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S.C.S Chapter 188: the place’s secret


Fujitora likes to gamble a lot. This was his own personal preference, and this preference was already part of his life and it’s inseparable.

However, Fujitora also has his own sense of justice. Although he has not yet become an Admiral, he still can do anything within his power to satisfy himself. On the island, because of the existence of this casino, the civilians have lost their intentions to work, and their lives have already plummeted. If they continue this way, chaos will overrun the whole island…

Therefore, after Fujitora understood the situation there, he wanted to get rid of the rotten roots of the island

This was the reason why he wanted to join hands with Ian after discovering his intentions. First, he planned to gamble with Ian until they bankrupt this casino. By manipulating the dices, he thought he could seize all the funds of the casino, and then took the opportunity to put forward conditions and make the casino move away from the island.

However, accidents always happen. The King used some means that weren’t easy to discover. Even Fujitora failed to secure the win. Instead, they lost everything…

Fujitora had doubts, so for the sake of fairness, he wanted to leave for the time being. However, Ian didn’t have such patience. Since Fujitora’s method didn’t work, let’s do it according to Ian’s original plan…

So he “flipped” the table.

Fujitora thought about it for a while, and felt that Ian’s approach seemed better, so he acquiesced.

“You don’t understand!” The King shook his head and said, “I can’t go!”

Ian was stunned for a moment and felt that there was something holding him back.

However, before he could figure it out, The King had drawn out his scepter. It turned out that the scepter was a hidden Western sword. Since Ian had already started the fuss, he would naturally fight back.

What Ian didn’t expect was that when The King thrust his sword, he shouted: “Be careful, I’m going to stab you on the right side!”

Ian was a little surprised! Does this guy still have chivalry or he’s this stupid?

The King’s stabbing speed was not too fast. Ian saw that he was striking him towards his right, so he couldn’t help dashing slightly to the left.

However, to Ian’s surprise, his left arm was suddenly stabbed by The King’s sword!

Ian was very surprised when the pain rushed to his mind. What happened!? The other side’s blow has been dodged by him. How did he just hurt Ian in an instant!?

“I’m going to stab you on your left side!” The King called out again his next target, moved forward, and stabbed at Ian again.

Because he felt that something was wrong, Ian didn’t rush to attack the King, but dodged again.

This time, he cleverly reacted, and the distance of his flash was a bit larger. As a result, The King’s sword has obviously passed by him, but he suddenly left a bloodstain on his right arm.

‘What the hell is this?’ Ian was a little confused. ‘Could it be that this guy is a Devil Fruit user? But what exactly is this strange ability?’

At this time, Fujitora’s unexpected voice suddenly came from behind, saying, “Little brother, why are you going in the direction of his sword?”

“I went to the front of his sword!!??” Ian was shocked when he heard this, then he immediately opened his Nen field.

“Stabbing your left side!” At this time, the king called out again and continued to trust Ian.

But this time, Ian was not in a hurry to dodge his stab. Instead, he perceived the king’s real action through his ‘En’.

As a result, something strange happened. Ian’s eyes clearly saw that his enemy’s sword was pierced to his left, but with his Nen field, he was moving to his right side!

‘My eyes have been deceived!’ Ian came back to his senses and slashed his sword, directly slamming the king’s sword!

The Devil’s Blade Yamato was wrapped with Haki, which directly smashed the king’s sword into two pieces, and then directly placed his sword on the neck of his enemy…

“Sure enough, I knew it won’t work for a long time…!” Ding! Ding! The king looked at the broken blade falling on the ground and said with a bitter smile.

“You are a Devil Fruit User, aren’t you?” Ian asked him curiously, “What a strange ability!”

The king nodded, dropped the broken sword in his hand, and said, “I am the one who ate the illusion fruit.”

Ian suddenly understood everything, it was all an illusion!!

“You can make your opponents have an illusion using words?” Ian asked him.

“Yes! Very tasteless ability, isn’t it?” The king said, “In the new world, as long as I encounter someone who is capable of using Kenbunshoku Haki, my ability won’t be able to do much!”

