’s precisely because of the emergence of this casino that the men on the island have abandoned their jobs, abandoned their families, and indulged in gambling all day long, as long as there is this casino in this place, they were sure that the situation on this island won’t be changed.

Ian knows Fujitora’s temperament, and he is a person who gets disgusted by the world’s corruption and wicked deeds… As a result, maybe Fujitora hated this casino too.

With such a general guess in his mind, although Ian didn’t say it, he naturally felt more relieved when he cooperated with Fujitora.

The two communicated in a low voice there, and no one else heard them. At this time, all the gamblers around the table were surprised by a large amount of money Ian betted with. They all abandoned the idea of following Ian by betting on the Leopard. Moreover, this table even attracted other gamblers to join in the fun. Originally, there were ten or so near a gambling table and only four or fifty people playing…

But after that, many people betted on the leopard…

After the bets were finished, the gamblers with red eyes urged the croupier to shake the dices.

Seeing so many people staring at him excitedly, he gritted his teeth and shook the dice cup. After a loud bang, he placed the dice cup on the table.

Then, this time, he didn’t dare to play that kind of slow-opening method anymore, directly lifted his hand.

However, after seeing the numbers inside, he felt dizzy and collapsed behind the table.

1-1-1! Another leopard!

The gamblers at the Craps table cheered with excitement, and then urged the dealer to hand over their chips with enthusiasm.

Only Ian and Fujitora were very calm. Ian smiled and whispered to Fujitora: “Should he appear now? The boss of this casino!”

Fujitora opened his eyes, revealing a pair of white eyeballs and a smile on his face, and said, “It looks almost like…”



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