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S.C.S Chapter 189: Deputy Captain?


After listening to the king’s explanation, Ian understood everything.

Although it was still unknown which officer of the G5 branch was threatening the king, there was no doubt that he has become a servant to these people…

It was not the first time that Ian has encountered the dark side of the Marines. When he was in the East Blue, Captain Nezumi was like that. He colluded with many pirates to help him make money. This situation, without exception, exists in remote places. The Marine headquarters cannot effectively monitor them, so these things happen naturally.

As for why this casino is located in such a place, Ian speculated that there might be two reasons. One was that the high officer of the G5 branch who asked the King to make money for him did not want this operation to be too visible. After all, they were still the Marines. Once the man behind all of this gets found, he would be expelled from the Marines. The other was that the King had his own problem. In Ian’s impression, this kind of fruit was a very rare kind of devil fruit, logically speaking, and if it was used well, it should be very powerful. However, it may be that the king’s development speed of his abilities was not good enough, so his combat power was low. If the casino was opened in a better place, its outcome would for sure be higher… but here, it was safer!

After knowing the whole story, Ian turned to look at Fujitora and wanted to see his reaction…

Fujitora knows this too, so he hasn’t talked yet, just stood there thinking with closed eyes. He has a good heart and his own thoughts of justice, so he can’t bear the idea that the residents of the island will continue to be poisoned by this casino. However, at present, it seems that it is impossible to solve this problem. As long as the King’s partners were in the hands of the G5 branch, he cannot abandon his work. Even if he destroys the casino, he cannot stay on the island forever. As soon as he leaves the island, the King would rebuild the casino.

So the key lies in the G5 branch…

However, no matter how lawless and chaotic the G5 branch was, as long as they were still members of the Marines, it won’t be an easy task! So, if he decided to attack them, it means that he has to start a war against the entire department.

Even if he was planning on reasoning, communicating, or even negotiating with the people of the G5 branch, that won’t be feasible. Ian was sure that these people were not the talking type. It’s true that Fujitora’s strength was very high, but with his current identity as a civilian, that won’t matter (T/N: I see…!). If Fujitora rashly finds the G5 branch and asks them to close the casino, maybe he will be arrested instead.

So Ian was very curious and didn’t know how Fujitora would react.

He remained silent, waiting for Fujitora’s response. He wanted to see what kind of mentality Fujitora holds for becoming a pirate…

Yeah, Ian has his own plans. He didn’t think that he would unexpectedly meet such a figure on this island. So in the beginning, Ian was just thinking about getting some money from this casino then destroys it. As for the gamblers who lost all their wealth to this casino, Ian did not have to be responsible for them.

The existence of the King’s casino was certainly one of the factors, but the lack of willpower of these gamblers was also a very important reason. The fruit ability of the King just makes him able to create an illusion, but it does not necessarily control people’s minds. Ian himself does not like gambling, so he thinks that everyone should be responsible for his own behavior. He does not regard himself as a savior, and not all kind of people has to be saved by him…

Of course, this was his thoughts before he met Fujitora, but after his emergence, Ian’s thoughts changed dramatically.

Meeting a fierce and powerful person who will become an admiral in the future, and while he was still just an ordinary person, it wasn’t a thing that happens all the time!

At present, the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group currently lacks a deputy captain. Such a position is generally the second commander of the Pirate Group. Now that he ran into Fujitora, an extremely powerful beast, Ian naturally wants to pull him in and make him his vice-captain.

Ian generally knows Fujitora’s character, and understands that he is not the kind of person who will become a villain or a wicked person. Similarly, the same was true of Ian’s Dragon hunter group. Although it bears the name of a “Pirate Group”, this was compelling and it doesn’t really mean that they have to become the known kind of pirates who burn, kill, and plunder.

Based on this point, in fact, Ian and Fujitora were in good harmony, because they both have their own sense of justice.