Ian nodded slightly! Indeed, the illusion will always be just an illusion, won’t become a reality (T/N: LOL, tell that to Aizen or Itachi!!!). Especially this ability must be activated by uttering the words, which was easy to cause other people’s doubts, and with a little attention, everything will be revealed…

Especially, when it comes to blind people like Fujitora, this ability is completely useless…

“You just used this ability to make us lose the previous round, right?” Ian asked again.

“Yes!” When the matter has come to this point, the King was quite honest, and simply said: “When I opened the lid, it was indeed a Leopard, but I used my illusion ability, making you see another result.”

“So we actually won?” Ian said with a smile.

“Yes, you won!” the King nodded and said, “However, I would like to move my casino away from this island, but I can’t do this.”

Ian’s face turned gloomy and said, “What do you mean? Do you want me to kill you instead?”

“It’s not like that!” the King shook his head and said, “in fact, I’m not the true owner of this casino! It won’t matter much if you kill me! “

When Fujitora heard this, he couldn’t help but ask in surprise: “Huh? You are not the boss?”

“Where have you seen a casino owner who would show up so easily?” the king said.

“What the hell is going on, tell me everything right now!” Ian took back his sword, sat down again, equipped Yukina’s card, and healed his wounds.

The king sighed and said: “I was just a rogue pirate. I was born in the New World. By chance, I got the illusion fruit. After becoming a devil fruit User, I became arrogant and set up a pirate group, I took my partners to wander the new world. Because I was a devil fruit user, I was a little famous at that time, and the Marines offered a 40 million bounty for my head. What I didn’t expect was that after being wanted, I was followed by the G5 branch of the Marines!”

“G5 branch!?” Ian’s eyes widened as soon as she heard this phrase: “Have you been caught by them?”

“Yes, they caught me!” the King smiled bitterly, “They were going to burn all of us in the boat!”

Ian felt a little sympathy for this guy. Who doesn’t know about the G5 branch of the Marines!?

This branch was the only branch of the Marines that was located in the middle of the Grand Line, and it was also a branch with quite high combat effectiveness. It can be regarded as a strong marine outpost against the new world.

However, this branch was quite different from all the other branches. They seldom obey the orders of the Marine headquarters and act in their own ways. Moreover, it is said that the Marines of this branch are insane, cruel, and merciless people who stick needles into pirates, feed them to sharks, or use them for campfire kindling… Generally, the pirates captured by them won’t be put in jail, but they will get arbitrarily slaughtered.

However, the Marine headquarters has been tolerating its existence. They have no way out of this. The Marines understand that if they want to get along in the new world, the gentle way will not work there. Only the people who act like pirates can stand firm in the new world.

The G5 branch has indeed achieved this. Their crazy and audacious behavior has indeed made them get along well in the new world. Many pirates there don’t get afraid of the Marines, but when they hear the phrase “G5 branch”, they enter a high panic stage. The pirates there even call the G5 branch “the lunatic branch”, which shows their wicked behavior.

In particular, according to Ian’s memory, the base commander of the G5 branch at this time was “the Demon Bamboo”, Vergo, a chess piece planted in the marines by the Shichibukai Doflamingo, which explain a lot about this branch. Under his command, the men of the G5 branch could not be any better. Especially now that the Punk Hazard incident has taken place, it will not be long before Doflamingo and Caesar starts cooperating and producing SAD. At the same time, Caesar will also start his research on the enlargement of the human body. At that time, the abducted children will become experimental subjects.

And the subordinates of Vergo in the G5 branch were been lied to and used to cover up the truth…

“Why did they release you after catching you?” Ian Asked.

“They have discovered my ability!” The king said: “So they took my companions and threaten to kill them if I don’t open a casino on this island and make money for them! they thought that the best place to use my illusory ability is in a gambling house!”

Speaking of this, the King spread his hands and said, “You see, why I, the boss of this casino, showed up so easily, because I am alone on this island now!”



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