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S.C.S Chapter 187: Fujitora’s Thoughts


Unexpectedly, after a short while, two casino security guards in black suits and sunglasses came to Ian at his gambling table.

Slightly bending over, the two security guards said to Ian: “Our beloved guest, your bets have reached the VIP standard, please come to the VIP area with us! There are more exciting ways to play.”

Ian was a little speechless. ‘Why does every casino come up with such a move? When someone starts a winning streak, he will be invited to the VIP area?’

‘Plus… this VIP qualification is too low, right!? Only a few million Berries were enough to qualify me?’

“Uncle, are you coming?” Ian asked Fujitora.

“Of course!” Fujitora smiled.

As a result, Ian can’t keep on winning on his own, so he invited Fujitora to go with him.

Two security guards lead the way. Ian and Fujitora slowly followed behind and walked towards the depth of the casino.

When the two entered a room that looked more luxuriously, the door at the back was slammed shut.

In this room, there was only one gambling table, and behind it, there was a chair with its back facing the two of them. When Ian and Fujitora come in, the chair slowly turned around.

As a result, after seeing the person sitting in the chair, Ian was about to get choked with his own saliva.

Because the person sitting on the chair in front of him looked very similar to the K on the playing card. He had a square face, a thick curly beard on his chin, and a scepter in his hand and a crown on his head. He looks like the King club.

‘No wonder why this place was called King’s casino! This guy is for sure the owner of the casino, right?’

To be honest, Ian thought it was not so easy to meet the boss behind this place. According to the casual routine, shouldn’t he meet the elite cadres under the boss first?

‘The f*ck, is the boss of this casino too cheap to come out so easily?’

This feeling was really strange for Ian. From the moment he entered the casino, he felt that it was too small for even medium baseness, regardless of how well the casino was built, its style could not be improved.

Such a casino was really too low-grade. Ian had been looking forward to it at the beginning, thinking that he could see the same casino as the Golden City, but the result was different from his expectations.

So as soon as Ian sat down, he couldn’t help but complain: “How poor is your casino!”

“Hahaha! This was originally a small casino, don’t mind that my guests!” The “King” said with a smile: “The bets of several millions are already huge for this casino, so I can only host you personally!”

Fujitora interrupted at this time and asked: “If this was the case, why don’t you move the casino to another island? Why bother with the residents of this island?”

Yeah, Ian actually thinks that it’s very strange. Since he thought about opening a casino, he naturally wants to make more money. This island has very little traffic and its resources were limited, so why sticking here in such a place? Isn’t it good to change into another vivid place?

However, the King just shook his head and did not answer Fujitora’s question. He just asked, “Do you two gamble together?”

“No, I’m blind, so I can only entrust my bet to this young man!” Fujitora shook his head and said, “Whatever he picks, I’ll follow him!”

The king glanced at Fujitora and thought that the blind man was fine, so he turned his gaze to Ian and asked, “With what do my guests want to gamble?”

“Let’s keep gambling with the dices.” Ian didn’t care about a thing and said, “I can only play this game!”

The King then took out a dice cup, put it on the gambling table, and said, “Well then craps it is. Do the guests want to have a bit of excitement or have a good time?”

“Is there a difference?” Ian put the chips in front of him.

“If you want the game to be more exciting, then you need to go all-in… win or lose, if you want to play just for fun, then raise the bets slowly!” The King said.

“Let’s go for the hell of it, a complete win is my desire!” With a slam, Ian pushed all the chips in front of him to the Leopard’s bet.

Fujitora smiled slightly after hearing this, and he also realized that Ian was not a good gambler.

“A total of 2.4 million Berries worth of chips. If I open a leopard, then I will triple your money!” The king said with a smile: “But if I open anything else you will lose all your money!”

Ian nodded indifferently. Although it looked like a lot of money, in fact, Ian’s capital was only 20,000 Berries. To him, winning or losing didn’t matter at all, let alone Fujitora was here to help him. It won’t be possible to lose anyway!!!

The King held the dice cup and started shaking it, Ian noticed that Fujitora had already clenched the sword in his hand.

With a bang, The King placed the dice cup on the table and said, “Then I will reveal the result!?”

“Go on!” Ian nodded.

The king’s hand was on the top, and before opening it, he looked at Ian and said directly to him, “it’s a one, three, and a four, it’s a pair. You lost!”

Following his words, his hand lifted the cup at the same time, Ian glanced over, and saw that the three dice inside were really 1, 3, 4!

Ian looked at the dice with some consternation, then looked at the king, and finally looked at Fujitora.

Although Fujitora couldn’t see it, he heard the result and immediately frowned.

Just now, he has used his ability to manipulate the dices, and under his Kenbunshoku Haki, there was no sign that the King has cheated. However, the final result was far from what he expected.

“Weird, what is going on here!?” Fujitora was also puzzled.

Ian was the most surprised person. He naturally saw Fujitora’s expression. He was sure that the king has definitely used a hidden move or something, but even Fujitora didn’t understand how he did it. Could it be that this King was actually better than Fujitora!? (T/N: Nuke him xD)

‘This is absolutely impossible! There must be something wrong with this place!’

Then Ian frowned and thought hard, while the king had already taken the craps stick and planned to grab Ian’s stack of chips.

With a slap, Ian pressed his putter (craps stick) and said, “No, you knew the result of dices before you uncovered the lid. You must be cheating!”

The king opened his hands and smiled: “My beloved guest, do you have any evidence?”

Ian was also speechless for a moment, and he really didn’t have any evidence, because even Fujitora didn’t notice anything wrong in King’s movements.

The king took the chips in front of him and said with a smile: “My guests, since you don’t have any chips left, then I won this game! Please come back again!”

Fujitora sighed, stood up, and said to Ian: “Let’s go, little brother!”

However, Ian shook his head and said, “Uncle, since your methods won’t work, then follow mine.”

Before Fujitora could react, the Devil’s Blade Yamato on Ian’s waist was out of its sheath, and the gambling table in front of him was cut in half with a slash. In the surprised eyes of the king, he said: “There is no evidence, it does not mean that such a thing is needed. I think, on this island, your casino should not exist any longer!”

Fujitora smiled, stood in his place, then sat down again, and said, “Young people these days are so aggressive!”

“Are you really planning on driving me away?” the King looked at Ian’s eyes with a faint expression.

“I originally just wanted to steal some money from you!” Ian shrugged, pointed to Fujitora and said, “But this uncle thinks that your casino is no good for this place.”

“Indeed!” Fujitora said: “For me, addiction to gambling often lead me to deprivation and hunger. Not to mention the residents of this island, they all have their own families and relatives. And you use this casino wantonly to squeeze everything they own. How can you bear such a thing?”



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