It’s just that Ian doesn’t know what Fujitora was thinking. He doesn’t know whether he could accept being a pirate. In this world, being a pirate is a kind of “Trend”, but not everyone was willing to be a pirate with a bounty on his head, especially for an uncle of his age. Ian was not sure what he thinks.

Forcing people to board his ship was not Ian’s style. Moreover, if their principles were different, that would bring some conflicts in the future, so Ian can only pass this matter to him and test Fujitora’s reaction…

Fujitora thought for a long time, and finally stood up holding his sword, and asked the King: “How many partners of yours are they holding and what are their names? And are they all locked in the G5 branch base?”

The king was taken aback when he heard this, not knowing what Fujitora meant.

But Ian smiled slightly, and said to the King: “You are lucky, old man, it seems that the uncle is willing to help you!”

After that, he asked Fujitora again: “Uncle, are you really thinking about it? That’s a Marine Base. No matter whether you succeed or not, you will be wanted by the government. Then you will be forced to become a pirate! “

“So what?” Fujitora laughed and shook his head: “Even if it was the Marines, evil must be restrained! Although I am blind, you can’t really regard me as a blind person, I can’t pretend that I’m not seeing such evil deeds!”

Ian couldn’t help sighing lightly, Fujitora is really a person with persistence.

Fujitora actually feels like a combination of Aokiji and Akainu. He has his own principles and a very kind heart. Although the King, the casino’s owner, was right in front of him, he did not completely put the blame on him. He wanted to face the real culprit behind the king, even if the opponent was the Marines.

This reminded Ian of the scene in which he confronted Akainu. Fujitora was not the kind of person who obeys everything, but has his own style of acting.

Such people can easily make others have a feeling of admiration towards them…

So he smiled and said: “Uncle, do you know where the base of the G5 branch is? Even if you do, how would you get there?”

Fujitora’s face showed a stunned expression, and then a little embarrassed: “I haven’t thought of this, I am blind, and I don’t have a boat…”

Ian did almost get chocked on his own saliva and asked in surprise, “Uncle, how did you get to this island?”

“I went with the flow…!” Fujitora said: “I boarded a pirate ship, and they brought me to this island…”

Ian facepalmed himself so hard, ‘What’s wrong with him and I… why did we use the same pattern “go with the flow”? It seems that I did the same thing too at the beginning of my journey…’

Ian now wanted to make Fujitora his deputy captain more and more…

“Uncle, it can’t be done like this. If you can’t see things, and you keep tagging along with everyone, you won’t reach your destination. Aren’t you afraid of being captured and get sold as a slave?” Ian said this and went silent…

“Ah, I have actually been a slave twice!” Fujitora smiled.

Originally, he wanted to find an excuse to lead the topic to make him think about his ship, but Fujitora didn’t figure it out, and even said something unexpected, so at this time, Ian didn’t really find anything else to say…

“Well then, I don’t have to worry about you!” Ian rolled his eyes, simply stood up, and said: “I hope you can make it to the G5 branch! I’m leaving!”

With that said, he started leaving the room.

This time Fujitora was anxious, and quickly said: “Little brother, wait a minute!”

“What’s the matter?” Ian was waiting for this, so he stopped and asked with a smirk.

The fish got hooked…

“I was wondering if I can use your ship to get there?” Fujitora scratched his head and asked in embarrassment.

“You are joking, aren’t you!?” Ian shook his head and said, “Uncle, that’s a marine base, and I’m a pirate. It makes no sense to take the initiative and go straight to their door, right?”

Fujitora was a little confused and asked, “Aren’t we partners?”

“But… I don’t even know your name yet.” Ian shrugged and said, “And you are only calling me little brother. Is this what partners do?”

“Yeah, that’s true!” Fujitora sighed and said, “I was negligent. You can call me Issho, and what should I call you?”

“Call me Ian!”

“Brother Ian, I’m asking you again, can you let me hop on your boat for a ride?” Fujitora asked again: “You don’t need to help me too much, just escort me to the G5 branch Base, you won’t be involved, and I will give you the ride fare…”



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